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HERE Maps for Windows 8.1 updated

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Here Maps

HERE Maps gets big update with new LiveSight feature

The last update we got to HERE Maps was way back in late March. Those updates were mostly little bug fixes and nothing major. Today however, HERE Maps gets an impressive new feature called LiveSight. Let’s check it out.

Two things are new with the latest update (version 3.3.354.8) for HERE Maps. Two fairly nice additions:

  • LiveSight reveals what’s around you through your camera display
  • Integrated compass shows you which way you’re facing so you can oriented quickly

Here Maps

LiveSight is a feature that we first saw last fall, but it’s finally available in HERE Maps. LiveSight is feature that would become incredibly handy during travels in relatively new cities. Or just to discover new locations around you that you might not have been aware of.

You can grab the update for HERE Maps right here in the Store, by using the QR code below, or swiping to the right in our app.  

Thanks for the tip RobinPaul!




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RobinPaul says:

There is also a update for WPCentral, is this correct Sam?

decyther says:

Hoping it is just filtering out at the moment as it says it's not available on my lumia 620

ggonzalez777 says:

Is this just city lens?

razor1973 says:

I'd say it is, even though the article makes it sound as a different feature.

JPDVM2014 says:

It seems so. Hopefully, the integration of the HERE apps continues,

PolishHitta says:

Technically it is city lens but this time it's integrated into HERE Maps. I've downloaded it onto my Lumia and now I can pull up my map on the bottom of the screen and have the lens on top. it seems really good for walking directions since I get to see what street am I on. A bit more visual with perspective to what I'm seeing via lens.

wayne310 says:

its actually a great move and i hope city lens feature is more integrated into HERE Maps without over-complicating it.
i always get confused which app to open when trying to find nearby shops or restaurants and its confusing with here maps as it lacked orientation.

But I will say, Its better than City Lens. Now no need to use Camera and we can find everything in direction we are going. I like it.

KasakDesign says:

Not available for me either. What a shock

WhyFiNYC says:

What regions and/or devices is this limited to? Not available for me (928, US).

RyanAMG says:

How are you liking your 928? I had to have black so had to order it.

WhyFiNYC says:

I think it's pretty great (it's like a new world, coming from a Trophy). A few minor bugs (there's a thread in the 928 sub-forum), but I'm confident that it'll keep me happy through my contract. Some others are reporting poor/average battery life, but my experience has been very good, thus far.  

al.cantara says:

I got mine last Friday and extremely satisfied here. Exceeded my expectations so far - coming from a Titan 2 and an HD7 before that. Took a couple of sunny outside pics and my jaws dropped. Wow!  Awesome design, feels really good in the hand and to the touch. I haven't tried the low light outdoor shot as in the commercials yet but the low light indoor is underwhelming -unless I don't have it setup correctly. Great phone. Love the black on white.

damo579 says:

On my 920 to get great low light photos take off the flash. This might help

fredie12 says:

yes definitely flash off hor low light shots! plus set to night also helps auto sometimes gets it wrong?

al.cantara says:

thanks guys.. will definitely try the no-flash and night mode settings.

PolishHitta says:

My 928 has it. try using Lumia Pusher app. That's where I found my update

WhyFiNYC says:

Thanks - I actually had an update notification pop up a couple hours ago while I was out and about. 

Mankku says:

Well when is the Here suite available for Finns who don't own a Lumia phone but other brand WP8 phone?

a5cent says:

It never will be. If you want the entire HERE suite, made by Nokia, then you need to get a Nokia phone.

lasm2000 says:

As far as I recall, Nokia drive is available (in its past, pre-HERE) version available for all winphones. As for the HERE suite, yes, it is quite likely an exclusive of Nokia.

deku13 says:

I have here drive and here maps on my 8x in the US.

Mankku says:

Oh, sorry I wasn't totally clear, I mean't the Here Drive Beta and Maps, aren't they suppose to work on all WP8 devices now? Still I haven't been able to download them to my Ativ S and I live in Finland.

neo158 says:

You're right, I have Here Maps, Drive Beta and Transit on my ATIV S in the UK.

tds101 says:

Thanks!!! Updating now,...

It says the same to me not available for your device.
I am using Lumia 920

devlam says:

How to  activate livesight, cant find it

tositem says:

Finally! The compass!! Thanks!

I used to have gmaps just for the compass in walkig mode.

he_shark says:

They should make the circle (displaying where you are) into a pointer so you know what direction you are facing as well.

lpforthewin says:

It does that when it's found you now :) the map rotates as you do

TechManiac says:

On WP7 we're stuck with 2.5 since July(!), it's not funny anymore...

cbrines says:

Yawn. When is Nokia going to update their POI database and fix the POI search algorithms?

