HTC Arrive available March 17th in the Seattle area?

File this under unconfirmed, but probable.

We have a report that people in the Seattle area may have early access to the Sprint HTC Arrive, which will hit Sprint stores around the 20th of this month. Evidently, some Sprint stores are telling customers that they can pick up their phones on the 17th instead--okay, so three whole days is nothing extraordinary, but it's still, not shabby.

Interestingly enough, the reason given for the early release? Microsoft. We know those employees get to pre-order theirs, with the corp paying for each employee to have a phone and we hare they're nearby Seattle. Furthermore, we're told each store should have one Arrive on hand to play with right now...so maybe go hit up your local store and get some one-on-one time, eh? Let us know if you if you do.

Thanks, Bryce, for the heads up!



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h-cubed says:

I went to a Sprint store 2 days ago, they confirmed having the demo unit in stock but would not let me play with it! How sad... He said that the demo unit would not be out until the 20th.

GP07 says:

That's pretty nice for the MS workers who pre-ordered etc. At least Sprint has given people a solid date for release, can't say the same for verizon.

densbucs says:

I hear that 1111


Yeah I went to the Tacoma Mall store and they said 20th as well. No such luck getting to play with a floor unit. Probably have to go to Redmond or Bellevue.

damon.russel says:

I checked in Lynnwood and they said they will have them on the 17th, but they don't have a demo model yet to play with.

bryceg says:

The Northgate sprint store is where I was able to play with a unit and get the 17th date. Probably wasn't meant for demo as it was given to one of the employees for use (probably to learn the new OS).

devGOD says:

it's a mini HD7, with a keyboard... sweet

ogdenous says:

Most Sprint stores are telling me it will launch on the 20th but only be available on the 21st which is Monday. Who launches a phone on Sunday. Should have launched it Friday.

ogdenous says:

Just called another Sprint store and there selling them now :-)