HTC 8Xs locking up after GDR2 update? Numerous reports say yes

HTC 8X bricked

File this under anecdotal, but we’re getting a few complaints that the recent GDR2 OS update for Windows Phone on the HTC 8X (mostly unbranded) is causing the device to lock up, irrecoverably.

From our forums, member Serdard notes “While listening to music, I got a message on WhatsApp and when I tried to open it, my phone froze”. Normally, if a Windows Phone device locks up either a simple battery pull or key combination (down volume + power) will restart the device. However, in this instance such a method is not working (plus you can’t do a battery pull on an 8X).

Others have chimed in in the thread noting the same thing, with the device freezing and not being able to be restarted (Update: it seems to occur specifically when playing music). There’s a secondary thread also started on the same topic with the similar results. Not even a full battery drain helps.

Outside of those handful of complaints, we haven’t been flooded with tips on this, meaning this does look fairly isolated and is not widespread. Having said that, there are now numerous people with a completely useless and broken 8X, with no known way to recover.

The HTC 8X was released last November as part of the Windows Phone 8 launch and received mostly positive reviews. However, stability issues did cause some delays (more so with the 8S) from HTC and we’ve even have a pre-release device “bricked” due to a bad over-the-air update (Portico).

We recently reported that T-Mobile US is due to push out the GDR2 update for its HTC 8X devices tomorrow, July 22nd. The update, which brings FM Radio, Data Sense (for some) and other numerous enhancements, also brings HTC’s fix for deletion of temporary files. While not a massive update, it does bring along with it some nice additions.

Have you experienced any issues like the above with GDR2 and the HTC 8X? Sound off in comments.

Source: Windows Phone Central Forums 1, 2; Thanks, Shaikh A. and SLO Eclipse, for the tip



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Voxophone says:

Guess I won't be updating mine when the update is available until we hear about a fix...

Credo93 says:

+920 ...
Best regards!

Jack Larson1 says:

That's not good.
Didn't know you could do the dwn➕ power button to restart. Thx!

toyotast165 says:

WP finally gets an android "feature" lol

rodneyej says:

LOL, lets not start that..

Eas195 says:

LOL, but let's hope that "feature" won't come on Nokia's, Sam's, and Huawei's Windows Phones.

evilrobot says:

I've already 'bricked' 2 lumia 920s just by clicking on 'Factory Reset'.  I was able to recover one of them, but the other had to be sent in to Nokia for repair.

x I'm tc says:

I think it is fair to say that the 920 is something of a Lemon.  The rest of Nokia's lineup seem to be much better put together, at least anecdotally.

Nabkawe5 says:

I think software wise YES , the Lumia 920 is the most troubled one of the lumias but i still love it the most.

rockstarzzz says:

That's a good one! Well done

Carchathoth says:

Excuse me, but Android is "a stolen product". In this case Android stoled that feature from Nokia Symbian. You are paying license fees for MS and Nokia for using that feature. Have a nice day.

Fuck you. Android does not freeze up.

Flagz says:

Come on WHERE'S MY UPDATE (Tmobile 8X) I want GDR2.. I went to my local store and lowered my plan with work discount and had hands on time with 925 and finally realized not much of an upgrade besides camera so I'll wait till its on Craigslist, my 8X has been a beast and amazing. Now I want GDR2!!!!

rysliv says:

So you want a broken HTC 8x, then go ahead, take the update. I'm waiting until they fix this, I have no time for a broken phone. I have my old second gen one, but I don't have a sim converter tray.

Carchathoth says:

Thats what you get when you waste your money on copycat HTC.
HTC - Silently stealing
#switch Lumia

Also fuck you. HTC is great.

JacksonSQD says:

I see someone's a little bit promiscuous.

^ This guy should be hanged.

Dexterrino says:

and then there's Nokia owners having fun with exclusive apps/updates

LMZR says:

And there are those who have pull a soft reset each week on his Nokia because the touch screen will stop responding,

And THIS is on a Lumia 520.

jsnod25 says:

Never had this problem... 520 is cheaper hardware, so problems might be more common, 900 and 920 never had a problem with

amirhj says:

Stop responding and rebooting never fixed on my Lumia 920.

Voxophone says:

I want a Nokia :( HTC doesn't do anything really...
Surprised GDR2 isn't Nokia exclusive ;)

fachru says:

Of course GDR2 will not nokia exclusive. It's OS update from Microsoft for all WP.

Voxophone says:

I'm just kidding, bro. I was simply making a joke about how Nokia is dominating the WP field.

rodneyej says:

Some people have no sense of humor...

Jack Larson1 says:

Off topic: I see you play bioshock infinite.

Voxophone says:

I see you have a good taste in games.

Jack Larson1 says:

You too. Can't wait for the other DLC's coming out!

but the amber update dat comes with d GDR2 is exclusive to nokia! ;)

AngryNil says:

As if Lumias don't get lock ups too. Spinning gears, anyone? Microsoft just needs to get this crap sorted.

wetworker says:

Sucks. I feel your pain. I had to return my 920 because my device would not boot up.

on the brighter side of things, I'm on my way to pick up my 920 from Rogers. Lucky for me I still had my 900.

rodneyej says:

900, 920,, what's next the third generation 930 for you❔.. Geezzz.. Lol❗

thanks daniel for highlighting the trouble we htc 8x users are facing .

wpn00b says:

I think it's awesome to put this front and center because it might save someone a headache if they happen to read it prior to updating. Also, this being one of the most prominent Windows Phone communities on the web, perhaps HTC will respond more quickly than had it not been publicized.

