Windows Experience Index Surface Pro 3

How powerful is your Windows 8.1 device? Check your Windows Experience Index

Back in the day, Microsoft had a neat little tool under settings called the Windows Experience Index (WEI). It rated the processor, RAM, graphics, gaming graphics and primary hard disk to give you an overall rating of your PC. It was a neat baseline tool used to compare and contrast different computers, with the higher overall score being obviously better. You could also diagnose your computer to see where the ‘weak’ spot was in performance.

That tool came out with Windows Vista and it disappeared in Windows 8.1, but there are a few ways to get it back. Scott Hanselman works on the Web Platform Team at Microsoft, but he also runs an informative personal blog dealing with technology. Last night he posted a neat little trick to get your results for the WEI.

Windows Experience Index ThinkPad8

The method involves running a command prompt, entering in "winsat prepop." and then using Powershell to view the scores. You can head to Scott’s blog for the full details (link below), and it should only take you five minutes of your time.

Or just use an app

If, however, you are on the lazy side or command prompts freak you out, you can just download a free app called ‘ChrisPC Win Experience Index.’ It does the same thing and even brings back the fancy looking user interface. It has an ad or two, but otherwise the software checks out. Download the app, run it and let it do its thing (link to the website is below).

*Note: for tablets or laptops, you’ll need to have the device plugged in for AC power before the test will commence

We ran the tests on our Surface Pro 3 (Core i5), Dell XPS 27 and Lenovo ThinkPad8. Here are our results:

  • Surface Pro 3 (Core i5) – 5.4
  • Dell XPS 27 (Core i7) – 5.0
  • ThinkPad8 (Intel Atom) 4.1

As you can see, none of those are particularly impressive, though I am shocked that the Surface Pro 3 beat out my Core i7 Dell XPS 27. That’s due to the graphics, although my Dell does have a dedicated graphics chip from Nvidia, so perhaps something is not reading correctly.

Windows Experience Index Dell

Why did Microsoft remove the WEI? Well, for consumers, the scores were kind of arbitrary and it’s not exactly clear that anyone was using the WEI in a productive manner. Sure, PC enthusiasts and geeks loved it, but it wasn’t exactly practical either.

The real question though is what’s your score? Let us know in comments, including what device you tested on along with its CPU!

Update: For those asking about my wallpaper, here you go.

Further reading and software download:, Chris PC software



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q21701 says:

IT'S OVER 9000!

bitz0071 says:

God dammit vegeta...

AskaLangly says:

King Hawaiian Sweet Rolls.

tkdmacgeek says:

Dan Rubino's sweet ass!

It's over 9000!!!!!!

edit: God damnit

bkydcmpr says:

which part dragged WEI on SP3 to 5.4? I'd assume it's Gaming Graphics too?

Yup, gaming graphics (5.4) followed by desktop graphics (5.9).

neodoru says:

Sorry for the off topic, but can you please post the grey wallpaper from the surface pro 3?

Dreyer Smit says:

I got 5.9 only because of my crappy spinning hard drive. The rest is between 8.1 and 8.4. Which is pretty decent on my machine.

AMD FX 8320 Octacore Processor

8 GB Ram

AMD Radeon R9 270X

1TB WD Hard Drive (Should Upgrade that sucker to SSD)

IceDree says:

Love that wallpaper Daniel.

larspassic says:

I think Microsoft removed WEI because the Windows 8 tablets would be getting lower and lower scores... Just a thought though!

...and yet my SP3 beat my desktop ;) I think it was just something not many people used (or understood).

kingjah says:

My desktop gets 7.9(win7) my HP ultrabook gets 5.4(win8.1).

my sp2 with 128gb 4gb ram got a D3D of 5.5.. Graphics and memory score was 5.9 others are ~7.2 and 8.15.



Also it was supposed to be tied to gfw label games but I had yet to see it listed on retail packaging much less gfw marketplace. Only place that its listed is if you click on a game icon in game folder that vista/7 create

neonspark says:

maybe they didn't want to shame ARM chips. I imagine the tegra and snap dragon chips are worse than anything with intel you've had for a decade.

Tomasz S. says:

Well, the Intel Atom isn't too powerful either.

neonspark says:

right. they fair better than ARM still. At least they did so with clovertrail, baytrail, and I suspect cherry trail. ARM is just slow and realistically doesn't have a hope to catch up while retaining its power levels and RISC design.

mattdistro says:

My aging Dell XPS 15z - Core i7 - 1.0

Definitely not detecting the dedicated NVIDIA chip.

