How to Cook Everything

How to Cook Everything with a Windows Phone (Hidden Gems)

Hidden Gems It's time to grow up and start cooking like an adult. No more microwavable meals. No more take-out from that Chinese place down the road. And please stop ordering Domino's twice a week. You don't need to become Thomas Keller or Gordon Ramsay, but you need to at least be able to make a week's worth of meals without breaking down.

Thankfully for you, there's an app in the Windows Phone Store that's going to help you discover the rewards of simple cooking. How to Cook Everything is a bestselling cookbook from New York Times columnist Mark Bittman. The cookbook features more than 2,000 simple recipes and has been helping folks learn how to cook for over a decade. That book is now an app for Windows Phone.

Let's take a look. And remember, if you leave a comment, you enter into our daily Hidden Gems contest to win a new tablet or phone!

What it is

How to Cook Everything ( is the app of a very popular cookbook. You're getting over 2,000 recipes that are aimed to be simple and require minimal cooking skills or knowledge. In addition to all those different recipes, you get 400 how-to illustrations and a ton of other info throughout the app. The cookbook itself came out in 1998 and quickly went on to become a favorite in kitchens across the country. Praises have been given out to the book from celebrities and folks like you and me. Just check the ratings and reviews on Amazon or check out what singer/songwriter Lisa Loeb says about How to Cook Everything:

"I learned how to cook from How to Cook Everything in a way that gives me the freedom to be creative. This new edition will be my gift to new couples or for a housewarming; if you have this book, you don't really need any others."

Endorsements run high for the cookbook. So how's the Windows Phone app hold up?

The app

How to cook everything

Head into the Windows Phone Store and you'll find the digital version of this popular cookbook. In our time using it we've noticed a few things that you'll want to know about. It's a simple app, but does achieve its goal of being a digital cookbook. It lacks a ton of photos, but the information is straight to the point that you don't really miss them.

Here are the highlights of How to Cook Everything for Windows Phone:

  • From this award-winning book: Mark Bittman's 2,000 recipes and recipe variations—as well as his no-nonsense cooking guidance, including hundreds of how-to illustrations; equipment, technique, and ingredient information; and meal-planning ideas.
  • Easy-to-use and flexible search capabilities, as well as the ability to browse recipes and reference information.
  • Cooking inspiration: Bittman's Picks, Featured Recipe, Quick Dinners, and Favorites, which provide quick access to selected recipes.
  • All recipe and reference content is embedded in the app, which means that you can use the app even if you don't have a network connection.
  • This app is the perfect complement to the book and an invaluable reference.

How to cook everything

When you go into a recipe you'll get an overview of what you're about to make, an ingredients list, the steps and variations you can make to a recipe.

The overview page is a summary of the meal you're going to make. On this page you'll find information like the number of servings it makes, the time it takes to prepare/cook and related content. The related content are how-tos within the app that will help you make a given dish. For example, you'll find the best way to prepare onions if you're making an onion soup.

The ingredients page is straight forward and just lists everything you'll need to make a recipe. While the steps page contains all the required moves you'll make to actually be eating. We'd really like to see additional photos in this section, but that would add to the install size of the app.

The amount of content you get with this How to Cook Everything is huge. Everything is contained within the app when you first install it, so no internet connection is required to use it. That has its pros and cons. We'd really like to see more photos in the app, even if it required data. The download size is just 27 MB.

How to Cook Everything for Windows Phone will cost you $2.99 in the Windows Phone Store. You can trial the app, fully-featured, for three days. So we suggest you guys download it and take it for a spin.

You'll really want to trial the How to Cook Everything for Windows Phone since it is part of our Hidden Gems collection. Leave a constructive comment below and you can win a new phone or tablet!

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rizzo183 says:

Do we need to leave an article-sized comment? Or will a few lines of helpful comment be just as good? 

sph0308 says:

I love the fact that I can access all of the content off-line since I will be camping in Canada next week and will use this newly purchased app to make some savory campfire dishes.

Now if the app could just cook the stuff for you.

Thom Vickers says:

I believe the Microsoft Solitaire app might be able to, just leave it running then break an egg onto the back of your phone after a few minutes...

luuch says:

Lol that would be tres awesome! I'd pay alot for such app

Add more foods from defferent countries to cook

It would be really helpful to have a voice-controlled navigation in this app. I don't really want to get my hands on my Lumia when they're covered in dough or meat juices.

Fun fact: I recently sat next to Lisa Loeb on a flight to LA.

dalydose says:

...and we didn't "do lunch" when you were in LA??

Narciso Neto says:

lol haha 

btw, would be better if she's famous these days. :\

ThePKReddy says:

She's STAYS famous :p

nickg0413 says:

Is she still hot lookin??

coolbreeze78 says:

Funner fact: I met the most interesting man in the world on a flight this past Monday. True story and have a pic to prove it!

pookyjoralyn says:

man, everybody's bragging now.

Us geeks wanna know...  Did you ask for her autograph or did she ask for yours?


lol, neither. I tend to not want to bother celebs on their off time.

DVELOPinc says:

I got to get up close to Norman Reedus at Mardi Gras this year and got him to sign my 521. :)


Lol ... Its just a comment

corrsty says:

Did she stay Daniel?