Working for a cellular carrier, I can tell you that I see all kinds of bugs that brick phones across all manufacturers, and the manufacturers say "we haven't heard of that, its an isolated issue", and then they fail to even create a new report for the issue I'm bringing to their attention, so the next person that calls will be told "we've never heard of that..." etc.
So frustrating. Please keep this up in front so people know and why not post HTCs phone number so people can let them know what's happening. Calling your carrier will get your phone replaced, but HTC needs to know as well.

walter1832 says:

Go home HTC, your drunk!

dtr230 says:

My AT&T branded 920 froze last night. All live tiles worked and flipped around but touch screen and buttons did nothing. Had to wait a couple of minutes before the screen turned off and then tried a soft reset which worked.
I should say that I don't have GDR2 yet.

tanayprasad says:

I have the same problem and it has happened more than once. I dont have gdr2 update yet.

I've seen that bug too. It happens if you touch the screen right as its turning off for idle use. It turns on at the last app state, but the phone thinks it's locked. Have to turn display off/on and unlock normally.

Amr Mzr says:

Hmmm , Had the Same Problem Too, Bro , But Thats Because Of Whatsapp app, since the windows phone whatsapp App was updated 3rd last time this type of Bug/problem occurs ,  guys u can uninstall any app from your mobiles , so uninstall ur whatsapp . then see your mobile all goes fine , the bug will be removed . Now the Whatsapp is updated two times more after that update and works FINE  :) I have the latest version of whatsapp and now the problem is solved > Mee to still waiting For GDR2 update , it will surely comes this week :) THANKS :D

serdard says:

no way, i had latest version of whatsapp. Issue is not about whatsapp but about OS or gdr2 update.

MarkCwee says:

+1 I had many bugs with whatsapp couple of months ago ---> uninstall. Till then, everything works fine, even with GDR2 update on my 8x.

rockstarzzz says:

+920 - only seen it with whatsapp. Without it, never had issue. No GDR2 here.

Credo93 says:

I had this problem three times since i have my 920, unlocked EU version ... i have my device for about three months now, luckilly a soft reset won't delete anything but time and date :)
I wonder if this issue will be solved with the GDR2 + Amber update :)
Best regards!

kiddj55 says:

Didn't this happen with GDR1 in which T-Mobile delayed it? I hope they do the same thing here

theefman says:

Risk bricking your phone for such a minor update, ultimate irony.

How is that ironic?

It's like rain on your wedding day

Heh, sounds like Alanis.

MrSimmix says:

According to the American Association of English Grammar(or something like that)" Rain on your wedding day" is not an example of irony. I learnt that the hard way.

brebo33 says:

Free advice when you already paid

Racxie says:

As the saying goes: Americans don't understand the meaning of irony.

Mystictrust says:

Alanis Morissette was born in Canada :P Besides, singing a song about irony and ironic events, but with no irony in it at all, is pretty ironic... Don'tcha think? ;)

Dare2Blink says:

Hey having 10 000 spons when all you need is a knife is pretty ironic

DJCBS says:

As long as this is not 7.8 all over again, I'm ok with it. Truth be told I don't care if it's a HTC problem...but if the problem is with the update itself, then it will also affect Nokia. And that will do damage since Nokia is the moving force behind WP. It will affect way more people and word gets around.
It's bad enough that Microsoft is sooooo slow releasing updates for WP. If whenever they release one this happen, it won't reflect too good on the plaftorm.
Balmer should hurry that restructuring. Maybe then the WP team will get their act together.


9Z3R06 says:

It has to be a firmware bug (only affecting HTC devices) because soft reset isn't working, which is below the OS level; the bootloader. So HTC has to fix it and all other vendors aren't affected.

Credo93 says:

Wow i get scared of reading the comment of DJCBS lol, i am very excited for the GDR2 + Amber update but it would be so a disaster for me if my 920 won't boot up anymore :o

Best regards!

rui.silva450 says:

I prefer that my device gets bricked because that way I can try to get a new one with other 2 years of warranty :P

Credo93 says:

Ha! You got a point, but i can't get trough a day without my 920 :( that's a totally disaster if that would happen :( to bad my 920's flashlight is broken, but i'm gonna wait till i drop my phone, i never dropped it since i have it :p but when that must happen, and i know it will happen, there will be some damage, then i'm going to send it back to Nokia and receive a new one becouse my flashlight is broken xd isn't that an idea!
Best regards!

rui.silva450 says:

I don't think that would work. Don't play with the warranty that way because they can argument that the faulty flashlight was caused by the drop of the phone. Just give it back when they can know for sure that was their fault

Credo93 says:

I'm just gonna try it, i can live without my flash as i have a so wonderfull pureview lowlight camera :)
Best regards!

