Macs still dont have touchscreens, so Microsoft says to get a Windows All-in-One instead

Honestly All in One

Microsoft’s latest video in their ‘Honestly’ campaign features Windows all-in-one devices like the HP Envy Rove 20, Dell XPS 18, and the Sony VAIO Tap 21. The actress says she was planning to get a Mac, but “Macs still don’t have touchscreens.” She got a new Windows All-in-One instead. She says it’s perfect for planning her wedding. Watch the video after the break.

Whether it's watching the best wedding band, finding the perfect dress on Pinterest or getting stuff done with Microsoft OneNote and Excel, Microsoft says their Windows all-in-ones give you the best of work and play.

We got to play with one of those all-in-ones featured in the video. At CES, we really liked the Sony VAIO Tap 21. It features a built-in battery so you can move it around the house or office. It can also be adjusted and angled to lay flat on a surface or sit up like a traditional PC. Watch our hands-on video for more details.

So, what do you think of the latest ad by Microsoft? Will Mac users switch to Windows because Macs “still don’t have touchscreens?” 

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Jared Hayes says:

I bet $5 they will by the end of 2014

You mean they will invent them by the end of 2014 right? ;P

Yup and once they invent water resistance they will launch waterproof iPhone,

I don't think Mac users are intelligent enough to realize the capabilities of Windows in general. They still think "expensive is better" applies to software.

For instance, Windows NT 4 introduced IPV6 support in 1999 (even before *nix). Mac brought its support in 2011 with mount Lion edition.

win-win Windows!

lubbalots says:

Most think anything expensive means "status" thus value.

schlubadub says:

It worked for Chivas Regal. An otherwise harsh and forgettable whiskey hailed as being top-notch because they charge accordingly. People truly believe things that are more expensive taste better. The same applies to most things...

therealprof says:

Thanks. I'm still laughing my ass off thanks to your fully incompetent and blatant post. Please don't ever attempt get your facts straight and post more of those.

Sorry, I am confused, are you being sarcastic? Calm down. Since you haven't offered any fact to defend your stance, please stay away from the limelight and wipe that smirk off your ass.

MadModMike says:

For instance, Windows NT 4 introduced IPV6 support in 1999 (even before *nix). Mac brought its support in 2011 with mount Lion edition.

loads of bollocks, NT4 didn't have a v6 stack, you had to rely on third part v6 stacks, which costed money (e.g. Winsock by Trumpet Software), the first Windows in the NT family with IPv6 support was Win2k, installing the "IPv6 Technokigy Preview for Windows 2000" (which was just a technological preview, not for production environments).

The first production ready ipv6 stack in Windows appeared with Windows XP (even though you had to install and enable the stack using the command line) and Windows Vista (enabled by default, plus Teredo 6to4 tunnel enabled as well).

Secondly, OSX is a fully certified UNIX userland, and it does support the full IPv6 stack (6to4 tunneling, PPPv6, DHCPv6) since Panther (10.3), for other *nix like environments: Linux had a stable v6 stack since the first releases of the 2.6 kernel (around 2003), FreeBSD since 4.0 (2000)

MadModMike says:

Technokigy = Technology

whiteSMURF says:

I like the original better. Sounds like a Daft Punk song. ;P lol

IPV6 privacy extension was implemented in Mac 10.7 in 2011 and it was available XP since early 2002.

SocalBrian says:

IPV6 privacy extension != IPV6

MadModMike says:

You clearly still don't know what are you talking about, as OSX has had privacy extensions since ever (in /etc/sysctl.conf), running on the same IPv6 stack as FreeBSD and NetBSD

Steve Cole3 says:

Why waste your time explaining to the WinNuts? They would all be happy tapping with their stylis phones and carrying around tablet 'bricks' if the world was still monolpolized by you know who, like it was 10 years ago. 

jdawgnoonan says:

Your facts and history are way off dude. 

holzlondon says:

Good one, I love the smell of sarcasm in the morning....

"Everyone else has supposed touchscreens, but we're maing the best. I present the iTouch, the worlds first blehhhh."

Xaphoon148 says:

By that time they surely will have invented NFC also...

Stevied1991 says:

And wireless charging.

Wireless chnrging is already a thing, and windows phones have it built in (The newer ones)

sueha says:

You're a real standup comedian!

Pippa Pip says:

Exactly, wireless charging hasn't been invented yet. Who are you trying to kid?

It... it has... You place your phone on the Stand and it chanrges it, there no cords making it wireless, sure it has to be on the stand, but its not using any coords or anyhting, aka wireless

siero2h says:

All this was fun.

