HTC Teases their new Windows Phone 8 hardware lineup for tomorrow


What are they hiding? 

HTC will have a big day tomorrow here in New York as they unveil their new Windows Phone 8 devices to the media, so it behooves them to tease us just a tad by showing us the corner of one of their new phones via their Facebook page.

The line "When beautiful hardware meets stunning software."  is given along with the image and dare we say, we know what they're talking about.

HTC will impress people tomorrow, we're confident in that. While they may not get as many accolades as Nokia, we think what they have to show will outshine Samsung with ease . That only means one thing: Greater choice for customers within a few weeks for new WP8 handsets.

In fact, we're genuinely excited to show you what HTC has to offer.

Edit: Don't read anything into the time in the picture above guys, every press shot you'll ever find of a HTC phone has the time set to 10:08. It comes from market research that says analog clock faces look like they're smiling when set to 10:08, HTC even blogged about it here.

Stay tuned tomorrow at 11am ET for the big reveal, as Windows Phone Central will be covering the event live and on location.

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Piro.Garay says:

To Daniel Rubio, could you be kind enough to explain why you don't like the Beats Headphones. I've heard you say you don't like them when I hear the podcasts. Also, I can't wait for the next podcast, I think it comes out tomorrow, right? Hopefully you bash the iSheep that have already started to line up in front of the Apple stores. Or at least say something funny about them.

procen says:

You want something funny watch this:

tissotti says:

As a HiFi's the Beats headphones are usually thought to be bought by people who knows very little about headphones and goes for the most marketed thing. or the only thing they know about. 
When you have some way better headphones available cheaper and more expensive high ends from brands like Denon, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, Audio-Technica, Sony etc etc

willied says:

Because they are absolutely terrible for the price. You can get better headphones for $30.

Piro.Garay says:

Well thanks guys, and to think that I almost bought the $300 ones the other day...

blackprince says:

Oh the shame you would have

Yeah I loved beats when the came out. Then I got me some audiotechnicas, and most recently beyerynamics headsets and there is no comparison be glad you didn't spend all that money :)

Gken says:

audiophile status! love my ATH-M50s, beats are just a fashion thing, and they don't even have dr. dre connected to them anymore.  Just made with those monster cables that cost an arm and a leg, I'm not even sure they help with audio data speed or clarity of sound (i know there is a debate for hdmi) ?  any help here?

stui83 says:

I use seinheiser hd595 cans. true width of sound. don't buy into marketing hype. the average person doesn't know or really care about audio quality and that's who they are marketing beats (and other fashion) headphones to, so why would beats and co give a **** if they were good or not. pricepoint and marketing achieves more than quality products in terms of mainstream consumerism. do your research, that's all I can recommend.

theefman says:

They should have done this from the beginning.

Bushybro says:

U guys suck, lol. I wanna know dammit!!!! Well at least HTC is not half assing it like Samsung. WP FTW!!!!!

dakken says:

If we got an "HTC Evo 4g lte" like phone running WP8,,,that would be pretty awesome,,,that was a great phone on a terrible carrier,,,when the phone launched I almost switched to sprint to bet that phone until I found out that sprint didn't actually have a lte network to speak of and the salesperson had no idea when it was coming,,,awesome phone crippled by terrible carrier.

CyclingNut says:

The time on that phone is in landscape format...does that have any significance?

hyperova says:

You may be on to something there! I'm dead set on the 920 atm but I really hope HTC negates that idea and makes it really hard for me to choose between the two!

microhaxo#WP says:

Who said the phone was horizontal?

hyperova says:

Who said it wasn't?

1jaxstate1 says:

The guy you replied to was hinting at the time people in a different position that normal WP devices. Which it is not, it's horizontal. So you and the original guy pretty much said it wasn't. 

Glim12808 says:

I think it's vertical but tilted to the left.