Jack Larson1 says:

Just get a new cover for it, they come w/ a new flash

Marko Maric says:

No problem with my 8x for now

MrSimmix says:

Whatever you do just don't play music until there's a fix for this.

ali80 says:

Me too I don't have since I don't play music but is watching a music video on youtube also causes this problem?

pankaj981 says:

Turn off xbox music sync as well

DenniSundaY says:

I only experienced stability improvements with each update. Lucky me :P

Joost Meij says:

noproblem here.. just press the power button for 5 seconds or so and the phone reboots doesn't it?

Eas195 says:

Volume Down + Power buttons for 10 seconds will soft reset your phone.

PCUser271 says:

So far ok. Unbranded 8x from Malaysia

HTC phones that I've used have always had stability issues as a result of updates. Touch Pro 1 and 2, and EVO. Never had trouble with Titan, but only because it never had updates.

jchapman01 says:

Every HTC WP I've owned randomly reboots. I've owned every HTC WP that AT&T has released except the TITAN 2. Now I use the 920 and have had none of the issues that the others have.

schlubadub says:

I never had a problem with my HD7 - plenty of updates too.

Ron_2155 says:

My 920 keeps rebooting so I wonder if gdr2 will fix the problem. Not holding my breath

NightWatch71 says:

My 820 also reboots a few times almost once a month for no apparent reason. Although the phone gets very hot before the reboots. Nothing important but I still wonder why.

pankaj981 says:

Sync problem...

procen says:

check your apps one of them or some might be the cause of the problem. This happened to me when I opened certain app (I forgot which one) my phone rebooted, and when I uninstalled this app my phone rebooted after that it doesn't do it anymore.

When is Nokia releasing amber btw?

damo579 says:

I'm nit sure but I think shortly after the 1020 is released

rodneyej says:

Sounds about right because they keep talking about 9xx devices getting the pro camera app, so pro camera has to be coming soon.. Pro camera needs Amber to run, so... He's probably right.. A few weeks after the world gets its hands on the 1020... Nokia doesn't want Pro Camera reviews based off of the lower spec camera of the 9 series devices, so after all the reviews come out using the 1020, we will then get Amber on our lowly, little, forgot about and neglected 9's... Remember Chicago❔

plasmid_uk says:

All working great here on my unbranded 8X.

Chregu says:

Spotify has lags while playing music and I've started to have mp3 duplications since the update, everything else is fine.

pankaj981 says:

Turn off xbox sync

Chregu says:

Point is, it is a new bug I never had before the update.

Neil Katz says:

I had it on my Lumia 521 without the update. Unchecked Connect with XBOX Music, and reloaded all of my music back onto a reformatted SD card and all is now well. If your phone does not support the SD card, I guess you should delete all of your music and reload it from your hard drive on your computer. Bust first rebott after unchecking the option and see if the duplication is still there.

Well I'm not updating Tomorrow until I hear things get better. Can't afford to brick my phone.

matheee says:

Updated my 8X on Friday. Aaaand: it freezes!!! But I have another problem. Mine freezes when shooting Photos. After taken some it freezes and nothing then a softreset works. When it reboots (yes, mine does!!) all the latest shot photos are gone. But the rest works fine!

schlubadub says:

If it's sound related try turning off the shutter sounds (if enabled)

matheee says:

shutter sound is off, so that's not the problem. I even switched off beats audio, so even that is not the reason for the freezes...

Simpsoid says:

My 8X froze this afternoon trying to open one of my games ( AlphaJax )
I installed GDR2 a few nights ago and that's the first problem I've had since.

Luckily for me (it sounds like) holding power button rebooted the phone. This time anyway...

Dat1Dude562 says:

If it bricks, we can't do anything about it?

Edit: I'm not sure if I'm going to update mine then. Doesn't sound like a good idea.

This is why im always hesitate to update when stuff initially comes out.

busngabb says:

The bias in reporting on here is amazing. The 8X has always been more stable than the 920 but you'd never let that be known on here.

damo579 says:

Possibly true but I have a 920 and I've never had any problems. Hopefully because of carrier testing this won't happen to carrier branded 8xs.

Fritzly says:

Good luck with carriers testing.... What was the firmware that after been tested by AT&T was shutting down data connections?Was it 1308?

x I'm tc says:

Trust me. It's true. The number of issues with the 920 is staggering.

MyThIc3LiTe says:

Really? Are you sure about that? I worked for said company and that is a laughable statement, the 920 is a more stable platform and its a better selling one, since its got more units of course you'll hear more complaints about it.

UzaiBaka says:

Yeah, at least they are reporting something on the 8X though...

@busngabb Not biased. HTC had initial problems with the 8X and 8S stability. This was pre-launch though it did contribute to the 8S being released late and carriers not picking it up (moving on).

I never pitted the 8x  vs 920 in terms of stability.

Makes us Sprint users feel really confident about the 8xt

This is to alert 8X users of potential problems while updating. The article itself isn't an attempt to slam 8X, though the comments would tell you otherwise.

Paul Acevedo says:

The bias is coming from your direction, not ours.

vaseks0001 says:

I am the owner of 8X. After updating I also have a problem with music playback

hans 8x says:

There is no one else then you? ;)

Lior Hadar says:

my wife phone is dead now after listening to music with gdr2

Spedez says:

Luckily Nokia is waiting to get it done right.

