World Cup Calendar

How to add the World Cup 2014 schedule to your Windows Phone Calendar

The World Cup is in full swing after host country Brazil defeated Croatia in the opening match. There's an entire month of football action remaining with the 2014 final taking place on July 13. Yesterday Abby showed you all a bunch of great apps and tricks to stay current with the 2014 FIFA World Cup on your Windows Phone. Here's one more tip from the Windows Phone Central forums that we wanted to point out – how do add the World Cup 2014 schedule to your Windows Phone Calendar so that you never miss a game.

Here's how you get the full FIFA 2014 World Cup schedule in your Windows Phone calendar:

  • Go to on your PC
  • Click on 'import' on the top left
  • Click 'Subscribe'
  • Add the following URL: webcal://
  • Name your calendar
  • Select a color and charm (select the ball or trophy!)
  • Click subscribe

World Cup Calendar

And that's it! The matches should be converted to your local time too, so you this saves numerous steps and will make sure you don't miss a game! Make sure you went to and signed in with the Microsoft Account you use on your Windows Phone and Windows 8 machines. Now you'll see all matches appear on your phone in due time. Impatient? Force the calendar sync by going to settings > email + accounts > long press Microsoft account to sync.

Bonus: Bing World Cup 2014 landing page

Here's a cool little site that Bing has set up for the 2014 World Cup. Bing has created a dedicated news experience for EVERYTHING happening around the tournament. Check it on your PC by going to the Bing World Cup 2014 page.

Via: Windows Phone Central Forums

Thanks for the tip DanglingPointer!



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iAbhi says:

This is what i wanted

You are quite welcome Sam !

Guys if you want WebCal URLs for other cups and leagues, see this post

Also, Bing bar has FIFA app: see

I'm sorry but i doesnt worked out for me i did evrything in the description,but when i open my calendar on my windows phone...nothing,could someone help please?

When you finish importing the calendar from browser, open the mail app associated with you account in Windows Phone, go to Settings > Sync Settings and make sure Calendar is checked under "Content to sync". After that, press the refresh button in the mail app and it will sync everything that was marked checked there.

vtalks10 says:

checked in my lumia just has the option of syncing option for syncing calendar



Hola Amigos says:

Stupid ESPN on TuneIn Radio isn't even working. I wan to listen Mexico play. Does anyone know of another station to tune into to for the World Cup games?

Paul May says:

I signed up for the HideMyAss pro VPN and connect to a UK VPN through the app then you can watch all the games for free through ITV Player or BBC iPlayer. VPN cost $9.99 USD a month.

Dude, download World Cup Live Free to watch matches.

Racioli says:

Go to they are streaming the games.

ahmu86 says:

Super Sam to the rescue... this is what even i wanted

aemehran says:

I want to stream the game on my WP and the TV channel here in Canada that streams the games doesn't have an app for WP. Could anyone kindly advise on how to do that? Thank you.

El arbitraje de este mundial ha sido una mierda.

Dev954 says:

Pésimo, ojalá mejore en los subsecuentes partidos.

Hola Amigos says:

Como sabes? Nada mas se ha jugado un solo juego. Aparte del de hoy con México. Estoy hablando de juegos completos hasta la fecha.

KrisJoeEll says:

So instead of an official app from Fifa we get this.. *sigh* Oh well.
Good tip btw.

OHardy says:

Use OneBrazil in the Windows Stores.

KrisJoeEll says:

I know. Is just that Android & iOS users got an Official Fifa app and we were ignored.

Like the Xbox Destination Brazil app being not available in Brazil... ouch, Microsoft was harsh with us...

Thom Vickers says:

Microsoft probably didn't pay their bribe money...

neo158 says:

Better yet, if you're a football fan then use OneFootball as it has a use after the World Cup.

mrcraggle says:

You can also use Bing Sport and Cortana.

Sharpmango says:

Yeah, bing sport is fantastic for wc

geral77 says:

De seguro eres mexicano por eso dices que no sirve el arbitraje

Dev954 says:

No se él, pero yo lo digo por el caso del partido Brasil-Croacia.

OHardy says:

Finaly !!! As my Andriod friends have been killing me over this.


nadr_xd says: ?? O_o

1MiNo2 says:

Who would Do that, when there is an app for that. 

Mestiphal says:

well... why install yet another app, when I can have my calendar do all the work

Torch4x4 says:

The calendar in outlook is good for remainders, I'm using this calendar to setting up my WP to remind me 15 minutes before each match

In addition I have the "Awesome LockScreen" to see the next 4 games on my lock screen, showing the calendar and scores of the day...

