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HTC YouTube app missing from the Marketplace? Probably just a fluke.


We're not ready to put on our conspiracy hats just yet, but HTC YouTube app is missing again from the Marketplace.

We should point out that their apps often go "missing" (in quotes) from the HTC app section, only to be found if you can dig up an old link or you hit the "More from HTC" area in the app description. That's not going on here though as when you do hit the link to the Marketplace, you get the old "This application is not available for your device. Press here for more info". [Note: You have to hit that link on your HTC phone for it to ever work--it'll never show up in the web Marketplace or Zune Desktop]

This could be because of several reasons: HTC is updating the app and this one was "pulled" temporarily--odd but yeah, HTC does that sometimes, temporary glitch in the Marketplace, etc. It's probably not because of YouTube demanding HTC pull the app or because whatever reason LazyTube/MetroTube cited for ceasing development. In fact, the "official" YouTube app from Microsoft (love it or hate it) is still available.

Our advice? Wait a few days and check back as we bet a version 2.3 will be in its place or perhaps HTC will fix whatever it is that is causing the issue. If not, when we hang out with them next week in Barcelona, we'll ask 'em directly. Cool? In the meantime, we're sure most of you will note how much better YouTube Pro is anyways, so there's your alternative in the meantime, should you need some YouTube on the go.

Thanks,  Jean-Batiste, for the heads up


Reader comments

HTC YouTube app missing from the Marketplace? Probably just a fluke.


Actually who cares?.....It's been quite a long time since HTC updateed its apps, and no more new apps from HTC in marketplace, why do we need to worry about this when we still can get some other similar, or even better apps in design and quality from marketplace?

I can't even fathom why anyone would want to use anything besides Youtube Pro.
Thank god for those Devs and their "middle-finger" attitude towards Google.

Not exaclty, there is no dedicated author page. I know you can swipe to an Author tab when you are on a video but you cannot go to a specific author's channel to see their playlists, which I find extremely annoying. The author tab only shows you individual videos by the same author. Unless I missed something, I would really love to be proven wrong.

I don't care anyways. I already uninstalled it and replaced it with YouTube pro. HTC YouTube was missing a lot of Account functionality like managing and accessing playlists. Half the time the videos I chose won't even play. Especially longer ones.

I really like EasyTube, which can save videos to the phone in organized folders and can even just play the sound track, if you just want to listen. This is good for listening over Bluetooth and for battery life.

I've been dealing with HTC on this issue for about 3 weeks now, first they claimed there was never such an app from them, then I sent pictures I took from the app installed on my brothers phone, then that said that will have to escalate the issue and get back to me, nothing from them so far. The reason i want it is it has smoother video play back for me over YouTube pro, allows landscape keyboard unlike YouTube pro, and is a faster and smoother then YouTube pro as far as the app itself goes on my handset. YouTube pro is good, but i want both.