Neil Katz says:

Maybe this is a good argument for not buying unbranded phones.

lasm2000 says:

You make it sound like a pirate phone. The manufacturer still needs to honor the guarantee, but of course, it is easier to just exchange it in the local store of your carrier, but I would (naively) guess that HTC still fully backs any phone you buy unlocked.

The article says "mostly unbranded." So there are some carrier-sold devices that are having problems, too. 

Obviously it needs a firmware update.

Evster88 says:

HTC should give up and make toasters.

rockstarzzz says:

Alarm clocks (with Beats audio)

Jean80 says:

My 8X locked up today and refused to reboot but holding the power button down for almost a minute eventually rebooted it. 
My 920 locks down often as well.

Well I have faith that my T-Mobile 8x won't brick....to me its just unbranded...so can't wait till tomorrow to find out....maybe I get luck and if it bricks be able to JUMP to a Lumia free of charge ⌒.⌒

jlynnm350z says:

That's what you get for being first.

Lmfao that might be the point

Josh Harman says:

Lumia 925 was the first with GDR2, and Samsungs in Germany were the first to receive the over the air update, HTC was second at best.

rui.silva450 says:

What about Samsung? They were first and I don't see anyone complaining

This entire website complains about Samsung, and hardly anybody has a WP from them.

neo158 says:

Really, hardly anyone has a Windows Phone from Samsung. I do and I think that the ATIV S section of the forum would disagree with you, but with this site turning into Nokia Central it's easy to see why you think that.

You misunderstand. What I meant was the people who complain about Samsung do not actually have a device from them. I didn't mean to say that hardly anybody uses a Samsung phone.

rui.silva450 says:

I prefer that my device gets bricked because that way I can try to get a new one with other 2 years of warranty :P

Silva just join the JUMP program if mines brick I am lol

Fndlumia says:

If this happens I'd recommend not trying to hard reset but pull it apart and disconnect/reconnect battery, then remove whatsapp

rui.silva450 says:

And then you loose warranty and can´t swap for a new one if needed... well done

Problems like this is what causes updates to be delayed by carriers

easynote says:

The temporary files erase dont work on mine... The music break a little... I hope for fix :)

Can HTC do anything right for any OS? The only time it flourishes is when the XDA community is making custom ROMs for their devices, either back in the WinMo days or now with Android

lippidp says:

I remember being happy with my Tilt II ROM update from HTC. Prior to that I had always used XDA ROMs. Some of those chefs (or is it "cooks"?) were really good.

heat 33330 says:

And people were complaining about Nokia not releasing the update yet. Here's your result when you release them too early without enough/thorough testing.

taymur says:

My dear friend, better wait till nokia publishs the update, if it was good, then give ur amazing statement. :P

rodneyej says:

"My dear friend"... Well, aren't you tha Mr. politey pants today❕❕

Fritzly says:

Sure, Nokia have never had problems with firmware updates...../s
Besides GDR 2 was released, at least this is Paul Thurrott stated, at the end of April; plenty of time to complete testing. Nokia just wants to release the new phone first.

Nokia have completed the testing. It is in the hands of the carriers. My carrier is testing now with release date in mid August.

Lipe13 says:

I've had my 920 freeze many freaking times, sometimes it would freeze 2 our even 3 times a day, and I would have to soft reset it. I downloaded and installed 2 more languages to predict text while typing, and when they got installed I saw those cogwheels like when you are updating the phone. Once the two idioms were installed, the phone stopped freezing so much. Since then it froze once, 3 days ago. But I hope 8X's owners get the fix for that issue soon, that's not fair.

Josh Harman says:

The first week I had my 822, it froze during a lightning storm (coincidence?). I sent it back and my new one hasn't froze once, apps have, but never the phone.

garyrday says:

GDR2 update sucks! Offers nothing new (no data sense for 90% users) and had serious WiFi issues i.e. Keeps timing out. I can I roll back to GDR1 on HTC 8X unbranded? :-(

Josh Harman says:

90%, where'd you get that number? Seem a bit premature, since GDR2 hasn't been rolled out to any major carriers.

rui.silva450 says:

Nothing new? I really enjoy all the things that were implemented on this update. FM Radio is one of my favorites and

Data sense clearly was stated for certain carriers...if you didn't get it its not provided via your carrier

lujetu says:

My HTC 8X doesn't freeze while I'm playing (GDR2).

Narathan says:

Same here, working fine... 
@mrdnauk: you can find the radio if you launch xbox music. Just tap on the music player and you see "radio" down the list

huppy says:

Here too... UK unbranded 8X running GDR2
And I've played some music

mrdnauk says:

I havent even seen the update i got one a coupel days ago but it didnt bring FM radio so still waiting i guess..
I cant complain i looked at a nokia only got my HTC 8 X about a week ago and being it cost me £130 sim free and an lumina was around £329 nokia can keep thier £200 extra exclusive apps 

That's an amazing deal, where did you get that?

taymur says:

yeah, until your 8X bricks :P

neo158 says:

At least it won't get dust under the FFC, brick while performing a factory reset or overheat though!!!!