Jas00555 says:

Nope, untrue. Nothing exists until Apple invents it.

haha and they call it innovation for the first time in a mobile

SwimSwim says:

They're making jokes about how, in the eyes of many, technology is worthless and meaningless until Apple incorporates it. Such examples would be NFC, Wireless charging, etc.

The Apple community has the horrible habit of claiming stuff is worthless and they don't need it, until Apple releases something featuring that technology. Then, based on how the web, public and media all react: you'd think Apple invented the freaking technology, yet others have been using it for years.

So yeah, people in the comments here are just having a laugh about how, for the iSheep, wireless charging hasn't been invented yet. Neither has NFC, touch screens on your desktop, or a smartphone with a screen large than 4".

The Apple community are sort of sect.

duk3togo says:

LOL they are being sarcastic. See people think Apple invented everything for example a flat interface. That's why they are pulling your leg bud.

iyae says:

Omg dude. This is painful to watch. Just stop talking. Ha

tallgeese says:

Ah, deep & heavy sarcasm!

tallgeese says:

Where's the sarcasm?

OMG55 says:

Yeah, all you have to do is put an i in front of wireless and its a new invention......iwireless.....see

Patience, it'll happen. After all, Apple has Al Gore on the board and he invented the internet. Oh.. and pants. He invented pants as well.

The irony of Gore being on the board of Apple, is that Bill Gates is the only Tech leader that specifically named Gore as being responsible for the Internet, and he did it  in an interview around 1995, years before the Gore comment was lampooned.

(Not sure if you can still find the full video or transcript online: David Frost - Bill Gates - 1995)

Novron says:

Was that the same Bill Gates who didn't comprehend the internet enough to take advantage of it?

Cleavitt76 says:

I'm not even sure what that is supposed to mean.  MS has been on the internet for quite a while now in case you haven't noticed.  Arguably, MS and Windows are responsible for getting the vast majority of people in this world started on the internet.


The joke about Al Gore inventing the internet is funny, but he never actually said that he personally invented the internet.  His comments were in reference to him pushing for government funding of the technology/research that later became the internet.  In other words he said he supported the decelopment of the internet when other politicians felt it was a waste of time and wanted to defund it.  His comments have been taken out of context.



I wonder how well that NFC case is selling for ISIS.....i still can't believe WP with NFC hardware still doesn't have ISIS. But you're correct, when they introduce it it'll be revolutionary!

WPCrook says:

Haha it's funny how Apple don't seem like the "boss of smartphone and computing technology" anymore. Microsoft and Nokia have taken that crown!

4look4rd says:

NFC is pretty useless right now, and I don't hold it against Apple for not implementing this technology yet. If Apple manages to provide a practical application to NFC then good for them.

ULOP3Z says:

I just hate the fact that everyone hating on touchscreen PC's and laptops will Love touchscreen Macs like its something revolutionary

Apple could copy W8 bit by bit and it would hailed as revolutionary.

SwimSwim says:

Pretty much. They kinda already did that with Windows Phone and iOS 7...

therealprof says:

Except that if they decide to do it they will only do so when the have a useful interface for that. The only really touch-friendly Windows Applications are the Metro ones... unfortunately there're not too many of those, so touchscreens on a PC are pretty much useless at the moment. Heck, even my Surface RT would be close to unusable without mouse and keyboard, I'm not even using the touchscreen most of the time.

ULOP3Z says:

Still the Apple community will call it Revolutionary, with or without a touch friendly interface

k0de says:

No they won't. Steve Job said that touch screen on desk tops or lap tops is not feasible. That's why Apple will never have a touch desktop or.lap top.

theefman says:

Didn't he also say that apple would never produce a small screen tablet? Plus he's not exactly in charge anymore, anything can be "invented" by apple now.

OMG55 says:

Tim Cook's in charge now, iCook will do it! Apple was never going to have a plastic iPhone either but iCook done it

txDrum says:

Every iPhone before the 4 was polycarbonate, fyi.

Novron says:

I believe Jobs also said if you need a stylus for your device, you've failed.  Then Samsung went on to sell a few hundred million Galaxy Notes.

therealprof says:

You don't need a stylus to use a Galaxy Note. You know that, right?

BTW: If I read the numbers right they only sold a couple tens of million devices so far...

Novron says:

Thanks for the corrections, I'm sure it'll make Steve feel better in Hell while he's stabbed with stylii for eternity.

