HERE Drive+ to be free for all on Windows Phone 8.1

Here Drive+

As part of Windows Phone 8.1, users will be getting access to Nokia's HERE Drive+ for free. It will be available on all phones receiving the update. HERE Transit will also be available for free on Windows Phone 8.1.

Also Windows Phone 8.1 is powered by HERE, but we wanted to make it even better for a mobile lifestyle. This is why we extend the benefits of free voice guided car navigation in 97 countries to everyone. No matter whether you have an entry-level Nokia Lumia 520, a Samsung Ativ S or a HTC 8X, with Windows Phone 8.1 you get HERE Drive+ for free, saving up to €35.

Maps views have been updated in HERE Drive+, along with HERE Maps and Transit. In certain countries, you can now view buildings in 3D, and aerial detail has been improved.

What do you think of HERE Drive+ being bundled with Windows Phone 8.1? Give us your thoughts below in the comments.

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Ankmeyester says:

So help me God, I will marry you Microsoft and Nokia!


usman567 says:

Hahahaha right man.

rotkod says:

Hahaha... +920

Apocalypsebc says:

The best free GPS Navigation in the WORLD!

x I'm tc says:

You're gonna have to work hard to defend that statement.  In what way is it best?

Tim Bearden says:

Here Drive + is horrible. It'll get yo to the location but it takes the farthest path everytime. I tried it out when going to places I already knew how to get to, just to test it, and it's irctions were ridiculous. I started use Waze after that and love it. It's a battery killer so keep it plugged in and be warned about Construction, stopped cars, Cops and Traffic Cameras... in your area. Saved my butt a few times

aitt says:

Lol so now what are the excuses of owning a Nokia phone? Exclusivity is about to be out the window. The playing field is now leveled.

kwajr says:

Better design and support also here has been available to all for a while this is here plus

International maps not just your region is.the difference afik

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Raesu says:

Um, quality? Camera? Support? Pick one.

Soypan says:

That's good, the more options the better, I'll now give HTC a second look if they release a new flagship

aitt says:

As would I. Nokia design has become sort of lackluster. I do like the 930 as it's a refresh of their design however if either the HTC 8.one as someone put it or a Sony WP I will be looking to retire the 1520.

Odog4ever says:

"or a Sony WP "

To bad that's never going to happen. Sony is trying so hard to distance it's self from MS even exiting the PC market...

aitt says:

I know. Sad

SwimSwim says:

Nokia still has more features in their firmware + exclusive apps.

Not to mention awesome design, build quality and best cameras around.

aitt says:

Exclusives will die when MS absorbs D&S. That's a bland excuse. And the way everyone has been shitting on the 930 design that is no longer holding true according to WPC...

theefman says:

I guess you missed the part where Here Drive+ was actually available to HTC and Samsung phones in some regions? Either way, Nokia is still obviously the better choice.

el-ojo says:

What's the difference between HERE and HERE+? I have HERE and my maps are downloaded.

Aniket Bhat says:

Here+ has global support whereas Here depends on ur sim

ceraf says:

Here+ gives you a global license for maps around the world, not just your current region.

el-ojo says:

Gotcha, thanks

Rishicash says:

Here+ goes to 11. :)

I think HERE + has voice navigation and it says street names ect

Shawn Magm says:

I have a 520 and an 820.  For the 520, in order to use Here, I have to put in a SIM.  With an 820, which has Here+, I don't have to put in a SIM to use navigation.  

I use my Lumias as backups to my Android, so my SIM is in my main phone (Android).  I can use my 820 as a standalone GPS.  This may not be an issue to anyone who uses their Lumias as the primary phone, as it'll have a SIM in it.

The awesome firmware, quality, SUPPORT, and camera.

aitt says:

So basically the same rhetorics with nothing new being offered.

afripino says:

glance + camera megapixlez

also, they seem faster

Nokia apps were always overrated anyway, I have a 925 and I barely use them. The camera is still the real plus. And the camera apps, which require Nokia firmware.

Residing says:

aitt...Well, given that 'Nokia' cannot be used on smartphones after the deal is complete, the only people owning Nokia phones are the ones that currently own them.

Nokia isn't the #1WP manufacturer because of Here Drive+, you do realize that, don't you? 

aitt says:

Went over your head. But I understand.

