Huawei teases a mysterious Windows Phone, possible Ascend W2?

Huawei Facebook Tease

Huawei over in Italy has teased the above image on its Facebook page. The handset that appears to be within the whirlpool looks to be the Ascend W2, which we've covered recently in numerous renders. Unfortunately the company fails to reveal much else, but we're open to new hardware hitting stores for consumers to enjoy.

Could the image also confirm reports that the Ascend W2 (or the company's next Windows Phone) is to be water resistant? It's a possibility, but only time will tell. Though not confirmed, the Ascend W2 is expected to feature a 1280x720, 4.3” IPS display, 8MP camera and 1.5GHz dual-core CPU. We'll reach out and hope to have more information soon.

Source: Huawei Facebook, via: Plaffo



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sasukeluffy says:

First water-resistant WP8. Cool!

Looks pretty cool to me.
By the way N.O.V.A is launched and to get it for free just change your region to India and search for N.O.V.A in the store.

sumton says:

nope look closely for phone and office tiles

Oh damn. Well in my defense I am using low quality image to save my data.

jiffffy pop says:

The image clearly (not literally) shows live tiles.

How about that I changed my comment. :P

Josh Harman says:

I can't find n.o.v.a, what am I doing wrong (already changed my region)

sasukeluffy says:

They already deleted it from the store, none of the links in web work.. And it was only for Nokia Lumias.

Josh Harman says:

No, its still there and I have a Lumia

Josh Harman says:

Nevermind, I got it.

dreonedon says:

Settings+ Language &region + region change to India and on the bottom of the screen hit restart. N.O.V.A then change back your region to what it was before.

aarh you were faster

For all of those who want nova 3 for free. Go to settings on your phone. Then country/region: select india. Then just scrool down and you will see a restart button. Restart phone and then it. DONT ENTER SIM CODE(well i actually dont know what happens if you do, but I did'nt do it) then go to store trough wifi. type nova and it should be there. Sorry for my bad english.

@everyone on this thread. Thank you for posting about Nova. Grabbed it for free. Whoo hoo Nokia is awesome!!!!

well.. hope everyone see it, maybe some of the writers could inform others about it in wpcentral

rodneyej says:

Water?.. What's that?

rodneyej says:

What is this water stuff you guys keep talking about?.. Weird..

AdDuplex said the Ascend W2 is expected to 800x480 display. (via Neowin) http://www.neowin.net/news/adduplex-nokia-lumia-920-is-most-popular-wind...

inteller says:

going down a drain....that's where I'd send a W2.

sumton says:

yay huawei  you are doing it right

bb_gonzo says:

Although you can't see the phone very well i like what i see. It seems to be quite a beautiful phone.

jsnod25 says:

There is clearly an instagram tile there

rodneyej says:

I keep telling Sam its coming!!

camptime says:

Been waiting for a waterproof phone. Was hoping Nokia would release one but I am willing to give this a go ideal for beach getaways.

adrian1338 says:

Well - it cracked the toilette and I think the other day i see it splitting the river.. thats nokia's way of being waterproof

DennisvdG says:

It better be ACTUALLY water proof, my friend got the Experia Z (also supposed to be water proof) he held it under water for just a few seconds, next thing you know both cameras were blurred by water inside, next day the phone stopped working completely

Poor guy. Tell him to get a 920. Its not waterproof but you can kill someone with it if hit on the head.

DennisvdG says:

Lol! It's funny because it's true xD,
He hates windows though :(

jsnod25 says:

At CES they showed a product the coats the phone, and makes it waterproof, it supposed to available, and works for all phones. Don't know what it is though, can't remember.

the_tyrant says:

umm, only the xperia zl (not the z) is waterproof

Ratman826 says:

When will there be a quad core CPU wp8? Or at least a 2gig ram, because both temple run and modern combat 4 clearly show us that 1gig of ram and duo CPU is not sufficient.

Ratman826 says:

Who then, can explain the lag on mc4 and temple run and perhaps NOVA3?

