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Huawei plans to sell phone running both Android and Windows Phone later this year

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Samsung and Google fear higher patent fees; raise concerns with Chinese courts about Microsoft's Nokia purchase

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Huawei Ascend W3 Windows Phone to make a splash at CES?

Ascend W3 Rendition

While we are not expecting much Windows Phone news out of the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, rumors are making the rounds that Huawei will unveil the Ascend W3 Windows Phone at this year’s show.

We have heard rumblings of a new Windows Phone in the works for Huawei with the Ascend W3 but very little specifics.  The major line of thought is that the Ascend W3 will have an aluminum body, a 780x1280 display and overall loosely resemble the Nokia Lumia 925.

Rum: 7

The Ascend W3 is expected to be running the Update 3 version of Windows Phone 8 and if the rumors hold true with an announcement at CES; the new Windows Phone could hit the store shelves later this month.

We’re in attendance at the 2014 CES and will keep an eye out for the W3 (along with everything else Windows Phone related) and try to snag some hands-on time with the new Windows Phone should it make an appearance.

Source: Fonearena



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TheIsaacG says:

Looking forward to seeing what windows phones are going to be shown at CES, im also digging what looks like red lights for the back home and search buttons.

topleya says:

I think these are on screen buttons

kb4000 says:

Nope. They have had colored capacitive buttons on previous models of their phones. I think on screen buttons won't be available until 8.1 unless Microsoft pushes an unannounced update before then which is unlikely.

manchanp says:

These are capacitive buttons, but they can change their color according to the color theme of the phone.

SwimSwim says:

Might very well be related to one of their other phones that WPC reviewed a few months ago. It was a budget device, but the review said they were impressed by good sound quality (and volume), and the unique feature where the Search, Start and Back buttons would change color in accordance with your theme color.

pankaj981 says:

Well I hope we get to see some high-end WPs (SD 800 variants) and Nokia Black + Update 3 availability after that... :)

NIST says:

I'm sure there will be a 4k screen phone shown. Sadly probably an android.

deluksic says:

4k? Honestly, I'm a resolution freak, but 4k is just overkill.

SwimSwim says:

Exactly. Hell, even on TVs, that resolution is mostly pointless, but on a phone?

I can guarantee even the biggest pixel peepers wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a 1080p phone and a 4K phone. Your eye simply isn't sensitive enough to distinguish such a difference when pixels start getting that tiny...

A 4K phone would be the most pointless thing ever. It'd be nothing more than a VERY expensive gimmick that would also such the battery dry in a matter of hours...

spazinvader says:

Yes. The biggest, greatest and best pixel peepers may not be able to tell the difference :-)

But the biggest and most stupid gimmicks specialists will tell :-P with the brand name and model :-/

And I won't be surprised to see such an announcement :-D Already there is a tablet from iball which supports displaying 4k videos on a tablet. It's time they moved to mobiles ;-)

SwimSwim says:

When you say display 4K video, do you just mean it can display them, or does said tablet have an actual 4K screen? My apologies, but your phrasing is a little confusing, for me at least.

And anyways, more on point: True, Samsung has proven that you can build a smartphone empire based on nothing more than fancy gimmicks, rather than an actual user experience.

dkxs says:

4K display phone is already available in China, FYI. Yes, it's android.

SwimSwim says:

How's the battery life? Twenty minutes?

dkxs says:

3200mah, can last one hour for you?

Cellus13 says:

^This! And people complain about battery life but add on crap that waste the battery. Smh!

Duduosf says:

Can't wait, too!! But, when is it taking place anyway??

NIST says:

There is a 4k push going on right now. From 4k bluray player and tvs ( check amazon) to content. Most movies are shot in excess of 4k. Just saying that the bandwagon is already rolling. We'll see tons of 4k items at CES.

James8561 says:

very nice.

Nokia is getting some real competition in the low-end.

These Chinese phones are increasinly growing out of the negative stereotypes

IDC for now lol better for windows phone we need this on wphones for sure unlike crappy android phones windows phone will perform great on low end devices! Good adoption for starters!

cdbstl76 says:

I know little of this OEM here in the states, but I really like what the have done with the capacitive buttons matching the accent color. Unique and pretty cool looking..

raul_junior says:

Same here but these phones are banned in the states because supposedly they are spying on us...

There sell them here In Florida...

ladydias says:

Really? Where at?

rodneyej says:

They sell them at WalMart, and here at DFW airport.. Lol❕ They're not banned...