TheJoester09 says:

I think Jobs also said that the iPhone was a perfect size and there was no reason to make it bigger. Apple is a different company now.

That would be interesting!

icyrock1 says:

I still don't see why I would want a touch screen desktop. I did spend extra on a touch screen monitor, but I've found I never use it. To me, the current implementation of touch in Windows isn't good enough on the desktop.

afnan_mc says:

Please stop mentioning Apple products in your ads. :/
That'd be great.

Nik Rolls says:

Apple did their fair share of outright insulting Windows. This is pretty minor in comparison.

afnan_mc says:

But the internet doesn't see it that way. It sees it the way we see Google. And it's all on Microsoft's marketing. Now is not the time to get back at Apple.

dhugos says:

I totally agree. Microsoft shouldn't stoop to doing what Apple did. I realize it's a rough-and-tumble marketing world, but this is a situation where they should remain above the fray.

Nik Rolls says:

They're not stooping at all, this is pretty subtle compared to what Apple used to do.

At least Microsoft is saying true things, Apple didn't.   (Apple even had some of the commercials removed from airing in countries that have standards for advertising accuracy.)

LMZR says:

I already have a Macbook Air and a Surface 2.

wtma says:


Menzlo says:

It doesn't have to be a fanboy war?

Agent-P says:

^ this times a million.

wtma says:

No, I just want to know how they compare from a perspective of a user, in the context of touchscreen vs non-touchscreen laptops. I personally agree with Daniel, hybrid laptops are inevitable and Apple kind of having a bad start in this. I just got myself my first touchscreen laptop the Yoga 2 Pro, and the flexibility of how I could operate it is very useful to me. I doubt I will ever go back to traditional laptops.

SmoothDog says:

I've been considering getting a Yoga Pro 2. Sweet device, but even if I turn down the resolution on it games like BF and Crysis would be probably still out of the question...sadly :-(

TroyRiggins says:

Yeah, I've got Surface Pro 2 1520 &1020. But for laptops and desktops I stick with Macs. Great hardware and I can run both OS's. Why choose one when you can have both?

Talbot690 says:

I game alot so mac is out of the question.. So are touch screens so I guess what I'm saying is meh to this whole article it just doesn't pertain to me. But honestly could you imagine trying to play planetside2 on an all-in-one

nizzon says:

Why not? You don't have to touch the screen all the time.

Talbot690 says:

No but there graphic specs are shit in comparison to an actual desktop.. And if you've ever tried to play planetside on a PC that can't handle it or a crappy laptop well.. Keep the fire extinguisher handy. Like I said it just doesn't pertain to me. But if an all in one can cover all your needs that's great for you just not for me.

heat 33330 says:

Graphics shit? LOL!!! The 2012 top spec iMac came with the GT680m which has the power of  GTX680 desktop.

Talbot690 says:

Lol yourself friend. Congrats that apple made a good graphic spec iMac I'm really happy for you but I was referring to all-in-ones on that portion. I never dissed mac at all but its pretty common knowledge that alotta game just don't come out on Macs. Graphics are definitely not everything BUT they are somthing that you really need to consider when buy a PC or a Mac for gaming specifically. Parts are normally more expensive and harder to come buy for Mac also. So altho I wasn't referring to mac about the graphics you saying that brings up a new point. POWER VS PRICE I wonder how much that iMac with the gt680m costs..

TroyRiggins says:

If I did my gaming on a desktop I would choose PC for the ability to upgrade parts. My iMac is a late 2009 model and it wouldn't be able to handle anything. I have a 2009 Dell I keep around and I upgrade it periodically, it still does really well.

Ironically it was Nokia upgrading the 1020 to DMG capture that made me buy a new MacBook - doing HDR pics with 30MB files I'd end up with a 90MB merged image and it was really slow at rendering. The new MacBook screams through it...

NIST says:

My Dell XPS One 27" touch screen AIO crushes your Mac.

TroyRiggins says:

My Dell crushes my iMac. My MacBook crushes my Dell. So what? Am I supposed to get into a pissing contest with myself?

whiteSMURF says:

Yes. Start drinking copious amounts of water now. ;)

Great hardware can be debated...  They have a long standing habit of using medium range components and mid range GPUs, yet are price competitive with PCs that use upper range parts.


Supporting graphic designers that 'thought they needed Macs' and then having to rip out the stock video cards to get them as fast as the Windows users across the hall has been a long standing head smacking joke.


There is also the problem that Apple intentionally slows down their EFI translation when using Boot Camp, so that Windows won't appear significantly faster.  So you aren't getting as fast of a Windows PC as you could with hardware from another MFR.


