HTC 8X and 8S with Windows Phone 8 - Video hands on

We managed to spend some near and dear time with the recently announced HTC 8X and the HTC 8S. What can we say besides that we love the new look for HTC--bold colors, smooth designs, excellent screens--we see a bright and popular future for the new HTC series.

The HTC 8X features a 4.3" 720p display with a whopping 344ppi and a dual-core 1.5GHz, meanwhile the 8S features a more modest WVGA resolution but in an also outstanding design.

Don't believe us? Watch the video above and decide for yourself.



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J4rrod says:

Says can't load video in the app.

Darkstar1756 says:

Its because the video is an embedded youtube video... google is having videos uploaded in flash again (instead of html5) for some reason and now its impossible to watch new videos on windows phone (maybe iphone idk)

cgold1 says:

Awesome phones. Applaud HTC for not only releasing more reasonably sized phones but also designing unique windows phones. I very well may get the 8s or 8x, but im going to have to see them side by side with the lumia 920 first.

Personally, I think this is one of the best looking smartphones ever. It just sucks that it doesn't come with the great Nokia technology, features and applications. Plus, HTC hardware is rumoured to be better on paper than in reality, which after owning an HTC Titan, I think is pretty true.

Stryfeno1 says:

@MathiasVerden: You are right....If it wasn't for the horrific experience I had with HTC, I would of jump aboard with them again. These phones from HTC are gorgeous but due the my experience I will take my money elsewhere.

These phones are different,you are stupid if you think it's going to be the same.

Agent-P says:

I have no idea why everyone says they have problems with HTC phones. I have an HTC Radar and I haven't had any problems with it as of yet. Of crouse, that won't stop me from upgrading to a new WP8 handset. It's just a matter of choosing between the 8X and the 920 (and also hoping the 920 comes to T-Mobile).

WP95 says:

Yea me neither, I currently have the trophy and I'm also due for an upgrade soon, but I've never had a problem with my phone at all. If the 8x comes to Verizon and the 920 doesn't I would not mind at all getting that nice California blue 8x.

westex#WP says:

Google "HTC Titan call quality" and see how many hits you get. I returned my Titan because every so often it sounded like I was in a hole. Took it to AT&T and they said "yeah, it's an HTC phone. The call quality stinks". It was a shame. It was a great phone!

as147 says:

Nokia has some real competition!!
The HTC has an even better PPS than the Lumia 920 and a 2mp front facing camera.
But the biggest thing is the very fresh and cool design

windows phone 8 color design is looking badass its gonna shoot us windows phans far above the rest

as147 says:

Luckily for WP buyers they now have some difficult decisions to make. I actually like the HTC design more than the Lumia range (OMG!)

JPDVM2014 says:

I agree...somewhat. I like both designs pretty much equally, but I really like that HTC's colors are all matte.

ejlee072006 says:

Omg... It has began...

erichon99 says:

Oh man, HTC brought it....I'm only worried about support after today!

prathyushms says:

Is there an arrow to the app drawer at the bottom of the start screen in the video at 1:15? ;)

GP07 says:

Yeah I noticed that as well, haha. 

scottaii says:

Looks a bit funny

Bee Mon says:

Thanks HTC, you brought it! I am now excited to check out your phones!!

nizzon says:

Wow they look freakin fantastic!!!
And better size than Lumia.... damnit now I dont know what to do, I want Nokias apps and support. This will be a hard choise! :)

big_slim750 says:

Thanks HTC for making my decision THAT much harder! *sigh*

1jaxstate1 says:

How does it feel in the hands? It's taller than the 900 with the same screen size.

My guess is the curved back like he STATED IN THE VIDEO.   geez

mjrtoo says:

Hmm, interesting, the beats audio is a big deal to me. The 8X might be very well be my next phone.

mikejets89 says:

damn you htc i have the hd7 but i really want the 920 htc looking good

I feel your pain. I've had my HD7 for over a year now and was really looking forward to the Lumia 920. Both phones seem to fill in the gaps from the other. I haven't seen the specs side by side of both but I think this may truly be a battle of personal preference, especially if HTC steps up it's app support.

vantoguard says:

Really good phones!! i will have to decide between one of those with a 720p or higher res display, and better camera..      BTW, did anyone notice that ARROW at the bottom of the start screen??? so for those who wud miss it, there you go its BACK! :)

eharris560 says:

How is HTC able to use Nokia's materials and design?

How do you know they're using Nokia materials

eharris560 says:

Correct me if I'm wrong. I thought Nokia said they hold the patient polycarbonate or bought the company.

drg says:

Wow I'm impressed....

jholso says:


I don't get it, WP8 has capability to allow expandable memory and no flagship phone uses it. I understand the Lumia 920 more since its 32gb on board. But Really HTC its a beats audio phone but you only get 16gb?

jholso says:

And before anyone comes in saying that they maybe trying to push skydrive that way, well until its intergrated like albums and you can view/stream more then one at a time, it wont work.