Zeroplanetz says:

Question? If buying unbranded and a device gets bricked essentially is it not covered under warranty if within said time frame?

Fndlumia says:

Does HTC have some kind if service to fix or replace these phones? I know Nokia does, feel sorry for fellow WP users, very bad for WPs reputation... Well done HTC and Microsoft, guess this is why carriers make us wait while they do testing

lippidp says:

I don't think in the history of computing that an update or upgrade hasn't bricked someone. Hopefully, the root cause will be found and a fix released soon. Wise people will never install an update immediately upon release, especially without a recovery plan ready in case something goes wrong. Wait at least two weeks and search the net for reported problems.

Fndlumia says:

Fair points... I have never had any problems with Nokia updates besides waiting.... Though iam new to microsofts phone updates since 7.5, good call but I personally can't wait and by the time its available I jump on it

mwright53 says:

Glad I'm not the beta tester

rodneyej says:

Yes.. I can't afford for my 920 to come down with a fever... It's my baby❕.. I know Android devices are somebody's baby to, but they have a face only a mother could love.

rianext says:

Hahaha can't stop laughing man...! Good one Rodney...! :'D

it seems to be an outbreak , news coming in from every corner of unbranded htc 8Xs phone users .

Mark Cesari says:

You make it sound like a zombie horde has gotten loose.. braAAins! :P

rodneyej says:

Nokia "Rivendale"...❔❔❔

For some of us the phone went dead in 1 or 2 days after the GDR2 update ..
 also noticed many users getting their handsets stuck / freeze / bricked while playing music and for me while watching movie . 
somewhere the bug is connected to audio or video department , maybe after adding a radio feature or maybe with beats audio ....

aerosmillie says:

No trouble here. Htc 8x UK Orange

IceDree says:

Mine is working fine , updated it a couple of days ago & no problems. Unbranded 8X , Saudi Arabia.

Too fast to furious ..

Willyman says:

Hasn't locked up yet, but Spotify music play back is f**ked after the update. Stuttering in playback followed by a very brief drop in playback level every 5-10 minutes... I guess I won't be plating music for a while then. Thanks HTC/Microsoft...

uopjo6 says:

OS' still bricks these days? I'm liking my 920 but im losing confident by the day. Updates haven't been significant at all.

This is creepy AND crappy. I have a Lumia 920, not an 8X, but reading stories like this makes me nervous about updating my phone to GDR2 when it's released. EEK!

gravydre says:

Whatever happen to waiting at least 6 months before updating so all the kinks can be work out, all you thirsty kids that want a update everyday of the week.

jwballing says:

i am sick of this phone. crap support and crap features. if i could have switched carriers for a nokia i would have. i hope mine bricks.  easier than throwing it.

Josh Harman says:

Damn, really? I almost got an HTC over my Nokia. Guess I made the right choice.

Jason Wun says:

Again. I don't know what happen to HTC engineer? HTC devices get problem after updating software twice!

jwballing says:

they dont care thats what happened.   I mean look at the support of the device since launch pathletic.  No apps developed by them worth noting.  heres a list converter, photo enhancer, connection setup, htc, and flash light.  They do not care.

jwballing says:

welll first i am sick of the lack of support from htc no app development.  It does not support wifi calling, I mean really?  I have the portico update and the thing still random reboots.  When I forst got the device it took a hard reset to get the thing to recognize it was connected to a pc.  I get sim card errors with it device has to reboot.  I have not called htc out on this one yet .  Most likely going to replace sim tray.  I have done at last 4 hard resets for what ever reasons.   When I first got device it was never written when battery drops below certain percentage flsh turns off for camera, took support 3 different phone calls of 3 hours to give a definitive answer to this. 
I by no means am a nokia fanboy, this is my households 5 htc deviIce personal 4th.  I went with them because good track record before.  Bit now never again.  I can see why there slogan is "quietly brilliant"  because if they werent quiet there would be something to show. 

Oakdale Dude says:

My favorite computer phrase has always been "F**K**G Computers. I would always scream it out whenever my computer froze up, ran like crap or died.

I try to remember that smartphones are just mini computers and sh*t happens sometimes.

Realizing that doesn't stop me though from using my second favorite phrase.......F**k**G Phones  LOL

Robert Grant says:

Hi, I'm a publisher, always on the lookout for intelligent authors such as yourself. You're obviously well read and have an excellent grasp of the English language. Would you be interested in writing a novel for me? We're looking to make a Harry Potter-like series - perhaps you could call it "F**K**G WIZARD SKOOL" or some such?
I'd obviously leave the craftsmanlike details to you though - that was just a suggestion!
Wonderful to read the message you composed for us all.

walter1832 says:

You win the internets!

Oakdale Dude says:

Oh! would the Disney version be more to your liking?
...Darn, Dang Nab Phones.

Joe Blo2 says:

Poor phone is probably in shock from the 12% stock hit at MSFT !
Clueless Ballmer needs to go ASAP.

Josh Harman says:

This is the second article I've read in the last 5 minutes from "Joe Blo" talking about 12% & Ballmer.
MS will be right back up next quarter. This quarter last year MS reported a half billion loss, this quarter it was a 4+ billion gain. Let the restructure have time to effect & then judge.