I'm also waiting for this. POI database is aweful and I guess, the maps on WP8 are NOT COMMUNITY MAPS.

There is an app to supply them with information about mistakes on there maps. So yes it is community driven. I am sure there is a website as well. Your frustration just leads me to believe that it isn't easily accessible. They need to change that.

Justin429 says:

I'm using the Lumia 920 on AT&T and it worked just fine.

Racxie says:

Not available for me either (920, UK)

he_shark says:

I got it (920, uk)

Racxie says:

I just got the update through the store rather thank the download link :)

walter1832 says:

Have you guys noticed if the traffic info got better for you.  I noticed it is more accurate and detailed for me.

mds120395 says:

Why can't I download the update?? (Belgium)

Credo93 says:

Hello, i'm also from Belgium, can't find it neither =(
From where in Belgium are you?

cruisezero says:

LiveSight is cool and all. Its pretty much similar to Nokia City lens. I'm waiting for LiveSight on Nokia Drive.

ryan_linz says:

Yes! It should be part of every HERE app.

220SeaChaser says:

Not available for 8x Verizon US on mine.

Blocks9 says:

Here maps works on all WP8 devices, not just Nokia.

this update is probably for the Nokia version, since nokia has seperate versions of maps and drive for their devices which feature added features

WhippedKream says:

No not really. 8X user here in Canada and it works great. Online AND Offline!

neo158 says:

Works for me on my ATIV S here in the UK as well.

I just updated it fine on my 8x on VZW.  Maybe retry?  There's an issue sometimes on the Store that you need to view the item, hit the back button then view it again.  Upon refreshing you will often then see the Update button show up.  :)

deku13 says:

Search for "here" in the store. I couldn't update it from the link either, but if you go in the store, it should have the option to update it. Works great on my Verizon 8x.

220SeaChaser says:

Searching for it worked for me. Thanks!

xFalk says:

Works great on my 822. The compass and map features are nice additions.

sunnybyday says:

Works fine for my NL 810. The new livesight is just city lense integration with maps. Still very useful when combined with the compass. Good work Nokia!

Sarang68 says:

Edit. Now available. 920. India.Updated.

Credo93 says:

Not available here in Belgium =(
EDIT: it's available ! Beautifull!

Andy Morrell says:

Not available on 920 in UK

Techywarrior says:

Is there any reason to have city lens anymore? Is that the intention? To consolidate some of the HERE apps?

ryan_linz says:

Nope. I'm deleting City Lens as we speak.

marratj says:

LiveSight in Maps doesn't show your Favorites (for example when you want to find your parked car again in a big crowded parking lot). City Lens does that. Other than that, I really don't see any use for City Lens anymore.

Nevermind, it just works with favorites as well, just a bit complicated to get there.

gerson72 says:

Where is the livesight??

deku13 says:

Click on yourself on the map. There's an option there

phatfield says:

Just got it for Lumia 928 on Verizon in US.  Found it in the store and selected Update..  Also on my 822!

Jacky920 says:

Not available :(
(L920, Finland)

richddr says:

again....isnt this City Lens?????????? they are exactly the same things..

ryan_linz says:

I think City Lense is on the way out.  It is much better as part of Maps!

Jrexxx says:

Oh that compas! That sweet, sweet compas! Can't count the number of times where I walked in the wrong direction! ^^'

ryan_linz says:

This is City Lense built into Maps with a few less categories.  I really wouldnt mind if they did away with City Lense as a separate app. Right now the HERE suite is a lil too fragmented.  I applaud this update.  They are definitely moving in the right direction.  Now they just need to take Drive off beta and let it communicate better and more seamlessly with Maps.

ryan_linz says:

Also, does anyone use Local Scout anymore?  I still like it but I'm not sure of it's longevity given Nokia's HERE initiative as the native mapping info on the WP platform.

coip says:

I agree that it is too fragmented. I'm a brand new Windows Phone user (as of a few days ago) and it presented me with HERE City Lens, Local Scout, and now this Livesight integrated into HERE maps. I'm pretty confused. If I just want to find some nice nearby restaurants, I am not sure if I should be using City Lens, Local Scout, or Livesight, or even what the differences are between them. All of them are really cool apps, but having all of them is a tad confusing.

