HTC working on a new Windows Phone, rumoured to be a One variant


HTC is believed to be working on a new Windows Phone, according to reports. It's said the upcoming device will not be a complete re-hash of the HTC One, a popular Android handset, but it will take some cues from the metal flagship smartphone.

We're supposedly looking at a screen size between 4 and 5 inches and will be constructed with a body made from metal. Beats Audio and Windows Phone GDR3 are said to also be included. If this is the case then this rumour could be a while off, if true.

Neowin's source states that the HTC Windows Phone is expected to be announced in the fall and will arrive later in the year. While not confirmed, HTC could also be using its Ultrapixel technology for the camera too. We've previously commented in the past how we'd very much like to see HTC simply load Windows Phone 8 on its Android flagship and we'd be happy bunnies, but if we were to see a more serious launch from the company, all the better.

We're already beginning to see GDR2 hardware with the Lumia 925, but it's interesting to see what we could be experiencing later in the year (or when Microsoft eventually releases the GDR3 update). Microsoft is expected to introduce support fr 1080p displays and quad-core processors on Windows Phone 8, which HTC could take full advantage of.

Source: Neowin



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Kreets says:


Tafsern says:


ahmedjan87 says:

Hehe just kidding it'll never happen

abond32 says:

A variant huh. Well blink feed makes the one the variant in my opinion but ok GO MICROSOFT.. :)

abond32 says:

+1 so to share, i agree with you too.. :)

redeyss says:

Ummm, I had a One for a few weeks and blinkfeed was a pretty closed environment imho. Hardly a variant of WP live tiles. It would display Facebook and calendar stuff but nowhere near as slick and clean as the ME tile integration. I came running back even tho blinkfeed was the only thing I DID like about sense 5 and android. And the 920s camera is better too;)

Zulfigar says:

After 6-7 months, it's still one of, if not the, best cameras (L920).

chezm says:

smart move...should come in 2 different screen sizes, 1 low budget and 1 high budget

tbonenga says:

No...... Tmo always gets the low end :(

oddom says:

Your getting the 925...that's one sexy phone phone

TMO 925... Sheeit TMO dropped the ball on 710 no update to 7.8 and 810 does not exist any more on TMO. See the pattern. And you think they want drop 925 like a bad habit. Only thing you can depend on is Nokia's quality. There no support from TMO. They still have good service.

myrandex says:

They dropped their Lumia 810 pretty fast too, and that wasn't a low budget cheapy model...

The HTC One is my favorite non-WP device. If they make one with WP and some color, I'd definitely shell out money for this.

BK-one says:

Love the one. 3 of my buddies have it and love it. And as much as I would love the one with wp8 on it, the 41 megapixel camera phone will be the one getting my money.

Micropel says:

+1 on this I also want that 41mp camera phone

pbroy says:

I have an 64GB HTC One. The speaker went to shit after a month. I need to get it replaced. Other than that, I love the phone. Hopefully they bring the IR blaster too. You can control TVs, Cable boxes, DVD players, even your Xbox with the IR blaster.

If Nokia ever sells out, MS needs to throw there weight behind HTC.

Ticomfreak says:

+ Xbox and HTC One

oddom says:

I love my HTC One! It's my favorite phone mostly because the screen and the boomsound is just wow! So if they make a wp version you will all love it too.

The HTC One and the Sony Xperia Z are my top 2 android phones. And the Nexus 4. :)

Now that you mention the Xperia Z...I would drool over one with WP on it.

Cellus13 says:

The thing I like about the One is it's design. HTC actually made an attractive design when it came to the ONE. So I wouldn't mind a HTC one variant with Windows Phone. But with HTC... I always stay apprehensive.

dbam987 says:

This would be epic. Hopefully it sees the light of day on WP. HTC's implementation of the 8X is a great device, though I wish Nokia would stop getting exclusive rights to several apps. Exclusivity contracts hurt the WP8 app store.

Vb2012 says:

Well deal with it Nokia does alot stop complaining man !

