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Could we see the HTC 8S and 8V join the 8X Windows Phone?

The HTC Windows Phone event is but days away and we are already hearing rumors as to what HTC has up it's Windows Phone sleeves. We have already seen leaks about the HTC 8X (aka Accord) and now we are hearing scuttle butt about two new Windows Phones from HTC, the 8S and 8V.

Rum: 5

Remember, the 8X is reported to be a 4.7" HD Super LCD 2 screened device (earlier speculation called for a 4.3" screen) with an 8MP camera, dual core Snapdragon processor with NFC support. Some see this as the successor to the HTC Titan II and designed after the HTC One X (Android).

The HTC 8S is rumored to be a 4.3" HD Super LCD device and designed along the lines of the HTC One S (again... Android) that also sports the 4.3" screen. Speculation has the 8S having microSD expansion and either a 8GB or 16GB storage.

Last but not last is the HTC 8V that is rumored to be more of an entry level Windows Phone with a 4" WVGA screen, 5MP camera, 512MB of RAM and the dual core Snapdragon processor. And if the rumors hold true with the other "8" Series phones, the 8V will follow the design of the HTC One V (again...Android).

The nice thing about these rumors is that we won't have long to find out if they hold water or not. We do feel that the 8X is simply the One X body with a few cosmetic changes that runs Windows Phone 8. It wouldn't be too far of a stretch to see HTC pull out the designs for the other One Series phones and do the same.

We'll be at the HTC Windows Phone event next Wednesday and let you know how it all shakes out. But curious, if HTC's Windows Phone 8 lineup is the One Series phones converted to Windows Phone 8, is that enough? Or would you like to see a little more creativity on HTC's part?

Source: Pocket-Lint Via: Phonearena; Thanks, Shipwreck, for the tip!



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Jf.Vigor says:

Strange... The "accord" has been rumored to be the 8x but the accords specs match that of your purported 8s...
Also you claim theb8x will look like the onex (I hope it does).. Yet by pics its been shown to look totally different. I guess we all find out in 7 days. Don't kill me tho Daniel for my comment, I know how snarky you can be ;)

vaultboy21 says:

yeah I'm confused as well. thought the 'x' indicated high-end for HTC naming, so why is it the accord/mid-ranger??

PG2G says:

HTC also has a One XL, that might be the big daddy phone

MadDogFL62 says:

All of the manufacturers are excited to see Verizon get into WP8 game.  Better late than never.  Nokia is already whipping up a phone or two for Verizon to sell by year end.
I think we are going to see the same thing with HTC.  We have known for some time now what the WP8 HTC devices will look like and who it will get what first.  Verizon was not a part of those choices or decisions.  However, I would be willing to bet that Verizon came to HTC – told them they decided to get into the WP8 game - and asked them for a Trophy II sort of phone.  Remember that HTC was the only Windows Phone Verizon has ever had. 
Again, lots can change in 40+ days.  Today, Sony is now saying that they are not going to get into the Windows Phone business.  We still have nothing from Dell as of yet.  Nothing from Acer or Asus as of yet either.  I would have to say that all of the Android and Windows Phone manufacturers (and many of the carriers) are tired of getting stepped on by the iPhone.  This may be the first iPhone release where customers actually have some big decisions to make. 

George wrote the article not Daniel which is odd because George usually covers all the apps and indie game articles

Glim12808 says:

Oh yeah, Daniel the Snarky! LOL! Was at the receiving end of THAT! ;) But really, totally forgot the OneXL. So XL = Zenith, X = 8X, S = 8S, V = 8V? Makes sense to me!

5tephen says:

Not quite. The One XL is just the name of the dual core variant released with LTE support. The regular One X is the quad core monster released internationally. That's really the only difference between them.

dakken says:

I believe HTC just like Samsung will have some incredible hardware next week and unfortunately just like Samsung will be left out in the cold by MS and not have any WP8 software to showcase. This is where MS is really dropping the ball,,,by not working closely with All oem's there virtually assuring that all but nokia will fail. MS should be working hand in hand with all oem's willing to take on WP8 to insure that every WP8 device regardless of who makes it is a top quality product.

