Help make Hemlis, the messaging app the NSA can’t touch, for Windows Phone


Security and privacy are two things that nearly every one of you value in some shape or form. Recent news about the NSA potentially spying on your communications with the cooperation of internet giants can be quite disturbing. You may have nothing to hide, but the fundamental problem is some entity other than you have access to your data. Hemlis is a beautiful and secure messenger service from the same minds that brought you the Pirate Bay. They’re launching on Android and iOS, but you could help Windows Phone launch alongside them.

Hemlis (www.heml.is) is messaging service that is being launched by Peter Sunder, co-founder of the Pirate Bay, alongside Leif Högberg and Linus Olsson. The trio is working on Hemlis to provide a messaging service that guarantees to keep communication and data secure between users. This is in response to current companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and Apple allegedly working with the NSA to provide access (for what it's worth, Microsoft has publicly denied that they are spying for the NSA).

Hemlis was in a funding period, but at the time of this article have procured over 152% of their goal. Here’s a video they released a few weeks back detailing their plans.

The company initially had plans to build for just Android and iOS, giving each platform 50% of the funding. But now that they’ve raised $50,000 over their target they are strongly looking at another operating system to develop Hemlis for. Could Windows Phone be the platform? That depends on you.

One of your fellow readers was backer in the project and emailed the team at Hemlis to see if a Windows Phone application would be on the table since funding exceeded expectations. The founders of Hemlis said they would consider Windows Phone if the demand was there for it. So guys and gals, is there a demand to see Hemlis on Windows Phone?

Right now the UI mockups are designed around iOS, but it does look good so far. It’s also fun to know that Hemlis means ‘secret’ in Swedish. Questions about Hemlis and how they plan on being so secure? Check out their FAQ.

Funding is over, so how can you let the Hemlis team know you’re interested? Comment here on this article, send them Tweets, reach out on Facebook, or email them. Do you want Hemlis on Windows Phone?

Source: Heml.is

Thanks for the tip Jason M!

Our friend Vincent shared this cool link where a fan of Hemlis made a Windows Phone design to see what an app could look like. Check it out! 



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ZX9 says:

Sounds like it could become a big player in messaging apps with the right features. Also sounds like it could get taken down eventually. There will certainly be a core crowd who would not use WP without this, so let's do it.

drgck says:

Yes, definitely interested. And they have not been able to take down pirate bay yet, so they know what they are doing!

Piratebay will never die


kinaton says:

Can't be taken down as its linked to pirate party. The film just released was great.

Flagz says:

YES this is a must have for those lovely private pictures

greg2k says:

For when you're searching for a christmas present for a loved one.

jasonxz says:

Hit'em up on FB.
Hopefully it helps....

I'd get this app and recommend it to all my friends. And my wife :).

jsnod25 says:

You wife isn't considered part of your friends and 'family'?

Capsloc says:

He never said friends and family. Just friends and wife.

jsnod25 says:

He changed his comment...

jsnod25 says:

Original post was "I'd get this app and recommend it to all my friends and family, and my wife :)"

Lmao, this is my first time back to this article since I first commented last night. I never said anything about my family. You probably subconsciously added it in your head.

However, my wife is my family & my best friend :).

Rishicash says:

You've obviously never met his wife! *rim shot* Thanks for coming tonight. You've been a great audience. I'll be here all week. Don't forget to tip your waitress.

kayb27 says:

To the social medias!

jcrus says:

So instead of NSA looking at it, the Icelandic government can :)

Lmao. U can't win. Why even try. But im def pro-Hemlis. Privacy is a give-in.

Darren Walsh says:

I couldn't care less if the government is "spying" on me!!

Darren Walsh says:

Maybe you have something to hide, I do not

simphf says:

May I ask what banks and credit cards you are with, your address, when you will be away next?

Darren Walsh says:

Yeah cos the government are known to rob houses and rob money! I'm from Ireland with a stable government, if you're on about them selling the info onto a 3rd party I'd hate to know what country you're from!!

simphf says:

Canada. I'm the type of person who would rather die on feet.

Mestiphal says:

Note to self: stay away from Canada....   I wouldn't want to get rob by your government.   I'm happy where I am where my country actually protects my ****

lol that makes you an idiot!

Josh Harman says:

Me either. However, I'm not willing to give away my freedoms that have been promised to me and all Americans.

Well since you don't object to civil rights violations, perhaps I can "hire" you as my "mandatory volunteer"?

simphf says:

Excellent choice.

