Here’s how the Surface 2 was made within Microsoft (video)

Making of Surface 2

We’re two weeks away from Microsoft launching the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2. While the Pro variant is the same as last generation save for updated internals, it’s the Surface 2 that is really exciting. Don’t get me wrong, I want a Surface Pro 2 ASAP, but the Surface 2 is pretty enticing. Here’s a video that highlights what Microsoft did to produce the next generation Surface

The video has a few of the key creators behind Surface 2 talking about their approach to making the Surface 2. We’ve got a thinner and lighter machine that innovates with a new kickstand design. The Touch Cover and Type Cover have been made thinner, while adding backlit keys. Some of these are wild changes from an engineering point of view. Did you catch those orange colors for the covers? 

We can’t wait to play with our Surface 2 in a few weeks. How about you? The device is selling fast, so you better act now. 

Thanks for the tip Rodney!



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Winnabe says:

You will be made as good as your name.

Stick it up my ass

Winnabe says:


baron1996 says:

Sam all day all night keep up the good work

PolishHitta says:

I didn't know touch cover 2 is backlit

salazka says:

i assume you missed the presentation and all the news articles that followed it. that's ok. yep, it has one and even one with extra battery! ;) 

Zarnywoop says:

...so you know, the battery cover doesnt have backlighting, since the whole point of the battery cover is to get more juice, and backlighting apparently uses power, thus reducing the extention you would have got with it.  :)

Yep, want a Surface 2.

ssarma says:

Wonder why Microsoft still uploads its video to YouTube. It should start using youtube alternatives like vimeo etc!

jlynnm350z says:

Yeah, that is odd now that you mention it. You think that they would boycott. They hate YouTube until they need YouTube.

OMG55 says:

That's the difference between MS & Google, microsoft takes the higher road and doesn't play games with google; they just go about doing their jobs.

OMG55 says:

Who said they hate YouTube? They've had a YouTube channel forever; they just dislike the fact the YouTube wants them to allow ads and google is forcing them to give us a half baked YouTube app.

poddie says:

Ms has never had a problem showing the ads. The problem was Google wouldn't allow them access to the SDK that would ALLOW them to show the ads... it was a problem entirely manufactured by google. Because they're pricks.

Now they are forcing HTML5 coding... They aren't just pricks... They are swine... Afraid of the rise of Windows Phone and how many consumers they will lose to it... I used to have respect for Google

funkyGeneral says:

Yeah, you know, the other youTube that almost everyone who knows about it has used occasionally...

50000 says:

Well why does a dog lick its balls...

aximtreo says:

Because it can. You would if you could!

j_jabbar says:

Tears rolling down.....

pr0phecy says:

Only the touch cover 2 supports gestures across the whole surface (pardon the pun) right?

jfivieght says:

What kind of gestures are we talking here? I must have missed that part of the presentation...

selecting text, moving stuff around, etc...

funkyGeneral says:

Did I see them using a stylus on it? I didn't hear about pen support... That make the RT version very appealing to me

dod888 says:

Look at the quotation in the video. But they put it with small font. You will miss it if not look for it.

funkyGeneral says:

I did miss that. It was hard to see while using my phone to watch.

AndyGriff says:

I wasn't at all tempted by the original Surface RT but I think I'd consider selling one of my less important organs to get a Surface 2.  Not sure why that is, other than that (a) I've since realized that I hardly ever use desktop apps on my Win 8 Pro tablet, and (b) it looks fantastic, in silver especially.  Have Microsoft's products crossed the line between being merely "well-built" and being genuinely "alluring", I wonder?

With Remote Desktop and improving VPN support (all the big ones but Cisco), 8.1 RT tablets are now in play in the Enterprise market. Expect a surge in popularity. But forget the enterprise, it is pretty cool having a six core/8GB/256GB tablet with 12TB of storage.

Checked the 2 out in store, viciously faster than the RT...

Jack Larson1 says:

Sell your appendix, or your second kidney if you have already removed your appendix.

JamesDax3 says:

Turn between Surface 2 and Asus Transformer Book T100. Then of course there's still the hope that someone will make a really nice 8in tablet.

ahmu86 says:

No surface for me... gonna buy Dell Venue 8 Pro ...full windows goodness with 8 inch form factor... i know it is useless to use legacy softwares on 8 inch but i dont want any Limitations... cant watch any movie widout KMPlayer (legacy)...

