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Here's how to do a screenshot in Windows Phone 8.1

Screenshot Image Folder

One of the many welcomed features with Windows Phone 8 was the ability to capture a screenshot from your Windows Phone. For those of us who write about Windows Phones it was a fantastic feature to allow us to better illustrate what we write about.

For the average consumer, having the ability to capture a screenshot can come in handy in the same manner. You can share a screen capture of your high score, a glitch in the programming or for those times you just want to share screens that appear on your Windows Phone.

While screen captures will still be available with Windows Phone 8.1, how we go about capturing them will change.

The current method for capturing a screenshot from your Windows Phone is to simultaneously press the Start Screen and Power button. The screen image is captured and saved to your Pictures Hub in the Screenshots Folder.

With Windows Phone 8.1, this process changes ever so slightly. Instead of pushing the Start Screen and Power buttons, you now press the Volume Up and Power Button at the same time. The screenshot will still find its way to the Screenshot Folder of your Pictures Hub. This change is likely due to Microsoft allowing for on-screen Start Screen buttons in lieu of the physical buttons we enjoy now.

Screenshot in Windows Phone 8.1

  • Press Volume Up and Power Button at the same time

When Windows Phone 8.1 hits the open market and you go to capture that screenshot of a record high temperature this summer, just remember to use the Volume Up button instead of your Start Screen button. For some, this change may take a while to get used to.



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pkwesi77 says:

Not bad, I'll practice more lol

kinaton says:

Power and camera would have been better choice.

anthonyda says:

No because some devices dont have a camera button.

joshcsmith13 says:

Fail.  (wish they didn't make this change)

ttarbuck says:

No because phones like the 630 and 635 don't have a camera button.

cannon#WP says:

With OEM's not being forced to have camera buttons now (Lumia 630 & ATIV SE), that's not an option.

TechnoTim says:

Volume and windows would be better. Lock is awkward.

apocacrux says:

A bit more cumbersome to do, but makes sense.

Ivan Moronta says:

I liked the old way...

ItsMcDiddles says:

I thought it was like this before.

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ItsMcDiddles says:

Wait I'm an idiot

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Talk4Lig says:


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jhoff80 says:

Not sure why they didn't use the same combination (Win+Volume Down) as Windows 8.  Consistency would be nice instead of remembering which is for which device.

Micah Dawson says:

Because the new windows phones won't have capacitive windows buttons like our current one. It has nothing to do with consistency.

Kumar Gaurav says:

it will still have the virtual one

biboyflip says:

If Im not mistaken, the virtual ones has the option to autohide.

jhoff80 says:

Okay, but power and volume down is closer and easier to remember.

Its because you can capture the screen shot using one hand, Which will be more easier I guess...! ;)

Vesane Vates says:

That's actually my one gripe with this; you can no longer take screenshots with your right hand! (depending on which side your buttons are on, of course; I'm talking L920)

Akash Patel says:

do a hard reset after installing 8.1 but make sure your region,speech and language is set to us.

kulas piiro says:

How to do hard reset?

aleclunsford says: or

kurotsuki says:

Setting -> About -> Reset Phone ....

Talbot690 says:

I think its hold volume down, power and the camera button at the same time til the phone beeps or does somthing dont exactly remember.. Bing is your friend!

sarim_xyz says:

volume down + power only restarts (soft resets) your phone.

Talbot690 says:

I said volume down+ power+ camera button its on the Nokia forum and it worked for me a while back. Erases all you files fyi.

biboyflip says:

Try setting to US region then launch Cortana from the app list. Do this first before trying the hard reset option.

davoben says:

I like this. I kept finding screenshot images in my pictures hub. This will reduce those inadvertent screenshots. (Just downloaded WP 8.1 preview. Merry Christmas!)

my volume keys are broken? is their another way around


JoseCortesP says:

Fix them? get a new Phone? Don't update yet to 8.1?

3 choices pal

theonedunn says:

1 other option is to use another camera to take a pic of your screen

biboyflip says:

I wonder if you can ask cortana can to do this.

LongboardPro says:

My up volume key is broke too :(

Riana Jones says:

Do you have the Lumia 620? I do and my up button has broke, I looked up stuff about it and it seems to be a fault with the phone.

Akash Patel says:

i like the old way of taking screenshot.

CJ Thunder says:

Why not just hold windows key. That does nothing now right?

Talbot690 says:

Holding window key brings up voice controls

CJ Thunder says:

I thought that was all done by search key?

