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Hidden Pineapple teases new app to revolutionize email on Windows Phone

Hidden Pineapple, the development house behind Twitter client Rowi, has launched a new teaser website to show off what the company is working on releasing next for Windows Phone. Titled Maestro, this new email app (another AppCampus project) appears as though it will focus on productivity, but we'll have to wait and see for more details.

Checking out the images published on the new website, we can clearly see Outlook support. Email is presented in a clean, clutter-free interface with contact profile photos. We'll assume threaded email display is supported with the reply counters and everything just looks more modern when compared against the native email app.


You can register your interest on the website to be notified as to when the team are ready to share more details. We'll keep you all up-to-date with any details we come across in the coming month, so watch this space. Be sure to follow the team on Twitter.

Source: Maestro



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Sam Sabri says:

Looks so clean! Can't wait to try it out. Maybe Hidden Pineapple could give us an early look at some point ;)

We most definitely will. ;)

karelj says:

This is the default email client that windows phone needs!

Thanks! That's what we're shooting for. :)

x I'm tc says:

The absolute worst thing on WP, and there are a lot of horrible, horrible things about WP, is the spaghetti-monster-forsaken email client.  If you can just give me the ability to edit a forward or reply, I will thank you forever.  A bonus would be the ability to attach a PDF.  Extra points for multiple Office docs.  If you can deliver all these things, you should charge $40 for this.  That's what I paid for RoadSync once upon a time on my Nokia E71 (best phone ever, BTW), and I'll gladly pay it again for working email.

Good to know. Thank you. Make sure you sign up on the site so we can keep you posted.

Life Artist says:

Add in the ability to save files and we have a winner. Signed up.

Hrvoyay says:

Oh, i'll second the pdf part and paying for it.

rodneyej says:

Ok!... The ultimate comment/question is about to happen...
If MS lets developers make 3rd party music players then will you please develop one??....
✖ BM⬇⬇⬇⬇..... ;-)

Can't make any promises. We go where we feel there is a need for something better. Feel free to send me a mail with ideas for your ultimate music player if you'd like. erik at hidden pineapple dot com.

turbolol says:

Guys, could you please add the ability to answer below the text body. I'm sure, there's many of us suffering from this lacking function. I'd easily pay $5 just for this feature.

borasar says:

will the client have complete attachment functionality?

We're still investigating what all is possible, but it will absolutely support more than just photos.

borasar says:

thanks for the reply, i'm signed up

kenzibit says:

Great! Hope it can attach files on the go

dalydose says:

Do you have a video preview?
A beta program?

Not yet. Both are coming. Sign up on the site if you haven't already and we'll let you know!

rpm5101 says:

Great to see devs listening to feedback; something that is rare on WP. My request: The ability to sync third party emails as they arrive, instead of every 30 minutes. Only Live accounts can do this currently. I'm excited to see what enfolds!

Great! We will have a UserVoice site so you all can help us shape the direction. :)

TechFreak1 says:

Sweet! WP really needs a proper email client. Some people just can't get their heads around sharing onedrive links via email :P. When do you guys expect to have the uservoice up and running?
Already got a few ideas haha.

Likely not until the beta.

TechFreak1 says:

Oh okay, can't wait :D.

louisoneal says:

Pineapple Express?

TechFreak1 says:

That was one funny movie.

astroXP says:

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

LeafarAromZ says:

Sponge Bob Squarepants!!

S Vaibhav says:

SpongeBob :) You remind me of myself 10 years ago! :)

Fritzly says:

Let' s see what the app will offer functionalities wise. Not difficult to be better than the default one though...

tuxedo323 says:

So true! Microsoft set the bar in the gutter on this one!

mrhumpty says:

I actually like the current one.  What am I missing that I don't know about?

The Monarch says:

I feel the same way. Outside of being able to attach PDFs I'm not missing anything that I know of. Mail is one of the best things about WP for me-- so fast and fluid even with thousands of messages, and such an easy to read format, with was triage as well. Not sure what clients other folks are used to but it sure isn't either of the other big platforms' default clients because they suck eggs compared to WP's default in my experience.

twint7787 says:

We shall see.

katlo says:

looks awesome

IceDree says:

Uuhhh I knew the name sounded Familiar, I miss Rowi. Looking forward to it!

rcballa12 says:

If we get subfolder notifications, you can bet it will be a hit.

