How do you print from your Windows Phone?

While Windows Phone doesn’t support printing natively, a discussion is brewing on the Windows Phone Central forums about different ways to print on-the-go. In case you were curious about how to get this going, you may want to pay attention.

If you have a Brother printer or all-in-one, the Brother iPrint&Scan has your back. The official companion app allows you to print from and scan to your Windows Phone device using your local wireless network to connect to the Brother printer or all-in-one.

It’s a shame though that HP and other manufacturers do not offer similar apps. HP has a useful HP Scan & Capture app for Windows 8 devices, that allows you to scan photos and documents off your HP all-in-one. A port of the same for Windows Phone would be useful, although that would still not take care of one’s printing needs.

Several latest HP printers and all-in-ones offer ePrint functionality. The feature allows one to email a document or image to a preset email address and have it printed. The limitations regarding email attachments on Windows Phone limit the capability of this feature as well.

On the thread, there are also suggestions to use Google Cloud Print apps like KumoPrint and Print2Cloud.

Join in on this discussion in the forums and let us know how you print from your Windows Phone device.



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SwimSwim says:

Ugh, lack of printer support on WP is sooooo annoying... Microsoft did a great job with printing in Windows 8. Printing can still be a pain in the ass, but Windows 8 did make it easier in many, many aspects.

Despite that progress, however, Microsoft forgets about it entirely in Windows Phone... I wish we had support for native printing from our phones... -_-

lubbalots says:

Many have indicated, the experience of MS products on other platforms are way better. We're left to sit to bitch and complain for wanted features, like printing on the go. They tout Xbox live and office on WP but nothing useful. Xbox live on WP basically dead and I hardly use WP office.

nanoware says:

I'm sure that Microsoft will port over the class drivers from Windows RT; generic drivers written by Microsoft that support for whole classes of devices. Including printers. Hopefully with the amount of time they are taking with wp8.1 this is one of the things that's going to be included in the new update.

SwimSwim says:

We can only hope. But unfortunately, due to a lack of rumors on this, I doubt it's happening... Guess we have to wait until Windows Threshold. :/

stui83 says:

Yeah this is a sucker punch to my face!

What's really sad is that the drivers and the "print spooler" services exist. A quick dive inside any WP8 rom would should show that's its there, but since no device (and WP8 as of now) [i]officially [/i] supports USB on the go.

The drivers are all there.... Its just up to Microsoft to enable it in the Visual Studio Ultimate 2013.

Robert Grant says:

I'd love to just push a USB connection from my printer into my phone, device detected, installing, okay print! Talk about a killer feature that's under their noses; how long would it take for iOS and Android to catch up?

jakersn says:

Why would you want ms to bother wasting their time with this. Wireless printing is where its at

frett says:

Hmmm... maybe because the vast majority of printers out there are not wireless?

ScubaDog says:

Are you sure that's true?  Without looking specifically for that feature (I look specifically for wired ethernet capability on my printers) both of the printers we purchased also have wireless capability.  Our HP Photosmart and our Kodak Office Hero 6.1 have wireless capability.  I'll bet if I went to Walmart I'd find most of the ones they sell have wireless.

frett says:

I agree with you about what's on the shelves currently. I'm thinking about the printers that have been in offices and computer labs for years.

Not sure about Android but IOS can print wirelessly just fine to my HP 8600 Pro.

toyotast165 says:

Agreed, I have an hp w/ eprint, useful, but limited.

Munkeyphyst says:

Have the same. It works. Prints what i send and i can print from anywhere in the world to my home printer. Some control over the printed image would be nice though

Nickkk101 says:

people still print?! What is this? 2011?!

coderjones says:

Yep, there are a lot of times when a print-out is necessary.

Kadcidxa says:

Still required in college.

I'm with you Nickkk101. I have never needed to print anything from my phone. I'm baffled by the option to print on my Android phone and find it a bit strange.

You still ask silly questions?! What are you? 3?!

Nickkk101 says:

Lol! It was a silly question, i was being factitious. Sarcasm fail there. I must try harder ;)

dormamu says:

You watch way too much Archer on tv ;)

Boggy79 says:

I get that you're joking but yes, people still print.