CyclingNut says:

The device orientation doesn't matter, the time is still showing perpendicular to the edge, not parallel. I might just be reading more into that than what's really there..still, kind of an odd choice of placement

wpguy says:

Odd choice of placement, unless the phone is vertical. Then there is room above the display for phone speaker, FFC, indicator LEDs, etc.

steve_w_7 says:

It's not landscape, it's just a freakishly unnecessary amount of space above the screen.
My HD7 only has 1/4" between the top of the screen and the top of the phone.  Does a FFC really take up that much space?

pbroy says:

Looks like a Zune HD.

fiveodano says:

...which was made by HTC

jwilde51710 says:

really? i didnt know that and ive had 2 lol thats awesome i loved the zune hd design.

fiveodano says:

...which was made by HTC

phaboman says:

More curious about 10.08. Is that the actual minute of reveal? Targeted date of release (seems optimistic)?

JamesDax3 says:

Could be the release date.  Show me something good for T-Mobile HTC.  I've loved your HD7. 

iknowsingh says:

Scroll down a bit and you'll see my reply :) 10:08 is a common time that HTC uses in their device renderings. It goes back as far as the EVO 4G (and the HD2 as well!)
Here's a shot of the HD2 - http://www.chip.de/ii/7/1/9/1/6/3/3/173fe6ca3baebc24.jpg

Jay Bennett says:

You are correct sir, I've also commented on this further down :)

iknowsingh says:

Thanks for the awesome blog post link, Jay.. I'm such a dork to notice stuff like this! I just posted that blog post on my Facebook haha

kenzibit says:


buhoymarmota says:

I cant wait.... Htc!!!!!!!!!!

adpessoa says:

10:08 10 inches tablet for windows 8

hyperova says:

Seems plausible, fingers crossed

Glim12808 says:

Hope not! We have a lot of those already. I'm hoping more in the vicinity of 5-7".

Mouthsmasher says:

After my HTC Arrive, I will not be getting an HTC phone this second time around.

Solidstate89 says:

It's funny, my only issue with the Arrive was the network it was on. I loved the phone itself.

Mouthsmasher says:

I've noticed that a lot of people on here like their Arrive, but I have a number of issues with it that have frustrated me enough to not get an HTC in the future. I've also got gripes with the carrier as well, but I'll take care of that problem when my contract ends ;) Here are my gripes:

  1. The ringer volume is way too quiet. I frequently miss calls because I can't hear the phone ring. This usually happens in slightly noisy locations, but not so noisy that I can't hear everyone else's phone ring. 
  2. The only speaker that rings with calls is on the back of the device. When you set the phone down on a table (or any flat surface), it makes the phone near impossible to hear, especially since it's already so quiet. The only way to avoid this is to set the phone face down. This is absolutely horrible design in my opinion.
  3. The phone is easily scratched. The plastic that surrounds the top, bottom, and sides of the phone is super scratched and chipped on mine. It looks pretty ugly now. To be fair, the back of the phone and my screen have never been scratched, just that cheap plastic on the sides.
  4. It's too heavy and bulky. This is really a keyboard issue. Honestly, I love having the physical keyboard. But having used this OS for so long, I've come to discover that the on screen keyboard/auto correct are actually quite accurate. I'd happily trade the physical keyboard for a phone that has a larger screen, is slimmer, and not as heavy. I also have to admit that this is a problem with Sprint. I had no other WP options when I got this.

I'm sure HTC makes other phones that are great, but my continued frustration with this one has turned me off to the company. Even if I hadn't been building this grudge, I'd still be anxiously awaiting a Lumia 920 anyways in favor of whatever they're going to reveal tomorrow.

That's just nitpicking

Mouthsmasher says:

Yes, I understand my preferences on the keyboard and physical features of the phone are a bit nitpicky, but not being able to hear your phone ring because of  horribly quiet or muted audio problems are not excusable on a phone. 

I didn't have that problem when I had the arrive, speak for yourself;

willied says:

All 4 of those are specific to the Arrive. It's not like HTC only makes the same thing over and over again. Just read the reviews and try the new phones before you get one.

jdep1 says:

Can't wait. HTC excites me more than Samsung as Samsung has been focusing on Android & giving us the left overs of the galaxy line.

ThePKReddy says:

You guys are making this difficult on me. I like it.

cp2_4eva says:

First....i think.

hyperova says:


rjohn05 says:

OMG. I lost it on this one. This made my day! hahahahahaha

cp2_4eva says:

Lol. I had network issues inside this tin can. Leave me alone.