Nokia the best.. Thanks elop you are the best CEO

Marco Enxuto says:

So far... So good. Nothing found here.

morpheus1982 says:

My 8x has been rebooting more often than I like recently. It even had the invalid sim issue last week. The only updates I have had are for apps like Facebook Beta and Whatsapp (which now has a background agent).

Big Supes says:

After owning a HTC, you'll never go back... to owning a HTC again.

I was updating my HTC 8X to GDR2, and other than having some issues with downloading apps, things went fine.
Then I was playing music on Xbox Music, and my phone just turned black. I tried putting it into the charger, but no response. But, when I plugged the device into my computer, it started charging, and now it works again. I won't play music again....

ricsip says:

Such a shame, even after these many months of delays, the super-slow Microsoft, super-slow vendors, super-slow carriers, and the updates still s*ck. Wonder, if there was only 1 update / year, would that still have these issues? (Btw. waiting the 8 months for each GDR, its actually not so far from that ridiculous 1 update / year rate anyway...)

Robert Grant says:

Yes, the policy used to be Shut Up And Don't Ship.
Now I think it's Shut Up And Don't Ship, But If You Have To Ship, Don't Test.

Ian Bugeja says:

I updated mine.
Works perfectly!

serdard says:

good luck! you re probably under risk

w4rpedfr4me says:

As a 6 month user of the windows phone 8x, I can't see much of a downside in updating, even at the risk of bricking your phone. In it's current state it resets itself 2-3 times a day, drops calls, loses data connection, and is generally the biggest POS phone I've ever owned. I've exchanged the damn thing once with big red. NO improvement.

frett says:

I don't know about the other WP models out there, but I don't get all the hate for the 8x.  I have had almost zero problems with it since I got it a a couple months ago.  I'm on Verizon, so maybe there's something different about it.  I know my wife has less problems with her iPhone 5 than my brother who is on ATT.
Are there that many people that have problems with the 8X, or are they just more vocal?
I'm coming from webOS hardware, so maybe I just have low expectations. haha

Flagz says:

Your not alone, I own the first 3 flagships and the 8X has been far more reliable than my 920. No rare reboots, great data connection, sound quality rocks, screen is amazing. Its just perfect, except other storage. That sucks.. But that's a WP Problem.

Its prob htc phones. I bricked my Mozart when upgrading to mango.

danWP7allday says:

Inside sabotage by HTC? Maybe HTC are leaving the platform because of the Nokia love...

rreszler says:

Right, l think its them trying to gain back some ground from the Windows mobile days, one word! Test

rreszler says:

HTC rushed the update out and we all know why!

alman650 says:

This is a little heart breaking because I've never had a Nokia windows phone. Only a HTC windows phone both the 8x and the trophy and my biggest argument against Nokia was that HTC windows phones usually don't have as many signal problems and crashes with updates. Looks like I can't say that any more... :/. Hopefully they'll fix it as soon as possible.

Fndlumia says:

Any examples of nokias crashing from updates? I have never had this problem and have had numerous nokias updated over the past decade, I heard att portico had some WiFi or cellular problem but your claim is pretty much unfounded..... Typing this on a non bricked 1314 L920, btw I do feel sorry for all you HTC WP users and hope you all get a happy ending or a Nokia

Flagz says:

My Rogers unlocked 920 reboots more than my 8X tbh, and my ATIV S has yet to random reboot (that I know of, its more of a media player to me)

Fndlumia says:

You have a faulty unit, return it, both my 920s and a 925 have never done this ever.... My old N8 though :(.....u seem to have your OS sorted but pick a team man for the love of god stop sitting on the fence... Seriously though I love Nokia aye and I support them aye I guarantee Nokia will replace your faulty unit and Sammy n HTC could not care less if u have any problems...... Aye

RyanR47 says:

One update after a millinium and they cant get it right!

johnnypieman says:

My 8x (t mobile) has yet to get the update. Honestly think I will pass. I am one of the few lucky ones to have a tmobile branded but unlocked phone that has the wifi calling update. My phone has been rock solid. No reboots or shutdowns. Love it so far!

Fndlumia says:

It Will be rectified in the coming weeks so you are wise to wait for the update, tmob is most likely running stability tests atm

Dat1Dude562 says:

Seems like you people care too much over Lumia exclusives. Just hop on the bandwagon

jwballing says:

I care about the companies commitment to the paltform and support, which HTC obviously lacks.  Demontrated by lack of apps they create and this recently issue with the update. 

Dat1Dude562 says:

The phone does everything I need and more. People depend too much on apps imo. I prefer apps that are productive over anything. I also agree with the support part though. Nokia really does push out a lot of features for their windows phones.

jwballing says:

Depending on apps?  IF we aren't supposed to depend on apps then why have a smart phone?  the whole purpose is to do more and by being able to do more you need apps and connectivity.  Next  I guess i will be told not to expect a web browser. 

Dat1Dude562 says:

With that logic then why get a windows phone in the first place if the android and ios marketplace are much larger. RIP jwballing 2013. #hateithadtobehim

jwballing says:

Now that's some logic . Because I use apps and want the most from my phone I should not use WP8.  I should use an iphone or android?  What an arguement.  I happen to love the OS the problem I have is with HTC's execution of it, if I did not make that clear enough.  And Dat1Dude562 you RIP as well. #hateithadtobehim

My 8x also get affected with this problem after the update. While i was playing music with my tube the device got switced off.Now it is in service centre.