My company supplies office equipment including MFD print devices and one client alone did 2.5 million prints in January.

I can't believe that there's no way of printing natively from WP especially considering that MS are supposed to be involved in computers in some way......apparently.

Nickkk101 says:

Totally agree, kidding aside. I was surprised there wasn't a native way to do so. I've needed to several times too and couldn't.

coderjones says:

Native printing is one of the features I miss the most from iOS.  That, and an AirPlay alternative beyond Nokia's PlayTo.  I want to be able to watch a video in IE, tap a button and stream it to my XBox.  My wife keeps her iPhone mostly because of the lack of such features.  Sure, I can email my HP printer, but that's a poor substitute.

Soulforge says:

I'm hoping for a system wide "Play to" in 8.1, if they can do it for the surface/RT i can't see why they can't do it for WP.

SwimSwim says:

This!!! I love WP and Windows 8.1, but the lack of feature sharing is so annoying! The teams really need to collaborate more, to make a more unified and enjoyable user experience.

I agree. Hopefully with the merging of RT/WP there will be a plethora of additions to WP. Many of which would make WP truly powerful and unbeatable. I also hope that windows phone start will rotate when the phone is turned sideways to look like start on RT. I also hope for network share browsing, attaching of more than just pictures. And can they please add Tab to the keyboard so we don't have to scroll down and click on the next text entry field, or at least allow 3rd party keyboards.

Duffau says:

What? I think native printing only works for apple approved printers, which most office printers are not (my only experience with printing off of an IOS device). However there is an app that lets you print to other printers that costs around $15 I think. It was on an iPad, I dunno if its also for iPhone (don't see why it wouldn't be, but I don't know).

Mullrock says:

I use a Brother printer. I have always liked their printers of late, and having an app sealed the deal.

T Moore says:

I have one also. It does a great job on photos  but it does not print documents.

DarwinPurol says:

I use brother app

Jazmac says:

I wonder way Play To can't be the facility for printing. Come on Nokia, step it up.

Nik Rolls says:

That would require printers to support DLNA.

coderjones says:

The reason PlayTo isn't an option, in my opinion, is because we want printing from other apps such as IE, Office, etc. without leaving the app.

LaNiQuE says:

I too also have a HP printer and I've only printed from a mobile device a few times it's not something im dying to have but it was cool printing stuff from my hp touch pad

MikeSo says:

I had no idea there was a way to print on my Brother printer directly from the phone. Just tried it with their app, worked great! Thanks for this article.

xFalk says:

I have a brother but he won't print anything for me, let alone get me a beer when I ask.

SwimSwim says:

+1020, for the chuckle. :)

toph36 says:

Let's hope for something with WP 8.1. Maybe I should just get a Brother printer and ditch HP! Support our platform and we'll support you!

reb31 says:

Even on iOS the Brother app tends to be print with better quality than via AirPrint, even though it is not native, and you are limited to jpeg / PDF / iCloud docs - the WP version is still not as extensive as Android / iOS versions though, but as the article states it still seems better than the competition. Scanning support is a dream though...

reb31 says:

I mean it works like a dream - not that it's a pipe dream...

waazzupppp says:

Am I the only one that would just kill to be able to PRINT TO PDF and then email it? This seems like the easiest way to make the most of the Office pack on WP. From there, we could send it via many services - which would easily port an App or create one for WP - and print to networked, wireless or even off-site printers. I had one on my old Evo 4G (Print2Share or something like that) that worked great - if I was working with DOC or PDF files. It did ok on JPG's too, but not fantastic.

I'd also like to see Tap to Share Bluetooth printer support for photos. Not only for printing, but for file sharing to portable hard drives for extra external storage.


gabrelov says:

No hdmi, no otg, no printer, cannot download all types of file, poor email support. What is the send of office hub if you cannot print it?

rodneyej says:


simphf says:

Are you asking how to print or what methods people use? I only read the title, on purpose.

AV2RY says:

ePrint HP not using it but I know I have that option))

jhvoorhies says:

I use PrintHand for my HP WiFi printer.

PPCFreak says:

That's what I use. Works great.