Munkeyphyst says:

"missed it by THAT much."

Bushybro says:

This is so awesome, lol. I was scrolling by and almost died when I saw this. Thank you

hoonigandad says:

10.26 release date if we're lucky, I wouldn't be surprised if it was more like November

Tahiti Bob says:

Ah ah, that's the writing of someone in the know Daniel. Good job for keeping it secret ;)

hoonigandad says:

The only way I think HTC could be better is if they have a S4 pro phone or a lot of memory(64gb) otherwise Nokia will be the standard to beat I think.

Luminatic says:

Getting curious here! I like the newer HTC devices after having had a One S as a replacement for my Lumia 800 while it was being repaired.
And maybe not planning ot get a new phone soon (two is enough) has an advantage: I can lean back and watch all the WP8 beauty unfold.
(I wonder if I'll be able not getting  a WP8 phone until my contract ends. I wonder. )

kittshelby says:

Will there be a live stream of this event anywhere?

No live stream. Just us ;-) 

issieman says:

I Can tell you what they will show tomorrow... Its another rehash of there Android equivalent 1x. Samsung would do the same and so will LG..... Its all got so boring... It reminds me of PC's, basically slap any OS on it.

And....fail. Turns out you don't know...

WinFan1 says:

GET EM! damn mr rubino your snippy remarks as of late have me all hyped up i wanna fight someone! :D jk jk lol

Tahiti Bob says:

We've seen the 8X on photo and it's nothing like the One series so you can quit trolling. It's unbelievable the amount of people who spit on HTC and Samsung when they're as important as Nokia for WP to succeed.

juanynfante says:

i hope they really show something nice, i already buy a 64gb microsd for storage, i like the 920 but no microsd is not good for me i need alot of memory

raj varma says:

Well the last OEM of WP8
Hope the will come to market in October itself

Narr says:

I'm assuming that as WP8 has gone RTM they'll be able to show more of the OS; maybe not all but more would be good.

andyt82 says:

10.8 won't be a time or a date. Oct 8th is the opposite way round to 19.9 surely they would have sane date format. 8 could denote wp8 so maybe its model/version number?!

Jay Bennett says:

10:08 is just the time HTC always use in the press shots :) seriously, look at ANY HTC press shot, it's always 8 minutes past ten in HTC.

Why? well it's because back when clocks were analog they were always photographed at 10:08 because the clock face looked like it was smiling. True story, HTC even blogged about it here

ejlee072006 says:

I don't know how HTC can change my mind from getting the 920... Nokia loves wp8... HTC and the others are so so

iknowsingh says:

HTC is known for using 10:08 as the time on their devices in recent phone renders.. here are some examples -
HD2 - http://www.chip.de/ii/7/1/9/1/6/3/3/173fe6ca3baebc24.jpg
EVO 4G - http://phonewebz.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/HTC-EVO-4G-511x550.jpg
Hero CDMA - http://www.android.com/devices/images/device/htc-hero/large/0
ONE X (GSM) http://www.gadgetvenue.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/HTC-One-X-650x650.jpg
EVO 4G LTE - http://cdn1.mobilemag.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/120405-htc.jpg
...as you can see, it's been common with HTC using that time on their device images.
As for the date, 19.9 is just how a lot of countries display tomorrow's date. It's just another way of saying 9/19.

inteller says:

for a US press engagement they should write the date the way most of the US writes it.  We don't say 11/9

irlju#WP says:

No, I fully support the rejection of stupid US-centric customs. Catch up with the rest of the world.

When in Rome do as the Romans do, dontcha think?

DaveGx says:

Im not expecting much. It'll be a rehash of hardware out already with a different OS inside. Right now, I'm still hoping for the 920 to hit Verizon. If not, I'll wait longer.

cabo88 says:

Touch Pro 8 with slide out keyboard

wpos8 says:

Hahha touch pro was cool device still have it in my closet and in good condition. Maybe keep all great wp has a museum hahahaa

Gergolos says:

that would be SO awesome! I love my 7 pro!

HTC have said awhile ago they are done with physical keyboards. That position has not changed.

