HTC Ultimate Windows Phone looks to be the Titan in disguise

About two weeks ago we broke the news of some new device names appearing in the app "I'm a WP7!". The first was the Radar 4G which within days became to be known as T-Mobile's new Mango phone coming this holiday season. Now, we can shed some light on another mystery phone: the HTC Ultimate.

The Ultimate, by name alone, sounds to be a massive offering and indeed it appears to be the HTC Titan, but for other markets. In this case, the Ultimate is the official name of the Titan for Brazil. The information comes by way of the Brazilian ANATEL, the regulatory agency analogous to the FCC in that country. The full device manual has been posted (and shared with us) including photos of the Ultimate along with its accessories.

Now, to be clear, we don't have the specifications of the Ultimate except for the battery: 1600 mAh, the same size as the Titan. In addition, from the photos, it looks to be an exact match so we're going to just assume they're the same phones--but you can be the final judge.

The good news is the Titan née Ultimate, is coming to Brazil. The bad news is the Ultimate née Titan, is not some super-awesome unannounced Windows Phone and instead, HTC appears to be just offering two Mango devices this holiday season.

Big thanks to Albert P., for the information!



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lovenokia says:

i need to see the quality of the screen first

jamreal says:

if you're in the UK you can go into Phones4u and they'll have it there..pretty good from what i've seen, i'm really tempted but wanna see what nokia n sammy announce 1st. but somehow think i'll end up with the Titan.

theman60099 says:

I doubt they'll do anything better.

jcagga says:

yea i agree. From the Samsung Focus S picture, it just looks like Samsung Infuse. Titan has better build quality than Infuse for sure.

marcosbabu says:

But I think Samsung Focus S will come with Super AMOLED screen, even better than AMOLED's current Focus (which I think it's great!)

CreepinJesus says:

For the battery specs, get your units right :pIt should be mAh, not Mah. Little m is milli~, big M is mega~. Also Amps are a capital A.Physics rant over.

Paul Acevedo says:

Nobody could possibly remember that. :P

Yeah Def read the article as MegaAmps and thought %*!# ???

I want a titan. Like right now.

JamesDax3 says:

Still hoping the Titan or Focus S make there way to T-Mobile.

wolf1891 says:

agreed. i could be persuaded to "upgrade" from my DVP to one of these if it were available on t-mo...

theheape says:

At least T-mo knows they are getting a Mango phone. After as long as Verizons first WP7 phone took to come out you guys will be drooling over your tango updates or apollo phones before we get stuck with a Trophy 2.

xpxp2002 says:

The Ultimate Windows Phone.Enough said.