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HTC 8S Windows Phone heading to US Cellular in multiple colours?


Rum: 7

The HTC 8S, the company's mid-level Windows Phone 8 handset, is on its way to US Cellular, according to a thread created on TeamUSCellular. Member iRub1Out published a number of handsets that are heading to the US carrier, but of course we're only interested in Windows Phone.

While the source is no way official confirmation, we can at least expect US Cellular to pick up a Windows Phone, and the HTC 8S looks the likely candidate. It's definitely a possibility, but be sure to take this rumour with a grain of salt as usual.

The carrier had previously signed a deal with ZTE to stock its 'Render' (Orbit) Windows Phone 7.8 handset.

Source: TeamUSCellular; thanks, Dan, for the heads up!



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CJ Thunder says:

Seriously, Deepthroat all over again...except you know, phone news and not politcial news.

JoeDizzle33 says:

Great name. Wonder if that was intentional?

indubitably says:

haha was about to post the exact same thing

mdscj4 says:

Rich could just have wrote "a member". Cannot believe that was posted

ZX9 says:

Lol. Talking about "US Cellular" and spelling colors with English spelling makes me laugh.

volcane2004 says:

And kicking people out of it now.  Yeah it's illegal for them to be here, but so was the 18th Amendment and we all know how well Americans followed their own Constitution.

Um, no.  He was just commenting on his personal thoughts about seeing the British spelling while talking about a US company.  Why does that have to turn into the usual anti-American comments.  Once again, the person making the comment doesn't have the balls to say their country of origin.  

volcane2004 says:

I was waiting for more details on the 8S. The only thing that has me down is that it only has 512MB of RAM and no NFC. I love the form factor and how light it is!

Umm, isn't NFC a requirement of WP8?

HTC 8S does NOT have NFC. Sorry, folks.

cedarlog says:

this is annoying the OS supporting this feature and they decided to take it away from consumers

erzhik says:

They took it away to reduce cost.

volcane2004 says:

So far, what has me sold is the small and light frame and expandable memory!  Reminds me of a much better Samsung Focus.

aubreyq says:

No NFC isn't a deal breaker for me.

jalb says:

I can't even concentrate on the rest of the post.

caliborn says:

LOL!  Agreed!

Racerx1234 says:

Will it work on tmo aws?

l_n says:

US Cellular is a CDMA carrier w/LTE coming soon.

USCellular has LTE

Omg, his username give me cause to doubt, even if he had a us cellular device in hand

volcane2004 says:

Does anyone know if US Cellular has a CDMA or GSM network?  Could you unlock it to use it with AT&T or T-Mobile?

iknowsingh says:

CDMA.. a la Sprint

Adiliyo says:

They are cdma, I think they use vzw's bands

volcane2004 says:

Ok thanks. I was maybe hoping to just drop in my SIM card and have it work. Hopefully they come out with a GSM version.

KrazyKatz64 says:

Nokia , why you set everything exclusive ? Please see how widely spread of Htc as an example !

wpguy says:

Whether the exclusivity thing is because of the carriers, Nokia, or both, I don't really care any more. Much as I really like what Nokia potentially could offer me, the whole situation has kind of burned me on the Nokia brand. Heck, even the Windows Phone brand feels a little tarnished to me because of Nokia. OTOH, HTC feels like they have their act together, starting with their announcement.

VagrantWade says:

HTC has the inferior phones. They have no choice but to have multiple carriers and have Microsoft help subsidize.

JoeDizzle33 says:

Inferior by whose standard. Some people on here really like what HTC has to offer or even Samsung. Making a blanket statement like that doesn't help get the OS out there into peoples hands. I wish people would stop hating on the other phones. They are all good phones with unique features. For some carriers that may be the only choice people have and if people are talking to their friends and family and saying 8x sucks or Ativ is no good then people may not switch at all. I personally like what all the phones offer. They all have good features but most importantly they run WP8.

larrynj says:

I never heard of US Cellular. Are they a regional company?

sayyadina says:

USCellular is a smaller (per se) company but I have been using them for about 15 years and have never had any problems other then them being CDMA. Missed out on some great phone over years but my HTC 7 Pro is a great phone.

Bushybro says:

Replace "more developers" chant with "more carriers" :-)