Wowack says:

Yep, this and Epicurious are the best cookbook apps on WP. I just love how easy it is to use these apps

jsnod25 says:

This one is pretty impressive. As a chef (once at pro level, now just private hobbyist) this is a comprehensive way to bone up on forgotten skills and methods, and definitely a great way for newcomers to pick up the skill. I've never seen on this complete. I'll have to check out Epicurious, I've not seen that one yet. If you say its on par with this one, ill definitely have to look it up too.

LeiChat says:

My girlfriend says it's great.
Another reason she should switch from her iPhone. :)

goldenpipes says:

The knife holding instructions are a big help.

rendell ray says:

This^^. BIG help especially if you're a guy that can't cook.

The holding knife instructions is totally amazing for phone app. Well organised and very neaty app. Congrats to developers. I hope more apps like that are already in the oven with soon availability.

rishilal says:

Yes, this is a really cool feature.

Helps people like me who are just getting into cooking.

HA!Finally!Waiting for this for so long.(Daniel and Sam know :P ) I'll definitely download this right now and give my review of it as a reply to this comment after I'm done :D

Ok, so used this app for sometime and I'm reviewing it now.

I liked the app's icon and splash screen but I would like to point out that please change the theme color to something that's more natural. Bright orange can be a bit irritating to the eyes. :)
The user interface was very good and easy to use as well.I liked the metro feel and the animations were good but there was a slight lag when searching for dishes though. :)

-Yay! It's offline :D I love offline apps. :D
-The categorization is very well done.
-I've never cooked in my life but the recipe info, ingredients, and pictures looked pretty neat and detailed.
-But perhaps the best thing I liked about this app was the search function. That was very unique and different from other apps in a positive way. :)

-Make the animations more smooth, there was a slight lag in the searchbar area.
-add cross device syncing eg I favorite some recipe and voila! Is on my laptop as well. That'd be pretty neat :D
-and voice recognition support. That would be a small but welcome addition. Not necessary though. Just for those funky people who want every thing voice automated ;)
-A functioning live tile would be welcome as well :D
Overall rating:-7.5/10

Yes,I think that's all but if I've made any mistake or left anything out, I'll edit this post :)
I hope the developer finds my comments useful :)

jsnod25 says:

So a couple times you've mentioned lag, both in searches and animations... So what phone are you using, and are you running developer preview?

Lag occurs mainly on 512 Mb ram devices. Please update for improved performance on 512 Mb ram devices!

mgkhin says:

No lag on my 920 which has 1GB of RAM.

stephking92 says:

How about including support for showing recipe search list in Cortana? That would be another useful improvement.

Downloading now... Will be back with a review soon ;)
Although I've never cooked / prepared anything in my whole life except tea, noodles and boiled some eggs sometimes... I've almost no idea how a recipe instruction should go like but I'll definitely give it a try and let you know how i like it...

Alright, I’ve used the app for more than an hour now and I’ll rate it here (just as I did in my previous review)

........FIRST IMPRESSION (10/10)........

Name. Name of the app is just perfect; it’s easier to find apps like these which use common nouns instead of pronouns, making it easier for the crowd who don’t know a name / Chef already.

Size. 28 MB. Not bad. Not bad at all, considering I can browse all the Recipes / How-To(s) offline.

Price. I think it’s worth $2.99, anyone interested in cooking should buy it without a second thought!

(P.S: I’m going to purchase it as well, from the credits I earned yesterday from GameStop!)

........INTERFACE (8/10)........

Welcome screen. Splash screen takes some time, it should be faster as in other apps.

Response. It’s simple and fast. Although I’ll definitely suggest a progress indicator (The default Windows Phone style that moves beads like ( .  . . . …. . . .  . ) Umm IDK how to say it :P because I felt the app a little unresponsive when I tap the Home button after viewing a recipe or when I selected “Top 100 Fast Recipes”

Scroll bar. Although, the recipes ain’t very long but I’ll suggest a scroll bar so that I can gauge the length of recipes from it.

Readability. I liked dark grey text on white background, gives me feeling of reading a recipe "book" but then there's this issue, screen automatically times out and I’ve to unlock my screen to continue where I left. I can’t imagine how one would do that who’s in kitchen! (Alternative sol to users: settings > lock screen > set screen timeout to “5 mins” or “forever” so you’ve to tap lesser)

Inbuilt links. I liked the way contents were represented. Specially the linked words, which I can tap to find its meaning. Brilliant idea (just as in Wikipedia) but hey its offline, that’s really a plus point!

........SHARING (6/10)........

I'm surprised to see there’s no share option in the app through which I could share the app with my facebook friends. (Please add one!)

While I understand sharing of “recipe” isn’t possible but it would be great to share the titles of the recipe along with the app link via Email, Text, FB etc…

I can see small “Thumbs up” icons in recipes that say “votes” but I wish I could do one.

........BUGS (8/10)........

Once I opened the app and it just showed this screen, no keys were working there. I had to restart the app and it worked fine. Please see the screenshot here.

I was asked to purchase the full version of the app three times, first,  when coming back to home from  a recipe, 2nd when resuming the app from minimized status. I think it’s enough to remind only once I open the app.