MilkyTee says:

This EXACT thing happened to me on Friday, the day after I updated.
Was listening to a music track and all of a sudden it stops, and I couldn't revive the phone. I left it over the weekend to see if the battery would drain and reboot but no such luck. Gouing off for repair tomorrow. Goodbye ALL of my data :(
Link to thread: http://forums.wpcentral.com/htc-8x/233972-htc-8x-appears-have-just-died%...

My 8X froze today when I tried to play music. After restart, I got a few times a black screen with nothig but big "!", and after a while the phone booted correctly.

MilkyTee says:

I'd urge anybody who's had issues with their 8X after the update to post in this thread:http://forums.wpcentral.com/htc-8x/233972-htc-8x-appears-have-just-died%...
Whether you got the phone to reboot or not, it'd be nice to collect as many different accounts as we can in one place.
People could report back so we can assess which methods work and which don't and maybe compile a list of common circumstances which may lead to a bricking (e.g. thus far it seems to be: GDR2 update + playing Xbox Music track + having Whatsapp installed results in a phone dying)

DanHull3 says:

HTC 8S, still no update on EE UK, disappointing on EE and HTC's side.

jcjackjay says:

Any T-Mobile users update yet and/or had any problems?

jwballing says:

Nope , still waiting doubt TMO will actually push it out.  The main thing for me is the FM tuner which I had available in my HD7.  Should have never switched.  I actually hope mine bricks I can add to the growing list and glaring problem of HTC's lack of support on this product.  Its their "signature" phone, they should act like its their signature.

Harsh Thakar says:

Yes ....

am experiancing the same Problem in my 8x right Now, Was playing music, opend whats app, n it has Frozen whats app screen and its still frozen like that from last 4 hours with screen on, tried all possible combinations of buttons to restart it, but nothing is happening, now am waiting for battery to die, , , 

Please Help me with how to get on it if come to know anything about it, It will be so Kind...

Kindly Hepl me through mail, please ... " Harshthakar6270@gmail.com "

Thanking you,
 Harsh Thakar

booboo1000 says:

Hard reboot of HTC devices is a long press and hold of the power button (like 10 seconds).  This is publicly documented.  Power + Volume down is for Nokia devices.  Those of you who have been sitting for a while stuck don't need to be.

MilkyTee says:

If the fix were that easy, there wouldn't be an article on this.
People have been trying that to no avail. My phone, on the other hand, seems to be working fine now, after being dead for the last three or four days.

HTC still has the problem that carriers might have withheld some firmware changes. Compared to Nokia HTC has not been burning cash as they remain in the black, but only by a small margin. Their new One is the new reference for smartphones, the S4 is still outselling it. Why Nokia fans keep bashing HTC is a mistery to me. Without HTC we would be 2 years backwards. I have a 8X and it is a good device for its size. My Lumia920 I did not keep cause of constant freezes. Was it not for HTC, there would be no Windows Phone... HTC is always open to new ideas, some good, some bad, but they have good engineers and they never get stuck with old ideas. I wonder why anyone would buy a Nokia instead of a HTC One... Remind you I am a WP8 fan, but one has to say things how they are. That Nokia would not design their phones with exchangeable batteries while it aims for budget oriented consumers is a sad joke at best. HTC is smart, they will target high end and upper middle class segments, they have learned their lesson with Samsung. Wait for Nov. There is a full alloy WP coming that will be highly desirable, coming from HTC! All depends on MS now, if they are ok with HTC taking the high end WP segment, WP will get the hardware it deserves in terms of fit and finish and quality. A WP version of the HTC One.

jwballing says:

I am no nokia fanboy.  I have  an 8X  and have had an HD7, Touch Pro 2 and a wing.  I am raggin on HTC because they deserve it.  I had no issue with my prior htc devices.  This however I have rebooting, sim card/tray , and not mention i have had to do serveral hard resets.  first one being on the day I go it it so that the device could be recognized by a computer in order to transfer files.  there support does not know about their device.  I spent almost 3 hours with htc support trying to figure out why the flash turned off.  came to be that is the behavior of the device and they did not document it.
Yes htc has done alot for phones and windows phones in the past but now they arent cutting it.

rysliv says:

This only seems to be affecting the unbranded versions?

jwballing says:

Don't know good ol  tmo has yet to release their update which was due today.

Still no official news or article or apology letter from HTC ,regardng the inconvenience caused by this GDR2 update .
But some lucky friends got their sets working by draining the battery and recharging it .
guys u are true inspiration .

msanaullah says:

I am also stuck with the same problem, my new HTC 8X phone is bricked and I am at all unable to use it. This is radicoulous, Now I don't know what to do, I have tried starting thorugh power button with low volume button combination but in vain. Please help. :(
my email is muhammad.sanaullah@live.com.

msanaullah says:

I am also stuck with the same problem, my new HTC 8X phone is bricked and I am at all unable to use it. This is radicoulous, Now I don't know what to do, I have tried starting thorugh power button with low volume button combination but in vain. Please help. :(

ricep says:

Another brick here, without whatsapp, it happened when playing music...