Shadow 024 says:

I posted below for daniel but I'll reply here too. If you're using the ChrisPC program you need to go into the Nvidia Control Panel and add the program to the Manage 3D settings section. You may have to browse for the .exe. Once it's added, change the setting to use the Nvidia GPU and not the default integrated graphics card.

Kho916 says:

Thanks for the tips Shadow 024!  I was previously getting Graphics 5.9, and 3d Graphics 4.7 scores.  

Once I added the ChrisWEI.exe to the Nvidia Control Panel, then it rated them 6.9 and 6.5 respectively!! Woo-Hoo!!

Flagz says:

I have a SSHD and it has the lowest score of 5.9. WTF? Everything else is 8.2 - 8.6. >_>

That's not bad actually. Score would be higher if it was tested on windows 7.

Yup, SSD/SSHD can slow down things, surprising, right?

Bearach says:

If you're using an SSD it should get more than 5.9. 5.9 usually is given to mechanical drives.

Check that your BIOS has SATA set to AHCI, and check that you have the AHCI drivers installed.

You need to also make sure TRIM is enabled by going to a admin command prompt, and typing: fsutil behavior query disabledeletenotify if it returns a value of 0 it's enabled.

Edit: I see you're using a hybrid. That score is probably right.

killerb255 says:

A hybrid drive is still mechanical, hence the 5.9.

jbrinkman66 says:

SurfacePro2 - 5.2 (graphics subsystem of course)

Samsung Ativ Book 9 plus: Processor 7.3, Memory 7.6, Graphics 5.9, Gaming 5.2, Hard disk 8.1.

ajscalingi says:

Curious which model you have. I have the Ativ 9 Plus NP940X3g-K01. I ask because my scored differed a bit, specifically, my memory was 5.9. compared to your 7.6.

Janis91 says:

"PC enthusiasts and geeks loved it"? I don't think so, since this is no real benchmark, e.g. it just takes the lowest score as the overall one.

Well, either no one loved it or it was consumers. My guess was only people who dug down deep were more of the geeky type, but it's true, I didn't do a proper poll ;)

Janis91 says:

But I have to admit, I was quite excited when they first introduced this feature and it's true, not many know about it. ;-)

I think it was supposed to be tied to gfw as a way of making system requirements easier to spot @ retail but ive only seen that info in the vista/7 games folder

mixtnet says:

I think it was also to show how your system would handle aero glass. The interface was very graphics intensive when it first appeared in Vista.

asoyemi says:

Janis91 says: "PC enthusiasts and geeks loved it"? I don't think so, since this is no real benchmark, e.g. it just takes the lowest score as the overall one.


It is not so much arbitrary scoring, it does select the lowest score to indicate which part of the computing device is the bottleneck performance wise.

pankaj981 says:

Venue 8 pro gets 4.1

herbertsnow says:

The reason MS got rid of this is becasue it's useless. And this is old news btw.

Korn1699 says:

If you have SSDs that don't look like SSDs in Windows, manually running WEI on 8.1 is the only way to get Windows to not think they are spinning disks. If Windows doesn't think they are SSDs, it will attempt to defragment them, instead of trim them, and shorten their life

Thanks Herbert for the constructive comment. Can I have your email? I'll run by all our stories with you to see if they're too old for your likes /s

Seriously. It's news to me. It's new to others. Not everything you're going to read in life is exciting or new.

herbertsnow says:

I'm starting to think you don't like me. But seriously I read about this back in December.

greedypnguin says:

Not everyone did, what's old news to you isn't to everyone. The sun is the center of the solar system, not you

herbertsnow says:

You're wrong. I am your Center.

Processor                            7.4
Memory (RAM)                     5.9
Graphics                              5.9
Gaming graphics                   5.1 (base score)
Primary hard disk                  5.9

Thats my WEI. On my.... Mac Mini (late 2012) btw :D And no... I never use that "other" OS on the device. I just like the Mac. :)


...still not good enaugh to run NFS Most Wanted 2012 smoothly though. Stupid GPU! :D

Thats no surprise since they switched to mxm video cards

What PC gets a 10 then? Those $20,000 gaming PCs?

Yep as long as you dont cut corners on parts

abdhoms says:

The highest is 9 point something (9.7?). It'll never become a 10 (unless you make it 10 by doing a hack).