DavidinCT says:

The Touch Pro 2 is still one of my all time favorate phones I have ever owned. Keyboard, Speaker phone and pretty much everything (besides WM 6.1), I miss having a keyboard sometimes (I still can not type with out looking at the screen on my trophy)

Martinspire says:

I hope they will not only impress us hardware-wise (like samsung did) but also software-wise like Nokia has done for WP for the past year now. It really is a big plus to chose for a brand that activly supports the platform and develops lots of usefull apps for it. I feel that i cannot simply chose another brand than Nokia for the simple fact that i get a lot of exclusives and awesome apps i will use every day (or so).
Good luck HTC, impress me!

wpos8 says:

this will be twice better than nokia lumia 920. Quad core wow! That more like it. Also it could be bringing back the HTC Diamond hahahah would that be cool if that's what mystery why they will not show it to us yet until tomorrow.

Jay Bennett says:

no, it definitely, certainly, 100% is not a tablet

Glim12808 says:

Oh good! A lot of W8 tablets had already been announced and we don't need more. We need a 5.5" phablet, or whatever they're called.

wpos8 says:

This might end up In sprint. It supports cdma

That'd be a very poor bet to make.

MediaCastleX says:

I'd like to see him on it anyway! Easy money lol =P

theefman says:

If they release something really special, I wonder how long it will be till the first "wish it was on android" post! :)

ZX9 says:

Probably the main thing I can see going for HTC's flagship device would be the SD option. Even with 32GB, many people will want more. Plus, HTC is liable to throw some specs in there that we don't see on the 920 (quad-core, much?).

Don't focus so much on specs but rather design. 

Narr says:

I'm not sure they'll bother with a sd-card slot as they didn't place them on the Android phones. There's a good thread in the forums at the moment as to why quad core is wasted right now.

tds101 says:

I can't wait!!!

Siggystyle says:

Loved the HD7, and all the potential it had... It will be a great keeper, regardless of future usage (always be good as a backup). :)

Also love my HD7, being on TMO, I was less than impressed with the Radar when they sent me one after having dropped my HD7 in a pint of beer. Took about a week of calls to get them to "find" an HD7 replacement.
I'm hoping it has a kickstand :)

mrdeezus says:

As a Titan 1 owner with no tango update, HTC can kiss my ass. I'm done with their phones. 920 all the way.

fwaits says:

Isn't that more of an AT&T issue?  Not sure why they are holding them back, but once they do approve an update all previous updates come along with it so with 7.8 (assuming they push that) you would get all the previous update/fixes as well.

I'd consider the Tango update more of a luxury; HTC hasn't even updated the software that originally shipped with the Gen1 Titan. That seems more of a necessity and a complete lack of customer support. They really needed to address bugs and haven't. I like my Titan but am hesitant to buy another HTC phone if they can't provide better "after-purchase" support. The Nokia 900 has been out half the amount of time and (I think) has had three updates; Titan Gen 1? Zero, zilch, nada, bupkis, nyet, big fat goose egg.
I'll probably wait for initial reviews and side-by-side comparison reviews before I make my early upgrade decision...even then, the HTC might be a hard sell for me.

rx74ray says:

Again, the big fixes are held up by att. I believe the titan in Europe has the updates already.

carlosrdd says:

+1000 HTC Titan owner as well waiting on ATT for update... Smh

snowmutt says:

Sorry to all those HTC fans trying to blame AT&T for no Tango. The Focus S and Flash already have it (months ago) and so does the 900. Trying to belittle the update as minor only makes it worse, as a minor update should be pushed out fairly quickly.

Throw in the truck loads of audio and reception problems Titan owners have had with no software update to fix them, and HTC receives needed criticism for their support issues.

Ebaneeezor says:

looks like a tablet corner

alex6272 says:

I can't wait to be impressed! But with the confidence of this post I'm now wondering what they might have to offer... The more cool choices the better!

razorguy says:

Amazing how the corner of a phone can make me so excited. Hopefully they put up something worthy of challenging the 920...

fiveodano says:

Cutting edge...A triangle shaped phone. Rectangles are so out
All joking aside. I'm really excited for the WP platform. I really don't see how MS wont take market share from both Apple and Android (mostly Android, Apple is almost a cult). So many people have avoided WP because they thought the hardware didn't match up to the competition (now it does) or they don't like the large Live tiles look (now you can have small tiles).
I think that 2013 will be the year for Windows
PSA: check out Office 2013 preview. I keep telling people about this. I can create a Word doc., click save, it will save to Skydrive. I can now view/edit on my phone. In about a minute or two. So we no longer have to save to the desktop first and then upload the doc.

