HTC working on a Beats Windows Phone

The HTC and Beats Audio partnership has already produced the HTC Sensation XE, an android phone with Beats Audio. We are now learning that a Beats Audio Windows Phone is in the works.

To quickly get a Beats Audio phone on the market HTC took the HTC Sensation, added Beats Audio software, a high-end set of headphones (complete with the Beats trademark red cord), added a few cosmetic changes and added the XE suffix.

Could HTC do something similar with the HTC Radar or Titan? Or are we in store for a few more Windows Phones from HTC later this year?

source: slashgear



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Winterfang says:

Wait why did you did you guys said could? do you mean there's no proof and you just make things up? >=(

mans550 says:

lol @ 'did you did you'read the source: slashgear

ChrisLynch says:

@winterfang:If you read the article on SlashDot, they clearly state HTC is working on a WP device that will include Beats Audio. The author here on wpcentral.com didn't write a very good blog post. The HTC Titan and Radar have their specs already released, and none have shown Beats Audio support. So, there will obviously be additional phones from HTC later this year or in 2012. I hope they get them out sooner, rather than later.

Beats Audio, ugh, couldn't HTC just punish us with Bose? Beats, audio only the deaf could love.

jdevenberg says:

Beats, the kind of audio old people hate

kim thran says:

Beats, the kind of brand true audiophiles hate