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Hey DJ! updated to version 1.8 and is now free until July 31st

Hey DJ!

Hey DJ!, previously known as Speak To Play, is a Windows Phone app that enables users to tap a button to speak, and state clearly an <artist>, <song>, <playlist> or <genre> and the app will start up whatever matches in your music collection. Sounds pretty neat already, right? We previously covered the app when it was rebranded, was updated with new features and had its price tag slashed.

Now we're excited to report that Hey DJ! has been bumped to version 1.8 and is now completely free for the next 72 hours (until July 31st). So if you haven't already purchased a copy for your Windows Phone, you'll want to do so now while it's on offer. Once the period has closed, the pricing will return to $0.99.

So what's new in version 1.8? Take a look below to see the highlighted features that have been implemented since 1.4 when we last looked at Hey DJ! (features included in 1.7 have an asterisk * at the end, while those without are new features in 1.8):

  • History section containing a list of Live Tiles with recently used commands, which can be selected without needing to speak.
  • New voice commands: "play all" (plays complete music collection using your current shuffle setting) and "surprise me" (Hey DJ! picks some music for you, from a random artist, song, playlist or genre).*
  • The "play song <name>" command  now plays songs within their album so when the song is over the next song in the album plays.* 
  • German language support.*
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Hey DJ! App

You can download Hey DJ! from the Marketplace for free until July 31st (usually $0.99 / £0.79).

QR: Hey DJ!



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ZuNuKoo says:

Installing now ty. I've been wanting this app, was going to buy. It's worth it.

TheMofaDe says:

My marketplace not working odd

Curtieson says:

My marketplace is not working odd either, it is working just as I would expect it.  That is hardly worth a post...

Zulfigar says:

I hope something like this finds it's way onto being a part of the WP8 OS

erichon99 says:

Great app I was willing to pay for. Very responsive developer too! Use it all the time when driving

NIST says:

This is one of those great apps I've had for a while but never use. Well developed app though.

Judge_Daniel says:

Love this app! I use it quite often during long trips. You can pin a tile that will make it start listening as soon as it starts up, which is very useful, as well.

Kadcidxa says:

Thanks! Installing it because it free now. Im cheap.

ScarletStar says:

Somehow I can't get it to recognize Japanese when the meta data is not romanized.
It did tell me "Say "play Artist" followed by an artist name. Ex. "Play Artist 茶太"" though...

Jazmac says:

This is one of those apps I would pay to get the full version of had I known about it. It is VERY well done and should be part of the OS. Very well done developer. Very well done. Even the live tile tracks "Now Playing". I didn't expect that but it does. Now time to put it through the rigor to see how it handles my very voluminous MP3 collection. :)

Curtieson says:

It is actually "Put it through the wringer" if you were to wring out a towel.

sayonical says:

Very very very good app

DavidinCT says:

Not sure if I will use it but, grabbed it because of the price.... Thx