Odog4ever says:

"Lol so now what are the excuses of owning a Nokia phone?"


Not being a recycled Android device/design and high quality level? (I'm assuming you meant Lumia phones...)


Any company that is not treating WP as an after thought will get a look from me. Samsung is just using the Galaxy design every year. At least HTC tried with their last batch of WP devices they just need to keep it up.

raul_junior says:

Wait did they really not announce any new third party apps??? They always do I was kinda expecting them :(

there are 2 more days left could still happen

I hope so. And maybe the other OEM's will announce their WPs too!

raul_junior says:

O wow I thought today was the only day that had to do with windows phone, now you got me excited

abhishake620 says:

microsoft is slowly consuming nokia and its services soon HERE will also be bought....

theefman says:

Nope, Here stays with Nokia.

kwajr says:


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adrian1338 says:

They have to to. They are also not consuming it but rather providing Nokia a continous income via their licensing. Guess that will be part of the deal buying nokia devices devision. Dont think Microsoft can just integrate it "For Free"

It mean this update will be in GBs.

Verkunder says:

You write as if WP Central is making it free. Check your second paragraph. Or rather, you may want to make it more clear it is a quote.

So Nokia sell their handset division to focus on it's HERE product line, and their business model is to make it free...?! Someone who knows something about economics explain this to me please!

haikus says:

Hi, this is Pino from the HERE team. This is easy to explain: Microsoft is one of HERE biggest licensee, so the price for HERE services is inlcuded in what you pay for any WIndows Phone powered device.

aitt says:

Which would make even more sense for Nokia exclusives to expand to other devices from what I'm gathering from this.

kwajr says:

No ms paid a long term license fee
Expect here on all platforms

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That's great news. Everyone gets to save couple of bucks.

clvrbas says:

Awesome, think this is a great move. Fully incorporated baked right in. Nice for people that travel often. So far its my go to navigation option.

Kush Grover says:

Who want a Galaxy when you have whole Universe in your hand!

Cryio says:

Microsoft and Nokia are being way too brilliant in this.


Now Nokia needs to make one last push to update Here on WP7, and there leave it at that.

Devmer11 says:

wp7 is dead bro i had to accept it and move on my 900 has a great life loving my 520!

Cryio says:

From a L900 to a L520? Not quite the best update choice, huh?

Devmer11 says:

Considering the operating system is dead and alot of developers left it's a wonderful update choice sure I lost some really good things but the software makes up for it and I get all the latest apps and firmware updates I have until 2016 before the 36 month lifecycle is up so I don't have to worry about being left behind. And some great deals on 920s will pop up soon

theefman says:

Its dead, Jim.

Nimdock says:

I like Here Drive+ but they need to improve navigation a lot though.

Lipe13 says:

The HERE services gives us a lot more usability to navigate with our phones. I've been a happy HERE user on my 920 and can't wait to tell my friends with non Lumia phones to give this a try. :)

jhoff80 says:

Great in the short term, but what I really want to see in the long term is a single combined navigation app that is fully integrated with the system, as opposed to the Here Maps/Bing Maps (because although it's hidden, you can still end up in it from local scout)/Here Drive/Here Transit mess we have now.

Arpit Mittal says:

It means we getting here drive+ or all maps free voice guided car navigation in 97 countries to everyone with WP8.1(OTA)

John20212 says:

Not good, because it will for sure mean we will be screwed with ads. I would much rather pay the $20 for + on low end devices than have it free for all and have a compromised experience, because Nokia will have to make up that revenue in other ways.

"If you're not paying for it, you're not the customer; you're the product being sold."


Prodigy11 says:

This comment is wrong in so many ways. There won't be any ads.

John20212 says:

That's just wrong, there is already evidence of ads being introduced and confirmed by the HERE team, just read the relevant forums thread where a member of the HERE team confirmed it few weeks ago.


Dazzi says:

John20212 -- it would make sense having ads on here.com. However, having ads on a turn by turn navigation app, would be an absolutely stupid idea. I mean, who the hell would really want to see or use ads, when all they want to do is get to their destination. Nevertheless, even if Nokia do so -- like kwajr stated -- MS have already paid for the licensing. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about in regards to ads ;-)

afripino says:

ask the Waze team that question.

