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HTC Windows Phone live blog, live from New York City

HTC One W8

HTC press event August 19th for One W8 Windows Phone?


Verizon to get HTC One (W8) for Windows Phone on August 21

Windows Phone News

Microsoft exec hints at new HTC Windows Phone at Computex

Windows Phone News

HTC W8 to reportedly include BoomSound and duo cameras

Windows Phone News

HTC W8 reported to be a 'flagship' Windows Phone 8.1 release for Verizon


Pin a big old clock on your Windows Phone 8.1 Start screen with Clock Hub


Sprint confirms Windows Phone 8.1 update for HTC 8XT and Samsung ATIV S Neo this summer


HTC rumored to be building a Windows Phone version of the new Android flagship

Windows Phone News

Windows Phone market share surpasses BlackBerry in the U.S.


Windows Phone is losing some hardware differentiation as Microsoft woos Android manufacturers

Windows Phone News

HTC confirms 8X to get Windows Phone 8.1

General News

Nokia and HTC settle all litigation, sign massive patent and technology deal

Windows Phone News

German court shuts down one of Nokia's patent suits against HTC

Windows Phone News

Nokia prevails in German Patent Lawsuit against HTC, device injunction could follow

Windows Phone News

UK courts grant Nokia injunction against HTC Android hardware

Windows Phones

Verizon begins pushing Update 3 (GDR3) for HTC 8X Windows Phone

Windows Phone News

Deal Alert: Unlocked HTC 8X available for $249 at Microsoft's online Store

Windows Phone News

Grab the Verizon HTC 8X for $199 with Deal Steals

Windows Phone News

Nokia wins patent battle against HTC in the UK; now seeking sales ban

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HTC Windows Phone 8 Live Blog from New York City

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We're live from New York at the HTC event where we expect to see Windows Phone love with the unveiling of both the 8X and 8S. Could we see more? Only time will tell. Be sure to join in, say hello and enjoy the show as Windows Phone Central brings you live coverage of HTC's Windows Phone 8 announcement event.



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mjfadaway says:

I've never been so excited for an HTC event!

ebradley says:

Hopefully the touch response will be better than on the Titan 2

I pretty sure the Lumia 920 will still be better.

mjfadaway says:

Yea your probably right, but I'm pretty sure what HTC offers will be better than the Ativ S.

Of course. First off, the Ativ S presentation was 90 seconds.

druger81 says:

Just had to bring up the 920 on an HTC post. Its so sad.

I rather put faith into a company that cares and puts the most effort into windows phone.

duk3togo says:

Why is it everyone states that they hope HTC has original designs not rehashes of an android hardware. Didn't the Titan (i think the titan ll as well) come out before the One X and with a similar design.

mjfadaway says:

And what yellow phone is that in the picture? It looks different than the 820 and 920. Maybe I'm trippin

cgk says:

You can see the 8X here, they put up the hands-on video already:

Link doesn't work.

webby7 says:

More live spam than live blog.

erzhik says:

engadget posted a hands-on and specs of 8X.

rcballa12 says:

HTC will be the "Flagship" handset maker? Not Nokia?