About page. While I was already asked a number a number of times to purchase the full version of the app, the “Purchase Full version” link in About page doesn’t look like a link. It would be better to colour it Red ;)

This isn’t really a bug but a small suggestion, people may not know "Bittman's Picks" is a link, should appear like a link, as in "Most Popular".


I would love to have some pictures for the “Most Popular” recipes (only those which are most popular, among “Most Popular”) and not just “How-Tos”

Addition of some videos would be really great! (Just saying because it’s there in most of the apps in its class). I possible, make it buffer from the internet otherwise it’ll add to the app’s size.

It would be ice on the cake to have an option like "shopping list"... where I can tick mark the products I’ve purchased (since no options for print out of the recipe is available to carry in market).

Please add a live tile if possible (even better if Transparent live tile for WP8.1 users). And you know what would be cool? To see what I’ve in my “shopping list” or “what I’ve to prepare, at what time” would be amazing to have it on a live tile.

I’m hoping the app will integrate with Cortana soon. I just like to do anything by commanding Cortana over myself opening the app and look for a recipe.

I’d love if the app had a special category where I could see the nutrients / calories etc for particular products / vegetables. This can really come handy when thinking to prepare something hygienic I guess ;)




As I already told, it’s a must have app for ANYONE who loves cooking! Thanks to the developer and the Chef for making this simple, beautiful, useful app.

P.S: So now I know how to make “Real Pop-Corn”… Gonna surprise my mom soooon ;P

And I'm sorry for the spelling errors!

Looks like a winning post!!! 

jsnod25 says:

So you mentioned wp8.1, but what phone are you on? Wondering about the splash screen taking too long for you is why I ask. Also, how was fast resume?

I tested it on my brother's 720 (it has WP 8.1) as my 520 was running out of battery already!
Yeah splash screen took longer than other apps. I don't think it's a fault in the code but i may doubt the time delay might be set a little higher than required...
Fast resume didn't work very well either. That's, if i resume the app within 2-3 minutes of minimizing it, it resumes faster (as i mentioned i was asked to purchase the app on resuming each time though!) but once it's minimized for around 5 minutes or more, it takes a while... (like 3-4 seconds)

jsnod25 says:

I wonder if the lag is due to the fact that its offline, and loading so much info, as opposed to a web based app that is much lighter in size, pulling all its data from the web on demand... Just a thought. It doesn't have much lag on my 1520, but more than average I suppose.

That's not impossible, you could be right on that (specially if i think of those offline dictionary apps like Advanced English Dictionary, it behaves similarly). And 1520 is a powerful device, works way better than any other WP device so there should be no lag at all. But since you're saying it lags more than average apps, I think developer needs to look into the app...

Th3 I3LooD says:

Yea I'm in the same boat :) so now there's no more excuses! This app will have you covered :)

Guess you're right! I've already learned two recipes so far... Can't wait to try them out myself (i know it's going to be non-edible though LOL!)

Jas00555 says:

Step 1 to cooking with a Lumia: Turn on Bluetooth and just sit there. It'll set itself on fire :p

I would appreciate more photos in the app since I'm REALLY bad with cooking and I need all the help that I can get. Still, it's got enough info IMO.

Zuka_WPC says:

1.)Launch Waze. Wait two minutes.
2.)Once phone is preheated to 375 degrees, add bacon strips to gorilla glass surface.
3.)Add cinnamon and sugar to taste.
4.) When battery saver turns on, flip bacon.
5.)When battery is drained, or in 3 more minutes, remove bacon and enjoy.

RichardBurt says:

You don't need to use Waze. Anything that uses the gps function for about 2 minutes will cook things nicely :)

Nokia Maps is my particula favourite cooking app :p

Zuka_WPC says:

Nokia maps is a great cooking app- don't get me wrong, but it interrupts my music when it's telling me which direction to turn the food. But it does support landscape cooking on the other hand. I can see how on a 1520 this would be useful as hell

Binson#WP says:

For high heat, use the camera module on the Lumia 1020.

braandon says:

Make sure it's charging at the same time, and playing music!

Zuka_WPC says:

That goes without saying lol

sdreamer says:

Apparently mine should have burnt a hole through the Earth. BT has been on since I got it months ago lol.

CrazyQwert says:

How do you get your battery to survive for one day?

Toan Le says:

Lmao :)) interesting recipes :)

Jaskys9 says:

That's probably the best this kind of app on WP yet, quite surprised about great quality of it

rodneyej says:

I've noticed a big rise in the quality of WP apps lately...

MrSimmix says:

Quality over quantity! That is what seems to be happening nowadays.

rodneyej says:

I know, but quantity is what matters most.. We need all iDroid fans to see that WP has the most apps.. WP needs 1.5mill apps ASAP❕ ... This is all that really matters.

Yes, number of apps really matters! Just building an awesome OS isn't enough. That's why Microsoft is trying to push out more alternative and easy ways for users (not just developers) to build apps. Windows App Studio is the best example here. I only wish Microsoft could promote it more and more...
P.S: I've myself tried out App Studio and i must say it's really easy to use and loaded with features. I've created few apps and published it in store as well. I wish more people take advantage of this amazing web based developing tool for WP!

rodneyej says:

Well, I was kinda joking.. Lol.

Oh i see! I'll assume I lack sense of humor hehe... :P
BTW it's good to see email notifications are finally workin =)

rodneyej says:

Yes, they are working, and it's great!