TheOne2125 says:

Well they were bought by a AD company so that is a given.

Dazzi says:

afripino -- that's why I don't use "Waze" mate. Like I said, I think it's an absolutely stupid idea. Especially having an advertising company knowing your every move.

kwajr says:

Ms paid

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akoj says:

Great news. I can finally hard reset my Ativ S without losing Drive+.

l520user says:

This is a glorious day for all wp users

I dont like it at all. I love nokia and the quality their lumia smartphones have. But i dont wont nokia lose the exclusive apps it has. I strongly believe that nokia is the future for the wp, the other OEM focus on android systems and its quite unfair to have the same treatment by microsoft. (i also hate to see the dedicated camera button to be removed)

Although one can say that by these acts Microsoft is trying to attrack more manufacturers to create wp handsets. But still every wp should have something special and exclusive to keep up its advantages and market share.

Keep them coming! More and more good news for us WP8 owners. I can't sleep today reading all these articles....

CJ Thunder says:

Local scout won't be Bing or what? I hate that is inconsistent.

hopmedic says:

This is great news for people on lower-end devices!

I'm glad it is free, but it is highly overrated. The whole 'commute' option is a mess. Traffic is handled poorly. The animation is so rigid (should be so much more smooth). It handles zooming poorly - you get to a busy area of many exits and ramps meeting, and you cant see what your looking at or where your suppose to go.

eharris55 says:

Im assuming this means complete integration. I need to click on address from any app and ask me if I would like to use drive, transit or simply map it.

When Pakistan will be added in HERE maps , still waiting :(

lhoylhoy says:

I hope not, would be much easier for you to attack christian churches hehe

LOL , good to know people are like you are boing fool by the media. 

Good luck :)

el-ojo says:

Agreed, I was gonna say something more negative. But I think I like Shan's reply better.

Thank you both.It makes us Pakistani really happy when anyone takes our side. It means they know us. Because its very rare. World is full of lies !

For all haters like "lhoylhoy" you must like this page : ( neither im admin or have any relation with this page )


And get know about Pakistani



lhoylhoy says:

I hope pakistan map will be available soon sorry shan peace

NachoBear says:

there wouldnt be any wars if everyone kissed and made up like you two guys


+930 for humanity (sd card slot not included)

true =P
I wish the governments understand these things

GREAT deal keep it up!!!!

I3unny says:

This is good. Waiting for wp8.1 on my L520

simplyboci says:

Been waiting for that a looooong long time ago! Big up.

cannon#WP says:

I don't even use Drive+ on this 920 so this is just another reason I can't wait to dump it for a Samsung or HTC.

Nokia was so farsighted when they loaded my 810 with Drive +.  They knew we were going to get screwed, so they handed us the good version before it all went down... hell yeah.


This is a damn good move, its just that simple

wtma says:

Please bring the traffic monitor back.

luisfarelo says:

Finally. Only app missing in my ATIV S (I bought a lot of apps but didn't fell like paying 35€ for this). MS has anihilated Android with WP8.1 and this, now I can see no reason to recommend an Android over Windows phone.


I hear a chorus of Lumia 720 owners cheering for this.

slap0rama says:

I thought it was already free? I've been using it on my 8X forever

Martinio32 says:

Nokia always had this free, but Microshit probably quickly can made this by pay.

HeavyHanded says:

I live in Japan. Both Bing Maps and Here Maps are useless here. Currently Windowsphone isn't sold here by any of the carriers, so if this was to change, they better start driving around Tokyo with their mapping cars.

birgs says:

Good all windows phone get here drive more exciting os windows phone

jayant_daga says:

Noooooo.. Big mistake by nokia!!!!!

Jack Larson1 says:

Besides the NX, keep the HERE nav systems exclusive!

nlm says:

HERE Transit doesn't have info for Ottawa yet at least two other apps do. What's up with that?

Scatty69 says:

this is great news for some lumia owners.i dont care for others :P

th3l3g3nd says:

But does it go up to 11?

Great Work but unfortunately it's not available in Iran !!!

Twisted Fate says:

Can someone please confirm if they got Here Drive + on their lower end Lumia after the 8.1 update?