Not sure where you got your info, but Huawei phones are not banned in the US. You can get them at most carriers. You can buy their current WP handset at WalMart off contract for about $150.

Geronimo928 says:

True, I recall something about Huawei's CEO being ex-military and concerns over spyware in their phones. Who knows what's really true but then again none of us have privacy anyway :/.,2817,2425973,00.asp

Dk92 says:

I love the capacitive buttons on the huawei windows phones.

SwimSwim says:

Same, I'd love for Nokia to start using them on their Lumia devices. I just love how a simple theme change can make the entire OS change in a single instant, it's the little things like that where in every app, every load bar, every detail, changes to reflect me. I just love how a simple theme color really helps make it /my/ phone, so I'd die if the buttons could be the same way!

rodneyej says:

I'll give it to Huawei... They have much snazier looking hardware than Samsung.. Quite appealing even..........

numetheus says:

I agree. I'm never buying another Samsung phone unless they get rid of the cheap flimsy plastic. I'm too spoiled by devices like the iPhone, HTC One, and now my Lumia devices. Samsung Galaxy phones feel extremely cheap in comparison.

rodneyej says:

Sad that so many naive Samsung sheep don't realize this...

numetheus says:

I wouldn't mind the cheap plastic if it translated to cheap prices. But a premium device made with cheap plastic sold for a premium price makes me feel like I was ripped off. Premium device made with cheap plastic in my mind, should be cheaper.

gandhule says:

Aluminum full body please

Talbot690 says:

I'd like a titanium Nokia with a bullet proof screen... Don't really care about the specs just a new version of the 3310 and directional buttons for snake. I'd pay a grand for it no joke!

Lovely design. I am quite happy with my 925, but if something happened to it I might give this one some serious consideration.

True lol 925 is solid

walter1832 says:

Slow news day is slow

12Danny123 says:

OEMs are starting to shift to WP. After elimination of the license fee :). Plus they have a chance to dominate. Which I guess OEMs want especially Sony and LG :D

SwimSwim says:

Granted, with the current market share of Windows Phone compared to iOS and Android does mean that the WP device to end all other WPs could put one lucky OEM on top forever, Nokia still currently holds 90% of the WP marketshare. Makes sense, Nokia has shown true devotion to the platform, everyone seems to love their Lumia (I know I do). With frequent updates, a variety of devices, awesome customer support (I hear, anyways, no personal experience), and lets not forget how they campaigned with many developers to get more critical apps on WP (Instagram, anyone?), what's not to love about Nokia?

Probably why other OEMs aren't too motivated to join WP. Sure, Samsung still dominates Android, but the 10% they can fight over in the Android camp still is far bigger than the 10% to fight over in the Windows camp. After all, competition is what kept Nokia from getting involved with Android, and with Nokia being Microsoft's lap dog, the motivation to make Windows Phones simply isn't there.

spazinvader says:

After elimination of license fees?

I only read Microsoft is considering that option. Did they actually announced that?

WPBlox1989 says:

Hmmm.... That's 2015, not 2014 that Microsoft's considering eliminating license fees. Microsoft still don't have enough OEM support for Windows Phone 8 to eliminate license fees.

Also what happens if Sony said no to making Windows Phones and same goes for Samsung after March 2014, LG and ZTE? Microsoft will their own Mobile Devices & Services acquired from Nokia, HTC and Huawei left which are not enough for them to even discount license fees.

bjd223 says:

Huh? The whole point of getting rid of license fees is to attract OEMs from Android in price sensitive regions. If they had lots of support (IE really high sales, and really high % of the mobile market) they would keep the licese fees because the OEMs would be willing to pay it, because the end users would be willing to pay it.

Why would they need more OEM support to get rid of the license fees? They currently make millions of dollars on WP licensing, which sounds like a lot of money but to MS it is not. They probably make more money from Android OEMs then WP OEMs at this point.

The whole reason they bought Nokia, is because they need to guarentee at least one OEM is making WPs. You don't need multiple OEMs to sell a lot of phones, and make a lot of money. See Apple. Also they will make 4x the profit per device by making the phones themselves. A WP license is $10 US and they are slated to make on average $40 US per device now with Nokia. So the 25 Million phones they sold in 2012, which was 250 Million in profits could become 1 billion in profits. This is without changing anything, and selling the exact same amount of phones.

They DO NOT NEED any other OEM to make WP. The only reason they would get rid of the license fee is to make the phones $10 dollars US cheaper which can make a big difference in places like India, China, etc. that love their regional OEMs.

