Highlights of Smoked By Windows Phone marketing in Singapore [Video]

Microsoft's Smoked by Windows Phone marketing campaign is still going strong, which all stemmed from CES 2012 in Las Vegas where Ben Rudolph challenged event attendees. The campaign made the move to Microsoft Stores across California, Hong Kong, and is currently being expanded to cover TV advertising. The challenges involved are simple smartphone tasks - which ever phone completes the task first wins.

With $100 on the table there's never a shortage of interested smartphone owners who believe they can smoke a Windows Phone. We previously looked at the announcement made by Microsoft Singapore on their Facebook page, stating the marketing campaign would be brought to the country "very soon". 

The above montage of clips is from ITShow 2012 where the Smoked by Windows Phone challenge was held (March 9-10). End result from the event was: 38 wins, 3 draws and 3 loses.

Source: YouTube; thanks Greg for the tip!



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Probaholic1 says:

I love this I'm going to start doing this with my Radar 4G around here except I don't have 100 bux, so probably 5 bux or some lunch. lol

WinFan1 says:

I challenge people all the time they always think I'm going to cheat haha

xggamer says:

challenge people all the time and i haven't lost yet both iphone 4s, Galaxy Nexus and Note are on the list i've beat...xD
- using the Lumia 800 -

mrdeezus says:

Another challenge should also include seeing which phone boots up faster.....my titan takes 22 seconds to boot up and and additional 3 seconds for network, att. My old evo 4g would take 3-5minutes to boot up. I dont ever need to reboot it but i was shocked how fast it booted up when i purchased it.

erichon99 says:

even this guy dresses up like Ben Rudolph.

Halo3fanz says:

Many of the local Singaporeans either claim the contest was rigged or that they only challenged iPhones. I love my countrymen.

doppleblue says:

I guess android users were too afraid to lose to a "zero apps" phone - as one of my iFriends called it. With a straight face i told him, YES there are no APPS at all! Sarcasm meter was all time high but i guess he was too dense to notice LOL.