Talbot690 says:

On my 1020 if I hold the windows key this comes up "what can I say?" and a list of phrases then a speak button.

Talbot690 says:

Im not on wp8.1 yet

CJ Thunder says:

Hahahaha, that's what this article and what I am talking about.

Talbot690 says:

Im new to this internet thing.. So I'm supposed to read the article before commenting... Got it!

Black Lumia says:

Now, if you try to take s screenshot the old way, it tells you.

wpguy says:

+925 Glad they added that, because I still don't have Volume Up + Power stuck in my head yet. I am having trouble getting the the timing right for the new combo to work reliably.

KasakDesign says:

This is soooo much better. 8.1 in general. I can't stop messing with the phone!! I should be working!!!

Thanks for the heads up !

Aashish13 says:

I've changed the region finding where is cortana

Lipe13 says:

Change Region to USA and Idiom to English-US.

Aashish13 says:

The Xbox music got fucked

guidorobben says:

Still not able to use share with whatsapp on a screen shot. Very annoying.

Jaco Ra says:

Should have made it like hold or double/tripple tap the home button since search moved

david90531 says:

hm, not sure how I feel about this one, it seems a bit more awkward to press those two keys on the L920

Rasetech says:

You press volume up on Windows 8 tablets also to take a screenshot so this makes sense in my opinion.

t8ntlikly says:

I hope that works better on the phone than it does on my tablet...... Well at least it will now be consistent


MattW19 says:

Anyone know how to sync screenshots to OneDrive? Used to be able to do it on 8.0 - but now I can't find a way.

Where you seriously able to do it in 8.0? Can you explain me how?

MattW19 says:

I don't have any 8.0 devices to check, but I think I was referring to the Save to OneDrive option in the context menu, not automatic syncing.

Updates to the OneDrive app on 8.1 got that functionality back via the share button.

mr toes says:

I didnt read this article to discover the history of screenshots, just to learn the new way of doing it. How unnecessarily long.

SeeVuPlay says:

Why did they change this??? I have to relearn this all over again!! I'm so done with WP...

kingjah says:

It's actually easier.

Suzamax says:

Fuck it. My volume up button is broken. I hope we can choose the shortcut soon. Or I'll throw my 620 into the toilet when screenshot'd be necessary.

sarim_xyz says:

it might just short circuit and take a snapshot of your toilet :D :D

dilwariya143 says:

Windows 8.1 is support Lumia 720 ??

The_Lord23 says:

If you're asking whether the 720 will support WP8.1, then your answer is 'yes'. All phones - even the little 520 - are able to get WP8.1, this has been said a number of times.

Yeah it does bro,im downloading it right now when im replying to your post.have to uninstall apps and make free space up to 4gb

Oh well too bad my volume up key broke long time ago on my 620 :(

SIDD_DEY says:

Joeffery Baratheon is dead..... Windows phone 8.1 out....Life is cool eh

SwimSwim says:

At least it gives you a little motivation notification to remind you it's changed.

I m unable to access to store after update

eruptflail says:

Give it a few minutes that's what I did.

SaucePolicy says:

Does it still make a sound effect even when volume is set to zero? This is an odd bug in WP8 or maybe it's a problem specific to the HTC 8X.

kevin2577 says:

Yep, bug fixed no more shutter noise if volume is muted

Not used this so will give it a chance but my first impression is that this will WP8 way of taking a screen shot is better....

Get used to it #whiners lol

AskaLangly says:

Keystroke is calling "Annnnnndroiiiiiiid". Power and VolUp during boot puts it into Recovery Mode.

MikeySoft says:

Update is pushing out to my ICON!

Kram Sacul says:

The old way of power+windows was better than trying to press down two buttons at once.  Why change it?

mir747 says:

how can i share my screenshot images to twitter?
first, the phone ask me install the official twitter app. so i installed it (usually i use tweet it! app)
but after that twitter button in sharing options is gone!

WP8.0 had a way to twitter via onedrive, but i cannot find any way like that.

help me..

Barrett1134 says:

This should be a choice, and set as default on phones without the button

s_lek says:

interesting.... 925 here.

TechFreak1 says:

I preferred the old combo, it was much easier. Though volume up and the window key would is just a tad quicker than the old combination. Now its really awkward (even more so if you have the 1520 or 1320) as your left hand has to reach across the phone.

Kenners007 says:

Thank you ever so much for this... recently updated my Nokia Lumia 820 to WP8.1 but every time I tried to take a screenshot, the "Something's Changed" message wasn't as helpful as this article :)