However, I agree if you are truly going to run both OS X and Windows, just buy a Mac.


casualk says:

Apple makes all their money from hardware that’s why you can run Windows on a Mac but Apple will not sell their OS without the hardware. They know if you could walk into Best Buy and buy Mac OS X for Windows their MacBook sales would dry up.  There is no physical reason OSX can’t run on Window’s base computers except Apple will not allow it.

I am not an Apple basher but I am not an Apple supporter either. I really dislike so many things that Apple dose I will never spend my money on their products. Even when Dish Network offered me an iPad last summer I ask them if I could get a discount on my bill instead and they give me a $30 a month discount on my bill.

The Media hype about Apple make my head hurt sometimes. It’s a Bloomberg commercial that airs now that say “how do companies like Apple always innovate”, if you follow the tech industry Apple is not really an innovator they are designers.  They didn’t invent mp3 players they designed one that people felt more comfortable with. Same with tablets there were tablets years and years before the first iPad.  What they are really good at is design and getting people to believe their hype.  

Same here, Windows for my mobile devices 2520 & 1020 and Macs for laptop and desktop.

CylonJason says:

I love using touch screens on PCs expecially smaller ones, but with the touch pad on the Mac being so good with enough gestures, I really don't see the need for one.

Menzlo says:

My mom is getting old and her eyesight sucks. Touching big tiles is easy for her.

mtiede says:

I've used touchpad on the PC for years and years. It works very well but it isn't the same as actually touching the screen. Touching the screen is a more wysiwyg experience.

CylonJason says:

A touchpad on a PC is completely different than one on a Mac though.

I love the touchpad, it does work very very well in my experience. However my dad just got a new dell ultrabook with the screen that flips and makes a tablet type thing lol. Honestly I could use that all day every day. It works that well, I wouldn't miss the touchpad. That said my mom doesn't like it and continues to use her iMac. So there's always something for everyone.

AndyGriff says:

To be honest, the OS doesn't really warrant a touch screen. It would be too fiddly; a bit like trying to use a touch screen with Windows 7.

Exactly, if only Apple would make a touch friendly UI for OS X and extend touch to work better on existing applications...   Like say how Windows 8 did, that Apple makes fun. ;)


wpguy says:

Windows 8 desktop mode is just like Windows 7, and I use both the touchscreen and touchpad all the time. The two touch methods complement each other quite well.

PureView says:

Yes because we all know how adding touchscreen to Windows 8 turned out for Microsoft. One of the best decisions Apple made was to not turn their desktop/laptop OS into their mobile OS. Even the thought of using a 20 inch screen via touch gives me the cringes.

Watch as OS X and iOS begin to merge, its inevitable.

Devmer11 says:

i have to agree on that

wtma says:

And it would be too late by then. After Jobs, everything is in almost stagnant condition in Apple. They move very slowly.

PureView says:

Why is it inevitable? If anything, companies should learn from Microsoft and know that this touchscreen on desktops is not the way to go. No one wants it. No one asked for it. It solves a problem that isn't there. In fact it creates quite a few problems. Remember, Apple does not need to satisfy 90% of the market. They work on market skimming principles, and their market is fully satisfied with OS X 10.9.

Because everyone wanted tablets? How about when Apple "invented" the iPad?

PureView says:

Everyone wanted tablets? Is that why more Macs were sold last quarter than before?

R0bR says:

How much more? Not enough to matter. OSX has been around for 15 years and still looks the same other than prettier icons and different shades if grey. If people really wanted Macs they would have broken 10% market share long ago, even with the apparent dissatisfaction of Windows 8 it wasn't enough for people to move to Mac. As for touch screens and Windows 8 there are no problems, touch I'd just another input method for desktop not something to replace keyboard and mouse and it has its uses. Just because you don't find a use for it doesn't mean the majority doesn't.

You are making the mistake of assuming that everyone thinks just like you and that other people haven't found true value in Windows 8 - with or without touch.


The truth is, the majority of Windows 8 users like it, and the vocal minority that doesn't are going to take time to go on the internet and complain.


People did this with WIndows 95, 98, ME, XP, and Vista.  Even 7 got some backlash, and it was the well received version of Windows.  I remember people booting to DOS or even a full screen DOS prompt in Windows 3.x, I remember people installing progman.exe and fileman.exe on Windows 95, I remember people turning off all the XP 'Themes' and turning off horrible features like System Restore, and Vista user complaining about the Start Menu, and WIn7 users complaining about the Start Menu.