Darren Walsh says:

I feel as free as I did before the whole spying thing came out, they are only looking for very serious things not what's for dinner, anyway you get to vote in 3 years or sure just overthrow the government now lol

Josh Harman says:

Sure.. they are only looking for terrorists... for now. Compiling communications for years from everyone could never be used in inappropriate ways... Sarcasm.

Darren Walsh says:

Oh I'm sure it could but an app that can be easily decrypted by them isn't going to stop it, maybe they are behind it so people will feel free to talk lol

Josh Harman says:

A founding father once said... "anyone who would sacrifice any liberties for a little security deserve neither".

And if you or your family is not secure are you totally free?

Rishicash says:

You have no idea what they are looking for. Don't be so naive! Our government has done nothing to prove we can trust it. This isn't the '40s!

Darren Walsh says:

Well I wouldn't live in a country if I felt that way!

Rishicash says:

Thinking it is different than it is doesn't make it so Darren. Learn from history. We Americans are no different than those who came before us. Remove your rose colored glasses so you can see the true color of what is happening :)

Darren Walsh says:

I'll try! I didn't realize my first comment would cause such a stir, I've always liked America and all it stood for

Rishicash says:

We all have Darren. Back in the '60 there were bumper stickers for Conservatives that said "America. Love It or Leave It." and Liberals had one that said, "America. Change It or Lose It." I'm of the latter thinking. Churchill said, "Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it." He was right!

Darren Walsh says:

I remember the Churchill comment alright, but didn't know about the bumper stickers though, least I'm learning something new!

Rishicash says:

Hopefully we all are Darren. The biggest concern is not just that the government (NSA) will be monitoring the communications of everyone in the world, for which it has no right to do that with other countries, but in conjunction with the new laws, all the DHS has to do is consider anyone to be a terrorist or terrorist suspect and you immediately are. What if you are very passionate about ecology and say negative things about Big Agra and they leverage their sway with the Gov and have you considered an "Eco Terrorist" by saying or writing anything they don't agree with? See where this can go? 

drcsearle says:

Maybe I have something to protect. 

link68759 says:

When someone says they have nothing to hide, what they're really saying is "I have nothing to hide, therefore I don't need rights".


And prove that they're wrong. "Freedoms are luxuries, not necessities." It's a truism. Everyone has already proved this to be true- living under the watch by the NSA and we aren't dead! Life would sure be uncomfortable, but liveable (maybe just bearable, read 1984). Besides, there are also many double standards when it comes down to social networking as well.

link68759 says:

Don't need rights? Lets just rip up the bill of rights and constitution then.

schlubadub says:

He's not from the US so they don't apply :P

It is not about what you are not doing. Believe, privacy in life is probably important in so many ways. Imagine how would your life be if someone know everything that you do.

schlubadub says:

So give away all of your freedoms and rights because "you have nothing to hide". You've just said the single worst statement anyone can say on this topic. It's putting everyone on the slippery-slope to a police state. Surveillance cameras in every home? Sure, you've got nothing to hide. All phone conversations recorded? Sure, you've got nothing to hide. You shouldn't be so willing to sacrifice your privacy for a little security.

Darren Walsh says:

I know exactly what you mean,but there is not much you can do about it short of mass protests to get a new government in etc

If any government truly wanted to watch you, they would. Even if there are laws against it. By the way, the government did not just start listening in and observing people.

gsquared says:

I have your back on this. I don't care who is looking at anything I post on the internet. Not the government, not my employer, ANYONE.... I stand by enverything I do, say, etc in my life. Thats what makes a good man! You stand behind your actions.

Rishicash says:

"That's what makes a good man! You stand behind your actions"....said Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot. Hussein.

Rishicash says:

It's not about whether or not you have something to hide. Think man think!

Darren Walsh says:

Look if there was another strike, you very people would be the ones saying the the technology was there and the government failed to use it. Think man think

Rishicash says:

You mean as happened prior to 9/11 & Patriot Act with all of the intel that came in and was ignored?

You are taking this hook, line and sinker. This is the same reasoning they used prior to invading Iraq...."come in the form of a mushroom cloud"?....'member?

Darren Walsh says:

Ah yeah I do, it was a complete disaster! WMD's and all that bull **** , I actually only watched the film Green Zone the other night!

Quin 2013 says:

Can you show proof that they actually said that?

theavrgjoe says:

Obviously you are a Obama supporter and therefore a Progressive. Educate yourself; read George Orwell's "Animal Farm" and "1984." You, not the government, can cure your ignorance.

stephen_az says:

You do understand that the Patriot Act dates to a republican president and the programs in question were likewise started under the same fascist moron and friends. That is George Bush and his evil little troll of a puppet master (Dick Cheney). Democrats are not blameless, but acting as if this all started in the past few years is beyond laughable.

theavrgjoe says:

I was completely against the patriot act when it was created, because there is nothing patriotic about it. When the Bush administration created it, I was pleading with everyone to have him impeached and that everyone who voted it in be arrested for treason. I knew at the time when the patriot act was voted in that what we are seeing now with the NSA and the Obama administration was going to happen.

