HTC Desktop Cradles available at Expansys

HTC Cradles at Expansys

While third party desktop cradles are available for the HTC Titan and Radar (here's our review of the Mobi cradle), we haven't seen a massive distribution of the HTC cradles for these Windows Phones here in the States. 

One such place you can find both the HTC Titan Cradle (CR S600) and the HTC Radar Cradle (CR S610) is over at Expansys USA. Not sure if these are European imports or are U.S. models.

Nonetheless, the cradle for the Titan can be found here and the Radar's cradle here. Both are running $38.99. If you know of any other vendors carrying the cradles, feel free to sound off in the comments.

Thanks, Clifton, for the tip!



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Nakazul says:

Don't know if it works to order stuff from My Trendy Phone, but they have everything + spare parts to every Windows Phone....and lesser brands :-D


JodyMaccz says:

Where can i get one for the Arrive

This. Though for the 7 Pro, I don't want Sprint branding on my dock.

McMaster2974 says:

Samsung needs to debut one for focus flash! :)

MadSci2 says:

Its a pretty poor showing from HTC - the dock for the Titan arriving just as the Titan 2 goes on sale :-(
I'll be interested to see if Dock Mode on the Titan automatically starts upon docking with the HTC dock as it doesn't with the third party doc I bought last year.

Gunzta says:

Yes when I sit my Titan in the official HTC dock, it auto starts the HTC Dock Application instantly. Works perfectly. Brilliant design, MUCH better than 3rd party offerings. :)

daguila29 says:

Microsoft stores have has these for at least 2 months. I bought two, one for me and one for my wife.

johnmcd348 says:

So would this docking station work for the Arrive?  It appears to be similar in the area of teh USB port.  Even if teh overall case demension is not the same.

barve_louray says:

It is a good news that it is now open to Expansys. Now, it is more flexible. - AflacAssist.com