HTC TITAN II 4G Windows Phone coming to Telstra


WPDownUnder has reported that Telstra staff have received confirmation of the HTC TITAN II making its way to the Australian shores and onto the network. With the Lumia 800 being stocked at multiple sources across the country, as well as on Telstra itself, the situation is starting to pick up with regards to available hardware.

At an event last night, it was revealed that the HTC TITAN II (as well as another unnamed Android 4G handset) will be launching on Telstra this coming April. Even some lucky members of staff attending the event got the chance to take home a Lumia 800 with door prizes being handed out. 

WPDownUnder expects the TITAN II to be available on the $79 /mo Freedom Connect plan, using the MRO bonus (no handset fee), and would total $1896 across the 24 month contract. Although, the site notes that should the HTC Velocity be anything to go by, then the TITAN II may also be available on the cheaper $59 plan, with a $5 /mo MRO free, totalling $1536.

What's more is that Nokia has reported that they're still in talks surrounding the introduction of the 4G international Lumia 900, which would further strengthen Australia's range of Windows Phones. Who would have thought last year that we would be seeing prosperous moves from both Microsoft and manufacturers in Australia?

Source: WPDownUnder; thanks Sheeds for the tip!



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rodneyej says:

I had almost completely forgot about thus phone. I takes MS and its partners just to long to release a device.

No it doesn't! This is normal

WilliamC1972 says:

Me too! Said how these companies are now trying to get these phones out much faster. Sucks!!!!

Chicken7 says:

Yay! LTE Windows Phone in Australia! This will definitely cause a stir, with Telstra currently only sporting one LTE handset at all. My friends constantly ask if my HTC Titan is the HTC Velocity 4G advertised on TV. If Windows Phones start being advertised like this with 4G, things will get interesting!
On another note, why is Nokia giving us their useless non-LTE Lumia 900? We have LTE networks being deployed now, so why can't we have the LTE 900 down under?

ejlee072006 says:

Release them all..

Milk21 says:

I convinced my wife to wait since a little before Christmas for the Lumia 800 with Telstra (Wasn't easy as her old phone was pretty much dead). The question is do I now convince her to wait for the Titan II because it's LTE?