Rishicash says:

Then why are you blaming Progressives in particular?

theavrgjoe says:

The Conservatives started the Patriot act out of fear, ignorance and shear stupidity. The Progressives are using the Patriot act to help with their every evil Communistic ideal to try and take away all of our rights. They could have stopped the Patriot act, but no they had to use it as a staple for this Orwellian nightmare we are now living in. Remember Progressivism only leads to Socialism, Communism and even Nazism.

Rishicash says:

OK...to be ignorant is one thing, but to parade it is quite another.

finnconor says:

I too am from Ireland and I completely disagree with Darren (I dare say most Irish people would). The problem is not usually the current government but rather the gradual erosion of civil liberties slowly turning your country into a police state where people can be arrested for mere conversations held in private. It has happened many times in the past. Look at the Snowden saga in the US to see the process in action.

Darren Walsh says:

I just ment that personally I wouldn't be up in arms over it! Of course I believe in civil liberties do you think I'm crazy!lol , I'd say a good percentage of people have half their lives up on facebook etc anyway!!

stephen_az says:

How exactly does the Snowden case demonstrate that people have been arrested for mere conversations in private? BTW, civil liberties are still protected to a far greater degree in the US than any country on the other side of the Atlantic.

Rishicash says:

We should compare ourselves to ourselves as a measure and not of others. "Well at least we're not ....." really lowers the bar.

Rockartisten says:

Are you fucking kidding me, this is not only about you. They are not only watching Americans, they watch all of us. Do you think it's "ey ok" because it's an American organisation? What if it was North Korea, would you say the same thing? Why do you trust American organisations (the biggest war mongerer in the world)?

redeyss says:

I too support Hemlis and privacy, bitche$$!!!!

Divora says:

I strongly support this notion, if they'd open up a new funding site I'd also be willing to contribute towards funding the process

txDrum says:


Doom At Last says:

The government will find some way to get into their data. Kind of absurd not to think so.

finnconor says:

It's called RSA encryption... at the moment it is unbreakable as it requires factoring very very large numbers, a task that is beyond even the most powerful supercomputers even given years of computer time. The whole of internet credit card security is based on it. Government communication is also based on it.

Well it may not actually be RSA encryption but all modern encryption is based on factoring large numbers. RSA encryption would be a good place to start if you want to read up on why it is unbreakable with todays (and the foreseeable futures) technology / computers.

lippidp says:

Encryption is required, of course, but there is more to security and vulnerabilities than that. Social engineering is another way anyone can get hacked. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for this service to be compromised.

jMawl says:

Yes, encryption is great, but there are a number of potential vulnerabilities to the system proposed by Heml.is. That is not to say that it won't represent an improvement in privacy for the average user, but in situations where it is important (e.g., activists in countries that are "governed" by oppressive regimes where loss of life is a very real outcome), this poses a problem. It can give people who really NEED complete privacy a false sense that there is no way for their government to obtain information about their communications. 

Paola1993 says:

Definitely. If they come to WP, I'd make my friends and family use it. 

JoRdaNeK says:

And wife? (referring to first couple of posts in humour)

Gatlyn says:

Bring it to Windows Phone!

txaggie2016 says:

Yes, definitely interested. Whether I plan to use the app and whether the government cab actually hack into Hemlis us irrelevant. I am here to back the idea 100%.

ZuNuKoo says:

I was and still am hoping this comes to WP. I was disappointed when I first heard about this app only coming to IOS and Android.

Yes! FInally! My wife can text me thr grocerylist in private!  Screw you NSA!  You will never know what we're having for dinner tonight!

Darren Walsh says:

Exactly! Your man up there left a comment calling me an idiot cos it doesn't bother me, he's obviously up to no good!!

simphf says:

For me it's about human rights and freedoms. I know that is a wacky concept but it's how I am.

Seth Hanisek says:

Calling you an idiot doesn't help anybody.  But can you not see why such a gross invasion of your privacy is problematic?  I don't have anything to hide, but I don't want my neighbors snooping in my underwear drawer.

Darren Walsh says:

Maybe being Irish I'm a bit more sanguine about the whole thing but I would imagine that they are only looking out for very serious things, not what I had for brekkie lol

lippidp says:

Ask any American black person how much they trust the local police and US government. I knew a black guy that wouldn't even open a bank account because he didn't trust ANY of the US establishment. You take a lot for granted.

jsnod25 says:

Give us secret squirrel stuff!!!