Yousef Kawmi says:

Downloading, will edit when i'm done
So here it's :
- The app is smooth to open and navigate, i like how every meal is under specific order.
- it made me hungry
after i downloaded the app, MOM YOU NEED IT ! "she likes to cook, she's not terrible"

CJ Thunder says:

I love that you can turn pages via the camera on that W8 app by MS. Can this do a similar thing? Via voice? Any Cortana integration planned?

ranwel says:

That would be Food & Drink (formerly Bing Food & Drink).  Yes, it is handy so you don't get the screen messed up.  This app, How to Cook Everything doesn't seem to support that.  Of coarse, neither does the (Bing) Food & Drink (by Microsoft) app on Windows Phone 8.1 support it.

I was using Food & Drink and for the average, use in the Food side, is OK but the recipes are very generic (at least in Portuguese-Brazil) and some steps are missing leaving room for guessing.
In the Drink side are more complete and I have received some compliments with those recipes.

Asceish says:

I would love to have Cortana dictate me recipes of this app while I cook... Add this feature if possible...

Ovv says:

Wow ! Amazing app ! Instruction are easy (even for a student) and recipes are good !


carlosrdd says:

Indeed! I like the design and how simple the instructions are. The only thing missing would be recipe videos. Other than that very good!

XALEX8888 says:

Exactly what i liked the most! It's really a good app for beginners

Asceish says:

That's what I most liked about this app... Instructions are really short and sufficient...

Aboliss says:

Nice! This is really helpful towards my accomplishments in the kitchen :) The app itself is solid with a nice UI. Thanks WPC!

barry.weston says:

Really loving how simple this app is. A lot of the foodie type apps can become a bit convoluted but this does a great job of being simple and intuitive in use.

Narciso Neto says:

-Cooking App... my mom LOVE this kind of app, I'm going to use her opinions also to review this app

MS = Mom said;

SS= Son Said;


>What we liked:

-Completely easy to use; SS and MM

-Love the red theme; MM and SS

-App peformance is great, and it runs smooth on my 720 and on her 625; MM and SS

-'How To' section is everything; MM 

-2,99$ is a good price for that. I gues she'll buy that app later;


>What we don't:

-We live in Brazil, and here this basically not that usable, support for international metric (celsius, grams, etc) would be a HUGE YES to this app; MM and SS

-App size for me it's kinda big, didn't knew that Cooking apps were soo big; SS

-I kinda dislike Tiles and Splash Screen with too much details and text, this one enters on ugly-TilesnSplashes category; SS (mom disagreed)

-Offline use of the app is good! But it's better having online content with more images and user reviews; MM and SS

-Categories sub topics UI is messy, with no division between options; SS


>Suggestion: My mom used to keep her iPhone next to her when she was cooking, she always hated he fact that her phone always got dirty by food in her hands... Now she has a WP, and she said that would be incredibly good to browse recipes or so by voice, so I would suggest use of Cortana APIs for things like that eg.: "Bittman, show me recipes of Tacos"... MS

Motel75 says:

Nice, clear app - but pretty much useless outside the US, because it's all in pounds/cups/Fahrenheit.

ahmu86 says:

Now that's a constructive comment... Other reviews are like... I am so nice I want to win that phone or tab... I am the nicest person alive...

Narciso Neto says:

No support for International metric system is not that making- app-useless...

anon8649069 says:

This app is really a hidden gem.Beautiful design and easy to use even for those who are bad at cooking.I love the red theme.Tile is also good(Thank God it's not the transparent one,which makes my start screen boring).
It would be better if they add more pictures of "how to" and also support of International metric system.

MeWhoElse says:

Or possibly deeplink to videos of "HowTo's" would be great... they could get a partnership with many YouTube channels that already offer this. Imperial measurements are a drag also... Also, there is US (Imperial) and UK (Imperial) that are both different.

rodneyej says:

Give the developer some feedback.. Maybe they'll make the units adjustable...

XALEX8888 says:

It's no big deal... Just telling the developer to implement an option in the app that can change units/convert units is enough

TheEdMain says:

I'll give it a shot. Hopefully there is a dark theme option as I've become so accustom to most text based apps being light text on dark background. The techniques are what convinced me to give it a try though, that would be so helpful.

Wael Hasno says:

That's great. I'm thinking of exploring new career paths by becoming a cook. I have no education at all on the subject but I am hoping this app can help me get through the basics. I will gladly try it. It really looks nice.

TruPlaya187 says:

So far I like the app with his simplicity. Also, the "recipe type" option is a nice bonus.

I wish that it add more pictures and hopefully it will with some updates.

XALEX8888 says:

Yeah... I felt it too it has limited pictures

madogmoody says:

Interesting but a little expensive compared to what you can get for free from the allrecipies app among others

rodneyej says:

Bing Food is really good, and free!! But, you get what you pay for, and these apps don't cost much.

XALEX8888 says:

I've to say you're right. Recipe apps in my girlfriend's iPhone are like $7, $10 etc... This one is worth and better for the bucks!