Wael Hasno says:

A great point, my friend.

Not entirely sure if that's possible with IMAP, but if enough people would like that that feature, we'll research it and figure something out.

mister2d says:

I'm going to be a cynic here and bet that there will be no mail account linking, s/mime, or exchange support.

Maybe not at launch but knowing the quality of work the guys at Hidden Pineapple put in, it will surely be included in the many updates to come! Shipping with Minimum Viable Product is usually a good thing since you provide updates later thus making your users happy and the app seem "alive" in development.

Bingo! ;) There will be the usual UserVoice site and many updates. :)

van_mierlo says:

Can we edit body of original email when replying or forwarding? hoping so.

Can't promise it for v1, but like with our other apps, you will help us shape the direction it goes. If that's important to a lot of people, you can bet we'll make it happen. :)

Hopefully they don't abandon this like they did Rowi.

They were kind of forced to abandon Rowi. You can thank Twitter for that and many other sun-setted products (MetroTwit).

c41 says:

for app with a lot of users (like tweetbot in iOS . btw the best twitter app ever built for mobile) twitter didnt restricted the api usage. otherwise its a difficult topic cuz in the early WP ecosphere (wp7.5 ERA) rowi and the others cant grow their user base to reach these levels. unfortunately they had to die.

rowi (full version) was a great app but fucked up by the false marketing (non-existing global marketing) and the "public beta test" of WP called 7.x by MSFT.





Yup. Nothing we could do.

Btw, Twitter does limit all apps (including Tweetbot). Tweetbot, however, had more than 100K users when the restriction was announced so they were allowed double the amount of users that they previously had. Even they will eventually run out just like we did though. It will just take a lot longer.

c41 says:

yep, its simple. twitter do not want 3rdparty clients. the totally fckd up their financial strategies and the simplest way was to force users to use the main and only client to the service. 

buti is strange cuz its changed a lot since the stock market debut and i think they easily revert the whole api similar to the old one.


bloody hell knows.


but finally, waiting for your work guys, and looking forward a closed beta access for the WPC readers. ;D

Yup, we'll have a beta. Stay tuned! :)

c41 says:

with this ui they cant add a lot of usable features. for a mail app, forget this huge bars and use this mega resolutions (720p+) for designing a fully functional but still intuivie interface.


waiting for the appx or xap for a trial.


ps: and please add proper attachment and threaded conv. system.

Just wait. There's lots of stuff in there. ;) We'll make it work well on 4" and 6" displays and everything in between.

c41 says:

cant wait. :3


mr.nielsen says:

Are you expecting people to reach for those humongous tabs at the top on ther 5 and 6 inch phones with one hand? Very Android really. You're not Twitter or Facebook, which means you don't have a brand to get across all devices by using the same kind of control design to get bring familiarity to the app. So why are you using the iOS badge on the icon for number of new mails? You don't have a client on iOS that you "need" to get across design wise, do you? And the listview too seems like something ripped from iOS. Are you using some kind of cross platform framework that just goes for the lowest common demoniator when it comes to design? Did you study metro design or thought about how to minimize chrome instead of introducing more? What makes your design stand out and say "Windows Phone"? It looks like a bastard to me. You grabbed in the bag of what YOU liked from your PERSONAL experiences with Android and iOS, right?

dalydose says:

Wow...heard of the word "constructive"? I'd never develop if this was the kind of feedback I got. What have YOU built?

mr.nielsen says:

It's funny how iOS developers have an almost instinctive way of following suit with the design of iOS, and updating their apps when the design of the OS change. Somehow design must mean a lot to people using your app, right? How come then, that even if Microsoft has done a lot to get their design language across, that developers just ignore it and go for what they already know from Android and iOS? Just read some of the comments on The Verge about the new Skype app for iOS. Even they have some ideas of what suits iOS. And I don't need to build anything to have an opinion about design, not even to make it valid, just as I don't have to be a musician to form a valid opinion about music.

Yllemanden says:

I have to agree with this one.