Or maybe they don't want everything to be revealed so soon.

dakken says:

The time has passed for MS to play cat and mouse. Do you honestly believe that when tomorrow comes that apple is going to hold anything back? Of course not. There gonna put on a great presentation and say this is what our new iphone looks like with its new bigger screen,,,this is what it can do,,,this is how much its going to cost for different GB models and this is EXACTLY when you can get it,,,,ohh and by the way our pictures and video were ACTUALLY taken with the a new iphone 5. And guess what's gonna happen next? All the people considering leaving apple for WP are gonna be amazed and stick with apple. And the day after tomorrow after the media and tech press report what a revolution the new I phone is,,,WP and nokia will be already forgoten.
Sorry for the rant,,but I believe in WP8 and want it to succeed but MS is making as difficultas possible for oem's other than nokia to do so.

jabtano says:

You are spot on!

mwright53 says:

You are dead right. I'm getting tired of MS being so coy about features. It's time to let the world know what you got

willied says:

Hey HTC, will you make a one off high end 4.0" phone for me, please? No one else will.

Glim12808 says:

+1. Although I'm getting the 920, a high-end 4.0" will be good for smaller hands.

U have 2 hands what u need a small phone for if ur doing any thing that has to do with just one hand chances are its dangerous like driving and trying to use ur phone if u can't use both hands then it can wait

tal99 says:

Same here. Really looking for a 4' High end phone. Lumia 800 was perfect in size and design. The Lumia 920 seems perfect in features but is far to big for my needs. Thats' probably the one important thing iPhone 5 will get right :-(

Only the minority wants 4' screens

It wouldn't surprise me if they pull the ol' hat trick, and do what Sammy did with the Ativ-S. That being said, I actually like what they did with the Ativ-S, familiar design with a custom attitude...if HTC follows suit, then i think either way we have something interesting to look forward to.

kingraven says:

If you have a great design then there's not a lot of reason to move away from it.  It would be nice to see aggressive higher-end handsets in the 4"-4.3" screen-size realm, but it's not make or break.  The next iPhone (being unveiled in like 9 hours) will probably run a 4" display, but after spending time with 4.3-4.7" handsets, 4" is barely usable for me.  Do note that the Lumia 820 looks to be a classy middle tier handset and should be seriously considered if you aren't the biggest/best early adopter type for 4.3".  It looks to be smaller than the Lumia 900 so it could fit very well in average-sized hands.
The One X is a very nice phone and I'd be happy to own it with Windows Phone 8 as the OS.  But at the same time, if HTC and others are going to recycle their designs, at least allow space for improvements.  I don't mind it much and I don't think it's a big necessity to be totally unique with WP8.  The software is distinguished enough.  However, like Nokia, having something that makes a statement is really beneficial.  HTC and Samsung could take a note or two from Nokia in that department.  But as long as there's multiple choices on each carrier I think it's a win for the customer.  Tired of T-Mobile and Verizon having such lackluster device support.

Whatever HTC releases, I don't care.  After the horrible experience I had with my HTC Panache (the non-US version of the MyTouch 4G), I will never buy an HTC phone again. And it wasn't just me, it seems almost everyone that bought a Panache isn't happy.
I'll just stick with Nokia, thank you.

Cool story bro. Hope you feel happy shítting another article.

Ordeith says:

I think that is more because of the OS than the mfr. :-)

willied says:

Basing a company on one phone is just dumb.

stui83 says:

Philosophically though, how else should a consumer act? The debate between personal experience, specs and reviews continues...

venom5150 says:

Well I had the HTC Arrive and they didn't support it at all.

Blame the carrier for that. My trophy has all the updates.

Bushybro says:

Its a good start, especially if they bring all three models. With the 920, ativ s, and 8 x, we will finally have the hardware to match the OS.

Kreblon says:

I've never owned an HTC device, but I was impressed with the build quality of the Titan when I checked it out in a store. I'll be interested to test their WP8 offerings, though I'm definitely leaving towards the Lumia 920 as my next phone.

mjrtoo says:

My girlfriend has the Titan, and it is a great phone except in one regard, the reception sucks. I have a Quantum and I get far better reception than her. Have to say even the camera on the Titan was pretty impressive.

baileystein says:

Really? I'm getting a Titan to retire my water damaged Focus. I didn't hear anything bad about reception, just call quality.

mab664 says:

Get the titan II then or wait for WP8

Jf.Vigor says:

I have the titan and can attest, the reception is ass

wpguy says:

Glad to see HTC still in the game. No complaints about my HD7, except that WP7 performance starts tanking in a big way when free storage space goes much below 2 GB. Not the fault of the hardware, though.

rbiasca says:

My titan has the same issue.

schlubadub says:

Holy crap! I thought it was just me! I have to keep 1.5 GB free otherwise I get random lag issues. HD7 as well

rightisray says:

I have the Trophy and the bitch is full, about 200mb of memory left and have zero issues with lag or anything else.

lippidp says:

1.23GB free on Quantum and no problems with responsiveness.

Faise says:

My trophy is on 500MB and it's fine.

BK-one says:

I just have one thing to say and I am sure I am not alone..

