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The Daily Show takes on Google Glass: 'Do you hear what you're saying?'

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Here is my Start screen wallpaper for Windows Phone 8.1

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Lumia leads to libatious lounge lawlessness, lampooning lamentable reality


Seinfeld on smartphones and texting: 'I could have called you and I chose not to.'


Windows Phone 8.1 SDK reveals burst photo mode, password management in IE 11 and more

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Convince an iPhone user to switch to Lumia

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Microsoft: Windows Phone outselling iPhones in 24 markets


Jokebox, a Windows Phone 8 app that hopes to leave you ROFL

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Remember the time when you just couldn't get rid of Skype?

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Nokia Lumia 800 survives a three and a half month dive in a lake


Nokia sends filmmaker Casey Neistat a Lumia 1020 after Apple stole his video

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Can you reproduce the iOS 7 Home screen using Microsoft Word? Absolutely


Contest: Share your awesome Nokia Glance Backgrounds to win WPCentral store gift cards


Mobile Nations 22: State of the mobile

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Reminder: Microsoft will buy your old iPhone for at least $200 in credit

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User experience report praises iOS 7, slams Windows Phone 8 on customisation, OS annoyances

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Microsoft telling Apple fans it's #timetoswitch with iPhone buyback program

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Nokia Lumia 928 lags far behind the iPhone 5 in new screen latency test

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Windows Phone overtakes iPhone in Lithuania; boasts selling three times as many units

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Taking advantage of affordable Lumia Windows Phones, Microsoft surpasses Apple in India

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High quality humorous wallpapers

Some humorous iPhone wallpapers have been cropped over at 1800PocketPC and are ready to fit any Windows Phone. As you can see from the above sample, they look superb and are well work checking out. Glenn is the freelance graphic designer and illustrator from Auckland, New Zealand, who is behind the designs and sells amusing shirts, among other miscellaneous items. Check out his store for the free wallpaper downloads.

Source: Glennz, via: 1800PocketPC



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Jazmac says:

I dig whimsical stuff like that. Cool.

Winterfang says:

So...where are they? clicking just take me back to this article :OEdit: found them. I liked the outfished one.

minton227 says:

Need an anti-iphone wallpaper

Convert the TARDIS one!!

Bei337 says:

Why iPhone wallpapers?

Bei337 says:

I actually started a website dedicated to WP7 wallpapers: and none of these crop-outs ;)

cedarlog says:

downloaded them all :D

jerry456 says:

nice wallpaper i like this wa llpaper top10wallpaper4u