Even though it looks beautiful, it seems you are going away from the metro style interaction ?
You can argue that the basic metro design is somewhat dull, if you just have text headlines in the top and text below (Like the normal e-mail app), and then just swipe from side to side. Yes, a bit boring design, but it works really well. If you want to redesign it, great, be my guest. But, the swipe function (As you also see Google is copying in the Android L version) is what is great about WP. You can see a little of the next "screen", and know that you can swipe over to that. Many buttons placed different places on the screen is so annoying, especially if you have a huge screen. On WP, you have almost everything in the reach of the thumb. If I have to reach for the upper left corner, to click a button, on my 5" phone, then it gets difficult.

So as I started, I agree with this. Design the thing as you want, in the visual manner. But the interaction between your hands and the OS is what makes WP so great. Don't fiddle to much with that...

sunnybyday says:

Where the heck do you see "more chrome" in above grabs? This design is as metro and flat as anything else. And yes, all apps don't have to look exactly same. Variety is what we need - different users different tastes. If it doesn't suit your taste, you are more then welcome to continue using default mail

mr.nielsen says:

If metro == flat then why construct a whole design language and give it name, instead of just saying flat design? Would anything flat be considered metro? Of course not. So stop simplifying my arguments. My posts aren't just about this particular app, but also about app design in Windows Phone apps in general. I've seen lots of well designed apps, but also a lack in some app designers that ignore the design principles of metro. In this particular app the designers has borrowed from iOS and Android - even the small arrow is from iOS, and it's very organic in its shape too, which isn't part of metro (metro has shapes, but they are primitives).

I've fiddled with both iPad and iPhone and I'm not sure I like the mess - for example, each developer has a different idea of where buttons are placed, make lists and so on - sometimes even simple things like the placement of OK and Cancel butttons. There's a certain lack of homogeneity across apps that I wouldn't like to see on Windows Phone. So I don't buy your argument about variety if the variety you're talking about is the one found both in iOS and Android apps.  


Edit: by not speaking up about these issues and being lenient about app design, we are really doing WP a disservice on the consumer side of things. Anecdotally speaking, my parents have -whithout me pushing or trying to sway them- chosen Windows Phone for its simple and functional UI design. Both have had Nokia feature phones, plenty of Samsung Androids and flirted a bit with iPhone. Would they like the variety of iOS and Android design in the apps? Probably not. If the WP apps gets the same variety treatment as the competitors apps, then what's there really to distinguish WP apart from the Start screen? You see, metro is also about encapsulating function over form.

mr.nielsen says:

* ... distinguish WP apart from the competitors besides the Start screen.

Your avatar fits perfectly with the posts you make. Hopefully HumanCompiler doesn't think your opinion represents the entire WP community.

It's not possible to build software that 100% of everyone likes. If most like it, then we're a success. :)

mr.nielsen says:

Yes, Nellie was never a pleaser, that's true. I'm a member of the WPCentral community, but that doesn't mean I'm part of some hive mind. And try searching in the forums about "design language" before you try to pass the idea of "the community" - you'll be surprised.

ogracia says:

Sorry i spend 5€ on the Rowy app and won't support them anymore...

That's, of course, your choice, but we dropped Rowi because of Twitter's API restrictions.

what an absolutely moronic thing to say. shows your complete ignorance to the situation.

MilkyTee says:

You're a fool.

NykoAlly says:

Dang. It looks so beautiful.

Kronus24 says:

One day we will see articles showing how windows apps are not just more beautify then there counter parts but have more features as well.

Thank you! Great job by the Maestro designer, Ben Krogh and team. :)

topleya says:

Yay, hope it is Windows 8 as well

If it is successful on Windows Phone, it will be released on Windows 8.1 too.

funkyGeneral says:

That would be fantastic. I still can't believe you came email to groups on the Windows mail client with our stone sorry of crazy workaround.

tyaan says:

Consider making it the other way round. The Phone Mail Client works good for me, but the Mail App on Windows 8.1 is a pain in the ass. BTW Only if you support a common inbox.

Kronus24 says:

To bad is not a going to be Universal app!! Is it just  me, but Windows OS/UI, makes us more demanding on are developers. We like live titles, metro UI, transperant icon, now universal apps(cloud sync). This is truely a lovely ecosystem and once Developers step there game up and windows gain more user base. Going to be a very differenent landscape in 5 years.