Me too but then my cooking never comes out like it suppose to so having it this way is good for my confidence lol

wizbit says:

I think this would help my daughter as she goes to university soon. She doesn't even know how to boil an egg!

rodneyej says:

Who's fault is that❔✔✔✔

Canuck27 says:

This looks like a very feature packed app and I'm kinda digging it. I'm not ashamed to admit I suck at cooking, but this could hopefully change that! I see that the recipes are "liked" but I don't see anywhere in the app to do that. Also, I think this would be much more useful as a universal app so I can use it on my Surface Pro 2. But overall, I like the app very much and intend on buying it.

joe_easton says:

Really great app; is it available for Win8?

Apps like this really add a lot of functionality when the sync across devices.  For example, find a recipe on my PC, mark it as a favorite, buy ingredients via my phone, then go how and make it by following directions on my tablet.

My thoughts as well. App looks nice, could use a bit more pictures - but I can see how that would be a difficult thing to simply implement.

Over all, this would be more functional on a tablet. It's a lot easier for me to just set up my Surface to be on it's kickstand and i can glance over and reference the recipe while i'm cooking. Additionally, cooking can be messy business. I'd rather not touch my beautiful Icon with my food ingredient covered hands if i don't have to. Make this a Windows 8 app!!

Th3 I3LooD says:

Yes, using your phone as a cookbook is definitely not ideal as the screen will time out multiple times and if you have messy hands it can be a real shlep :) Wonderful app though and still very handy and informative for novice and experienced cooks alike.

ahdecoy says:

I was thinking the same thing about touching my phone with food fingers, but then thought that this would be a great application for 3D Touch. Could just swipe without getting salmonella on your screen.

actually, voice navigation via Cortana would be nice too.

geekRiddle says:

This is exactly what I need.  I recently became a bachelor again and the prospect of pizza rolls and fish sticks is rather daunting.  Lol

Did you not see that you can now have a fake girlfriend ring and text you now lol

drankurn says:

it would be very useful if they make it universal app, phone is not the best size for such an app.

I actually bought this book during an unwanted separation. The book was helpful, and our relationship is better than ever. Coincidence??? I don't think so. This book saves relationships. Facebook does not.

Asceish says:

It must have helped you cook better for your spouse... And thus saved your r/

Great app!
There is some app about that cooking chef Oliver ?
Thank you !

eduardopl says:

This is a great app for a single man living alone (like me xD). Very easy to use and find recipes and techniques to cook. I really like the "how to" page.

hopmedic says:

Wow, this looks really nice! Beautiful interface, instructions on things like boning a chicken breast and carving a prime rib, tips on sharpening knives, tons of recipes, and pretty good drawn images to show you how to do it. Looks like a great app to me - I'm buying it!

Joshh3736 says:

Nice app, looks nice and has plenty of ideas I'd like to try!!

sd173 says:

I think a timer feature would be useful for time-related recipe steps such as "leave in the oven for 30 minutes". I'd like to have a "Recent" page with recently viewed recipes. Also, because some people are vegetarians or have other preferences that exclude certain types of foods, it would be convenient to have the option to hide recipes based on what they use such as meat, dairy products, etc.

ma7mgte says:

Now we just need this for windows rt.

And windows 95 please!!!

Asceish says:

Windows 1 maybe...

Con el primer parrafo lo dijeron todo, casi casi dirigido a mi, que acostumbro a comprar comida TODOS los dias en mi trabajo, pero con esta app ya no se tienen pretextos, no se necesita ser un chef certificado, con esta app podemos salir del apuro todos los dias y porque no, quizas hasta una buena comida para impresionar a tu pareja o a tu familia y amigos.

Chef316 says:

As a professional Chef. It's always exciting to see more cooking apps on WP. Especially ones like this which actually teaches people how to cook! All the cooking apps I recommend to WP users: Cook with YumVy, Epicurious, BigOven, All Recipes, How to Cook Everything, Betty Crocker Cook Book and Great British Chefs

wp8-1 says:

Yay, now I can cook something other than cereal, although that doesn't even count.

prachait says:

It would've been better if they released an universal app. My RT will be waiting for this app.
Btw awesome methods to cook everything.
Yummy :P

Chethan G1 says:

Nice app, definitely going to try this.

partol says:

Nice app but... hey, I'm from "metric" part of the world. I think that building in a unit converter is not a very big issue. I will pay for it buying the app, now it is too hard to use to buy.

Gstein91 says:

The diagrams are not just informative but actually quite beautiful. 

ven07 says:

I really like the fact that it breaks it down for you! Lol basically a " cooking for dummies" book :D

Who you calling a dummy? ;-)

Dadstar0410 says:

Finally a decent, well-supported digital cookbook app! Although a canvas of pictures detailing what the final product looks like would be helpful. Also, a step-by-step of pictures wouldn't hurt.

dalydose says:

There are other great recipe apps on for Windows/Windows Phone. I think this one needs to do a little more to stand out, especially with a $3 charge. It should definitely have more pictures, make shopping lists and I'd love to see some video content in the "How To" section.

There is quite a bit of good info here and I may have just been inspired to get a food processor to grind my own burger meat. 

purevibz says:

The app has a great look to it but it need a lot more recipe not just the traditional stuff. Take a look for Jamaican jerk chicken and you can't find it, then I can't cook everything then can I? But the apps layout follow the windows phone panorama views very well.

fedrat says:

Apart from the US measures, this one is full of really good recipes and great basics. The ability to change measurements to metric would be really useful.

