Head of Windows literally takes Surface out for a spin

Surface SkateboardHead of Windows Steven Sinofsky managed to take the Microsoft Surface out for a spin, and not in the way you might have assumed. Showing off just how durable the product is, Sinofsky took the Windows 8 tablet, which has just been made available for pre-order, and turned it into a skateboard. Yes, the head of Windows was literally riding the Surface.

What appears to be an extension attached to the underbody of the Surface tablet reveals four bright green wheels. We're not entirely sure how far Sinofsky managed to skate, or if it would survive a journey with someone of a larger stature, but it's a humorous example of just how well built the Surface Windows 8 tablets are. The company previously published a video showing some choices that were made through its development.

Sinofsky didn't just remain steady on the device though, BGR reports a jump was performed to ensure that viewers weren't at all skeptical about the strength of the device. It's safe to say that such a demonstration would have appeared abnormal to say the least.

As mentioned above, the Surface RT tablet has been made available for pre-order in a number of markets, direct from Microsoft itself. Should you have missed supported countries somehow, these include Australia, Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom and the United States.

Windows 8

While pricing has revealed to cause quite a stir in the Windows community, one thing's for sure - the Surface RT tablet offers a unique experience for consumers. As well as announcements and this demonstration of strength, we've seen the Surface tablets being advertised throughout Europe and the US.

Will the Surface tablets and Windows 8 succeed? Only time will tell. Good news is should you not enjoy the experience of Windows 8 and happen to be using a Microsoft tablet, attach some wheels and start cruising around the town centre.

Source: Twitter (Steven Sinofsky); via: BGR; thanks, Ciaran, for the heads up!



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mreaglejr says:

do the wheels count as accessories? i would llke to buy them! lol

Honkie McGee says:

Do they come in cyan?

q21701 says:

the wheels are a kinetic mobile charging device. Take a lap around the block and you're back up to full power. ;-)

Targus says:

It's the upcoming accessory "Rolling Cover". Click in and do more!

inteller says:

will cost $300 probably too

karelj says:

I do wish that the touch cover was offered at no extra cost - in your color of choice. Also, my personal preference is for a tablet with a 4:3 aspect ratio... I'm wondering how a surface tablet will feel in my hands.

CJ Thunder says:

I hate my iPad I got from work. I love my Nook. I hope 10.6 works nicely...cant wait to play with one.

simphf says:

Why would they intentionally use an obsolete aspect ratio?

karelj says:

Obsolete according to whom? Its a tablet, not a tv.

CJ Thunder says:

What are tablets used for? Internet, games movies...21:9 wins! ;)

karelj says:

In portrait mode, a 4:3 screen shows more of the webpage I am browsing, or the eBook I am reading. I am not saying there is anything wrong with the widescreen ratio, just that it will take me some getting used to.

This is truly amazing durability when you think about it... not to mention, that's a pretty cool factor about Steven skateboarding on it... who says Microsoft execs are a bunch of boring, corporate stiffs? ;)

rockstarzzz says:

I want wheels too, cyan please!

CJ Thunder says:

I need to see iPad and Nexus comparisons.

Raylz says:

looks like fun , lol

NIST says:

Will there be a Tony Hawk edition Surface?

q21701 says:

+1000 internets to you sir!

I'd rather have a Rodney Mullen edition Surface.

No darksliding the screen though...

Rodney Mullen is the best

hardcoreplur says:

Did any one notice they didn't use a 920 to take the pic... It's all blurry.

hardcoreplur says:

Anyone want to pull the EXIF from those pics?

laserfloyd says:

I couldn't get any data out of them.  I guess twitter converts to PNG?  At any rate, the data isn't there.  At least Bridge CS6 shows no data.

Dare2Blink says:

" ... should you not enjoy the experience of windows 8 and happen to be using a Microsoft tablet" ...error... cannot compute

Shantek says:

What's wrong with that?

mdscj4 says:

I don't think he read the full sentence

Nakazul says:

Haha, i got the joke :-D

pbroy says:

I doubt that would support my fat body...

...will it blend?

I admit I'm curious to know!! Actually, I also want to know if their blender can blend their own blender...

Shantek says:

Haha a blender that blends a blender.. Nice idea! Lol

cowabunga dude

blackprince says:

I wish people would stop complaining about the price. Its a freaking premium tablet of good size and good specs. And its priced in the same range as other tablets from competitors. Stop being cheap I say.

Well the iPad looks like an old tv u got in the 90s and the surface looks like the Visio one and only Wide Cinema HDTV ;)

Neo Nuke says:

Hey Rich, I work for the Microsoft Store and can you do me a favor and post that Surface (at least the one that is coming) RT runs Windows RT and not Windows 8. It really is a big difference. You cannot run legacy X86 apps in Surface RT. The biased site The Verge had a blogger/journalist call some MS Stores and create news by saying that we don't know our stuff. Don't wanna confuse our guys.

Eirenarch says:

Not impressed. Sinofsky is a small guy. Now if Ballmer does this...

Nakazul says:

Ohhh Ballmer would fall and break his hip I believe, he's rather old. Now leave Mr Ballmer to shouting, that's his thing :-D

wpeight says:

Take that Apple Ipad hahaha

sometimes i think us windowsphone people sound just as rediculous as apple folks