HTC Radar apparently powering Android in Ireland

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We've previously covered the odd slip-up from retailers when they refer the platform as Windows Mobile or state that one of the Windows Phone handsets run a version of Android, but we believe it's wise to name and shame said retailers should an error pop up. It doesn't take much effort (or concentration) to slap a Windows logo on a HTC Radar product image, so is it pure negligence or lack of knowledge when it comes to what OS smartphones actually run (we're praying it's not the latter)?

The above image comes from Irish mobile phone retailer Meteor. Head on over to the website and check out the Android logo on the HTC Radar. You'll find the handset in the "Over €200" section. It's irritating when Windows Phones receive such treatment as anyone looking for an alternate to Android could potentially overlook devices due to being incorrectly labeled.

Source: Meteor, thanks senbi for the tip!



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Sarang68 says:

Ignorant people!

Dormage says:

Great news!
At least now people will buy more WP7 phones :D
Android is still selling way better...let them think its an android they are buying :)

rodneyej says:

I love WP, but I was going to joke and say the same thing. Lol. Let them get used to those times and they will never turn back.

rodneyej says:

Actually this kind of brings a idea to my head. Maybe WP should have a "blind tastes test" for users who are planning on getting their first smartphones. This would make for some great commercials.

agm353 says:

Rich, your good, but troll faces are redundant

Ninja1043 says:

Noooooo!!!! My favorite one so far is the "Mangofy everything!!!" lol (With the pink character)

Dormage says:

I love trolololo faces... keep em comming !!

Bruno H says:

Its even worse. The Screen of the Radar has a screenshot which has nothing whatsoever to do with Windows Phone. They actually use the same screenshot on the cheap Nokia C2-O2 above :-)
Really stupid. Dont they have Lumia commercials in Ireland? If so showing the squares would give you a freebie ride of Nokia Marketing efforts...
But who said sales people have brains??

selfcreation says:

to be fair , this has nothing to do with sales people ,, they dont make the adds.
100% marketing team mistake.  mind you most sales peopel are ignorent to their own product. lol

HeyCori says:

Lol at that picture!

selfcreation says:

They probably just mixed it up with the HTC Raider.. But still ..

Nakazul says:

Carrier 3 in Sweden have smartphone support for Android, iPhone and Windows 7. Would be cool to se that phone IRL :-D

Hampus says:

Most people are so arrogant, that the only thing they look for is that it's an iPhone or that the price is very low. So they just buy those phones which annoys me. And most people don't even know what an operating system is, my friends comes up to me and are like "What Phone is that?", and I tell them "It's an Htc with the Windows Phone OS". They're like what? And then they look and they're like, "But that doesn't look like my Htc". *Facepalm*.

Aldoron says:

I've had retailers and sales reps asking me 'what kind of android is that?' to my sammie focus.

zigzagr63 says:

What's also sad is that these cellular store sales people are still only pushing other phones. I was actually teaching the sales representative about how great the windows phone really is. Even though WP7 phone was mentioned first they went right to an android phone. That's when the challenge started.

senbobaggins says:

Wohoo I got mentioned!!!! Thanks wpCentral!!

willdoors says:

you don't get it guys..... it's good that they put 'android' instead of windows phone...... people love the 'word' android, the same time people dislike the word 'windows' ..... so that ads saying wp are androids are a 'help' for WP ;)

Aldoron says:

I think it's more like the Trojan horse. When the truth pops out they will be more irate than happy. They may even condemn the OS before trying it resulting at a raging moron in the store.

willdoors says:

all the people that try WP absolutely loves it..... the only problem WP has is the 'name'.... people don't like the word 'windows' 

Probaholic1 says:

I totally agree, I like my WP, but totally dislike windows. I don't even use it I use linux most of the time now.

willdoors says:

people remember windows 95, 98, vista.... aka blue screen ..... but today windows is absolutely something different, and to me, it's the best OS out there.... and I have used them all 'beOS, Linux, OSX, Windows'

ejlee072006 says:

I think now a days people are aware of what windowsphone looks like... Its probably one of those typo... Good luck android

WinFan1 says:

i took that picture absolutely fantastic reminds me of my brother when we argue hahahahaha