Sprint and HTC almost gave you a way to customize the HTC 8XT Windows Phone, but killed it due to money

HTC Design Studio

HTC was working with US mobile operator Sprint to introduce a colour customisation tool for the HTC 8XT, according to The Verge's sources. The online personalisation service would enable consumers to add and change colours on the HTC Windows Phone, offering more options that help make the purchase that much more unique. HTC Design Studio, as it was known, was dropped due to cost and complexity.

As shown above, the HTC Design Studio would have provided means to alter colouring for speaker and accents, as well as two-tone highlights and personal engraving. Motorola is offering a similar service with the Moto X, but should the project be successful we could see HTC (and other OEM partners) launching their own tools. Imagine if Nokia followed suit, enabling you to customise your Lumia Windows Phone too. It's a shame HTC shelved the project.

Source: The Verge



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RyanAMG says:

They most have spent all the money getting the iPhone

Planblover08 says:

+920 LMAO so True!

That's actually badass, I hope Nokia does something like this

1ll1TERAT3 says:

Looked like a good idea....

gerzhwin says:

So sad hearing more and more bad news from HTC! Loving my 8X so much ...

lubbalots says:

Every penny gotta be saved for Iron Man. He's the hero that's gonna save HTC.

diplomat696 says:

So Robert Downey Jr. will be the reason for HTC to fold lol. #Classic

MediaCastleX says:

HTC is just stupid... =/

bilzkh says:

I think Nokia should do it, but for the next Lumia 7xx and Lumia 6xx.
Firstly, the cost of those phones would be low enough to push off-contract and unlocked, meaning, they could ship these globally to consumers directly -- and avoid the carriers.
Just imagine a $299 Lumia 730 or $199 Lumia 630 whereby you could choose your colour tones, patterns, designs and even your Qi charging cover and Coloud headphones!

Miistercoool says:

Idk sounds cool but I would prefer a high end Lumia to be customizable, not the 1020 though but like the 925 would be awesome, like your idea of including the QI wireless cover and headphones to customize as well!

TechFreak1 says:

Naw it should be offered across the entire range. That way you keep all the punters happy -).
Since smartphones are now also used as fashion accessories. This will pull more people to the range and Windows Phone.
Shame HTC shelved the project.. Would have helped push some more HTC units.
Also abit skeptical of this billion dollar market push with Robert Downey Jr, if this fails HTC have had it.

tigermcm says:

It would be great if smartphones could be ordered like PCs......made to order

tgr42 says:

You could always go work at a factory in Brazil and learn how to build one yourself.  Only takes 32 seconds!  (or you're fired)

Love the MotoX because of customizability like this.

That beings said.... Meh to HTC. I'm essentially a Nokia man.

TunaTank says:

Something like Zune Originals style would be bad ass...

baron1996 says:

I think its stupid for indians atlest we cant get a yellow 820 here forget about customisable colors

anshrvohra says:

What are you talking about? Two of my friends have yellow 820s. I have a yellow 720.

JoeDizzle33 says:

Too bad HTC couldn't figure it out. This would have been a kick ass promotion. It would have made the phone stand out a lot.

qhendricks says:

That's a shame. I would have actually highly considered the 8XT if it was available like this, in more than just purple.

Adrian Gell says:

+1 I think my decision between this and the Samsung will just be about which-is-less fugly. Unless I can get confirmation of an unlocked Verizon lumia being usable on Sprint's network. And then I'd just use Ting.

gevabar says:

Goof idea too bad

xboxonthego3 says:

Did anyone else notice it says Windows 8X not 8XT in the image?