Mingu7 says:

True... but would be sweet if they licenced out their Nokia Exclusives. 
HTC Eight:  Featuring the Nokia Collection!

I mean, the Nokia exclusive are such a differentiator, it's hard to recommend anything but a Lumia phone to people. And that's kinda a big problem if the platform wants to grow out faster.

KeegdnaB42 says:

People would complain about Nokia exclusives a lot less if HTC and Samsung pulled their weight some more in offering exclusive stuff.

Sean D. says:

Okay, finally... after hundreds, and hundreds, (ok, maybe dozens) of comments someone FINALLY speaks the truth!
HTC brings virtually NOTHING to the table.

oddom says:

It could help if HTC was getting 1 million dollars a year and preferential treatment from MS

rmichael75 says:

They will get that if they stop releasing Android phone.. So go tell HTC.

schlubadub says:

+1 people always forget that Nokia are the only OEM getting paid bucketloads, while the others have to use their own cash

borasar says:

Nokia works hard and earns those exclusives rights; HTC is doing nothing. Don't blame Nokia or MS blame HTC

eth3rton says:

Hell yeah! Would love to see it on WP8.

Squachy says:

My friend got an HTC one and its a nice looking machine.  I disliked HTC sense UI though..it was kind of wierd and convoluted compared to my dad's S4 (far more straightforward).
In any case they'll probably call it HTC 8 or heck it might be better if they called it HTC Blue.

myrandex says:

HTC 8 Pro...with slide out KB!!!

OscarMaDi says:

Nice news, I've always thought if samsung brings some devices like the galaxy S4 (that doesn't require too much effort, look at the Ativ S) on WP8 they would bring some people too. There's some people who just follows the brand, not everybody is an android fan.

RaRa85 says:

If this is true and came with 32gb of storage, I would actually skip the 925 and all that Nokia offers for it. Speakers on the front? Heck yeah! Not so sure about the "ultrapixel" camera on it though.

procen says:

You will wait for a while.

RaRa85 says:

Yeah and that's my only issue-waiting even longer. I may just get a 520 which I briefly handled in the T-Mobile store today to hold me over.(If this is true)

procen says:

The 520 is nice for the price and quality if you want to wait for HTC. I like the 925 design and I like HTC also but the support is what I want with all the goodies Nokia's give for free, also HTC phone is more money.

RaRa85 says:

Yeah I'm with you on the 925. The design is gorgeous. But what's the point if they release it after the EOS announcement? It should be released before 4th of July or it will just be bad timing but Nokia without a doubt has the best support and customer service with WP.

oddom says:

I promise the ultrapixal camera is quite nice actually.

RaRa85 says:

Actually you're right. I visited the Android Central forums and looked at the photos forum for the HTC One and was really impressed.

cesar ruiz1 says:

It does throw nice pics. But HTC gave to much hype they had the nerve to say forget pureview. I'm sorry to say but 920, iPhone 5, and galaxy 3 gives u way better pic. Quality. Never diss no one unless you study your enemies

schlubadub says:

32GB + microSD FTW!

RaRa85 says:

Ah if only dreams came true...

Flagz says:

Exciteddddddd! Please be true. For me its HTC > Nokia!

ricardios says:

Nice to hear htc making another high end WP. Currently using the 8x and really like it

bubbagti says:

They did a good job with the 8X I'm using. They need to keep Nokia on their game since no other company is willing. I have to say though...Nokia's support is Very good.

realwarder says:

The One is one nice looking phone.  Would be good to get a WP variant of it.

Oh that is just great news! I have always admired HTC hardware, beautiful phones

IceDree says:

Interesting , But if they are bringing their UltraPixel Technology , They need to create their own Camera app\lens\whatever . from my understanding Camera software is a big part of the Equation , Hardware alone ain't gonna cut !

xconomicron says:

This put a smile on my face.  If the ultrapixel rumor is true, that means MS is also working "closely" with HTC just like they are with Nokia (EOS). 

Honestly, as much as I like Nokia, I'm afraid WP will not survive with just one dominate OEM...HTC and Nokia (...and others) need to innovate to keep the platform interesting.

