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HTC Titan listed at

AT&T HTC Titan

We're expecting the HTC Titan to hit the shelves over at AT&T tomorrow but to wet your whistle, it's now being listed over at AT& with the other Windows Phones.

As we know, the Titan sports the 4.7" WVGA screen, is .39" thin, comes with an 8mp rear camera, front facing VGA camera and 16GB of storage. Pricing for the Titan is at $199.99 with the two year discounts and $549.99 off contract.

If you can wait a week, it is our understanding the Titan will be a part of the upcoming Penny Sale from AT&T.  For those who can't be patient (not sure if I can), you can find the listing here at AT&T's wireless site.  



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Awesome, I'm excited about this phone! Feel like I might regrete not waiting to see what Nokia has lined up for the US but not sure I can pass this up. Esepcilly for a penny!

dbgman says:

I am ready to get my titan now!! The specs on the ATT site has The talktime wrong (shows 4 hours). Be there tomorrow.

MaulerX says:

I got the Focus S on the 6th and AT&T already promised me they'll honor the penny sale and give me a refund.

But for me? Im getting the Titan. That screen size is perfect for my multimedia consuming needs. And for a penny? Absolute no-brained.

EricCantona says:

But the 99 cents deal is online only isn;t it?

sfleuriet says:

MaulerX - Please tell us how you got AT&T to give you the refund. I was unsucessful!

MaulerX says:

Because the Focus S was purchased within AT&T's 30 day return period. I spoke to the local store where I purchased my wifes Focus S from, and they told me that during the sale (they can't do it now because the price has not gone down yet) call them or go in person and they will give me a refund of the sale price. So basically it's like your returnjng it and buying it back. But instead of going thru that they'll just give you a refund.

snowmutt says:

The Titan is my Wife's next phone, and I am happily up in the air between this and the "S".  The penny sale will see me logging on at 12:01 AM on Saturday morning, signing my life away for 2 more years.  I am kinda giggly.

jfa1 says:

I played some with the s and the flash as well as the vivid and.the other lte android I don't care much for android but they were pretty cool. But I really like the s will hope that the titan is in store Monday but I can't help but think that the Nokia might just be lte for ATT. But it's only going to be a penny its going to be hard not to pull the trigger

Grammar Cop says:

It's not "wet your whistle."
It is "whet your appetite."
Wpcentral has great news. It has awful writing.  Hire an editor, please. Every single post has some error.

jalb says:

Both are common colloquialisms.  Feel free to never post again.  WPC does not need a grammar cop.

BostonSammy says:

Can someone tell me the difference between a smart phone and a quick messaging phone?  I want to get the Titan for a penny, but i don't want to spend $20 per month on a texting plan.  
The restrictions read "All offers require a two-year service agreement. All smartphone offers require AT&T voice and a minimum of $15 per month data plan; quick messaging devices require a minimum $20 per month messaging plan. Some restrictions and other charges may apply."
The AT&T website says a quick messaging phone has a qwerty keyboard, but it doesn't say it must be a physical keyboard.

MaulerX says:

Don't worry. It is not required to get the $20 texting plan for this or any of AT&T's phones.

kevm14 says:

"Quick messaging" is a category of phones, just as "smartphone" is a category of phones.  No smartphone is considered "quick messaging" by AT&T.  That basically means feature phone.

BostonSammy says:

Thank you!  You just made my day!  The Titan is going to be my first smart phone for personal use (I have a blackberry for work).  The Titan seems perfect... i love the size (the iPhone is too small for my liking) and i love the os (android is too messy and confusing).
I do have to say that I also love my blackberry (since they usually get so much hate, I thought I would defend them a little)

Duvi says:

Keep in mind... if you want any kind of SMS, you'll need to subscribe to the $20, unlimited messaging, unless you already have an SMS plan and you're subscribed.

BostonSammy says:

I very rarely send text messages... I think I can just pay per message rather than get a plan.I believe it is 20 cents per message without a plan.

theefman says:

So this is the extent of promotion for the titan's launch, posted on att's website. No ads, no hype, probably stuck in the back of the store. Looking good for some stellar sales there.

MannLou says:

I went in yesterday to check out the Focus S and asked the girl if the Titans were in yet and she had no clue what I was talking about. She said she would google it and let me know. I just laughed and told her they're on sale on the 20th. Pretty sad actually. I'd love to grab the Titan today and see if I can work the refund on the 26th. Might work. I have the issue of using an upgrade from another line within our plan though. There has to be way to work it out.  

jalb says:

Ugh, that is so annoying.  I went in once to ask a question about the Focus and they had to google.  I could google it myself!
I have no patience for "salespeople" who don't know anything about the items they sale.  If I were her manager I'd fire her on the spot.