Niavlys77 says:

Considering you'd need the absolute top-end parts, $20k is likely a little short still. CPU's alone - we'd be talking a dual-socket board with two Xeon E7-8890 v2's, having a price tag of ~$7k each. You might even need them overclocked as well, meaning a top-notch water cooling system would be needed at the very least. After that, you'd *of course* want a minimum of 3 Titan Blacks to back up your graphics performance - so at least another $3.5k there.

greedypnguin says:

Ya know, I'd rather just have some cereal then have a high virtual score :P

Niavlys77 says:

I completely agree lol. A new car would also be another more practical alternative.

ahmedjan87 says:

my shabby HP notebook with first gen core i3 and ati dedicated graphics gave a 4.9 suprisingly

MarcXW says:

I'm pretty sure there's an error with the ChrisPC app, I did my test for my 1st gen Surface Pro through Powershell and I've got a higher score than the SP3 here:

CPUScore: 6.9

D3DScore: 6.4 (Not sure which graphics this is, I'm guessing gaming but it seems too high)

DiskScore: 8.1

GraphicsScore: 5.6

MemoryScore: 5.9

WinSPRLevel (Overall Score): 5.6


Interesting, will take a look

TKD2 says:

Same here SP1. Weird that its scoring higher than SP2 and SP3

cycwp says:

Same here w/ 128G drive

DVELOPinc says:

LOL, 3.9 on my 4 yr old Dell Inspiron.

adraskovic says:

Surface Pro (1st gen): 5.6

astroXP says:

Well that's odd, mine got a 5.0 (64GB model if that matters)

Acer Timeline X 4830TG

7.1, 7.4, 5.9, 6.4, 7.0

5.9 Overall


My PC used to say 2.3 until I overclocked my video card then it jumped to 4.6

Desktop i7/16GB/ SLI graphics card(s)

CPUScore              : 8.6
D3DScore              : 8.3
DiskScore             : 8.05
GraphicsScore         : 8.3
MemoryScore           : 8.6
WinSPRLevel           : 8.05

asoyemi says:

Show off.... Want to trade a score or 2 for my 3.3 Acer 501? LOL

ogi96 says:

or you can use WINAERO WEI TOOL which has a simpler design(no ads)...

7.8 , 7.8 , 8.4 , 8.4 , 5.9 :)

ogi96 says:

FX 6300 @4GHz, R9 270X


mdram says:

4.9 on my Dell Venue 11 Pro (i5, 128GB, 4GB RAM)

Kadcidxa says:

Dell Venue 11 Pro 5130
CPUScore: 6.8
D3DScore: 3.9
DiskScore: 7.05
GraphicScore: 4.3
MemoryScore: 5.5
WinSPRLevel: 3.9

EspHack says:

It isn't very useful really, if I remember correctly my core 2 duo desk beats your i7 Daniels, and there isn't even an SSD lol

INGINE says:

5.8 on my Sony DUO 13

Shadow 024 says:

For your XPS 27 you need to go into the nvidia control panel and add the program into the Manage 3D settings section. If you don't, it uses the intel display driver.

Edit: To be more specific, you need to tell the nvidia control panel to allow ChrisPC program to use the Nvidia GPU and not the integrated graphics.

Cpu: 8.6
D3d: 8.4
Disk: 8.15
Gfx: 8.4
Ram: 8.6
SPR: 8.15
Happy with that! :)

i7-4930K, 32GB, Radeon R9 270X

greedypnguin says:

Custom? If so why didn't you go for the 780Gtx? :D

Do you get the same scores as with the WinAero tool?

I've been using that and it doesn't have any ads.

leviathan18 says:

Dual octacore cpu with 40gb of ram and dual gtx 760 with ssd so plenty enough

rollindadice says:

it would be nice if one of the WPC guys can post pic of the SP3 scores along with telling us which SP3 also.

senai says:

How come mine is out of 7.9??. . . Windows 7 home premium

Miti 1982 says:

That is the max score in Windows 7

noshiro21 says:

I haven't been able to 8.1....keep getting error after restart, the goes back to 8.

i7,32gb ram,256gb ssd, gtx 770M SLI.
CPU: 8
D3d: 7.9
Not bad for a laptop I guess.

S Vaibhav says:

Pentium D,4GB RAM DDR2,GT 520 2GB, 160GB HDD


Overall-5.1, not bad for a PC bought in 2007 :P :D

rockycpa says:

Surface Pro 1 (Core i5)

Pro 6.9

Mem 5.9

Grap 5.9

Gaming 4.9

HD 8.2


Sad day when my desktop ties the SP3 both of them cause of graphics. I think that means its time to upgrade my gpu

sibeans says:

thanks for my new lock screen background!