Nokia 920..

Ok, now back **** off HTC articles. Why even comment if it doesn't pertain to you, that is stupid as ***

Baka says:

You mad bro?

baileystein says:

Comments are open thoughts and if you don't like them-don't read them. Lol.

sheldork says:

how does one know if thy like the comment or not before reading?

Solidstate89 says:

How about the rumors of HTC offering a quad-core Windows Phone in early 2013? Have you heard any validity behind those? I don't see myself require a quad-core anytime soon - but it would be interesting to see if it does happen for no other reason than the fact that means WP8 would allow a better ability to stay at the cutting edge of hardware.

Glim12808 says:

Yes, read that leak too, multiple times actually. I think the Zenith is the WP8 counterpart to HTC's OneXL. 4.7" S-LCD with quad-core. Leaks say for 1Q 2013 release. Hope it happens just to quell all this chatter WP8 still not good enough because it doesn't run on quad-core.

What are you talking about? Wp8 supports up to 64cores, look at the first announcement of the revealing if wp8, there are not any chipmakers that makes over 4 cores. HTC decided to use quad core

ejlee072006 says:

A 5 inch HTC device will probably change my mind

cedarlog says:

5 inch would be second wp8 generation
all of them keeping their best of the best for second generation

lubbalots says:

HTC rumors are starting to be confusing! Now the 8x is high end with 4.7" screen? So what's the accord? And what's coming to tmo?

cedarlog says:

info from two sites
8X  high end 4.7inch screen
8s mid range = accord 4.3 inch screen
8v low end

ron_wp7 says:

I have fleet of technicians & office staff using HTC trophies for nearly two years & they have been great phones!

In spite of my pending Lumia 920 purchase, I'm excited to see whether HTC really makes a strong effort with Windows Phone 8 or if it's just more one-offs the way they've done recently.

mab664 says:

In order of importance:

Fiann says:

I have to disagree. I think Samsung should be above HTC. Maybe even above Nokia. Not for quality but simply because of their brand recognition and mindshare. I think they will be critical to the success of WP. I still rate Nokia higher because of their support for the platform and because they are more likely to push the limits of the platform.

cedarlog says:

No way
Nokia = Smartphone + Services + Apps + Accessories + Customer Care + Hardware Quality
Samsung = Smartphone + Nothing

dsba says:

What about Dell and others? I believe the more players better for all. More options more innovations...

DavidinCT says:

Didn't Dell say they were getting out of the cell phone market ?

Coolaaron88 says:

I could have had a V8 *facepalm*

1jaxstate1 says:

HTC has the most 1st Gen WP7 devices, so I don't see this being impossible. 

8x =1x 8s=1x 8v=1v duh

Munkeyphyst says:

8x=1x 8s=1s 8v=1v
Fixed it

Glim12808 says:

And perhaps the HTC Zenith to equate to the OneXl?!

wpguy says:

One thing I would really like to see from HTC is more support. They had a few exclusive apps for WP7. They should do more. But they also need to step it up with hardware driver fixes. For example, it would be nice to have a fix for the Wi-Fi connectivity issue on the HD7 that occurs if the user ever uses internet sharing. That could partly be Tmo's lack of pushing the fix, IDK.

DaveGx says:

Nokia 920 over any HTC option.

Your racist áss doesn't deserve anything

cedarlog says:

hopefully yes i would like to see the high end - mid range - low range
wait a minute Samsung announced 1 phone Nokia announced 2 phones and HTC going to annouce  3 phones :0 there something weird :X

cannon#WP says:

Whatever the Titan 8 ends up being, as long as the design is industrial and looks good, I'm getting it. I can't go lower than a 4.7 screen anymore.

pbroy says:

What for? Nokia is getting all the exclusive apps. Everyone else is a second class citizen.

druger81 says:

Kinda like the one series phones but still, new designs would be nice. But if this is it, I'll take an 8X on Verizon please!

Meh, Nokia is garbage. Did you see the camera on the 900? What a joke.

titandude says:

Nokia isn't garbage at all. But true, the camera was.

Munkeyphyst says:

On release, the 900 ended up having camera issues. But true to form, Nokia pushed an update that resolved those issues.

Glim12808 says:

Although I'm getting the 920 as my primary phone, I'm still excited over the prospective HTC offerings because I'm still shopping for a 2nd phone!

cedarlog says:

the good thing about the events dates is that
Handset makers events started with windows phone and it will end with windows phone

awesumjon says:

George, get your facts straight man. Is the 8X a 4.7 high end device or a 4.3 mid range? The pic says the 8X is "mid-range" by your standards. So, out with it?

