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HTC Radar (international) getting firmware update too

WP Central

The folks at HTC sure are busy these days. They pushed out seemingly random firmware updates for the HD7, Mozart and even Titan yesterday, bringing tethering to some and undisclosed fixes/enhancements to others.

Now the HTC Radar, at least in the Netherlands on T-Mobile, is also reportedly getting a firmware update. Reader Richard B. chimes in to let us know that he just received not one but two updates. Sadly, one of them was not for OS 7740, which is sitll a bit of a mystery. One of them did bump the firmware though:

  • Old firmware version: 1600.2200.10803.401
  • New firmware version: 1600.2200.10902.401

We also have confirmation on the Radar receiving internet sharing--we thought they all had it, but evidently not. No word on the booloader being updated, but that's also likely (his version is now 1.9.160015.3(132240)). We just checked our T-Mobile Radar 4G here in the States and no dice on an update for that phone. Perhaps since it is slightly newer it doesn't need any fixin's. We'll keep you posted. Thanks, Richad, for the info


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HTC Radar (international) getting firmware update too

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