Manny C says:

That's a pretty nice looking app, I hope it would be redesigned if it came to Windows Phone, that would look amazing.
This could possibly end up being another popular messaging service!

Bob Shiska says:

LOL, encrypting data to protect it from NSA. Talk about an excercise in futility.

You must not know a lot of encryption. The NSA does have limits too.

You're assuming they're just going to brute force each key. I'd say that's a bad assumption.

finnconor says:

Look up and read about public key cryptography and then come back to us... There are such things as unbreakable encryption.

Darren Walsh says:

I agree, but they could spy on the developers to get the prime factors lol !!

GustavN says:

Yes, there are unbreakable encryptions (predefined one time keys). The public/private key system however is not unbreakable by any means. It just takes a long time.

There are also such things as back doors and viruses.

The only way to truly protect data from the NSA is to have it off the grid.

MethodGT says:

Develop for WP!

whanklee says:

Yes, of course. We want it!

Nakazul says:

This is a must have, plz give us hemlis!

newneo says:

Very interested

Timothy0921 says:

Whether or not you have anything to hide, is beside the point. It is a matter of fundamental principle... That we have the right to a reasonable expectation of privacy, in our personal communications. This is something we definitely need for Windows Phone!

Josh Harman says:

I agree.
Most people DON'T have anything to hide, at least not anything that the gov't would care about. The point is freedom.
Unfortunately, I don't think we need products to encrypt our communications (these agencies can skirt those encryptions) as much as we need a change in the way the agencies operate and that won't come until the public reaches a boiling point & demands the gov't stops spying on its own people without probable cause.

Tragic says:

My deed is done, I would really love to see Hemlis on WP. With live tile and lock screen support, but if not I'll just be glad to have it on my 925. Here's to Windows Phone❕

MrSimmix says:

I'm tired of Whatsapp. I say BRING ON Hemlis❕❗❕❗❕❗❕

alimaslam says:

I did emailed Hemlis team earlier asking about Windows Phone app. They requested us to wait till iOS & Android app are ready. CONGRATS.  So, Please develop a Windows Phone 8 app too.. Windows Phone users are enthusiastic bunch of mobile users. You won't regret developing for WP platform in the first tier.

DiabloBlanco says:

Hook it up, Hemlis! Free beer!

Capsloc says:

Definitely would like this!

Zer0fluX says:

All you had to say was "Pirate Bay founders" and I knew I was out. Who would trust notorious criminals with a proven complete disregard for property/data rights with their own personal/private data? This whole notion is beyond ironic -- it's absurd!

BinaryInk says:

Notorious criminals...right, uh you've, uh, got some red stains around your lips from sucking off the MPAA's tit of Kool-Aid, oh don't forget to wipe away the FUD, too.

jsnod25 says:

LOLZ, his comment made me laugh, then yours did too... Notorious criminal's? That's a stretch. One thing to note!!! They never gave up user data from their site!!! So I'm sure you can trust them, kinda like "honor amongst thieves" thing.

lippidp says:

Yeah, they were convicted in Sweden and then lost the appeal. That makes them criminals by definition. Now, you obviously see nothing wrong with what they do, but it is a fact that they are criminals.

lippidp says:

That was my first thought, too.  My second thought was how sad that we are considering allying ourselves with thieves in order to escape our spying governments. The world has gone mad.

tmjwid says:

They're planning on open sourcing the platform, so 3rd party apps are likely as well.

Sam Sabri says:

The FAQ section says no to both of those. They're going to open source it enough that people can check the work and make sure it's secure. In addition they'll invite 3rd parties to look at and audit them. They don't plan on making any APIs for third party apps because that would create a potential security compromise. 

jsmid6 says:

I would definitely use this so long friends and family do so as well

bilzkh says:

Let's go stormtroopers.

cannon#WP says:

Those renders look almost Metro ready. I'm in.

Would be nice to see on WP

luniboy26 says:

Would love to have this on Windows Phone so lets do all we can to make this possible

driver_king says:

Even if one were to fundamentally disagree that they could not in any way be affected by alleged government actions that may potentially compromise their personal privacy, any supporter of Windows Phone should be sending messages out to developers of any application that may potentially grow the Windows Phone ecosystem, even if they feel their words don't count? Why? Well, if there are ten proactive people who contact developers about developing for Windows Phone who truly want the app, the developers are simply going to shrug it off and say it's not worth their time. If we get 500 or 1000 people to bombard a developer with requests for Windows Phone development, they will think twice about shrugging off the interest, particularly if it is a paid application where they could make money. Again, why should anyone care about contacting a developer and letting them know that there are people who are interested in the app if they themselves don't care about the app? Simple. Get more developers on Windows Phone, more developers will stick to Windows Phone, the ecosystem will grow, developers will get paid, the people who truly want the application will get their application, and other developers will then take a second look at Windows Phone, e.g. Google. If we ever want to see serious support from more developers, we as a community must step up to the plate and be proactive about letting developers know there is a huge, growing community that needs their support (and is willing to pay for that where applicable). I do my part. Will you?