Tahiti Bob says:

Most importantly many people have avoided WP because it doesn't have the apps and games that are popular on android/iOS. Even with great hardware that will still be a sticking point.

DavidinCT says:

Most of the apps are out there or there is something just like the iOS or Android apps now. There are some key games and apps that it does not have but, it;'s getting there. Windows Phone 8 will be a lot easier to program for and convert apps from iOS or Android, so you should see the flood come on after Wp8 is released.
Microsoft should actually run a promo to transfer apps from other phones (matching or same type) for free or a low cost(75% off). That would grab people who have paid big $$$ for apps on another phone system to come over to try...

DavidinCT says:

I'm just wondering what HTC has that will compete directly with the 920. They will show something amazing I'm sure. Just as long as Verizon carries it, I'm ok with it.
I'm sold on the 920 but, a choice of a different option is ALWAYS a plus :)
(as the Titan 2 was a way better phone than the Lumia 900 by the numbers)

andy_wh2000 says:

If HTC can give me the screen and camera of the one x then id be hard pressed to choose between the 920 and an HTC. I'd definitely wait for reviews anyway because I'm more concerned about day light performance than low light. i want a camera that can catch the quick movements of my toddlers running around. If HTC busts out an f/2 camera then to me the only advantage Nokia has are the exclusive apps.

DeZerT says:

Well if the pic means anything it would be that this phone will have one of the most "edge to edge" panel I've seen so far, also because even on the home screen of WP8 there's still a small gap between the time and the right border of the screen. Oh well, I guess I'll just wait and see...

cedarlog says:

all i want to know if this phone is their high end or its their mid range phone and if they are going to annouce multiple phones or just one  :X

Cellus13 says:

Nokia, Nokia , Nokia. Screw HTC. They can stay with their falling Androids

Nokia for the ladies, HTC for real men.

Look Ma' a "Tablet"!!  Well, at least that's what it looks like from here.

goopile says:

Looking good!

nablor says:

I love my Htc Titan and would love to stay loyal but Nokia and there app support for the lumia range is a major plus factor in decision of my next handset so HTC will really have to pull something out of the bag to win me over.

carlosrdd says:

Same here lack of support has killed any hope of staying with HTC... Nokia 920 here I come! :D

Actually pretty excited to see the HTC offerings!

teaMJPx says:

Looks like that clock is pretty damn close to the edge... almost like a... EDGE TO EDGE screen?.. or close to it?.. I can dream cant I? jejeje

monigal2 says:

Nokia gave me $100, and I had no problems with my 1900. Now that's customer service!!

I'm excited to see what HTC has to show.

Glim12808 says:

Hope HTC will announce a WP8 5.0"-5.5" phablet or phonetab, or whatever they're called. We haven't any of those yet in WP8.

alrutani says:

I will buy HCT device if the following factors applies together:
1) The device should be thinner than Lumia 920
2) The device should be lighter than Lumia 920
3) Not more than 4.5 inch screen (because I see the tiles looks bad on larger phone screens and the scrolling gets unsmooth)
4) HCT promise to support us after purchase 
5) Nokia drive such app from HCT
if one factor failed, then my money goes to Lumia 920

3) Not more than 4.5 inch screen (because I see the tiles looks bad on larger phone screens...
It's funny. I prefer "more than 4.5 inch screen because I see the tiles looks bad on smaller phone screens". Perhaps I am accustomed to my HTC Titan.

pankaj981 says:

F@#king T-Mobile, u better have something on your plate today, this exclusivity shit is pissing me more than ATT not releasing the updates on time...

doctorweir says:

Hmm...looks like the corner of an Omnia7 ;-)

doctorweir says:

Look what cnetUK just posted: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bbkb6IBofwc Just a demo unit, but you get the design idea...nice midrange phone for those that want compact...