*Edit: ran WEI #'s via command prompt a while back when I upgraded to w8 x86

ThinkPad SL410 core 2 duo T5870@ 2.0GHz, 4GB RAM (single channel), Intel GMA, 5400RPM HDD

System Score: 2.9
CPU: 5.4
RAM: 5.4
GPU: 2.9
Gaming Graphics: 3.3
HDD: 5.8

Miti 1982 says:

ThinkPad Yoga (Core i5, 512 GB 5400):

  • CPU - 7.2 (7.1)
  • RAM - 7.5 (7.5)
  • GPU - 5.4 (5.9)
  • GPU (for gaming) - 5.1 (5.4) - lowest score
  • HDD - 5.9 (5.9)

All scores out of 9.9. Scores in parenthesis are refreshed scores using ChrisPC WEI software.

I am planning to move to an SSD so the last score will cerntainly change.

ebradley says:

64x WIndows 8.1 Pro

Processor                       8.1 ( I7 - 3820QM - 2.7GHz)
Memory (RAM)                    8.1 (32 GB)
Graphics                        7.8 ( NVidia Quadro K4000M, 4GB RAM)
Gaming graphics                 7.8
Primary hard disk               5.9 (1TB SATA)
Base score                      5.9


What in the hell does it take to get to 9.9?

shaan sarode says:

3.0 bitchesss..... On a 7yr old HP pavillion haha

titoyees says:

Lenovo Lynx k3011 rates 3.3

3D was the lowest!

Intel Atom processor 3.7

but I feel than my tablet is fast, maybe I am a super lower user :P

ko_smo says:

I apologise for the off-topic question, but can anyone tell me where to find that abstract wall paper on the Surface above?

humantic says:

i7 3770K, 16gb, GTX 760 OC, Samsung 830 256gb SSD

CPU: 8.3 

Mem: 8.3 

Graphics: 8.4 

Gaming Graphics: 8.4

SSD: 8.1

Overall: 8.1

Man I need a new SSD 

7.4 on my desktop, if that's any good. I always felt like these ratings were pretty arbitrary, though.


sholokov says:

My 6 year old Dell Dimension scored 5.8
It has the NVIDIA 7900 GTX video card, Dual core 3.4 Ghz, 4GB RAM, Barracuda HDD @ 7,200 RPM.

arg0g says:

I get 4.6 on my 7-years old Sony Vaio laptop (2GHzCore 2 Duo, 2GB RAM, 7200rpm HDD, disabled nVidia card (malfunctioning)). Makes me think twice before upgrading, if the Dell XPS 27 (Core i7) only gets 5.0... :-)

Headfx says:

Processor 8.2 (I7 4800QM)

Memory 8.2 (8Gb DDR3)

Graphics 8.2 (Geforce GTX 870M)

Gaming graphics 8.2 (" ")

Primary HD 7.8 (Kingston 250Gb SSD)

That''ll do for a laptop =)

kabamaru2372 says:

i got 4.1 on a asus T100.....

not bad for a tablet :P

in my desktop i got 

8.6 CPU (i7 4770k)

8.6 RAM ( Corsair 8Gb@1600Mhz)

8.4 Graphics (R9 280)

8.4 Gaming Graphics

8.1 SSD  (Corsair ForceGT 128Gb)

pookyjoralyn says:

I've read somewhere that across different OSes (Vista, 7, and 8), the tool will give different results on the same hardware, that's why they nixed it.

jimski says:

Got a 5.5 on my Yoga 2 Pro, i7, 8GB, 256GB SSD. Of course Gming Graphics were the low score. But the SSD scored an 8.1, with the processer ringing in at 7.4. RAM was 7.6. For $1,199, works for me.

My WEI is 4.7 on My Dell VOSTRO 1550

2nd Gen Core i5 - 7.3

4GB RAM - 5.9

Graphics - 4.8

Gaming graphics - 4.7

128 GB SSD - 8.0

5,9 on Windows Pro 8.1 running inside a VM on Parallels, @ Macbook Pro 15.4" 2011

- Processor: 6,8 (Core i7)

- Memory: 5,9 (3GB allocated to the VM, 16GB total)

- Graphics: 6,6

- Gaming Graphics: 6,6

- Hard Disk: 8,4 (Kingston SSD 240GB) 

Last week I would be capable of running the test on Boot Camp, but since I changed to the SSD, it's too small to have a partition exclusive to Windows :D


mine is 5.3, beat that

I got 3.6 cos of gaming graphics. Other scores were quite good. Best was 6.7 on processor. But considering I am using a budget laptop that only cost me £70 from a neighbour, am certainly not complaining. Most of my other scores were in high 5's except graphics at 4 and 3.6 not too bad I guess.

Bmrk says:

4.5 on an acer p3 (i3 model) - desktop graphics is this low :/ but the gaming graphics is pretty cool (6.1.:D)