Ratman826 says:

It might be beneficial towards multitasking too

sasukeluffy says:

Temple run runs bad on Windows Phone, due to it's game engine, Unity is only at beta for WP. So, when it's complete i think we'll see TR2 which runs awesome.

Ratman826 says:

Ok, except that, what about MC4? They said it was because of the poor GPU that L920 has, but my iTouch4 can run 60fps while my Lumia 920 runs like 30fps and the texture does not even looks clear as if it was on iPhone 5. So basically, beside the poor porting that gameloft has, WP8 needs to upgrade its hardware

Bob Hoil says:

The specs on Lumia 920 are easily capable of running these games smoothly, as a programmer I did some testing with Ogre3D with high poly animated models and got great results.
Just like on any other platform it requries optimization that the game developers are not doing, most likely because they are pressed for time.

Ratman826 says:

But they said the GPU compare to iPhones, they are just a bit better than 4 but not even close to 4s

Rich White says:

in january they said the ascend mate would get the WP8 treatment. 6.1",HD, huge 4000 battery, expansion cards, etc. Still waiting

Huawei a poor mans Lumia, quite happy with my W1 battery is amazing and that really makes a difference. Lats almost two days with wifi and Bluetooth on!!

binthham says:

That is really cool! I have one preordered and should get it in about a week. That's great to hear!

Josh Harman says:

Huawei aka Corporate Espionage Products Inc.

woodbane says:

Its a shame more of the other hardware manufacturers don't start licensing the Nokia navigation apps. I thought that was what was announced for WP8, that the Nokia Drive app would be available on HTC, Samsung, Huawei phones etc.?

deloa84 says:

What do you mean? My mother's HTC 8X has Nokia Drive+ installed and works great. As well as Here Maps....

woodbane says:

Really? I thought the phone manufacturer had to license the software from Nokia? Are you telling me that ALL Windows Phone 8 handsets regardless of manufacturer can download and install Nokia Drive and other Nokia apps?

msxbox says:

Yep i think they did that a great idea to help the windows phone platform grow

lcw731 says:

Not all Nokia aps, but drive and maps yes. This was part of Nokia's deal with Microsoft. The drive app is ok, but I think I was expecting it to be more like Navtel. I started with an 8x and now have a 920, and if you have a Nokia device you do t seems to get any additional features or perks over the version available to all Windows Phone 8 users.

woodbane says:

Thanks man, I didn't realize this information.

deloa84 says:

Waterproof Windows phone would definitely be so cool. I just hope that people understand the difference between waterproof and water resistant. Even better yet, a water resistant WP8 would be epic.

I got it for free. I do love Nokia!! And today they made available Man Of Steel soundtrack as well on Nokia Music. Seriously the best.

Edit - just realized that I was supposed to post this in another post. Sorry about that :(

cybermoose89 says:

If it is indeed water proof that will put a spanner in Sony experias works a bit

TheWinPhan says:

I believe Fujitsu's Windows Phone, the IS12T, is also waterproof.

KustomAU says:

That is correct :)

TheWinPhan says:

Had a friend fall in the river with his 920. Was fully submerged in water. He wiped it down and let it sit for a day, low and behold it turned on with absolutely NO damage or problems to the OS! Flat out amazing!

I wouldn't buy ANYTHING from this company....Fuck China

What isn't made in china lol

Can't wait to see it

Carchathoth says:

Don't hold your breath, it's just Huawei. It is going to be just another copy other OEM:s phone. That company has NEVER designed anything original. All they do is copy other products and manufacture it cheaply with those millions slaves they have.

Not a racist idiot, China sux, the company is a China based company, wouldn't be surprised if the Chinese government has spy software installed...all they do is manipulate their money and corporate espionage, not to mention stealing all of the USA defense data...good thing they only hold 8% of the US debt or we would be in trouble

binthham says:

Ok, but what about the "spying" the American government does on it's own people's cell phones?

He know that because it is a Chinese company...all they do is steal ideas

Not racist at all dude, I have no issue with Chinese people, just the country's governments sick twisted illegal ways

Pewee2 says:

they´re telling us that this device is not needed and to please flush it down the toilet