GP07 says:

I believe that integration is coming with the new Xbox Music service and using skydrive as a "locker" to store your albums and then stream them.    If this holds true then you get at least an extra 7GB for free (older users get the full 25GB which is a good chunk for music IMO).
I also expect a bigger Titan 3 type WP8 device later on though, that one could have 32GB and be pushed as more of a media phone for not just music but also videos with a bigger 4.7" screen.

jholso says:

And if this ends up true, I will be very happy ingeneral since I currently pay for 100gb of skydrive storage and have all my music up there. I just like the idea of have 32gb onboard so I can keep a decent amount of music and videos on the phone itself so I dont waste all my data permonth streaming from my skydrive account to play music in my car.

jdep1 says:

MS first made us go crazy for tiles now they makes go crazy for colors. I like the red the smooth design looks great now I'm gonna have to hold the 920 & 8x to make a decision but so far the 920 might be it because of the camera & the technology on the screen.

sposin says:

You got use these phones almost three weeks ago, wow!!!

JamesDax3 says:

Well, sorry Nokia.  As a T-Mobile customer my decission just got easier.  The 8X trumps the L820 you are sending us and unless The Samsung Ativ S actually does come to T-Mobile the HTC 8X will be my next phone.

Sloth90 says:

If only the 920 had the two toned color scheme... Can't believe that HTC designed these phones. Flat out beautiful.

willied says:

Holy crap. Those are incredibly good looking. The contrasting colors on the 8S are amazing. But what I don't get is how you have 16GB or non-expandable storage on a flagship device. That's a deal breaker for me. That's too bad as these are some of the most well designed phones ever. And it's too bad the 8S has a lower resolution screen. At least it's 4.0". I imagine that it's cost prohibitive to have an 720P screen in a 4.0" device, though.

Dethzilla says:

I'm... I'm so confused right now.  My head is spinning.  I didn't see the conference but did HTC score some exclusive apps at least?  That Domino Black/White was hump worthy.  I was deadset on the yellow Lumia 920.. but dayumm.

kittshelby says:

I actually like these HTC designs more than the Nokias ones.  Also, for some reason, the HTC 8X appears more professional and masculine than the Nokia 920.  I think it's because of the matte finish and the flatter design as opposed to the 920's round and glossy.

theefman says:

Thats because you only saw the glossy Yellow, White and Red. The Black and Grey 920's are matte.

gerrymad says:

Good to see another manufacturer bringing unique devices to Windows Phone. I thought Nokia was a lock for my next phone, but now I have choices. Good job HTC.

westwaswon says:

I wish the 8S was the flagship. Its so sexy. If only it had the bigger screen and better specs and kept the SD slot, I'd even consider it over the 920. I'm liking all this competition though. The free market works.

pinacolada says:

wow, such a beautiful design from htc ... it makes even harder for me to decide !

OMG55 says:

Now the question is, "Can these manufacturers bring marketing up to par with the cool, sleek, fun look and feel of the devices and the OS"??? Becuase thats what WP is all about, with the added productivity suite included......a device that meets the needs of consumers and businesses alike!!!

rider2040 says:

All I can say is, WOW!  I was just assuming that I would get a Lumia 920, despite the fact that I was a little concerned about size and weight.  The newly announced 8X looks great and isn't quite so big.
I think that I am still leaning towards the 920 due to Nokia's app support, but my decision just got a lot harder.

kidjenius says:

Holy crap those phones look nice. I like how thin the 8x is. And that ff camera!! So good!

ShortStuff says:

Wow HTC did a great job I was fully set on getting a lumia 920 but now im not sure. Hmmm maybe I'll save up and buy one out right

_Haitian says:

Finally!!!! Someone scrolled to the full app section with Windows Phone 8. About damn time if you ask me.

Viipottaja says:

Interesting, had not seen the arrow on the homescreen in WP8 before - it seems to be still there at the bottom when you scroll all the way down. Not sure its really needed there either, though.
Anyway, really really nice designs from HTC and hopefully this will rise the tide on which the Nokia boat will also rise even higher (yeah, I am a Nokia guy).

KustomAU says:

I do like HTC's notification LED.

Cellus13 says:

Still shooting for the Lumia 920. Done with HTC. I've had the HD7 for too long.

Decan says:

That is a very nice looking phone. I like the look of this HTC better then the Nokia but the Nokia has some really kick ass stuff in it ....... oh man which to get now....

chrgeorgeson says:

Ok so this might seem petty but PLEASE WpCentral with your videos shorten the dang intro. Why is it nearly 15 seconds long? I want to get to the content.
Sorry, besides that keep up the great work.

uopjo6 says:

They are no doubt great looking. I just don't like their attitude knocking off Nokia and Xperia from Sony. Although the old HTC phones looked the same, they had their own design language. After Nokia outs their Lumia series they go full polycarbonate with colors? C'mon. The 8s looks exactly like one of the Xperias too. 

Samsung is to Apple as HTC is to Nokia&Sony? 

I'm getting the Lumia 920 obviously because of the Specs and Design but most importantly because I respect Nokia with balls to design something different first when the competition was based on boring Black / Silver aluminum rectangles. That being said, the ATIV S looks boring as ever.

And that curved glass. Samsung and HTC have no pride.

X0LARIUM says:

8S it is for me. I am already investing elsewhere but still wish to join the MS ecosystem. In fact, I just want to get rid of android and take up Windows Phone 8. And 8S is just perfect.