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Home automation app Insteon picks up Cortana integration


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HTC updates the T-Mobile US 8X support page with new GDR2 info

Although we have yet to confirm that HTC and T-Mobile have begun to roll out the GDR2 OS update along with new corresponding firmware, we can tell you that it is imminent. HTC have now updated their support page for the device, specifically the US T-Mobile version, with information about the new...
HTC 8X bricked

HTC 8Xs locking up after GDR2 update? Numerous reports say yes

File this under anecdotal, but we’re getting a few complaints that the recent GDR2 OS update for Windows Phone on the HTC 8X (mostly unbranded) is causing the device to lock up, irrecoverably. From our forums, member Serdard notes “While listening to music, I got a message on WhatsApp and when I...
HTC 8XT on Sprint

Sprint HTC 8XT finally available for purchase, as Windows Phone returns to the carrier

Way back at the beginning of 2013, Sprint announced that they were returning to the Windows Phone fold with two new devices slated for release at a later time. Those devices, one from HTC and one from Samsung, were not revealed until months later, prolonging what has to be an endurance run for...

Exclusive: T-Mobile US HTC 8X to receive GDR2 OS update on July 22nd

It should be clear now that OEMs and partners have begun to roll out the second Windows Phone 8 OS update for the year, dubbed ‘GDR2’, to various devices. With the Samsung ATIV S and HTC 8X getting the update in the last 48 hours, it’s obvious that things are now moving. Earlier, we told you that...
HTC adds ability to delete temporary files on the 8X and 8S with latest OS and firmware update

HTC adds ability to delete temporary files on the 8X and 8S with latest OS and firmware update

One issue that has been bugging some users for a while now is the inability to delete temporary files on their Windows Phone 8 devices.  Nokia got around this by building in their Storage Check app and even Huawei is reportedly making an app to do the same. Now, after reports of the GDR2 (and...

Some HTC 8Xs reportedly getting Windows Phone GDR2 OS update today

Windows Phone Central has begun to receive reports from users that their HTC 8X (UK Virgin Mobile and non-branded) are receiving updates today. The update, most likely a combo of firmware and the coveted GDR2 OS update (build 10327), will enable things like FM Radio, Data Sense (carrier dependent...

The wait is over: Sprint announces HTC 8XT availability for Friday, July 19th, for $150

Sprint just sent out press notifications that the HTC 8XT, Sprint’s first Windows Phone 8 device, will go on sale Friday, July 19th for $99 (after a $50 mail in rebate). The HTC 8XT will feature HTC’s “BoomSound” or in English, "dual front-facing stereo speakers with a dedicated amplifier",...
Windows Phone 8X and Lumia 920

Nokia and HTC steal top spots at international design competition for Windows Phone efforts

Windows Phone 8 launched over half a year ago and the message was clear from both HTC and Nokia. Devices were going to be loud, colorful, and playful. They were to be an expression of the operating system they housed inside. The HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 920 led the charge of premium handsets we...

Interested in Sprint and Windows Phone 8? Register now and let them know

We recently covered the Sprint and Microsoft announcement of two new Windows Phones heading to the US network - the Samsung ATIV S Neo and HTC 8XT. What we failed to provide you guys with was the registration link as Sprint has allowed potential buyers to register their interest in either product...

Sprint announces two Windows Phone 8 handsets - HTC 8XT and Samsung ATIV S Neo

Today Sprint and Microsoft outlined plans to launch two Windows Phone 8 handsets on the US network. The HTC 8XT and Samsung ATIV S Neo will be packaged with Truly UnlimitedSM Sprint 4G LTE this coming summer. Both phones will be able to take full advantage of LTE speeds, offering consumers a rich...
Amzer Shellster ShellCase for HTC 8X

Review - Amzer Shellster ShellCase for the HTC 8X

The Amzer Shellster ShellCase isn't a stranger to Windows Phones. We took a look at the Amzer ShellCase for the Nokia Lumia 900 and found it to be a nice shell/holster combo.  The Shellster recently landed in the Windows Phone Central Accessory Store for the HTC 8X and we recently took it out for...

Windows Phone 8X by HTC available for just $299 in Australia

The Windows Phone 8X by HTC (or just HTC 8X to the rest of us plebs) is the high-end device from HTC that runs Windows Phone 8. It launched last year and offers a premium experience for consumers with numerous features, including Beats Audio. A superb deal is on offer for those who reside in...
AT&T HTC 8X Update

Windows Phone update rolling through for the AT&T HTC 8X

A Windows Phone update is being pushed out for the AT&T HTC 8X but there's not much to go on as far as what the update accomplishes. The OS version remains at 8.0.10211.204 and the Firmware reads 1532.20.20100.502. The update only takes a few minutes to install and there isn't anything obvious...
Verizon rolls out minor firmware updates for HTC 8X, Lumia 822

Verizon rolls out minor firmware updates for HTC 8X, Lumia 822

We’re getting a few reports in today that Verizon has begun rolling out some tiny firmware updates for their HTC 8x and Lumia 822 smartphones.  Indeed we fired up an 822 to be greeted with a small update that took less than 5 minutes to install. So what’s news? Well, this appears to be a very,...
Verizon Wireless HTC 8X

Deal alert: Verizon Wireless HTC 8X for only $250

If you’re a Verizon customer and want a new Windows Phone right now you can’t go wrong with the HTC 8X. Forget any upcoming Lumia 928, you want a new phone today. If so, check out this crazy awesome deal for the 8X in black. With this $50 coupon, you can get the HTC 8X for Verizon Wireless for a...
Deal Alert: HTC 8X, unlocked with LTE for just $349

Deal Alert: HTC 8X, unlocked with LTE for just $349

Is HTC having a fire sale? Maybe. All we know is their solid and dapper HTC 8X Windows Phone is being offered via Groupon for a very reasonable $349 with free shipping. That’s not for an AT&T version but a fully unlocked one with LTE bands (though those won’t work on AT&T). The phone...
HTC 8X Baby Monitor

Using the Windows Phone 8X by HTC as a baby monitor

So what can one do with a pair of HTC 8X Windows Phones, a pan / tilt gimble, WiFi network and a block of wood? It's a superb question and one that HTC engineer Garrett Rysko can answer. A post over on the HTC blog walks us through how an advanced baby monitor was created for his lab partner,...
Nokia Lumia 810

Nokia Lumia 810 and HTC 8X no longer available online through T-Mobile

The Nokia Lumia 810 has been the highest Lumia available to T-Mobile customers since launching back in November. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear like you can get a new one at the moment on the magenta carrier. Windows Phone Central Forum members spotted that only refurbished 810s are available on...
Verizon + Unlocked HTC 8X receiving new firmware update, details are scarce

Verizon + Unlocked HTC 8X receiving new firmware update, details are scarce

We’ve received a few tips today that some users of the international, unlocked HTC 8X are receiving a notification for an over-the-air update for the firmware. Indeed in our forums, AndreiX confirms that his firmware has been updated to version 20105, up from the earlier 20100 for a few users...

Clove UK slashes HTC 8X price, now available for £276

UK technology retailer Clove has slashed its pricing for the HTC 8X Windows Phone, which is now available for just £276 (including VAT). While the price still remains high for many consumers, it's now a more affordable smartphone. The high-end device is HTC's current flagship Windows Phone and we...