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HTC 8x Windows Phone image surfaces, headed to Verizon?

Is this the HTC 8x?

With HTC's Windows Phone event only a day away, we are seeing a blurry image surface that is reported the HTC 8x Windows Phone. Rumors are still going strong that we will see two, maybe three new Windows Phones from HTC tomorrow. Could this be the 8x?

Rum: 8

The other shoe to drop with this leaked image is speculation that the 8x is headed to Verizon Wireless. According to the tipster who sent the photo, the 8x was branded for Verizon and has support for the carriers 4G LTE network.  

Luckily, we won't have long to wait to see if this image holds true and hopefully, we'll also start to see carrier branding on all these new Windows Phones as well. For now, we'll average out the Rum o' meter and give this one an 8, leaning more towards the accuracy of the photo and with some reservations on the Verizon angle.

We will be in New York for the HTC event and will bring you all the new HTC has to share.

Source: phonearena, via: liveside



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Nimdock says:

Other site reports screen size of 4.3". If this is true I wonder if people that wanted to go for an HTC with a "massive screen" will still go for this.
It could also be of course that this is just one of several devices and that one of the other ones will be the one having a huge screen. HTC Zenith?

druger81 says:

I would. Bigger than the trophy.

ZuNuKoo says:

I'd like a Lumia to be added to Verizons line up also. This is tempting buy with so much Nokia already invested into WP, I'm going to drop my trophy, and pick up a Lumia given they are available from Verizon. Don't even care which one 920, or 820. Anything is better then what I'm holding now.

aubreyq says:

I hope Verizon customers get the 920. They deserve it. Actually, if any carrier deserves the 920 it's actually T-Mobile, but I'm afraid they won't get it because they don't have as many users as Verizon or AT&T.

x I'm tc says:

I'm on Sprint.  What do I deserve ;)

db4williams says:

Sprint customers definitly deserve better than what they are getting now which is nothing. I almost made the fatal mistake of leaving Verizon for Sprint awhile back. Glad I didn't!

WP95 says:

I'm in the exact spot you are and if when I get a new phone it has to be a high end. Maybe a 920 or a high end htc or possibly the Samsung ativ s if it makes it's way to Verizon. I will not a settle for an 820. You probably shouldn't either, stuck on a mid range for another 18 months with the 820, no thanks.

TofuDelight says:

I seriously thought today is Wednesday, so I guess I AM looking forward to this event despite lack of hype. Hopefully, MS will also release new info about wp8. Does anybody else find this looks a lot like a Lumia?

Xaphoon148 says:

Thought it was a blue Lumia at first...

Blackwood504 says:

For whatever reason this doesn't look like a usual HTC phone to me.

TofuDelight says:

Because it looks like a Lumia? :)

nizzon says:

No it looks like the Omnia 7.

skinnypig#WP says:

That's a good thing imo :D

ruddymen says:

I wish they would just release a Titan 3

Sarang68 says:

Any live webcast link for this event,please? Thank you!

smontoya2 says:

Multiple WP devices w/ Verizon is a big plus for my family except for the one iMarried, (haha) but she may second guess after seeing more options available. Just need release dates & prices then we're good.

lubbalots says:

This one can go to Verizon. So what about Tmo? Rumors, rumors, rumors!!!

inteller says:

T-Mo will get whatever the "value" HTC offering is.
You need to realize that T-Mo doesn't have the ability to draw big name phones because they were stuck in lame duck status with the ATT merger for so long.  Many OEMs probably thought they would be dealing with 2 major carriers at this point.  T-Mo is a bottom feeder along with Sprint now.

tbonenga says:

Dude T-Mo is getting the best W8 phone spec, size and options announced so far.
The Samsung ATIV S
Largest screen, removable battery, highest compacity battery, SD slot and a killer aluminum casing.

ncxcstud says:

Everything you state is technically true, except for the alumninum casing part.  Its plastic, just really well disguised plastic.

tbonenga says:

I thought is was aluminum case with a plastic battery cover. Which makes sense to me. On my old Samsung behold the aluminum battery cover was easily bent when removing. It just wasn't flexible at all.

jaethos says:

Everything he said was true. The only plastic part is the battery cover, the actual phone chassis is metal.

Gaichuke says:

The body looks to made from one piece, so I doubt it's made from metal. Aluminum body would do horrible things to the reception.

aubreyq says:

Agree 100% about T-Mobile's merger limbo. That hurt them big time.

lubbalots says:

Explain to me how tmo was able to get GS3, rumored One x+, note, rumored note2...

microhaxo#WP says:

Tmonews reported that the HTC accord would be going to t-mobile as well, I really hope this is true.

tbonenga says:

I'm hoping for the Zenith. 4.7 or larger for me.

lubbalots says:

Didn't they say accord was 4.7"? So many inconsistencies! We'll find out tomorrow, the truth.

Curtieson says:

My first thought when I looked at the photo: "Dang...wish the guy taking the pic had a 920 (with OIS), then it wouldn't be so blurry..."

DesRed says:

I suspect it is intentional just to keep people guessing.

aubreyq says:

Perhaps all these leaked pics are intentionally blurry? Have you seen a leaked product pic that is nice and sharp?

alllies says:

lol..Blame the SIII's camera.
Will it be HTC's new selling point(camera)? or it be will just Beats...I will go for Lumia 920 without hesitation.