Nakazul says:

Stared a post on Facebook page, lets make our voice heard!

Bartdog says:

Thank you.  This is the kind of campaigning that will get things happening.

Azzid says:

I support this!

MediaCastleX says:

Excellent! I'll have my backers in the Organized Crime Syndicate give them a call... @_@

Dome85 says:

Should be great to see a new secret messaging app like this!!! C'MON guys!!!!

mcheiron says:

Yes, i am interested.

Nakazul says:

Just started a thread on Facebook. All we need to do now is beg :-) Beg like we mean it.

mnkhalid2000 says:

All hale hemlis

enzom09 says:

Yes please. It would be fundamental that all the major OSes have it. That way everyone can message everyone on it (unlike BBM and imessage)

It would be a wp8-app so i guess Microsoft will help the NSA invading my privacy. I doubt it will be a safe  messenger.

Josh Harman says:

Try carrier pigeons.

Very funny. The NSA supports your comment.

Josh Harman says:

More likely to support your comment.

amcalexandre says:

Develop for WP, but don't spy on us! +1020

glassadam says:

WebOS version, please!

Sam Sabri says:

Nooooo. Get your butt over to WebOS Nation!

simphf says:

As a fourth.

glassadam says:

Just joking! I do miss my Pre, though! ;) MS should borrow some of the better ideas from that wonderful OS.

So glad to hear I'm not the only one who misses it! I like my 920 and WP 8, but I still really miss my Pixi+.

cmulford says:

I'd buy that for a dollar!

Nawzil says:

"not at launch. Later we want it of course." says Helmis.
Source: https://twitter.com/HemlisMessenger/status/359730735533408256

I would defiantly be interested in a Windows Phone version

juanitoriv says:

Need this on WP.

andrewq911 says:

I would buy this



Jason Lucero says:

YES!! please get this done

rojar19 says:

Interested in something that has group chat. Also, they should fix the typos on their WordPress blog.

Yeah would love to see this come to WP absolutely!

freshfelicio says:

So it's basically a messaging service for terrorists who want to plan assaults without letting the NSA know.

rebel_yell says:

Shhhh! That's supposed to be a secret.

Rockartisten says:

The terrorist campaign is fucking propaganda to wage wars, so get your head out of your ass.

clappenings says:

I take great pleasure knowing that our National Security Administration is trolling through my non existent social life :)

tvolpe86 says:

i'm definitely interested!

nomoore says:

I'm definitely interested in a Windows Phone version! Privacy is getting too rare these days.

irvin792 says:

Yes please, I posted on all options available to tell them to support wp8

Bring Hemlis to Windows Phone 8 please!

Haigs says:

Yes definately we need this.

Would like to see this one on Windows Phone. Developers please make it happen.

Codesmith says:

Liquid Daffodil has apparently just offered to develop the apps for both Windows Phone and Windows 8 for free...if Hemlis folks are interested.

ilumianate says:

aww yeah! those guys are awesome. ...are you interested in helping as well? no offence, but I've always felt they could use a little help in the ui department..

GR3EN says:

Bring it to the windows phone please! Would be a great addition

Time to add a comment.
Hopefully the reaction will be big enough.
Also, when will these guys finally start their drone-mounted servers?

dudedud says:

Don't care about others potentially seeing my data. I just feel sorry that some poor sap will see my dick pics.

rebel_yell says:

Are you Anthony Weiner, trolling this forum?

dotcompt says:

The question are, will Microsoft allow this service in Windows Store? what kind of pressure will US government make on Google, Apple and Microsoft to ban this app? Why do you think this kind of service is not available natively in all OSs? Get ready to sign petitions, I am sure we will need it in the future.

HarisA1 says:


HarisA1 says:

TWEET AT @hemlismessenger

ilumianate says:

yesss please!!

BobcatRidge says:

Does the app also encrypt the To: and From: information?

I love the idea of keep private info private.

CronGM says:

Bring it to Windows Phone please.

bobyracer2 says:

wp8 app would bevery nice

spaz1123 says:

I am hoping for this as well.

I would use this on WP.

ncxcstud says:

Sounds like a cool idea...