Stu Malin says:

Hello, same here, apparently leaving the battery to die completely and then trying to charge may get it booting again, are you at that stage yet?

i always knew music is the concerned corner for the brick htc 8x ..

and its amazingly surprising to me that htc guys have no idea whats happening in the world with their windows phones , these guys are busy with their htc one and one mini promotions , least bothered about WP8...

thundr51 says:

I'd be interested to know if you guys that are having this happen have Beats enabled.

Stu Malin says:

Brilliant, this just happened to me. Raised a ticket with HTC but I guess wait till battery drains (could be a day or so...) Tried all the button combinations, the phone just doesn't come back on : (

matt foster1 says:

I've been having my 8x restarting and the no sim card error meesage.  Tmobile sent me a new phone out.  The new phone restarted on it's own yesterday, not even a week of use.... I love the windows platform but I need a phone that works.  Has anyone had tmobile give them a different phone because of these types of issues....I need a phone that works not a paperweight

jwballing says:

the phone could be restarting because the sim card is not sitting properly.  I had htc send me out a new sim tray and the issue has seem to subside.   I would suggest a new sim tray and while you wait there is a trick with puting some tap on the sim tray you have to help the sim card get better contact.  check the forums about invalid sim card issue.

this method really works by milkytee , worked for me too . 


As I've already stated, my phone was plugged in numerous times since it died on Friday approx. 10.30AM GMT. The battery app that accessed when the phone rebooted yesterday (Monday) showed that the battery level had been falling at a very steady rate since the phone went belly up. This, remember, was in spite of the phone being plugged into several different power sources.

To put it as simply as I can, TODAY(Tuesday) was the day the UPS guy was coming to collect my phone to send to a HTC repair centre and I had pretty much resigned myself to this fact; I was going to be without a phone for up to two weeks and would have lost all my data upon it's return. YESTERDAY(Monday), at around 5.30PM GMT, I plugged the phone into my laptop to see if anything changed, not expecting anything. At this point, the battery level on the phone was at around 10 or 15%. Bear in mind, I didn't know this, the battery could have been at 100% or 1% for all I knew.

As I said, nothing happened for at least two hours after that (I had pretty much forgotten I had even plugged the phone in), as the phone steadily decreased in battery level, eventually hitting zero or close to zero at around 7.20PM GMT. I suspect this was the time the phone actually sprang back into life. As I said above in earlier posts, I heard the telltale *bleep* of the laptop as it tried to recognize new hardware. Shortly thereafter, the familiar red LED began blinking, which, as well all know, is indicative of a charge. And basically, from then on, it charged as expected, although I did note that it took an unusual space of time to build to the halfway mark. 

Furthermore, I've noticed some peculiar behaviour by the battery. The Battery App I use (which I highly recommned, link here), showed that between 10.00PM GMT last night, and 02.00AM GMT, the battery did not decline AT ALL, it was stuck at 61% for FOUR HOURS. This was despite me using it for at least 2 or 3 hours of the 4. No, I very much doubt that's a sign that battery life has dramatically improved since the update, I'd imagine the battery has been compromised in some way. So that's a worry. Pic attached.

I should also note, that I had a random reset today, where the phone rebooted, but I may have pressed the power button in my pocket. Unlikely though.

SO, to recap:
*Leave your phone for as long as possible off a charge

*DO NOT have it unplugged if you suspect the battery to be running dry (I'm not sure of the implications of that, but it's best not to take the risk)

*Maybe have it plugged into a computer rather than a wall socket, the PC might aid you in recgonising the phone

*When you belive the battery to be at 10 or 15%, even slightly more, plug it into your PC. From there, you just have to play the waiting game. Bide your time while the battery eventually runs out of it's own accord, at which point, it should be kickstarted by the connection to your PC.

*Hopefully, the phone will slowly reboot. Bear in mind, it'll still be a brick for at least 30 mins or so, while the battery accumulates enough of a charge to power the screen and hardware.

*After this, your phone should be back to normal, with perhaps a few irregularities.

AS A SIDE NOTE; I estimate that my phone took in and around 72 hours to completely discharge from an initial 90% charge on FRIDAY. Obviously this will vary dependant on the phone, but use that as a rough guide.
Hope this helps.


msanaullah says:

Thanks everyone, I fianlly got my phone back to life, the only things imporant is PATIENCE. It remain dead for four days, although I tried many times charging it through laptop and a/c but it never responsd. I keep on trying all the combinations shared in the forum and suggested by pathetic htc support but nothing ever worked. However by yesterday, when I long press power button, it vibrated that give me some hope. I again tried different combinations but nothing worked so I once again started charging it through my laptop and after some while, suddenly laptop started instaling driver for the phone. That was really awesome moment to me, after some charging my phone autmaticaly started up and running.
Overall saying my imression is that phone needs restart and the only option is battery drain. So if your cell battery is fully dischared, it will back to life as u started charging it :)
Now I am desperately waiting for the fix of this shit so that could not dig itno this pathetic sequence again. Plz post if any fix is released by GIANT microsoft.