@theefman...But what is HTC doing to promote their own device?  I've yet to see a HTC Titan advert by HTC!  I don't think the blame lays on AT&T, especially given that this device is not LTE, which is what ATT is trying to push right now (i.e. ATT Vivid commercials); HTC advertises the Radar, but not the Titan?
But, I guess we can wait and see if HTC advertises it later.

kevm14 says:

Just called Sales.  Had her contact Customer Care and the verdict is, if I order now, they can't credit for the sale (not in their system) now.  But, worse, she said I wouldn't be able to get the credit next Saturday either as she said to return the phone I'd physically have to return it and by the time they received it and marked it as returned the sale would be over.  So that's dumb.  Is there an official policy somewhere so if I order online right now I am be assured I'll get the credit next Saturday?

BostonSammy says:

Your credit card might have some kind of price protection guarantee if AT&T doesn't credit you.

rsmiley0 says:

Well leaving to get get my Titan today. If I get it for a penny when the time comes it will be a bonus. plus we get the 25 worth of apps.
I know the "Smart" thing is to wait.... But I just cant! That phone looks good!

Verkunder says:

My contact at the store down the street said they didn't get any in. Going to be a sad panda if I scoot up there and it's true :(

mstudney50 says:

I went to 1 store and called 3 others... all in Central New Jersey
Where I went, they had an empty display with the Titan label… When I asked about it… they simply said they didn’t get it in yet.
At 1 store, the rep said they were supposed to come in yesterday to go on sale today, but they didn’t receive anything. They are hoping to get them in tomorrow.
2 stores I called didn’t really even know what I was talking about and said they didn’t have it... and I am pretty sure they didn’t check... They sounded like they never heard of it and therefore assumed they didn’t have it without checking.
Oh well... the 1 fun thing I had planned today (buying the Titan) just aint gonna happen!

Got my TITAN today, so happy! I've been waiting for it to be released...and the store i went to (Philly, PA) didn't have their active display up either...but then again, i was in the store at 10:02, they opened at 10. I was also the first person in the store (obviously) to purchase the TITAN, and had to show the rep how to take the back off to insert my SIM. Two things that came in that disgusting typical AT&T packaging, and it didn't come with a headset, but other than that this phone is amazing, and truly does feel good in the hand, and not too bulky in the pocket.

1Rahtid says:

For those of you enquiring about getting a credit from AT&T if you purchase the Titan before the 26th, read the discussions for  the article below( from a few days ago)...

dbgman says:

I got my titan in California this morning! They only had one in stock but I got there when they opened. It is awesome so far. The ATT sales person liked as well. The only thing that I did not like is they did not have screen protectors in stock for it. I will be googling to find one. The "fake" 4g is much better speed than the 3g.
I asked the sales person if the phone goes on sale within 30 days do I get the discount. She said that they will give me the difference in credit. Just to come in to the store and prove it. So I'll wait until Saturday and get it for a penny!

WPfan says:

Has anyone been able to confirm if the AT&T penny sale includes Windows Phone. The web site says "Windows 7 devices". This sounds like 3G netbooks to me.

Digital#WP says:

I wanted to order 4 of these HTC Titans for a family plan but 3 stores I called didn't have it or have no clue what phone I am talking about. The other store said we have only 2 but one already sold.
The other one said no we don't have it like she has no clue what I am talking about then I heard someone told her yes we do have it but only one so she said oh it's new phone we have just one.
So much for AT&T being number one Microsoft Partner for Windows Phone!!!
This isvery stupid. Shame on AT&T for being number one partner for Windows Phone and this is how they launch te product. They don't have it in stock and their sales people have no clue.
Even in their website they don't have it in front page as ad, no TV ad, and not even on their phone message when ypu call anything about it, instead they have their lame iCrap 4s ad everywhere.
And very sad to see that once again Microsoft failed to do anything about this.
Wish Micorosft had same passion like us about Windows Phone and marleting! Only if they had it...

kevm14 says:

Wow, I JUST noticed that it says "Windows 7" not "Windows Phone 7."  Now I'm starting to worry.  Then again, I am looking for an excuse to go ahead and place my online order since I found a 50% off coupon for new accounts.