Getting all these informations how cool it is, makes waiting for my surface so hard. I feel like a little boy waiting for Santa.
I really hope i'll get mine in 2 weeks - not quite sure because I didn't order it at the microsoft store.

Smg-Uk says:

Didn't get round to buying the original surface but am gonna get a Surface 2 to go with my Ativ S and then XB1 :D Microsoft is getting lots of my money lol

cybermoose89 says:

Realy tough choice surface 2 or Nokia 2520 >

I haven't Ben the best parent to my Surface and it still looks brand new. Primary reason I want the Surface 2 over the Nokia is construction. Nor that I think Nokia's tablet will be cheap, but damn the Surface is well made.

cybermoose89 says:

We still need to see the 2520 in action till then kinda on the fence


Preordered mine weeks ago.

pookiewood says:

RT haters be damned!!  I'm getting a Surface 2.

Richard_Indy says:

IPad being hacked by the kids, MS needs to attack that market with a Surface Pro for schools. Active Directory can be a School admininstrations / parents best friend. Locking down the device.

pookiewood says:

Yeah they should. 

Richard_Indy says:

Surface Schoolastic Pro. No camera, lock down the USB ports... Kids safe IE explorer. Usage times locked down... All done through Active Directory...

JoRdaNeK says:

If it was a collaborated Nokia Surface I'd sell my 1st gen Surface to chip some price off, but now I'll just wait in awe for a price drop

I am writing this from the WPC app, bacause I had a question. When I clicked on Video and then on 'YouTube' app (no metrotube installed) I have a different layout of the Video then if you play a vid from YouTube browser. Do you have it too? Ask me if you want a screenshot.

HarisA1 says:

Gonna keep the original surface will wait for 3rd Gen rt's

Jack Larson1 says:

If they start coming out annually, good idea. Tech will get better and better over time.

allos autos says:

Orange covers? :-o Why do they only have black up for preorder? I want red!

Dusteater says:

Unfortunately the Touch Cover 2 is only being manufactured in black. Makes no sense as the previous gen had differen colors and they stated in this video people asked for more color. And by the way, orange would be my #1 pick too!

allos autos says:

Well boo to that. At a minimum they should offer the four colours in the Microsoft logo plus black.


I ordered the Surface 2. Keep going back and forth about getting the Pro instead. But, I have an Asus ROG laptop and use it for stuff beyond what a tablet can do. Really don't see the need for native Win 8 apps on a tablet. Looking forward to using RT for a tablet experience.

I had no intention of getting the Surface 2, but now I want it over the Pro.  I just wish that Surface 2 had digitize capalitity.  That would make it perfect.  

Arun3 says:

I sorta played with the Surface2 at the MS store here in Manhattan. As a current owner of Surface RT, I can tell you that it IS noticably lighter and the new kickstand "kicks ass" ;) I was a little weary about the color, but I guess it doesn't look bad at all; infact makes it look distinct from other tablets out there... and the backlit type cover?? The best piece of "useful accessory" you'll ever own! :)

MikadoWu says:

Did they add the Pen ability to the Surfdace 2?

Dusteater says:

Ironic they said customers wanted more colors in Type Cover, so they took them all away from Touch Cover. Doesn't make much sense.

gevabar says:

Vimeo is not close to YouTube I tried to use it

Joe Rodak says:

Does anyone know if the new Touch cover will work with the original Surface RT? I really can't afford a new Surface but I like how the new Touch cover works. I cant seem to find any info on whether it will work or not.

Duffau says:

Yes, all accessories will work with current Gen stuff except the power cover. That will work with everything except the OG surface rt.

gamato says:

Sad. Nothing about software. :-/
There's no way to win if the sw is not significantly improved.

Duffau says:

Have you missed all the 8.1 news? The update isn't just for windows 8, its also for rt.

vkelkar says:

Thinking of... Future lumia's will be made of magnesium and nokia camera... :)

Duffau says:

I got to try out the surface 2 and pro 2 at the local MS store. Pretty nice and silver looks great. I didn't have long, but I wanted to see the new charger. Its so much better! Thank you for listening MS.