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HTC's next phone might have even more cores and and bits

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HTC taking over the Metro newspaper

We've previously covered HTC advertising in Metro, a popular British newspaper, but it's now extreme. The newspaper offers an advertiser the opportunity to purchase the front and back pages. HTC has now taken not only a full page inside the paper, but the Radar is the first image you see when picking it from the stand.

The Metro newspaper is often read by commuters to and from work, which may prove to be effective audience targeting since businessmen would benefit more with Windows Phone than an iPhone or equivalent Android handset. While it may sound silly, it's fitting that the newspaper shares the same name as the UI.

Kudos to Jay for the images!



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HD7guy says:


FacilisDK says:

Looks awesome :)

Keefo says:

daaaaamn, i sent this into the "Tips" contact thing on the site at like 7am this morning hahaGood to see more and more add's shoring the great WP7!

theman60099 says:

That phone is so ugly and its such a failure because it doesn't have a quad core processor or 160gb of space. Common trademark by the HTC and spec-haters on this site.

HD7guy says:

It's too bad the WPCentral's comment rating buttons don't work anymore.

linknode says:

Yes, but... did you use your WP7 with Bing visual search to follow the link on the QR code? I did and:Oops! HTC take out UK Metro paper full cover ads for the Titan but the QR code links to a Sensation XL running Android!!/Linknode8Maybe it was my early edition Scottish Metro - or they fixed the link now, can anyone confirm>

kim thran says:

Any chance we get the HTC Titan in 32GB version?The 16gb storage are the only thing that prevents me from buying it :(