The irony, the same Vista Start Menu people complained about in 2006, is what people are installing that are now complaining about the Windows 8 Start Screen.  Funny how time changes perspective and people learned to use the Vista Start Menu and actually freaking like it.  Just as the will do with Windows 8.



Correct. It has already begun. Their launchpad is the same one from iOS and their app folders too for example.

ebk14 says:

I've got windows everything, but I have to admit their entire approach to advertising is just so off. Be creative, make something interesting for us to enjoy watching, instead of just taking the easy way out and picking on the competitor.

Apple did their face share of these ads, MS has every right to do the same, to... even it out.

Talbot690 says:

Micheal bay should direct the next Microsoft commercial. Could be a dude running from Apple powered Drones firing missiles at him then he pulls out his Surface pro 2 and Lumia 1020 and deflects the missles back at the drones with his surface. Then he's confronted by an All white Apple terminator and he proceeds to smashing it up with his near indestructible Lumia 1020 then just as the commercial ends you hear a Godzilla roar and the dude turns around to walk towards it as if to start the next battle and the camera pans up to a skyscraper sized version of the little green android robot...

Angel Calvas says:

This.....is epic

DanielForge says:

Yeah, but Apple's commercials were fun. These Microsoft commercials are awkward and bad. They should be emberrased.

I would disagree only with the point that apple did it better. I cannot think of a single add that was "fun" or "enjoyable" most of there ads to me are just boring.

Fun, but inaccurate and even deemed false in several countries that made Apple stop airing them.  At least Microsoft isn't making up crap or bluring the 'truthiness' lines.  Apple's anti-Vista ads were great, but they lied about PC users needing to upgrade parts, and they didn't mention that their new version of OS X also had the same RAM requirements as Vista.


Yeah, and it doesn't help that their ads are promoted by that horrendous Katy Perry nonsense that spews out of the TV's speakers during these things. Literally nothing that bothers me about Microsoft products bothers me more than their decision to use that tramp as their "musical" spokesperson.

luk3ja says:

You need to get your ears tested lol and your facts straight. The singer isn't Katy Perry, Microsoft always use someone not very well known which is exactly what they've done in their latest ads by using a girl called Sara Bareilles

I don't know that you could call her not very well known. Maybe outside the USA. But here she's had number one song. Multiple Grammy nominations. Don't get me wrong I don't like her but she's def not a nobody in the entertainment world.

Not unless the media, some 'really cool' celebrity or their inner douche bag tells them to.

Apple has patents for iTouch, ipants, iwireless charging, infc, and ifart, nevertheless eventually they will come with some shitty shit claiming they have revolutionary the product

DanielForge says:

You really should shut up if you think Apple has wireless charging for any of their devices.

Rockartisten says:

Oh, come on, you can't possibly have missed that one.

And I want milk and cookie too from ( * ) ( * )

I doubt it, I think a Macbook will remain a laptop (non-touchscreen). The Ipad is good enough. They might make the air touchscreen but not the Pros. BTW, I love my Macbook pro, sold my surface.

swizzlerz says:

Glad you like what you use. I love my surface. As its a tablet not a notebook...

nizzon says:

They want their users to buy as many products as possible (and they keep doing it). Making a small MacBook air with touch will reduce the sales of iPads. They will wait as long as they can.

And graphic designers that use touch and a stylus are fleeing Apple in droves right now.

wtma says:

Until they realize that they can't squeeze anymore profits from iPad, I doubt hybrid devices will be their interest.

Blkacesvf41 says:

Why even mention Apple?

lippidp says:

This ad is for American women. American women buy lots of iPhones. Once said woman has iPhone she oftentimes considers buying a Mac as well. This ad is trying to thwart that.

TroyRiggins says:

Honestly, I want see them stop using that damn song...

chamix says:

What?... "I wanted a Mac but I had to settle for a touch screen PC" That's what I got from the as.

ratkutti says:

The comments escalated quickly :D Mark, you expected these?

Mark Guim says:

Mention Apple and comments will escalate

> "I don't want a Mac because it lacks a touchscreen"

> INSTANTLY plugs in a mouse and keyboard instead

Microsoft really need to proof-read their commercials, lol.

Before there was ''iPhone,iPad,iPod,iCloud,iMovie'' and what ever else apple place and ''i'' before it,

there was always iHOP before it....