Installed the OneFootball Brasil app, and the FIFA web app from webapps.

Also I'm using CORTANA, and WorldCup Live Pro to watch the games

You can use everything at the same time for a better WorldCup experience


Sam Sabri says:

More like 'one game later'. Now two that Mexico-Cameroon is over. The tournament goes for a month. Never late :)

purevibz says:

Thanks Sam some time people don't get it.

Thank you very much!!!

Gotta love a 90 minute game that's capable of ending tied at 0-0. Gah what a sport

Don't Jinx it far every game ended with a win.

montel22 says:

Don's be ignorant, all sports have a different score ssytem and different requirments. This is the most peopler and maybe the oldest in the world. IT fun to watch but yes some are boring just like any other sport.

sidn625 says:

Gotta check the wpcentral everyday, that's capable of having such stupid comments. Gah what a douche...

Pippa Pip says:

"Gotta love a 90 minute game that's capable of ending tied at 0-0. Gah what a sport"

That's the thing about Football, it's about skill, timing and nuance. Let me guess, you're from the US? I can understand why you can't appreciate that; you need that constant quick fix, and most probably have a short attention span...

montel22 says:

I'm from the US and I love the game and so does a bunch of Americans, its becoming more popular, this guy is just ignorant so please he does not represent all of us.

Chockm says:

Perfect. Thank you!

montel22 says:

Yes Sir USA, I don't except it's to go ask the way but as long as they fight in every match and do there best

kenoonek says:

What kind of calendar or calendar app is that?

Sam Sabri says:

Stock calendar app in Windows Phone 8.1

barry.weston says:

Dumb question... Where is the white setting? I can't see anything in calendar to change the theme to white.

ttarbuck says:

Change the phone theme colour to light.

Will I get notification before each match? I don't want that. Otherwise it is awesome.

Torch4x4 says:

I opened this calendar in outlook in my PC and I went to each match on the calendar and modified the settings for reminders, it works!!

you can go to the calendar in your phone and change the reminder option

purevibz says:

Nice did it!


tamanasi says:

Thanks alot man.. That was very useful..

Sridhar V says:

Cool....wish we had the Watch ESPN app to go along...sigh!!

Torch4x4 says:

Download WorldCup Live Pro instead


sickleykey says:

Anyone knows an app which streams live World Cup on Windows Phone. I see so many people in my office watching live games on Android phones??

neo158 says:

In the UK there's TV Catchup.

ttarbuck says:

If your in the UK it's easier to use the BBC iPlayer app out the new ITV player app. Less adverts that way.

Paul May says:

And if you re not in the UK use a VPN and watch the games on the bbc or ITV players


Torch4x4 says:

Download WorldCup Live Pro

Nice, but I don't need it. I have Bing Sport tile on my Surface 2 and HTC 8X.

joe_easton says:

Nice tip!  I am a "wanna be" soccer fan and this is a nice way to easily keep track.  Took all of 30 seconds.


Ffs, is coming up red for me saying that there is a problem with the url?!?!
*woops, spelt Calender wrong, calendar

Marlon Bu says:

Is there also a German-Version?

DJCBS says:

Good boy, Sam, writting "football" instead of "soccer"! :P

Thanx ya all!!•

NestorP says:

this is great

It says problem with Calender URL

I had the same until I noticed that it is calendAr and not calendEr

Sridhar V says:

ask cortana "Fifa Schedule" or "fifa score" and nice card pulls up!!

ArcticUK says:

Nice one Sam :)

khador says:

I did this a few weeks ago, thought I'd get prepped.

The Microsoft Sports app does a good job of covering the world cup. Go to my sports and add World Cup 2014, then you can pin that to the home screen for easy access. It's not a bad app as it has all fixtures, live results, group tables and social feeds.

England FTW :)

Nimdock says:

Nice tip, if you use Cortana to bing the same thing you also get ou nice page... And then you can 'click' on 'See the complete scores and schedules' which will open in Bing Sports and you can pin it!!!! :D :D

Reebs Reebs says:

This is really what I wanted!  Thanks!

raj700r says:

you rock, great tip, thanks!

ogi96 says:

thanks a lot for this

bhk22 says:

It works, thanks alot for the tips. It was really helpful.

cooljatt says:

Thanx wpcentral team we love u :) keep it up ...