With the release of a new WP from HTC, does this mean all updates on their other WP devices will follow HTC's trend and hault updates?

I don't currently use an HTC device, but I still own my Titan II.

schlubadub says:

Plenty of updates for HD7 & 8X. It's either your carrier or the Titan was the red-headed stepchild :P

EchoRedux says:

Is it that hard to design a WP and Android phone side by side using the same designs changing only the processor and display? Why can't we get a WP variant two months after the One? I'd think HTC could capture more sales with a WP variant coming out before the HTC One design gets old.

pbroy says:

It's the fault of the WP OS, currently it's limited to certain hardware.

EchoRedux says:

What does that have to do with the phone's shell?

Sometimes, yes, due to OS limitations.

Sometimes, no, because of Google manipulating OEMs to cancel or delay competing projects.

Sanny21 says:

Hey guys new notification center is confirmed in 8.1. http://wmpoweruser.com/windows-phone-8-1-on-nokia-lumia-920-video-leaked/
its running in lumia 920...cant wait for update now

schlubadub says:

Confirmed fake :P

Micah Dawson says:

Yeah I like the HTC one but i seriously doubt that HTC could sway me from Nokia. Nokias support and track record alone makes me scoff at HTC efforts. That's basically like picking the hot guy with little to no substance over the average Joe with way more to offer in my opinion :) but good to see that HTC is potentially working on another quality device.

schlubadub says:

It's more like Nokia is the handsome rich guy and HTC is the average guy who can't compete while the rich guy is flashing his money around and hogging all the attention :P

nokialove says:

Would strongly consider HTC if they do this. The Nokia Software Advantage is not what it used to be.

Micah Dawson says:

But the support is second to none as well as the camera. All HTC has is beats.

teom95 says:

I think gdr3 is coming sooner then everyone is thinking, but we will see...

Squachy says:

Im thinking this might be the case as welll.  Which would be a good thing.  Havent heard nothing from it but if HTC and Nokia are pushing for these additional feature support perhaps MS has pushed it forward?
You just cant compete with new Android devices (which are always on the bleeding edge) without the bleeding edge hardware.  They just take all the fire away from everything else (even though the lesser devices get announced later, but with little fanfare compared to the flagships)

Omg! I love One! Since Nokia is going to be sold to Huawei and specialize in cheap android clones (see previous threads), this might be my next phone.

Micah Dawson says:

Really. At no point has it ever been stated that they even made a bid and you already saying they are going to be sold. Smh

Luminatic says:

More of a Nokia user myself, but the HTC one would be my phone if I was an Android user. I like the design. Also, it can only be good for WP to get more choice.

LaNiQuE says:

Just a thought whatever HTC Android phone a user had I think they'd be happy with a HTC one but are the titan owners happy with their 8x it just seems as more thought goes into their Android phones so why would a WP user buy a HTC phone they still want something that will replace the titans and we supposed to believe that will be a HTC one "clone" when that hardware design will be outdated by then I really wish HTC and Samsung gave a damn but they don't

pmich says:

This is a welcome.  I love the look of the HTC One.  Bring it!

tcman88 says:

Poor man's Nokia :)

sumton says:

Do it HTC , one variant with windows phone would be awesome

WP95 says:

HTC is the next best option behind Nokia for WP devices. They're phones are so much better then the galaxy lineup. I hope they get back on track.

cashcar1979 says:

HTC One looks dope...but their quality track record isn't exactly stellar

xankazo says:

One word: NICE!

pr0phecy says:

Doesn't the Windows Phone already support up to 64 cores as it is now? I believe they said that during the WP8 unveiling... I could be wrong, I can't exactly remember.

cannon#WP says:

Yea, theoretically it can support up to that.

tbonenga says:

I loved my HD7. Now I love my 920. I'd be very interested in getting my hands on this.

cannon#WP says:

Since HTC and AT&T seem to have a good relationship, and since HTC & AT&T are both supposed to be "premier" partners, I can see this launching as an AT&T exclusive.
If it's a 4.7" screen or bigger, with the Ultrapixel tech, NFC and that industrial design, I will throw my money at the screen.