That's their new Pogo stick, right? ;)

LOL, people who buy all-in-one PCs are asking for trouble. They're all of the negatives of laptops (cramped, hard-to-repair bodies with weak parts), but without the benefit of portability. They're immobile laptops, that's all they are. Why you'd waste money on them is beyond me.

mtiede says:

Kind of life saying "Why would I buy a mouse when I have a keyboard?" Because some things are just easier to do by touch.

If I'm going to have a stationary PC anyway because I don't want to be carrying around an awkward to handle tablet, why would I NOT want a natural to use interface like touch?

Aashish13 says:

Googles useless stratergy. " Your using unsupported version of internet explorer, Upgrade your browser download chrome". Stupid and chutiya Google

Azurus says:

I don't think Microsoft should've made such a commercial. Lets be honest here, there is no way mac is gonna surpass windows. No matter how bad windows mess up people can't help to do anything but to go back to their old buddy the windows

r4incs says:

- So, what do you think of the latest ad by Microsoft? Will Mac users switch to Windows because Macs “still don’t have touchscreens?” 


Chregu says:

Join the dark side, we have cookies.

01mggt says:

I used to be a hardcore mac guy. And I admit that after playing with windows 8 I sold my MacBook pro right away and bout a dell xps 12 convertible.

DanielForge says:

They don't need touch screens because Macs is almost the only computers with a good touchpad. Almost every Windows PC has a crappy touchpad.

1MiNo2 says:

touch screens are great on tablets, smartphones, a hybrid ultrabooks (yoga 11-13). But I really dont need, and I think lof of people will agree with me, a touch screen on my desktop PC with 27" screen I dont see the point of having a "huge" touch screen ...

lippidp says:

My brother bought one and the kids love it. There's your answer. Next gen of users.

I really like windows 8 - i just absolutely HATE getting the screen grubby!

I have an xps 15 (the new one that no one seems to have reviewed yet) and tend to rely on the touchpad (not so great) and a wacom intuos 5, rather than touching the screen.

It is probably just me, i just don't like touchscreens. Fine for some forms (tablets, phones et al) but if it has access to a kb, well i prefer that :)

nizzon says:

wash your hands

lippidp says:

I don't like touch screens even on my phone. I bought a stylus. Swiping makes my fingers feel weird. It is uncomfortable for me to swipe a finger across glass.

hagjohn says:

My boss has an all-in-one touchscreen Viao 19". It's a pretty neat machine. By the time I was done configuring and installing all the software he needed, I was trying to touch the screen on my Windows 7 machine. 

Viipottaja says:

I would love to play with one of those all in models too. Perhaps with all of them.

Wevenhuis says:

microsoft is misleading themselves and customers with this add as currently windows 8.1 update 1 is currently doing more on updating and optimizing mouse and keyboard, than actually being a more touchfreindly operatingsystem. Microsoft will have to do a lot of explaining these next few months.

paulm187 says:

Sorry mate, thats the most idiotic post. Touch is already great on Windows 8.1 and with Update 1 they are making mouse + Kb great too. Best of both worlds.

Wevenhuis says:

Thanks for your reply.

Sorry mate, but I don't agree your remark. Yes, touch is great and yes they are making mouse and keyboard better in update one. But I've had my surface pro for almost a year now and I still see there can be better touch improvement over mouse and keyboard. Unformatunatly for a greater part I've not seen this is going to be the case. Yes, many touch optimalizations have been made for touch between 8.0 and 8.1. But an example of, in my experience the integrated in app search from the charms bar in 8.0 was the better touch experience than the current 8.1. Why? because in app search for the charms bar in now partly disabled for many apps, or the in app search has to be selected as a bottom dropdownlist choice from the charms bar in a mouse and keyboard like dropdownmenu. This is not exactly touch friendly and in my experience one of the many basic and common used fuctionailities in the winodws 8 modern UI. I don't see that improving and windows 8.1 update one is becoming more like windows 7. Familiar for the average windows user, but hardly in line with this advertisement of putting touch front and center. I don't see this advertisment in line with the direction microsoft wants to take windows 8 and that's why I think this advertisement is misleading.

Novron says:

I have a Samsung C770, 24" LED touchscreen monitor attached to an original Surface Pro.  It worked for about two weeks until a Microsoft update killed the monitor's touchscreen ability.

From the brief time I was able to use it, there are quite a few improvements MS can still make to touch.  The keyboard needs to be refined and made universal across Modern UI and Desktop.  It needs to be splittable like it is on a tablet, for some reason the option isn't there in this configuration.

Lastly, they need to stop fixing sh*t that isn't broken.

Wevenhuis says:


The keyboard, in a way is universal though across both 'UI's'. And the onscreen keyboard is also splittable.