"having all of them is a tad confusing."
Simply use the one you like, makes sense to you is easy or whatever is easily available depending on what App you are in.  For example:
WP Scout in an option in the Microsoft Maps, the Bing Search, etc. 
The Nokia features are a bit more robust in presentation and go further than the basic listing and map pins. 
(It wasn't that long ago people complained that there were not enough App choices or functionality, and now it seems strange that people are complaining there are too many. 

haikus says:

Hi guys, this is Pino from the HERE team at Nokia and I would like to answer some questions.
When is LiveSight available on HERE Maps?
The update is rolling out right now, if you don't see it yet, just wait a bit and check the Windows Phone Store later again.
Is this available for non-Lumia smartphones?
Yes, this is also avilable, in 8 countries, to other WP8 smartphones. Again, if you don't see the update right away, check later or in the following days.
Is this like HERE City Lens?
LiveSight is a technology that we have developed to combine sight recognition with highly precise 3D models of the world. This technology started with HERE City Lens but you will see it more and more in all our location experiences. It's what we think will change the future of location apps.
Now, in the specific case of this release of HERE Maps, LiveSight isn't used only as a discovery tool. Other than in HERE City Lens, you can use LiveSight also when you want to spot your destination. Also it helps you orientating in the right direction. Last, but not least, it works completely offline.
How to activate LiveSight?
Just tap on the icon in the bottom right corner of HERE Maps. You can choose among different views: map, satellite, transit, traffic and... LiveSight.

abond32 says:

It doesn't work in both landscape and portrait?

dikadik says:

one point that could make a major difference: "it works completely offline" Nice! anyway, between Here maps and city lens, does it shows different list of POI database?

When is Nokia going to update their POI database and fix the POI search algorithms?

lfjj says:

Will never use this piece of shit map application, every search I make in my town is so off. Not relieable at all..

fredie12 says:

works spot on for me in UK used it today to find some work mates off a post code(zip code) and it got me to within 5 metres of them. and has never failed to find something yet?

RyanR47 says:

Why is it not smooth?

abond32 says:

And thanks for you efforts and great work

Sam_91 says:

Finally! Now I can finally use this instead of gMaps because of the compass. And the live sight is awesome!

dikadik says:

Out of topic, I just wondering how good/bad HERE maps on iOS? Do they got the same package and features like one on WP?

snowwake8 says:

Still no traffic cameras ugh!

segadc says:

Wow thought this was just for Lumia phones. It's nice on my HTC 8X and can't wait to use it more!

coast says:

At the risk of seeming clueless -- if I download HERE Maps to my 8x, does it add another big memory -eating map file to the "Maps" app files that I already have on my phone? (I downloaded the entire US "Maps" file for offline use months ago.) Or does HERE Maps access those same already -downloaded "Maps" files? Or--something else?

N_LaRUE says:

Here Maps doesn't download full maps. Only you can download them for offline use. So the map you downloaded should be the only map you have and Here Maps uses that same map that you downloaded before. All other map data will come in via a data connection. So if you go somewhere where you have no data connection and no map data downloaded your maps are pretty much useless. 
The map you have downloaded may need to be updated from time to time though so keep that in mind as the maps are continuously updated by Nokia. You can check that via the download map section of the app.

neo158 says:

Not only that but it's the same map data used by the WP maps application, so it's a one time download.

darylwpc says:

Finally, we get a compass to show us where to walk. Was the worst map app I ever used, the compass now makes it not so bad. If only Nokia can fix the unable to detect GPS problem. Just having a map is not really enough nowadays, I need to know where I am in a few seconds of turning my map on, not half an hour.

wayne310 says:

Just tested it ..and wow.its quite accurate.
brb running away from office for a beer at a nearby bar.

cenzicht says:

Just updated and tested, really nice that the livesight(cam) can works offline! - L920 HK

K Raghu says:

Why can we have the live view feature in offline mode ? why do i need to use my dataplan ? if i can navigate in offline mode and i can know my position in offline mode why not live view

vijax21 says:

It is available in offline mode i tried, but ensure you've first downloaded the maps onto your phone

b3rni3703 says:

AWWW SNAP!!!! this new feature is wickedly sick!.. i could get use to this! = ) just what i needed!...

Updated but it says that my compass is not working on my Samsung ATIV S. Someone else has the same issue or can confirm it works on ATIV S?

neo158 says:

I have this issue, keeps telling me to calibrate the compass. I'll check it again when I'm out tomorrow as it might be interference from all the electronic gadgets I have lying around at the moment.

muvig says:

We used to enjoy the compass on Nokia n97, we wondered why it was left out on Lumia

armagezon says:

I had heard that HERE maps is one of the best that exist, and when i started using them i couldn't see why. 
My major problem is that i can't know the orientation! This is so frustrating! The first time i used it to go somewhere, i headed the opposite direction and i lost an important appointment. Really?