SleepyTheDon says:

Not a fan of rumors

steve_w_7 says:

If Tmo hadn't dragged their feet on the 925, Nokia would have had my money already. With the option of an HTC One variant out there, I might just hold out. That is one gorgeous handset!

Manny C says:

If not for Windows Phone, I would probably be using an HTC one. I like the device and would love to see a One inspired Windows Phone handset. I still believe the 8x is a gorgeous phone. Hope this is in the works!

Eric_J says:

I'm not impressed or interested in the least. I have the 928 and it is plenty fast. Faster than any Android phone that I've owned. The software is optimized for the hardware, like iphone.

mccasive says:

Tell them bro

The HTC One is a really nice good looking phone and with WP on it, beautiful!!!

That would be One shitty phone lol

tvolpe86 says:

is gdr3 blue?

busngabb says:

If true, move over Nokia, the big boy is in town

Cool... I've heard very good reviews of HTC One, so I'm thrilled that HTC can still produce something interesting. Let's hope they actually market this variant when it comes out.

jerrynomenon says:

Please do not put HTC logo in middle like the ONE

Jazmac says:

Oh oh. I could end up with two phones if this happens.

LanunReviews says:

Awww hell yeah. I was thinking of holding off for the next L930 but this could make me seriously reconsider. I love the industrial design of HTC and the One is a sexy beast. The only thing that kept me away was the fact that it ran Android.

JohnStrk says:

This would be a game changer!  So yeah bring it on!!  I'm about to buy a Lumia 920 like any day now but would gladly switch up to this once it's released.  And I was just thinking the other day how great it would be if Windows Phone ran on the HTC ONE.

gd761 says:

HTC has been a Windows Phone Manufacturer in the past and they Can be Again. There are Plenty of us Windows Phone fans out there that are Just Waiting Patiently for a Good Quality Built Windows Phone. HTC has built that for Android with the "ONE".

Sprint is coming Very Close to a Deal with Softbank where they Will be getting an Influx of a LOT of Money to Upgrade their Network to the Global Standard TD-LTE unlike the other Cell Providers who are NOT going to be using the Global Standard for LTE.

It Will be Easier for HTC and the other Manufacturers outside of the US that Make Cellphones that Sell All over the World to be Used in the US on Sprint.

So HTC Can and Should get back to Supporting Windows Phone and make not Only a Variant of the "ONE" the Same Size, but Also make a "ONE Phablet" as well for Windows Phone.

By the end of the year, Windows Phone 9 should also be ready and RTM. That is When HTC should release the 2 different Models of the "ONE" to Sprint. HTC ONE WP9 and HTC ONE Phablet WP9.

How Many of you HTC Fans and Windows Fans would Buy either of these HTC Variants if HTC Would Make them?

i believe if HTC and Nokia work together they can save wp 8 and make it grow faster and take it to where it should be the next level . but the problem Nokia doesn't like to work well with others they are selfish.

treetownal says:

I'm very interested in moving to Lumia, but I want to stay on T Mo and I don't want a rebranded 2012 phone.  I might go with this, despite HTC's bad support, because the One is a sexy phone. 

drg says:

If Nokia goes down at least well have this.

Kellix says:

I like Nokia better than HTC but that could change if Nokia does a brain fart and doesn't wait this out. But looks like a good phone coming. :)

JoeDizzle33 says:

I really like the look of this phone. If it had windows on it I would definitely consider it when I'm due an upgrade.

Mario Torres says:

awake HTC! You banish your 8x and releases a ONE with WP...

Logix1 says:

Orange EE UK Please!

franknyarkoh says:

This is good news. Hope this device is a complete replica of the "one"

I like the look of Blink Feed. If I was going to go back to Android, this would've been the phone I would've gotten.
Live Tiles with the graphics like Blink Feed and I'd really be a happy customer, that and if Sprint offered it.........

RellD05 says:

Screw the "tiara", Sprint needs to be on this ASAP!