HTC Radar and Titan to go on sale tomorrow through UK Phones4U

Good news for those wanting to get their hands on the HTC Radar or HTC TItan--Phones4U, a UK-based retailer, is spreading the word everywhere that tomorrow, they'll be the first to sell the new phones.

In fact, if you go to their website, both are listed with pricing and contract information (Radar, Titan) for pr-orders, but not that they won't deliver till October 7th. That bit of discrepancy gives us pause a bit-- after all, if you can walk in and buy it, why can't they ship it to you faster? Still, putting out a newspaper ad (Metro.co.uk) sort of commits you to the offering, so we'll be curious to see how many of you go and pick up these bad boys. Do let us know!

(For the record, I personally had the chance to play with both phones a few days ago and although I'm usually a bit harsh on HTC, these two devices really shocked me on their quality. It's as if HTC built a completely different phone from Gen1 devices, with some of the nicest screens I've seen.)

Thanks, Rob E., for the tip and @beckett1 for the image!



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Smg-Uk says:

I really wanna try the Titan out before i buy one shame that Phones4u just have dummy phones in their shop and not real ones to try. I get a upgrade in January on Orange Uk am hoping they get the Titan that's if i don't get swayed by Nokia before then.

SSaywell says:

I'll pop in to my local Phone4U tomorrow try and get them to let me have a play with the device. Although personally waiting till the Samsung Focus Flash, don't like the big screen of the S.

Dusteater says:

Great, the whole world gets new phones, but none in the USA... as usual.

jedibeckett1 says:

I went into a phones4u today and I walked out with a brand new Titan.......