Hipstamatic rolls out minor updates for its Oggl apps on Windows Phone

Things have been quiet on the Hipstamatic Oggl front for a few weeks now. The last time we saw an update for the popular photography-filter app was November 19th, which brought with it some fixes and support for 512 MB devices—no small accomplishment.

Today, version rolls out for Oggl and Oggl Pro (Lumia 1020 version) and seeing as that is only an increase from, we’re guessing this is some tidying up and minor fixes from the last update.

Indeed, the photo-import feature is still there and more awkward then we’d like but overall, the app has been quite steady for us with these last few builds. (Actually, the 'tap to edit' as seen in the lead image is gone now).

Sample image from Oggl with food filter

Why choose Oggl? The app is primarily geared as a shoot first, don’t mess with it later app. That’s different from the more typical editor-apps, which are focused on applying fixes after the moment. Because of that, some don’t care for the style of shooting. Having said, the filters are fairly top notch with this app and really give a retro or hipster effect to your images. It’s fun to experiment with and yes, you can even apply them after the image is taken.

Want Oggl? Get it in the Windows Phone Store for Windows Phone 8 devices. Users on the Lumia 1020 will be wanting Oggl Pro, which can also be found here in the Windows Phone Store. QR codes are below, with the Pro version second.

What do you folks think of Oggl? Has it become a go-to photo app or an afterthought?

Thanks, Giordano P., for the tip

QR: Oggl  QR: Oggl Pro



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It's my go-to photo app on my 520, yeah! Having all the filters is crazy. :)

raul_junior says:

I wonder if they're jealous now that instagram is getting all the attention now on wp

Not really, as Hipstamatic was first before Instagram and most hobbyist shooters use both. After all, this app can officially post to Instagram thru it directly.

And their filters are way, way better than Instagram.

raul_junior says:

O ok hmm I'll give it a shot

Taer says:

Now you can select which notification to turn on/off by swiping right from the settings page :)

DenisSuncity says:

This option already was there before this update. What they did not fixed it's app launching speed - become too slow after one of updates.

DJCBS says:

The editing tools, namely the ability to centre imported photos as we want, was AGAIN removed. They clearly have no clue how to make it work. Which is a pitty. I like the filters of Oggl and I would like to use them on photos. But I'm not using Oggl to take my shots, even less on the L1020. So I would really really like if they could put the editing of imported photos to work properly.

abond32 says:

I've been trying to like this app. Its just not useful for me even though it has plenty of filters. I just don't like the GUI. Good app though

This app is average...IMO