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Heroes of Mythology, battling angry hordes on your Windows Phone

Heroes of Mythology

Heroes of Mythology is a beat 'em up styled game where you play the role of mythology heroes battling an endless supply of enemy hordes.

With Heroes of Mythology the choice of hero comes down to either Hercules or Achilles. You earn gold as you slay the enemy that can be used in the game's store and with each wave of bad guys, things get a little more dicey.

Heroes of Mythology is a Windows Phone game well suited for the times you are in the mood for a straight forward, battle game.

Heroes of Mythology Menu

The main menu for Heroes of Mythology play the game in either the Normal Mode or Legendary Mode (basically easy or hard difficulties). You can also view the leaderboards, the game's "How to Play" screen, view the credits and if you're experimenting with the trial version, an option to buy the full game ($.99).

Once you choose which game mode you want to tackle, you'll need to choose your hero. Achilles is armed with a long spear and Hercules has a war hammer. Beyond that, the two are only separated by appearance.

Heroes of Mythology

The game screen has your health meter in the upper left corner with your gold count beneath. Up in the right corner are any bonus items that are at your disposal.

Game controls consist of an A and B button that control your strikes (B Button) and your evasive maneuver (that would be the A button). Your player movement is controlled by moving your finger along the bottom left corner of the screen. There is no directional pad (which would have been nice) so at times you'll find your finger drift away from the directional control area, making your hero an easy target for the bad guys.

Heroes of Mythology

Game play calls for you to take out your enemy before they take you out. Enemy hordes come at you in waves with each wave becoming more difficult. The downside to game play is that you have no idea how close you are to finishing a wave. It's nothing to make your hero run for the hills, but it would be nice to know how many more bad guys you have to slay before advancing.

In between waves you have the option to advance to the next wave or visit the store where you can spend the gold you've earned slaying the enemy on boosts and upgrades.

Heroes of Mythology Store

All in all, Heroes of Mythology is a nice, casual combat game for your Windows Phone. Graphics are very good, game play challenging and fast paced. While I like Heroes of Mythology, there are a few things that would help improve the game.

First, your progress isn't saved. If you battle your way to the fifth wave and have to exit the game, when you return you start at wave one. Next, you really need a directional pad for reference. Not having one works but having that visual reference helps give your finger an anchor point.

Heroes of Mythology

Lastly, while you can always dial down the volume on your Windows Phone the game needs a mute button. This will let you keep your ringer volume up and not disturb anyone while your bashing in the enemy.  While there is room for improvement, Heroes of Mythology isn't a bad gaming choice. There is a free trial version that limits your game time with the full version running $.99.

You can find Heroes of Mythology here in the Windows Phone Store. It is available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices.

QR: Heroes of Mythology



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paulxxwall says:

Alot of these games are sweet glad to see more in the store

DreadVenom says:

Actually very good game. More of the same please

Ankmeyester says:

I've recently moved to WP8 from WP7.8, but it still warms my heart to see neat games like this and good apps reach WP7.8. In a platform which was almost ruthlessly orphaned, any love is welcome :) good job developer sir :)

is there any free games windows store?

bono5112 says:

This is a fun game, well made