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WP Central

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and that’s what we seem to have here at the Home Depot. According to one of our readers, Nate B., at least one of their stores has this new kiosk on display.

The obelisk looks a lot like a giant Windows Phone that’s been repositioned for the Home Depot’s uses although it retains a very Metro-Tile look and feel. Heck, the tiles even flip to reveal more info!

No word if these are going elsewhere or if Microsoft is involved but we do like the idea of Metro (or whatever it will be called) spreading around. 

Check the video of it in action after the break and don’t forget, you can grab the Home Depot app for Windows Phone here. Thanks, Nate, for the video!



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Ticomfreak says:

I like Home Depot now...

Munkeyphyst says:


erichon99 says:

Metro is also quite evident in JC Penney.  If anyone hasn't stepped into JC Penney lately, please do. It's a great experience now and very cheap clothes.  It is now my shopping choice over Kohl's for value.

rbf1337 says:

Possible retail display from Microsoft? Seems like a simple version of the original surface which I forget the new name for.

WinFan1 says:

Home depot respect


wsanchez78 says:

metro is a clean, clear and concise UI that lets you navigate information with ease. That is important in our information age. What does android/iphone provide that is better? That is correct. The laugh's on you :)

daguila29 says:

Its probably a display running a modified version of windows 8 start screen. Btw I'm sure it's running windows.

macastle says:

Now I have to go and see one first hand. I'm going to hold my WP up next to it and take a picture. LOL!

blackprince says:

Looks good, tiles, tiles everywhere!

Apoc says:

Yes, HD had the phones in their stores for a little over 2 years now. They will more than likely go with WP8, being that Lowe's and Apple are in bed with each other.

OMG55 says:

Thanks for pointing that out. I normally do a bit more shopping at Home Depot than lowes anyway, but I will definitely do more now; besides that, I was at lowes about two weeks ago and need the clerk to check to see if they had anymore troy built weedeats in stock, and the first words the came out of his mouth were, "let me go get the iphone so I can check". It's good to see Microsoft doing what Balmer said, "We will not let Apple go unchallenged in any space"

MrRazak says:

Home Depot is now using Black Berries. I use mine bc I have to, but have the HTC titan as personal. I will try and change our department to WP8, but only have soooo much pull. LOL

ahuczek says:

management uses blackberries but the first phones are motorola running win mobile. i work in paint and i constantly get a kick out of customers struggling with their androids and iphones whenever they try to show me something.  

bono5112 says:

Looks nothing like a WP, the rules don't even flip the right way............;)

bono5112 says:

Meant to say tiles

I actually used this at the Yorba Linda CA. Home Depot. The display was very helpful in locating the item I needed. It was very easy to use and each screen looked very nice.

FFugue says:

Metro is spreading to different mediums. Even the Museum of Fine Arts in Montréal (which I think is a reference about what great art and design should look like) has gone metro:

venetasoft says: was redesigned in pseudo-metro too, seems like w8 start page :)

MediaCastleX says:

I for one am considering taking pics of this kind of thing as a kind of Windows Phone Everywhere type of thing...

FFugue says:

Microsoft should sue Home Depot and then use the money they get from that to buy the Metro name.

MrRazak says:

Ok so these are part of the Jumbo initiative. Its only 6 stores and I can say for sure the kiosk and the UI is changing. But maybe they have the designer on the team that loves windows phone ;) hint hint. LOL

anodynamic says:

I think it might be a tad overenthusiastic to connect everything to Microsoft. Metro in Zune and WP may have been the first mainstream examples of UIs based on "proper" typography and composition rather than boxes, gradients and gloss, and designers have been trying to get away from that for a long time. Metro has probably inspired many recently, but looking at things like design-y blog themes there are plenty of examples of skinny fonts and boxes going back a long way. I think one of the reasons we're seeing more and more of it now is that display technology has finally come far enough that it's possible to display text and images without having to soften the whole page with chrome.

jdep1 says:

It's running on Android 2.2 with a metro theme on top to make it look like new windows oh wait.. That's actually some of the cheap tables coming from Taiwan silly of them those tables are still crap bc of the sluggishness of Android but good for home depot.

wpos8 says:

Android running yeah right has if u know everything.

wpos8 says:

Love it and no apple

blessthejon says:

Even Google went Metro.