Nice app! Make it for win8, please!

XALEX8888 says:

Even if it's made for Windows 8 we can only browse /favorite recipes when we're out of kitchen.Taking a tab to a kitchen could be a horrible idea

ylap says:

Seems to be a nice app, I will definitely try it. Thanks for the gem :)

icthusman1 says:

First Hidden Gem app that I might actually user. I will check this out.

karelj says:

I love these type of apps, but I always default to cooking what I already know. Really need to stop being so lazy about this.

NIST says:

I've used Big Oven for a while to find recipe ideas, but this seems to include technique skills as well.

Viipottaja says:

Does it have a recipe for a cream-free carbonara?

nickg0413 says:

Actually I've heard some chefs say it's NOT true carbonara if you DO add cream to it. But I like it with the cream added. That's the great thing about cooking.....there are no rules.

Viipottaja says:

That's what I meant. A good carbonara should IMO :) (and as it was originally) have no cream.

Samatman says:

While you can do a carbonara with just egg, onion, parmesan, and bacon - they are usually better if you use something to bind the sauce to the pasta.  Add some olive oil, butter, or even lowfat milk with a little corn starch.  I'd bet that the residual bacon fat was used originally but even cream is healthier than that.

Jack Neill says:

Needs a share option to send recipes..

XALEX8888 says:

LOL i don't think they'll enable one. It'll void the value of the app. I mean why would anyone buy it if one could buy and share all the recipes? But i think a share option to share the app itself is necessary which is missing. At least I didn't find any

Asceish says:

Facebook and Twitter integration may help if present if not sharing recipes... Do that others know what I am cooking now...

Cubeddd says:

It's much easier reading cooking instructions from a larger screen. A windows phone app is good for discovery and shopping, but when the time comes to get your hands dirty, it'll be cool if the phone app can send instructions to a windows 8.1 app.

WRider says:

I like cooking apps that give step by step instructions to make sure I can complete everything without too much looking in other places and this app does a great job. Nice design, could use more photos of the cooking steps, but overall really good.

steve_w_7 says:

I like the interface and the recipes are well laid out.  It would be nice if there was a quick option within the app to override the screen timeout.  Turning the screen back on with dirty/sticky fingers is kind of an inconvenience.

groovejumper says:

Idea: Crowdsource photos from users as they follow the recipes...

Silent Night says:

The headline disappointed me after I glanced at the article. I was looking forward to putting eggs on my phone to cook them.

Dan12R says:

This app is really well put together. It does a great job of following Windows Phone app design concepts. The price is very good. It's hard to get a whole cookbook for that kind of money. If there's one issue/recommendation, it would be that the "How-to" would benefit from video instead of just text and pictures. Sometimes, instructions are better when the learner can see it all unfold. All things considered, it's a quality app and shows how a beautiful and useful app can be made for Windows Phone.

grking1234 says:

I have the cook book, and this app looks great, and easier to use.  Try the Spicy cold noodles with pork.  Great summer dish.

penst003 says:

A really well laid out app. Easy to follow instructions and a wide selection of recipes compared to other similar apps. Main areas of improvement would be adding settings that allow you to select metric measurements (for this of us outside the US) and also to allow temperature to be shown in degrees Celsius. Would bump it up from a three star to a four star app.

peachy001 says:

I'm from Uk, and so I have not heard of this guy. That said, I can't imagine that affects his knowledge. The app is very responsive, couldn't really be any faster, so 5 out of 5 for that. I assume the recipes are stored locally, rather than grabbed from the web each time. In terms of variety, I think you would struggle to find a food type that isn't covered, which is great. I am sure if I had the time, then I could really check out all the offerings. I assume the design is based on the colours and styles used in his book? And although perfectly serviceable, it does fire the design part of my brain. Not saying it is bad, it just didn't grab me. I imagine if it borrows styles from the booms, then the book regulars will love it though. The recipes that I looked at all had great little steps and suggestions for variations, which is good. One thing I would like to see is a link to youtube or something, or possibly even a downloadable video or MP3 of the steps. I followed a Gordon Ramsay recipe for Beef Wellington once, it helped massively. The dish is now my favourite. One thing I did love was the tips on correct chopping procedures, it is an area that I need a lot of help with. Good app, keep them coming.

roguecroce says:

So overall the app offers value for money?

Gremsems says:

Have it on trial at the moment. Looks good to me. Nice cookery ideas and love the variations option! I do feel that 2,99 euros is a bit high for an app, but then again... 2000 recipes! Damn thats alot of cooking!!!

Franky_B says:

Big foot print on my phone (28M download). I whish there was a grocery list feature (in the app or through sharing the list with Onenote). No sharing (makes it hard to agree with the menu with the GF). Impressive list and I like the guy. Food & Drink paring would also be nice.

I'm always looking up cooking times on various types and cuts of meats, so this is nice to have so I can quit re-killing my chicken.

Cellus13 says:

What could be better about the app, like a majority of our apps, the UI. The text within pivots and panorama should be minimized a bit so more content can be shown. I was told that the templates that Microsoft provides to developers come like this so its not their fault I guess. Its just with Microsoft's Bing apps the small text and updated UI elements are even more beautiful and I would like to see that expand to more apps. WPCentral included.