P.S Next will be interactive live titles. Windows Developers have so much more to think about then other developers.


The app actually IS a Windows Universal app, but we're not building out the UI for Windows yet. If it is successful on Windows Phone, we will absolutely ship it on Windows too. :)

Kronus24 says:

So you are coding it at as Universal app but not building out the UI. So is building out the UI for bigger screens that much more work? From the video from Build 2014 it seemed it would just be the layout for bigger screens would be all that was needed.

P.s Its seems the the impmetation of Universal apps is not as easy as it may be seem. Not sure if its from the layout thoughyt process or coding or both. But its sure not as 1,2,3 like it was made to believe. What will be needed to fix this promblem. humm..

The toughest part about bigger devices like tablets and PCs is properly utilizing the space. It can take quite a while to get right. Not necessarily a lot more code.

Kronus24 says:

Thanks for the response!

You're welcome. Actually, I should add that the only coding that would need to be done is the UI. Everything else is 99% reusable from Windows Phone. :)

sumton says:

it looks decent email client

ScubaDog says:  I love the built-in mail capability of Windows Phone and  I would be stupid to use Maestro.  Or any other email app, for that matter.

Just wait and see. This app will have a much different focus than the built-in app. We wouldn't build it if it was pretty much the same thing as the default mail app. ;)

Kronus24 says:

Stupid for you but great for others. More choices is not a bad thing.

mikroland says:

The default mail app is too simple and not enough features. I hope this new mail app will have rules (similar to outlook rules). I also hope the performance is on par with the native app. Also hope we can attach anything we want...

IzaacJ says:

Reminds me of "Mailbox" for iOS. Used that when I had that damn iPhone. It was an awesome mail client, only for gmail thou, if I remember correctly.

Looking forward to try this :D

mango.lover says:

Email has never really been revamped in Windows Phone since the initial release four years ago, so I'll be keeping my eye on this.

wozburger says:

Looks nice but... Personally I hope it uses a more gestural interface than just tapping buttons to navigate. Swiping is a really useful method for jumping between sections of an app (because you don't have to hunt for the right button) - a small part of the reason I switched to WP from the tap-tap-tap interface of iOS.

chrgeorgeson says:

Please have EAS support..... I can just have a pin to get into my mail app instead of the entire phone. Please please please.

It's good news, indeed. But the lack of option to change de default client will be a major drawback. And here we could blame Microsoft.

wozburger says:

Genuine question: how would having a fixed "default client" affect this app?

E.g. in IE if I want to mail someone a link, I go "share page > whatever app" so I can pick whatever I want. Seems like I always get to/have to choose. And in 8.1 I can control notifications.

I'm in. Full integration a must.

Will there be a matching calendar app to go with this?  Even with the latest improvements, the native app blows.

If the OS does not allow us to select the default email application, then it is useless because we will continue using the default application whenever a program wants to send a mail, so it doent matter if it is better

I love the design and the logo! Nice job!

Jupast says:

Looks very nice.

Can it leave the number on the Live Tile there if i don't actually *read* the email?

The way Windows Phone clears the Tile Number if you open the Email Client is kinda maddening.


This seems to be a very personal preference from working on previous apps. I, personally, agree with you on the behavior, but lots of people don't. If we hear enough debate on something we usually add a setting so people can choose the behavior they like.

p51mustang says:

Great stuff, looking forward to this.

Please can we have the option to choose all emails at once, not like currently where we have to choose each email individually?

We're not taking suggestions at this point, but we will after our initial release. Feedback helps us shape where the app goes. That said, select all the mails and do what with them? Delete? Archive? Flag? Something else?

p51mustang says:

Would like to 'select all', perhaps then deselect one or two and then have the option to delete, move to another folder, mark as read, etc.

When you're ready, of course ;-)

Looks great. Hopefully they'll be a Windows app too.

If the Windows Phone app is successful, Windows is next on our list. We're building it so all we'll need to do is write UI to fit on bigger screens for Windows. Everything else is shared.

magicdesign says:

Please include a schedule option so that we can define times when mail is not collected (such as over night) which will save battery