Novron says:

On my Dell tablet they are. On my external monitor from my SurfPro, the keyboard is neither universal nor splittable.

Racxie says:

They could at least have picked someone who doesn't look like a man.

andy21andy says:

Computers weren't meant to be touch screen, it's just weird. I'll personally never let go of my mac :-). I have an iPad and WP for all my touch-screen needs

Everyone says that until they actually use one from day to day. You would be pleasantly surprised

OMG55 says:

You definitely would be surprised, I launched WP 8 devices in the company I'm they IT manager of and people love them. Also, I don't get helpdesk requests like I did with XP & Win 7......

shaskell724 says:

Microsoft really needs to start making better commercials. Highlighting the good stuff they have and not bashing other products that are doing better than they are right now...

lippidp says:

Cry me a river.

MagusShadow says:

I'm not an apple basher, owning a few of their products and editing on mac pros for school but full disclosure.. I am all aboard the windows train right now because I love the direction they took. That can always change, but I love the versatile usage of my surface and am obsessed with my 1020.
I have never liked Microsofts mainstay advertising strategy, save for the occasional gem like the superbowl commercial or the Surface ads (NOT the dancing ones). I do often wonder if there is a way to advertise at all that would alleviate the negativity towards Microsoft. What bugs me even more though is that apple could, tomorrow, launch a product that "Bridges the gap between OS and tablet, a touch screen for fun, ease of media consumption and casual experiences that we all want time to time. Then, a laptop and desktop to do everything you are used to for work and business. Seem less transitions from one to the other and hardware that adapts like detachable keyboards and display adapters to have your experience move wherever you want."
The world would call then innovative geniuses and line up before launch, developers would pile behind them to be the first to take advantage of that market, and I would be sitting here with my surface saying "....really?"

OMG55 says:

So true, but I think Satya Nadella is going to change the culture and the way people look at Microsoft.

OMG55 says:

Honestly, I'm glad I read an article that said Satya Nadella is most like going to fire the Marketing guy who's only been with Microsoft about a year because he's garbage even if Macs don't have touch screens.

gevabar says:

They will add ios 7 to there Os for there PC and make it touch screen that will happen really soon....especially that they don't have a lot of work to do competing will Samsung galaxy s5 they already have the finger print scanner.....the screen will be bigger....for sure the design will be better....and they will add a watch much better then Samsung because that's not hard to do Samsung design is horrible.....windows phones/nokia needs to get to work

Personally, I'd rather use a computer that's NOT a touchscreen. I own a Sony VAIO with Windows 7 and a Mac that runs on Snow Leopard (which is what I'm typing this on now). Like 'em both and if I were ever to get a Windows 8 laptop that was touchscreen, I probably wouldn't use it as such. Keyboards are more ergonomic, anyway.

OMG55 says:

While I respect your preference, getting a window PC with touch doesn't cost you extra as it has pretty much become standard issue. I've seen then as low as $399 so there's no reason not to buy it whether you will use the touch feature or not unless you're just not in the market for a new PC right now.

kingkoopa09 says:

But the thing is if u have touch screen you can use it when its convenient and not you use when u want so I don't see many negatives with having one and no price plays little to no factor of the overall

thirdday2002 says:

Alot of people used to say the same thing about their Blackberry keyboards. "Touch screen smartphones will never replace the physical keyboard." We all know the rest of the story on that.

While I think we're a long way off from the traditional mouse and keyboard going away, touch is getting better, and is faster in certain situations. I think if you had a PC with a touch screen, you'd use it more than you think. I have a 20" touch screen at work, and I'm finding there are plenty of situations where it's faster to tap the screen than it is to grab the mouse, move the cursor, and click.

gevabar says:

This ad make Microsoft look desperate...for PC sales....it doesn't make it look like they are leaders

gevabar says:

They should have just spoke spoke about the PC, touch screen and how u can use it....why bring Mac into the pic people will get it....or u can say that no other PC can do this but windows....the minute u mention mac u look like they are beating u and u are going after there customers

I don't know much about all in ones. Can anyone tell me the difference between an aio and a laptop?

TheJoester09 says:

An all in one is more of a desktop replacement—it's not necessarily meant to be portable. The one in the ad has the built-in battery so you can move it around the house, but you wouldn't take it to the local coffee shop. Also, all in ones don't have a built in keyboard or mouse pad. The "all in one" moniker references the fact that it's a monitor and cpu in one compact design, as opposed to having the monitor separate from the tower. Make sense?

