HTC 8S Windows Phone now available on the cheap from Virgin Mobile Canada

Although HTC has no immediate plans for US pickup of their fancy 8S Windows Phone, that isn’t stopping Virgin Mobile Canada from offering it to their customers.

The phone is now listed on the site for what seems like affordable pricing at $79 on contract and just $279 pre-paid/off-contract. That’s actually not a bad deal for those looking to pick up a mid-range Windows Phone 8 device with an eye-catching design...

The HTC 8S (review coming shortly) features a 4” 800x480 display, 1GHz dual-core CPU, 512MB of RAM, 4GB internal storage with expandable microSD slot and a 1700 mAh battery. In addition, it does have the coveted Beats Audio for enhanced music when wearing headphones though it lacks the pre-amp output via the speaker that its bigger 8X brother has on board.

The 8S has caught a lot of positive attention due to what is highly regarded as an excellent two-toned color scheme. Indeed, the phone is quite a pleasure to use, especially for the more casual user who just wants a mid-level smartphone that’s easy to navigate. It has just launched globally in select markets this past week after an unplanned delay.

Unfortunately for those in the US, Virgin Mobile here is not as keen on Windows Phone. Not only could we not find the 8S but also we could not find any Microsoft products. Hopefully that will change in the future.

Source: Virgin Mobile Canada; Thanks, bilzkh and Nicolas, for the links!



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DrewLumia900 says:

Great entry level phone!

Wish they would do the same in USA!

Killjoy0593 says:

That's what i've been saying!

My friend in Canada wants the 920 and 8X on VM Canada... But he is thinking of switching to Rogers.

I thought the amp was for the audio out jack too

ololmarc says:

this will work with T-mobile in the US or Wind/Mobilicity in Canada. it possesses the 1700/2100 bands

True, but you can't buy from them if you're outside of Canada.

q21701 says:

Virgin Mobile is a Sprint subsidiary in the US. It won't happen on Virgin Mobile US until after Sprint launches in 1st qtr 2013. It wouldn't make sense for one of their partners to beat them to the punch.

barry.weston says:

Virgin is a subsidiary of Bell Canada. Bell hasn't launched it. So that thinking isn't the same here, I guess.

pulkit10 says:

Bell carries the 8X though. They've picked the high end for their main customers and a cheaper mid-range for their subsidiary. Kind of seems like what everyone else is doing (610 on Koodo and 800 on Telus).

crazygonzo says:

Nice, but they need to bundle a sd card with the box so they'll at least have a chance to compete with Lumia 620.

killer rin says:

That has to make this Virgin Mobile Canada's first ever Windows Phone

pankaj981 says:

Come on Daniel, please do the L810 full review as well...