TJWINS says:

I'm not impressed with the high reflective screen. That photo looks like looking into a mirror. I hope that's not the case.

aubreyq says:

I hope it's a protective film causing that reflection because otherwise, that screen would SUCK.

Yeah that us very bad first thing I thought of when I saw the phone.

RayWP7 says:

That makes two. Neither was McKayla. ;)

Baka says:

What a yawner of a phone.  BOR-ING. 

StrayMutant says:

Agreed. But hey, atleast it doesn't look like everyother HTC phone. While I like the design of One X and S, I would like to see them giving some unique designs for WP8 phone along with android model phones. I hope they don't introduce anything like first gen EVO crap phones. 

Oh shut yo áss up

man1up says:

Whatever HTC is bringing, hope they announce apps, a unique experience.

Forc3 says:

Nice looking device... best part.. taken with a samsung galaxy s3 haha. Looks like HTC employees dont believe in there own products....

And how do you know this?

Ok, looks nice ...
but is it just me? or its really almost a LUMIA 920 ...
i love HTC phones but this one ... I dont think so, but ill w8 to see if there was something good about it. Love to see the 5" Screen there.

TofuDelight says:

I think it looks more like an 820 because of the rounded corners

Oh ya XD ... ya true, maybe i thought its 920 just because its a bit tall.
am also sure that it will be having multipul colors ...
cant w8 till wedensday 

addicusbrown says:

If it looks like a 920 then HTC is thinking like Nokia and that isn't all bad since Nokia is the top selling WP. Remember they didn't see the 920 2 weeks ago and then create the design. What they and Samsung need to exclusively offer is a free turn by turn voice navigation like Nokia Drive that is chock full of features and accurate, such as Garmin. This feature alone has me buying a Nokia WP phone since I travel by car so much.

WinFan1 says:

i think i have repeated this like a million times ALL every single windows phone running 8 will have nokia drive......

erichon99 says:

if this midrange phone does have a better screen than Lumia 820, I might have to think twice about my off-contract upgrade....

larspassic says:

I agree, Lumia 820s resolution is disappointing

cannon#WP says:

Really hoping this one turns out to be the 8S and the 8X has a 4.7 screen.

xprc says:

less atrractive design imo

should'nt  this be the High-End device ?

OMG55 says:

No, I don't think Verizon is ready to invest heavily into WP, so it think they're sticking to minimal mid-level or low end specs....which I thinks sucks on their part

Tahiti Bob says:

8/10 on the Rum'o'meter, that's a bit low in that particular case

lubbalots says:

For some odd reason, there's high expectations from HTC.

Apoc says:

This looks just like a slightly bigger version of the Omnia 7...smh. Not what I expected from HTC. Was hoping they had some device with the One X design.

abduz says:

That's my first impression too! It does indeed look more like a purple version of the Omnia 7 than a Lumia

Ticomfreak says:

I want it on AT&T :(

aubreyq says:

AT&T can't have EVERYTHING, you know.

danzinho16 says:

Daniel , have you seen the Cyan 920 on a new Nokia video on YouTube?
Badum tsss!!!
Update: whenever I copy and paste the link, it can't find the vid. Just type Discover the new Lumia into YouTube and u will find jt.

goopile says:

Hah! Nokia, you tease... =P
OnT: Hope to see some nice devices from HTC as well, and hopefully in some nice colors.

JoeDizzle33 says:

I hope after the HTC event we start hearing more on pricing and release dates. Apples new phone has been all over the news since their announcement. Pre orders are through the roof on that phone. That means WP8 has already lost potential customers. They need to hurry and start giving details and get some pre orders going.

i want to start saving :D
besides i can't see the reason why there is no pricing YET

mjfadaway says:

This phone looks a whole lot better than everyone is making it out to look. It looks better than the Titan to me. Phones with sharp edges go well with Metro/Modern or whatever u wanna call it. Good job HTC.

apocacrux says:

Plus I'm sure they are making sure they cant get sued by Apple for having rounded edges. WP are in the safe for now but things could change.

infinidim says:

I'm going to go with the Nokia Lumia 820 when it's available. Looks a good phone and I am sure it will be priced at a good price as well to get market share.

Microsoft should make a Surface phone that only has a screen and internals and is completely glass, It should be around 3mm thin with no extras(camera, sd slot). Only just to showcase the beauty of the OS. Also it should be square-ish

apocacrux says:

I think buttons might come in handy...
But I think a full windows experience would be useless on something smaller than 6".

ejlee072006 says:

It looks purple

Jf.Vigor says:

That's because it is :)

DavidinCT says:

I still want a 920 but, I can't wait for tomorrow to stop the HTC rumors and know what we are going to get !!!!!
Of course a 920 on Verizon's LTE network....

Taken with a galaxy s 3

AwesomeAndy says:

Sorta looks like a Lumia 820

cp2_4eva says:

Damn you folks always comparing a phone to a lumia because it has COLOR. You complain when a phone has the same black or grey look,, then when they get looks like a lumia. Shut up already there are a whole slew of differences to be seen on this HTC device. Just shhhh and preorder you Lumia and be happy. Lol. 

jasonbeckett says:

Clearly...NOKIA and the WindowsPhone operating system are influencing phone design. The Windows Phones are starting to get their own design rather than a recycled Android form factor. It's about time.

wpos8 says:

It's only 16 gig

cedarlog says:

all i want to know if this phone is their high end or its their mid range phone and if they are going to annouce multiple phones or just one  :X