Fleischyy says:

For an OS that prides itself on productivity, the lack of both native print functions and the ability to attach items direct to email, is just frankly a farce.

rodneyej says:


I agree on that. MS/Nokia got to address such concerns or stop calling their phones fully productive/business oriented!

explorador75 says:

I have a Canon printer and I still don't have any idea now to print from my windows phone or from my windows 8 rt

jamearl says:

I  print from Windows RT regularly.  I printed to HP and Epson printers successfully.  The only problem I have is an error message for HP that says "Printer is offline". But when I restart the tablet, it prints. This isn't RT issue.  I get same issue with Win8 Pro too.  However, HP said to reinstall software (for Win8 Pro).

Rolf Stokken says:

When I print I have to us my Android it's just another example where window don't can follow the rest.
I have a canon printer and all I can print from my Nokia 920 is picture, when it is from my e mail I ned it.
no problem from a android, its to bad.

hopmedic says:

My Canon printer has an email address I can send docs or pictures to. No extra features, but it is something.

Derek V says:

The Brother app is why I purchased a Brother printer.

manegaspar says:

Hello.. I have a hp with wifi.. I use printhand... Works.. Well..

TheKinkajou says:

I so rarely need or want to print anything that it doesn't matter. For what it's worth I use HP ePrint.

Kevin Rush says:

I don't see HP ePrint in the WP store? I have Verizon Lumia 822.

johnsanson says:

I often use 'Print Now' - works and looks great, and sometimes 'print my photo'.

iSeeiSheep says:

It's a small world, someone on here works for HP... Oh, yeah that's me! :)

I will attempt to bring this article to someone's attention and hopefully the printer guru's will give it a look see. I will say that HP truly cares about its customers if that's worth anything.

*Although I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP.

Editguy1900 says:

ABHISHEK, thanks for the heads up! The app works great (I did have to find the printer manually, but no big deal). I already loved my Brother printer because I produce a lot of DVD's and it prints to them directly and the quality is great!

juanitoriv says:

What about a Fax Utility & a Save As PDF our WP's? THAT would be AWESOME!!!!!

rebirth82 says:

Hey guys I have a Lumia 925 on tmobile. I also have a hp photosmart 6520. The app I use is called printhand. It works pretty well and I used it with the printer before this one with a Lumia 521. It helps having e-print but if you don't just use this app. So far it's the only one that works. Oh and it's WiFi so put printer and phone on same network.


 You can also run a ftp server from the phone the same way.

dalydose says:

I email documents to my Epson printer.  The printer will also email me PDF scans too.   I wish there was an app, but this is a decent workaround.

theavrgjoe says:

I have an hp eprinter and it irritates the hell out of me that hp hasn't created an app for their printers. I'm starting to think that they don't want us to buy their printers.

wpguy says:

Don't install that HP bloatware! To print from Windows just use the OS's built-in add printer functionality. To print from Windows Phone use their ePrint service. For scanning, just open your browser to the printer's IP address, scan, and save the image.

rdubmu says:

I use the hp eprint option

Kevin Rush says:

Eprint is not in the WP store.

meg2u says:

With my Kodak Hero 6.1 I get an email address and I can email pics and docs directly to my printer from anywhere! No app needed!!

Deaconclgi says:

You know what Brother, what you gonna do when these 8x11 pythons and all the millions of Windowsphoneamania and iPrint&Scan runs wild on you???!!!

Dean Lewis says:

No need to connect direct to a printer, just support HomeGroups and connect to the home / work network and use the printer (and access documents) there.

mrbill66 says:

I use the Epson email print thingy....go to the Epson web site, look for setting up an email address for your printer.  Then just email anything to the printer.  Prints fine so far.

