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Huawei confirm they are joining the Windows Phone 8 gang: Press release

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We posted earlier today the news that HTC had confirmed their commitment to Windows Phone 8 and it looks like Huawei are following suit. In a press release sent to us tonight Huawei have announced their 'extended relationship' with Microsoft and on the cards is their first ever Windows Phone.

It would appear that Huawei are going from strength to strength. Not only are they one of they biggest phone manufactures in the world, but they now are entering a new arena with Windows Phone.

This has to be great news for the consumer as traditionally the companies device prices have been low in comparison to its competitors. We could well see the cheapest Windows Phone 8 device from Huawei and going by recent releases on other operating systems they seem not to be falling behind in any way, shape or form.

You can catch the full press release below but on a personal note I think this is super news that Huawei are joining the Windows Phone gang.

"Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, today announced it is expanding its relationship with Microsoft Corp. for the creation of Huawei’s first Windows Phone handset. Part of the Huawei Ascend family, the company’s portfolio of best-in-class smartphones, the Huawei Ascend with Windows Phone 8 expands Huawei’s smartphone portfolio and brings the Windows Phone operating system to an even bigger audience. Huawei is one of the selected vendors in the world to carry the Windows Phone 8 operating system on its smartphones.

“2012 is building up to be a great year for Huawei. Now, we are poised to end the year with a big bang – with the introduction of our first smartphone running on the Windows Phone platform. We’re very excited about this relationship with Microsoft which will enable us to provide our customers with a bigger array of Huawei smartphone choices,” says Shao Yang, chief marketing officer, Huawei Device.

“It’s great to welcome Huawei to the Windows Phone family. The only phone with Live Tiles, Windows Phone brings you closest to the people and things you care most about,” said Terry Myerson, Corporate Vice President of the Windows Phone Division at Microsoft. “With Huawei’s impressive global capabilities, together we can bring Windows Phone 8 to more people around the world.”

The Huawei Ascend with Windows Phone 8 is expected to be available in Europe, China and United States, with other markets to follow. It will be marketed through a series of promotional activities in conjunction with key mobile operators around the world."



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WinFan1 says:

I'm excited to see what they will offer

mdram says:

They make good IP transport equipment for ISPs.  If they can produce a great LTE handset with WP8, I'll buy it...well as long as I can get it here in Kancuckistan...:D

TheDoros says:

You and me both!

RayWP7 says:

Kanuckistan, LOL.

slade307 says:

I know they make Android phones for Cricket. This means Windows Phone could become available to more people. If someone has poor credit or doesn't want a contract, he might be able to get a WP8 with a low cost carrier like Cricket. I had no trouble with Cricket as a broadband customer in the Phoenix area. Cricket also worked in Las Vegas. (I know I've heard bad stories with any carriers. I've had good experiences in general.) I cancelled Cricket and Verizon when I got my Windows Phone with AT&T.


pugface says:

I'm ok with more companies making WP as long as the quality is good. If they bring garbage to the table it makes the brand look bad.

Hope they dont bring their $10 phones....

It is good to have a new company making windows phones, but I'm not a fan of this brand. Ik it is popular in Asia, I think...

Im_On_One says:

WP devices on cricket in the US now to thwart the iPhone

Android is everywhere for one reason...they have a device for every single carrier!! Prepaid and all...thats what's been hurting WP in general...two year old devices on cdma and many budget items for mobile...get a high end WP on every carrier, a great selection of midranges across the board and prepaid..and lower end for emerging markets and well be where we rightfully should be..on top! Exciting times...I better put my shades on ;)

birdman_38 says:

The more OEM's the better.

fwaits says:

Yeah might be good to see these guys on some pre-paid carriers with decent phones.  That could help get more people on board for sure.