It is confusing... the pic was from a leaked specs list we ran a few days ago on the 8X and you are right it does note a 4.3" screen.  

But the new round of rumors have the 8X sporting the 4.7" screen.  The only thing I know for certain is we'll have a better handle on thing next Wednesday and Dan will have front row seats to soak it all in.

It would make sense for HTC to introduce a series of Windows Phones ranging from high end to entry level.  I just hope they thrown in a little creativity beyond simply installing Windows Phone 8 on an Android chasis and give it a paint job.


word on the street is that windowsphone 8 isnt going as fast as it should and its not getting into the hands of the vendors and carriers yet, which is why we havent seen a HTC reveal yet. maybe thats why we havent gotten a release date yet?

carlosrdd says:

I have a HTC Titan and I can say for a fact the reception isn't good and the keyboard still disappears on ATT with no hope of ever being fixed. I like HTC had one since the fuze but enough is enough they offer no support, the hardware is nice and all but support is what's needed. I've never owned a Nokia but after reading and seeing the reviews and support of the 900 I can say I'm getting the 920 day one good bye HTC I'll remember you and I wish you well...

wpguy says:

I long for the day carriers cannot block any phone updates.

Darkstar1756 says:

Come on htc make a Mind blowing nerdgasm causing phone, actually try to beat nokia somehow!

deloa84 says:

Bring your A game HTC. Nokia did and so did Samsung... Somewhat... Now it's your turn!!

KQ17 says:

You know what I like about Apple. They never promise anything months in advance. Then they hold an event and ten days later, it's in store. Bam.

iggypop120 says:

Everytime there is an app story people say just buy a Nokia and shut up. I wonder what would happen if people did, would ms suffer from a lack of oems

mingo3000 says:

I've had so many HTC phones and I think they make a decent product, unfortunately I have a HD7 on T-mobile. The down side to this is the oem and carriers lack of support, which in turn caused me to purchase a Lumia 900. I was soo happy until I tried to unlock it. Well I sold my Nokia and bought a Titan II and unlocking was a breeze. As many of you know the Titan II runs on T-mobile's EDGE network and the mms won't work so I sold it. I had to get something to keep me occupied until WP8 arrives so I got a Galaxy S III. Having a S III just confirmed how much i

mingo3000 says:

I Love Windows Phone. But Samsung has the right idea. Put the same device on all 4 carriers. I might be mistaken but no one else has done that with a decent smart phone. The key was to get the carriers advertising that's at least 5 different ads running all day and night.

hal7eight says:

About the re-used android designed phones: I guess from a business standpoint, if Android is bringing in the cash, why go away from re-using the same molds for Windows phones? However, for me as the consumer, it turns me off! I used to swear by HTC. But now, I just don't want someone else's seconds!! I like uniqueness, and Nokia is the new flavor of the month!!!

Tahiti Bob says:

Ok let's be fair. The Lumia 920 design is a rehash of the 900 which is a rehash of the 800 which is a rehash of the N9. Nobody is complaining (yet) because it's a good design. The One X and One S are also greatly designed phones so I don't see why it would be an issue if we just had these running WP8. However if the leaked pictures of the Accord are genuine, we're not getting that and we're really missing out.

rx74ray says:

Come on HTC, bring it on. :D

paulm187 says:

What happened to the rumoured quad core HTC phone?

lycosman says:

"designed along the lines of the HTC One S"
"the 8V will follow the design of the HTC One V"
I'm already bored.

henry.gray says:

They will also be trying to keep up with Nokia. It must be bad to feel abandoned by a company your making phones for, especially when they are favouring Nokia.

DavidinCT says:

Too many rumors, nothing 100% solid yet. I guess I wait till the 19th to really know.
I want a 920 but, Verizon might not get it. I tweeted to @windowsphone, @nokiaus and @VZWsupport last night that i want a Lumia 920 on Verizon (with a link to the poll on this site). Not that it should help but, if everyone does it....
HTC has to blow me a way compared to the 920, not just in hardware specs but, in design. The 920 besides the lack of a MicroSD card is the perfect phone, HTC has to have something to compete head to head here.
With that being all said, It really comes down to what Verizon gets but, top of my list is the 920 as of now.

pankaj981 says:

Waiting for the carrier list to come thru because they are the ones to shit last in the pie...especially ATT, i hope Tmobile gets a high end version of something 920 or HTC (they have the S3 but I dont care), and let ppl unlock their phones to be used on other carriers (hinting towards the L900 exclusivity). I am looking forward to get an HTC, love thr sound enhancer and build quality on my Radar.

Tech feed says:

Finally HTC is picking pace, Who will love to see Win8 dominates the Android and iOS in nera future?