TheRem says:

Printing from WP is a bummer. :(

Well there should be such features added. I don't know if any wp devices support mhl or USB on the go

krafty11 says:

Kudos to Brother to be able to print to my color laser printer but in reality I don't use it very much and I often wish I could print photos to my large format Canon Pixma but in reality I'd probably never do it with out going through Lightroom first anyway - just want what i don't have :)

I have a Canon Pixma MG3150 which has app support for android but unfortunately not for Windows Phone, this sucks as i would love to be able to print off my Lumia 1020.

cgavula says:

I use PrintHand, but it isn't perfect.  It crashes if I try to use High Quality printing, and in "normal" mode it sometimes fades the first few letters of a paragraph (doesn't happen whe  printing from the computer).  So it's good for quick things, but not good if I need a good quality print copy of anything.

leo74 says:

Would be nice if HP would come up with something useful, but given their new love for everything Google, this is rather doubtful

Abrar Shaikh says:

I have been using Brother app with Brother printer 7860DW model since many months. And it is definitely helping me a lot by saving time. The only grudge I have against is MS which still haven't provided the ability to save pdf files on phone. I have been receiving many files in this format and can't print them from the phone.
Unfortunately WPcentral mostly gets people commenting on games,AT&T, Verizon, XBOX and other such frivolous issues.
WP is not just for playing games, listening to music and managing appointments.
The OS which does not provide facility to attach multiple files in an email is useless.

johnsanson says:

You can do it with 'Print Now'. Just tap on pdf attachement in your email. When pdf finish loading, it will open dialog asking you in witch app you want to view your pdf (if you have more than one app than can handle pdf). When you select 'Print Now' it will allow you to print this pdf :-)

johnteeples says:

Print hand works fine

It seems that the guys at Microsoft totally forgot that some idiots still need to print things. I searched a lot but I don't think that they are aware of the problem.

dukrem says:

I just bought a brother printer. The app works brilliantly, couldn't be happier... Ok i could be happier, especially if Microsoft would allow attaching of non-image file formats to email on WP. I scan my documents to pdf, but the only way to send it is via a skydrive link. In some situations i need to actually attach the file.

Rob Clayton says:

i needed a new printer recently. Before shopping i searched windows store and could only find a Brother app. So i bought a brother printer because of the app

PrintHand print with the most printer in commerce and could print all the documents from skydrive...also cloud print but better directly from the phone! Works fine, try it!

There is at least the possibility to print from your mobile device to a printer attached to your PC with ThinPrint Cloud Printer.The Cloud Printer app is currently available for Android, iOS and Windows 8/RT. It should not be too hard to release an app also for Windows Phone.



henhen59 says:

yep, printing from wp8 sucks.

i dont see why, at least, each printer manufacturer doesnt put out an app for their printers on wp8

perhaps MS cant make one app to print to all printers but at least one app per hp, epson, brother, etc., would be convenient.

Shawn Brown3 says:

I have the 920 and I use the PRINT NOW app in the windows store and print to my HP Printer. I do not have a problems.

tgr42 says:

I hate printers and print something maybe 2 or 3 times a year.  I have never wanted to print something from my phone, nor do I ever expect to.

ssjmec says:

This is nice.. Can I print high quality photos from my 1020?

mjrtoo says:

I use my Windows 8.1 Pro tablet to do all that sort of stuff. It might be nice to print from my phone on occasion, but it's not that common of an occurrence that I just absolutely need to do it. If I do, I can use Teamviewer (or whatever) to connect to a real PC and do it from there when the document is in the cloud.

Yeah, it's not really realistic, I don't see the advantage over just emailing something to myself. Maybe if I was in a workplace and the printer was far away...

Its really serious that Windows Phone 8.1 should have native printing support, there are more than printing abilities which really need to be looked upon as this might lead to the downfall of the platform.

Woo I have a brother printer! I'm pretty sure it's not supported though, it's almost 10 years old...

kkamstrup says:

Could it be that Microsoft doesn't want to put the "Office suite" on WP8 on exhibit.
I would have no clue how print would look if I had written a document in word on my phone (which I'd never do since I can't add a keyboard...)

badger8080 says:

is anyone haveing the problem that it doesnt find the printer on the phone ??? it works wirelessly on my laptop but it cant find it on my wp with the same ip address . Any solutions

Kris Gabriel says:

I have an Nokia Lumia 800 and an HP 5510 printer.

When I send an Email with and PDF attachment it works like a charm. 

I just send the relevant mail including the attachment to the adress which my HP 5510 have and it prints out the PDF (and of course any mail text in the forwarded mail).

It would be nice to print out only the attached PDF but... the trees doesn´t seem to grow into heaven.