Thanks! What would make someone choose one over the other? (I'm specifically comparing the one in this article due to its portability)

TheJoester09 says:

Well like I said, this one is portable around the house, but you wouldn't want to take it to a coffee shop, on a train/airplane, to school, to a meeting, etc. All in ones are more in the desktop class. Laptops are designed for true portability--for people that need to get work done on the go.

TheJoester09 says:

Glad I could help!

lippidp says:

Somebody help me understand why a "devices and services" company like Microsoft claims to be is basically running an ad on behalf of another devices and services company, HP.

Artur198 says:

I got an iMac and will never switch back to Windows again :p It's so cool :3 I am so anti-mainstream.. I got a WP and an iMac and even a Wii U :p Kinda everything I got is anti-mainstream :x

jdawgnoonan says:

You are a troll too.

TheJoester09 says:

I like this "Honestly" campaign, but I don't really get this one. "Macs still don't have touchscreens" doesn't really seem like a viable reason to get a PC... the rest of the ad is fine, but that line seems kind of silly to me.

kingkoopa09 says:

For the price u pay for an iMac u can get a PC that is everything u could think of (touch screen,tablet, and all the goodies of a good PC)

No comment. Thought I had one, I re-read it...then I realized there was still a ton of wine and beer in my system...Go Windows!

Laion says:

C'mon guys. Many of You r saying that this kind of commercials r justified because Apple has done it before. It's like saying that Apple's way is the only right way. I would like to see something more positive and innovative.

Like that Super Bowl ad!

I love Microsoft, but their ads get me annoyed sometimes. Like the USB and microSD ad for the tablets, scroogled, now this. I understand Apple made fun of PCs in their ads awhile back, but it doesn't mean Microsoft needs to be constantly annoying.

onysi says:

Doubt it. Jobs didn't want Macs to be touch enabled, just ipads.

Will be buying new laptop soon. Probably an HP hybrid model. After having Nokia phones in the house for a year, I'm also reagy to leave my iPad behind and going back to all Windows all the time. Those Win 8.1 hybrids are the answer for me.

jdawgnoonan says:

Here is the problem with that as I see it. Touch screen desktops and laptops are basically a parlor trick: You use the touch for the first five minutes that you own the device or when you are showing a friend for the first time and then rarely use it again. The market certainly has not shown enthusiasm for touch screen all in ones. Some of the all in ones that can lie on the table like a giant tablet are interesting and the convertible laptop style devices are interesting and the rest are meh. I only use the touch screen on my Acer when the lousy trackpad quits working and I need to reboot or logout to fix the damned trackpad (and this machine cost more than a grand and is less than a year old). Then I have to clean my fingerprints off of the screen. Like I said, meh.

Touch is not for PCS! Long Live to the Mice!

wpguy says:

I don't see the big deal about the single half-second mention of an Apple product at the very beginning of the ad. Until this ad it never occurred to me that Apple still does not have a single touch screen laptop. Like it or not, use it or not, touch is the in-thing even on a desk. Other than Windows, is there any other desktop-class OS that supports touch?

People are moving from mac to windows because the overpriced low spec hardware is running a buggy, slow and increasingly sloppy operating system. My 2011 macbook pro running mavericks is so slow that i use a cheap compaq that i upgraded to windows 8.1 to do things productively. It is faster, less buggy and does not take 10 minutes to fully boot up. My MBP is used for occasional Pages or Keynote stuff, but mainly is an iTunes library to sync the family iPhones and iPad.

Even the iPhones are backups. I have one on payg with giffgaff, and to keep a few apps not available on my lumia 925. My husband's on giffgaff is used for his audiobooks and Rage of Bahamut. My teenager has one. But not exactly a great push for Apple. They are all 4 and 4s versions. My hubby upgraded. To a Note 2 and I moved to Windows Phone.

I was a Windows 7 Party host. Love the OS, but was seduced by Apple a couple of years ago. The love affair is over and I have returned to Windows. Unlike Apple, it still supports optical drives. It is flexible. It simply works better than ever before. Apple has lost its way. It has become stale and boring. My MBP makes an amazing windows laptop. I have windows 7 ultimate (my signature edition copy) on a boot camp partition. Pity it runs windows better than Mac OS X.

TechBell says:

Macs don't have touchscreens and they never will. Steve Jobs made the point about why they don't work and that's pretty much that. Apple products will also never have Flash pre-installed. I've never installed Flash on my Macs and I've never missed it. If there's a site or video that requires it, I use Chrome. Period.