I'm using Eduardo's WorldCupBrazil app (with Live Tile).

kunwar_91 says:

Use cortana plain n simple

shaharukhs says:

Done thanks man for great tip

Awesome that's why I love Windows Phone

realwarder says:

Alternatively add it as an interest in Cortana, selecting your teams and she'll tell you ahead of time when the matches are on.

cdbstl76 says:

Mine didn't transfer to my phone calendar

Brick440 says:

You have to re-sync your Microsoft Account at settings.

Just refresh the email, it refreshes all " services" related to that account; people, calendar etc.

Also make sure, in mail app on phone, "Content to sync" under sync settings has "Calendar" checked.

Robbie95 says:

Does this work for all fixtures I.e. Club football?

SocalTouch says:

Excellent - exactly what I wanted.

glassadam says:

I want this for all Chicago Bears games!!!

QilleRz says:

Thanks Sam ! Get excited now for Spain match :D

Marco Gomes1 says:

There are enough apps covering the football world cup with toast notifications option so no need to fill up my calendar with it imo but others may find this useful.

ShoShoFresh says:

Anybody know why there's no way to do this directly in WP? Been trying to subcribe to calendars directly in WP for a while now to no avail, and had to settle with the Outlook calendar workaround.

Exactly my thoughts. Perhaps someone should give a feedback about it: "We need the other way around too -> Import feature in WP Calendar app".

abylouis says:

Very useful. Thanks.

Apoc says:

This is a great tip! Thanks Sam!!!

Pippa Pip says:

Pretty neat!!!

Thank you for the tip.

Thanks WP central. You made my day!

gano101 says:

Awesomeness :)

Yugiro says:

Wow! This is amazing!! My friends who have iPhones will be jealous of me!

pazces84 says:

Awesome! Thanks Sam

Really just awesome

That's great. According to tomorrow's schedule, England are playing at Wembley. Well played Sky Sports, well played.

There is an app called 'Add to Calendar', maybe it can handle ics calendars so you don't need to add this calendar in live/hotmail

spaulagain says:

How do you make calendar white like that? It's not in the settings.

Set WP theme to "light" in settings!

spaulagain says:

Oh, I was hoping you could do it by just the calendar app like email.

David P2 says:

Light theme I would think.

geral77 says:

Theres an App called global tv where you can watch the Fifa World cup live 2014

Eaglespro says:

Screw the world cup info all I would like to do is sync my calendar with my desktop calender.

chataddicted says:

You people don't need to open your PC for subscribing this calendar . You can simply do this by opening your ie browser from your windows phone... As i did this just now... WP rocks

Prantz says:

This is cool!

Lipe13 says:

Woah!! Awesome tip!! My phone had some World Cup apps but now with this and the start background/lockscreen I've gone full green and yellow brazilian combat camo :P

Lipe13 says:

EDIT: Many locations where the matches will be held are wrong, please don't use the calendar data to try to reach the Stadiums. While browsing the upcoming matches through the Cal app I noticed a lot  of wrong adresses!! Some adresses are so far off they're not even in Brazilanymore! 

Need an update for Calendar app

"As an INDIAN why should I refer U.S based Calendar..."

I'm not comparing b/w Windows and Samsung,
But in Samsung Mobile's calendar app "
We Find Holiday List & Local Festival List too...( depending upon region ) "

So why cant windows do this...

addicusbrown says:

This can be done through IE on the phone. I just did it. Had to type the URL in, but it worked.

emjey says:

Awesome.. Super Saver

hallam555 says:

This works great!!!

Thanks! Great advice!

Kenjoe says:

Awesome !!!!!!

wow...wanted just this...thanx wp central...

ranjithr717 says:

Wow beautiful!!

Very nice! Thanks a lot, bro

ArbazKhan123 says:

This is amazing article. Thanks a lot for this!

neil davies1 says:

that is great work thanks wp central   

Larry Kuhn says:

Also try out the Bing Sports app on WP, I think it's great.  Just go into app, swipe to "my sports", hit the "+", search for "World Cup 2014", select it and you'll be all set.  Pro Tip: you can pin "World Cup 2014" as a tile on your start screen as well.

Who I can do that and my phone runing on Gmail account

trseattle says:

This is just a great feature. Thanks for pointing it out!

TheBluesOne says:

World Cup 2014 Brazil calendar Rocks!

rizwan sayel says:

How unsubscribe now.....pls any one tell me

Now World cup over, how to unsubscribe