Now this is a useful app that I may never have used. I love to cook and this will come in handy. Keep 'em coming!

kiranrajplus says:

A paid app in hidden gems, no fair. Come on Daniel. I know we can try the app for three days and developers do need our support but still, doesn't feel quite right. Anyway the app was very instructive, would've bought it if it was a buck but three bucks is too much for an app.

Lddrizzt1 says:

This just makes cooking easy with  the easy to follow instructions.

Hmmm Now to decide what to make for supper.....

I have spent the past few hours with this app and actually made my wife something for dinner with it, from going to supermarket with the list of ingredients to cooking at home. Ui is nice and quick although would have liked to have an option to print as not really one for wanting phone to be laying around on a dirty counter (think might be an os limitation) or even a share option to send via email to friends or even yourself for was printing

ricrocks12 says:

This app is great! My favorite feature has to be the how to section. Turns out I've been cutting onions wrong this whole time.

Ordeith says:

So far:
What I like: It's on Windows phone, looks nice, there is a trial.
What I don't like: The $3 price tag.

TRON0314 says:

Fantastic content. Easy to understand. Price is fair IMO. Made some dishes already! Only thing I wish it had was a share recipes/ingredients list option (SMS, Twitter, etc). 

Oxymoron428 says:

Yikes, this app is detailed! It's one thing to tell you to cut something with a knife, but its another to tell you HOW to cut something with a knife. That's pretty awesome.

SPIFF Costa says:

I like the step by step thing. Very neat application. Would like some sort of achievements though

terrokkinit says:

Sweetness!! Pick me!

nickg0413 says:

Love to cook. Just the other day I made chicken francaise. Some other great dishes I've made are Moroccan chicken tagine with lentils, steak au poivre with brandy sauce, oysters Rockefeller, and both a great potato soup and a killer ham and been soup. Plus I also make the best spaghetti sauce and pastafazool you'll ever have. This app is RIGHT up my alley. Good find!!!!

ragazzopigro says:

Have used this app for a bit and I like some of the things I see. I noticed that recipes have upvotes but can't figure out how to vote myself. Either way, the app seems to have a good range of recipes available although I cannot find many spanish dishes on there. Overall it seems like a useful app for those people looking for something new to make for dinner though I'm not sure it's worth the price tag with other free alternatives in the store.

ephraimg says:

Hidden indeed.  I love this app on my ipad, but didn't even think to look for it on the WP Store. 

Dagolara says:

Very intuative and I really like the how to section 

haze1512 says:

Went for the trial. In all honesty, its a great looking app, but if you're not a big fan of the cookbook, i'm not sure if it's worth the $3. There are some really solid apps for the phone already (but the competition is good!). I thought it was a great way to think about it as described in the article as a companion app for the book. I've found that i prefer cooking apps on Win8, not WP8. I can open up the computer and set it up whereas with a phone it's in my hand or i've got it set down and i'm squinting to see the phone while my hands are doing the cooking work. If they could port it to Win8 or make it a universal app that'd be much more convenient and useful.

cruelvaldez says:

Did this app just came out? Or was it already here? :-o

Tahiti Bob says:

Looks nice but to be honest I would only use this sort of app on a tablet so I can clearly watch the tutorials while in the kitchen.

Mamacita42 says:

How did I miss the How To Cook Everything app? One word " Epic". There are a variety of foods and the preparation guide shows the best of Windows Phone "Metro" look. Any areas of improvements? I have none really other than perhaps offer how to videos? This app is awesome. Yes I'm buying it!!!

manspach123 says:

This is exactly the kind of app that a guy who has no clue what to do in the kitchen (like me) needs. The step by step rocks as it's hard for me to mess things up. The biggest problem I have is trying to find recipies that are good for cooking just for one person. I am a single guy in an apartment and don't necessarly have a lot of equipment to work with.

FedorKriviy says:

Really neat cooking app. I like that there is a lot of simple recepice of healthy food, but still a lot of recepices containes pre-processed engridients. I would like to "healthy-food" version of this app. 

Design of the app ok but logo/Tile shoud be redesigned.

Another cool thing is that recepice were collected from Mark Bittman list of recepieces, so they are possible to cook. Not just some imaginative stuff from developer who doesn't know how to cook.

BPaules says:

App is super smooth and looks super expansive.  I cook a good bit, but I don't tend to use recipes for much other than breads...  Sometimes I'll browse recipes for specialty dishes to get some ideas, so these kind of apps are nice for that, but I've always found recipes to be restricting and annoying when you don't have a super well stocked pantry. haha 

One feature I really like about this app is the Variations section for each recipe.

Juan41596 says:

Great app. However I would like to see a dark theme and more recipes. I'm craving Stir Fry and thought I should look it up in the app to make it myself. Unfortunately, there wasn't a recipe for it. I know the app is from an actual cookbook, but I would like to see more recipes even if there not in the original bestselling cookbook.

The app, besides the good UI, dont offer international metric support, wich lives great part of the world without support.

The offline compatibility is a big deal, but if the developer add the option to have a picture gallery that requires data it would be great. The gallery could be implemented adding other tab -I don't know how to call it-, like:  Feature, Overview, Ingredients, Steps, Variations, Gallery; the pics would be deleted when are not used in certain time, like cache data.

