HTC DLNA app in Mango

Another much requested feature is media streaming to other media platforms (via UPnP protocols) in the house. At the HTC event in London yesterday we managed to get a walkthrough by a HTC representative of the HTC Titan, showing the HTC DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) app.

Check out the video of the demonstration below, you can see the DLNA app at about 2:10 in. We must say that the rep did a good job at showing the top features in the short amount of time (the night was hectic) and both Windows Phone Mango and the HTC Titan looked incredible.



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Jf.Vigor says:

Everyone hates on HTC but they are one business savvy company

eric12341 says:

yea why the ### are people on this site hating on them now?

Many don't hate HTC, including myself. We're just often disappointed in them because they can do better. They'll have one amazing device and three "ok" ones--every phone is completely different. They need to find what works and just go with it.They're obviously starting to take it seriously, hence their new camera and screen tech. The criticisms were real and accurate.

Rich Edmonds says:

I'm in agreement and my views are the same. The HTC Titan and Radar is hopefully the start of something new from the company. It's good to see them taking the platform seriously.

SingeDebile says:

this is the last big thing ive been looking for, I wonder how it will sync with zune?

Shadow 024 says:

How it will sync with zune? Mango beta doesn't change the way it has been, direct connect or wireless on charger. How else would you expect it to?

nizzon says:

Think he was reffering to DLNA, will Zune take advantage of that?I would say no, the Zune team is so damn tired its scary. They need to start adding new features that are missing.

Wheezle says:

Wish I could get this for my samsung device.