As long as they can get evertthing in order and fix whatever issues Nokia was having with cost they will make lots and lots of money in the long run. Also MS has so much money they can afford to stick it out through any rough times (IE losses) much longer than Nokia could. Nokia can not afford to lose an 500M per quarter in any division for too long, where MS could probably do it indefinetly.

MikeSo says:

That bezel looks to be even larger than the Lumia 520/1/5. Not a great looking phone by any means, and with a brand that has no cache at all in the US I'd say they have an uphill battle.

enzom09 says:

Im mostly excited for fords solar powered car at CES but this could be nice too

I used the huawei w1 for 2 months. Sold it due to lack of onboard storage. The phone's performance in every other aspect ,though, was stellar!

Gilceleb says:

Yes, in fact the Huawei w1 have only 4Gb of onboard storage while the w2 have 8Go. Both have 512Mb an SD slot. The w3 will have 16Gb onboard storage and 1Gb memory, also a 720p screen and a SD slot.

rrsrv says:

Looks good but can they really compete with the value Nokia adds to windows phone ?

SwimSwim says:

Yeah, that's the problem with people looking to get involved with Windows Phone, ain't it? They look at Nokia 90% market share and ask, "Why bother?" (interestingly enough, that's much akin to why Nokia chose Windows Phone over Android, after Nokia saw how Samsung dominated Android).

True, Nokia has shown true passion and devotion for Windows Phone, hence why Lumia devices are practically synonymous with WP. Nokia truly is a hard foe to contend with in the WP arena, everyone just loves their Lumias (I know I do). Still, diversity is good, so I hope other OEMs come along that are able to level out the playing field. Hey, if Nokia has some competition both inside the Windows Phone camp and outside (other OS's), then that'll keep them on their toes and keep them developing great new technologies. Competition is truly better for the consumer in the end, so full speed ahead.

(Well, in cases like Microsoft and Google, it ends being damning because Google has chosen to deny Windows users the full Google experience... But in general, competition is good).

k0de says:

Budget-friendly devices rule the market share. These phones are not to complete with Nokia but to gain some ground on Android. On the other hand I do believe that Nokia or Sony will be the companies that will introduce the phone that will complete with the iPhone and Samsung.

wtrmlnjuc says:

780x1280 is a very odd aspect ratio. Is this correct?

WPBlox1989 says:

Not odd at all. If you use a desktop PC attached to a 43 inch or higher TV via HDMI, 1280x720p is the best resolution for standard 100% viewing as the PC's 1920x1080p resolution on such a TV makes everything on the Desktop look a little bit tiny.

WPBlox1989 says:

Desktop PC graphic cards don't have 1280x780 HD resolution only certain laptops with 15.6" screens have that. The only HD resolutions for desktop PCs are 1280x720, 1280x800, 1920x1080 and 3840x2160 if the card supports the 4K resolution.

omgitsnick says:

It is, and it could mean that it is for on-screen buttons since it will come with 8.1. Some previous android handsets had additional 54px (480x854) for the on-screen buttons. It is more likely WP OEMs will adapt to this specification of adding extra pixels for the buttons if ever they decided to do that.

MikeSo says:

Buttons on the left or right side then? Because the 780 is the horizontal measurement.

wtrmlnjuc says:

It's a horizontal measurement. It's a wider screen, not a taller screen.

nokiauser911 says:

IMO for every Wp OEM to be profitable,They should differentiate themselves from stock Wp like various skins in Android.This is possible only if Microsoft allows it.

MikeSo says:

There's nothing that stops OEMs from creating different user experiences in the form of customized lock screens and exclusive apps, which should be sufficient to differentiate themselves (see how Nokia for example has been very aggressive with their system level apps, and their exclusive offerings). Don't blame Microsoft for OEMs unwillingness to make these investments.

KeOnte Smith says:

I think the windows button should be used as a notification light

manta79 says:

good to see more brands making windowsphone

SOG EP Havoc says:

Hopefully they will show T-Mobile some lovin'.

DavidinCT says:


Yep they are going to be at CES... Normally you dont see much in Mobile phones during CES, it's normally done at WMC in Feb...

pierrerv says:

This should to Metro PCS

ogamawab says:

As a WP user, I am switching back to Android

Anyone else notice the volume and power buttons are on the wrong side? And they're stacked in the wrong order with power on top. The one at the bottom opposite where the shutter button lies looks more like the USB charging port, which is not fixed by WP standards. Of course, this just may well be a stock/chopped image.