Other great feature would be Cortana integration, like open Cortana and say "I'd like to eat Italian food", and then open the app with a search list showing Italian foods.

By the way the app looks gorgeous!.

Toan Le says:

I really like your 'Cortana' idea man. :)

Saibot 2011 says:

I found the design and usability very very good, even if the design could be better at some point.
What I don't like (or would like) and has to be done: Multiple language support.
It's really good for cooking, but I'd really enjoy cooking with this in my native language for example.

So basically it's a good app/book, as long as you have no problem with the English language! ;)

Warbird2017 says:

This app is really good. I'm glad I finally found a good cooking app because usually all others have ugly layouts or horrible steps to cook recipes(sometimes both) and this one is far from that. I have no complaints so far.

jsteelio says:

The one feature I think this app offers over the others are the Related Content items under each recipe to show you how to do things related to that recipe such as how to mince a shallot or how to use a Chef's Knife. 

webbahboy says:

I see they have an iPad version. I hope that means windows 8 is in the plan. The tablet form factor would be ideal for this, like AllRecipes does

imranjazib says:

This is a neat app for trying out some really great recipes. Nice that it has a metro Windows phone ish design.The content is presented nicely with 'featured recipes' and 'most popular recipes'.Users can browse and search content easily. It's a must have app for couples, chefs and anybody willing to try out different recipes. Good that it has a three day trial.

ymcpa says:

nice app and i could use the help with cooking technique. however, this would be way more. useful as a windows 8 app. i routinely use my suface pro 2 when cooking to look up recipes. i don't really want to use my phone for this.

Ok, so used this aap for sometime so I'm reviewing it now.
I liked the app's icon and splash screen but I would like to point out that please change the theme color to something that's more natural. Bright orange can be a bit irritating to the eyes. :)
The user interface was very good and easy to use as well.I liked the metro feel and the animations were good but there was a slight lag when searching for dishes though. :)
-Yay! It's offline :D I love offline apps. :D
-The categorization is very well done.
-I've never cooked in my life but the recipe info, ingredients, and pictures looked pretty neat and detailed.
-But perhaps the best thing I liked about this app was the search function. That was very unique and different from other apps in a positive way. :)
-Make the animations more smooth, there was a slight lag in the searchbar area.
-add cross device syncing eg I favorite some recipe and voila! It's on my laptop as well. That'd be pretty neat :D
-and voice recognition support. That would be a small but welcome addition. Not necessary though. Just for those funky people who want every thing voice automated ;)
-A functioning live tile tile would be welcome as well :D
Overall rating:-7.5/10
Yes,I think that's all but if I've made any mistake or left anything out, I'll edit this post :)

Kevin Boss says:

Not a bad app, people who like it may also consider trying british chef app. also a great cooking app.

Would be nice if the measurements were in metric either printed beside the current measurements or have a billtin conversion calculator so we dont have goto outside the app for that information

Agree with this one. There are so many sites/apps/books with recipes, so when I am to use one I need measurements that I can use without having to do conversions.

Nice ans fluid! Not quiet sure about the design though... A bit boring and blocky imo. But I like how it gives me alternativ ingredients. I'll keep it on my phone! Greetings from Germany!

Future72 says:

I love to cook. Maybe I can save space in the kitchen now by getting rid of all these cook books...

Seems a well thought out app, but it its hard to use while actually cooking. Phone apps aren't the best for this since you really need everything on one page...preferably without having to scroll at all. Otherwise feature rich and quite a lot of info.

terrokkinit says:

Also thanks! I need to start learning how to cook for myself. About time I do so, and what better way to learn than thru my trusty Lumia Icon!

dcutting says:

I really like that it has a how to section. Nothing like reading a recipe where it tells you to cut meat a certain way but have no idea how to do that. Nice to have it on the app where the recipe is. What would make it better is of they linked to the how-to from the recipe.

dcutting says:

Apparently after reviewing further it looks like it does link to the how to from the recipe in the related section. Very nice

qwe123878 says:

The app does what a cookbook should do. Detailed instructions and everything, but I don't see myself using it. I would more likely be using a tablet while leaning how to cook because of the large screen size. This app is probably nice when you are not actually cooking, maybe just reading up the recipe or shopping for ingredients.

jaeger_28 says:

Really useful app. Simple but functional UI, easy to follow recipes and it's offline! But I have to agree with Sam though, more pictures could have been added, since the app is not that bug.

Awsome Hidden Gem, no more Pizza Hut for me with this App!

fitchalcyone says:

I'm looking forward to trying this out. One of my biggest budget-busters is eating out too much. I do this because I'm not very comfortable trying new recipes when I cook. This just might help. Thanks for sharing!

Also is time for me to stop buying all my food from Costco and stay actually COOKING my food...THANKS HIDDEN GEMS!

I love how this app is basically a "Cooking for Dummies"... totally worn the $3 that they ate charging for it...

chilero says:

You can never have too many recipes or cooking apps.  I really enjoy this app but as others have said it would be nice to have more pictures.  I had to check out the recipe for "Boiled Water" lol. 

One thing is does have that other cooking apps don't are the instructional pages for cutting up a chicken, cleaning squid, folding an omelet.  Those are great for beginners to have or if you are trying something new like "making dumplings".