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A few days ago the Chinese tech site cited its sources, indicating Huawei would be releasing its first Windows Phone device on September 25th. This came as probably mildly exciting news, because although Huawei isn’t exactly well known for producing super duper cool phones, from Windows Phone the ecosystem’s point of view, the more the merrier.

However, September 25th came and went, rather uneventfully. There was a moderately heavy rain in Beijing, causing epic traffic jam across the whole town, maybe the most interesting news of the day. Yet Huawei didn’t break a move. Disappointing.

The rumor originally came out on September 17th, with a couple of pictures (front/side view) of what’s supposed to be Huawei Ascend W1. The official account of Huawei’s online store on Chinese social media site Sina weibo immediately denied, saying something ambiguous: “Lil Hua (that’s what the account calls itself) can’t confirm this. Just look at the side view of that picture. Familiar innit? Ascend P1!”

We can’t be sure if Huawei was accusing the picture to be Photoshopped. But anyway, the rumor was officially denied.

However, that didn’t stop the story from spreading out. And it was somehow further fleshed out in the process, being added details such as 4 color variations, estimated late October availability, and September 25th launch event. It’s a curious case in media communication for sure. Since the rumor about launch date was missed, the credibility of other parts of the rumor could quite likely fail too.

Let’s tune the Rum’o’meter down a notch.

Rum: 2

More importantly then, when will Huawei put forth a Windows Phone device?

Well there’s no definite word or solid-looking rumor for the time being. ZDNet got in touch with the company earlier, and got “We didn’t plan to announce W1 on September 25th” for a reply. One day before that, Sina Tech also quoted the CEO of Huawei mobile phone division, saying the company intends to release its first Windows Phone 8 device by late 2012, or early 2013. In an attempt to further nail the date, Chinese tech site WPDang’s source told them “Huawei’s Windows Phone 8 device will meet the consumers *no sooner than* the end of December 2012.”

Anyway, move along, people, nothing to see here. There will most likely be plenty of waiting before Huawei’s first real splash in the Windows Phone pond. If you are seeking a phone upgrade, I’d suggest against waiting for this particular brand. Both Nokia and HTC have brought to the table quite impressive devices, in terms of both technology and design. Without considering the price factor, honestly I don’t think it’s possible to get a much better deal than Lumia 820/920 and HTC 8X/8S any time soon. Just go ahead. Don’t let Huawei hinder your Christmas spirit.

Source: ZDNet, WPDang, Sina weibo



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TofuDelight says:

Well, the more the merrier but let's put it this way-- no one is going to hold out buying the 920 to wait for a Huawei.

sepatown says:

Exactly. At this point, WP8 needs known manufacturers and their flagships circulating the market. Later we can worry about getting less known manufacturers onbaord.

awesumjon says:

You don't understand. This (would be) device would probably be for other markets. And besides, Huawei makes devices that go to budget carriers like cricket wireless. It may not be the phone for you but it's a phone for somebody. Remember the 710?

sepatown says:

I may not understand it completely but don't act like you do. The 710 was from a know manufacturer (Nokia), I did not say no low end phones. Windows phone need to gain recognition, and who better to bring that recognition than OEMs like Nokia, HTC and Samsung. Nokia, HTC and Samsung can also make budget phones, the only difference, more people will be inclined to buy them. Oh and by the way how did those ZTE low end Windows phones perform?

Although I would probably not buy one, I was really hoping Huawei would release a WP8 phone so that smaller carriers (like Wind and Mobilicity in Canada) would have a WP8 device in November.  Wind and Mobilicity have shown Huawei some love in the past (or maybe they both found each other as a last resort), but either way, I really wanted to see some WP8 phones on the newbie carriers up here.
Both carriers have stocked Nokia, HTC, and Samsung phones in the past, so here's hoping one or two models (or anything compatible with T-Mobile AWS) will come to Wind and Mobilicity.

tbonenga says:

Nokia isn't known to well in America as a smartphone. Most older people know Nokia well as old style phones. Most teens think of apple, Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC. Nokia really only hit primetime with the lumia series. Since W7 hasn't really took off it be hard to say people associate Nokia with top of the line smart phones. The die hards will but not the masses. Therefore I think we need every manufacturer we can to push W8.

sepatown says:

And who says the United States is the only place that matters in this world?

Glim12808 says:

I say the U.S. matters but it's not the ONLY place that matters.

blackprince says:

*sigh* Americans, even though they are a small percentage of the world population they do have one of the largest purchasing blocks in the entire world. Which makes them important, they also have a large internet presence which makes them loud and proud.

tissotti says:

Wasn't Huawei one of the 4 launch partners?
Seems just a bit silly to waste one of the 4 slots if they are not even aming phone this year? Or there as no other takers for the slot?
More manufacturers is always better, but i'd say Nokia, HTC and Samsung is pretty much as good as you can get when it comes to OEM's. 

Kane Gao says:

I thought Huawei was somehow involved in the WP7.5 era too. Slept over the entire Mango Dynasty nevertheless... The company's shrouded in dense mist when it comes to Windows Phone.

laserfloyd says:

/off topic
Mists of Phonedaria (sorry I had to) Didn't Pandaria come out yesterday?  I'm having fun with GW2 if I do say so myself. :D

laserfloyd says:

After what Nokia and HTC have shown, I'd be a little weary of trying to go up against them.  They could try to hit the low end market?  HTC and Nokia take the cake with higher end phones though, IMO.

I was looking forward to their announcement yesterday and got pretty bummed when nothing showed up. I wasn't expecting a top of the line device, but I was hoping to see a launch device with a comfortable form factor and reasonable specs. I love the HTC 8s's size, the soft touch finishes, etc, but it's a step down from my 2 year old, iPhone 4. The Lumia 920 is an epic phone, but it's giant, glossy, etc. Guess there's no more hope for an in-between option.

awesumjon says:

It looks like we're waiting for the same thing.

I was looking forward to their announcement yesterday and got pretty bummed when nothing showed up. I wasn't expecting a top of the line device, but I was hoping to see a launch device with a comfortable form factor and reasonable specs. I love the HTC 8s's size, the soft touch finishes, etc, but it's a step down from my 2 year old, iPhone 4. The Lumia 920 is an epic phone, but it's giant, glossy, etc. Guess there's no more hope for an in-between option.

pantiko says:

Step down from an iPhone 4? Doesn't the HTC run WP? what about the screen? camera? NFC? Maybe you mean that because your iPhone has 32 gb... I totally agree with you regarding the Nokia tho

Nakazul says:

Would be totally cool if Huawei just announced some killer Hardware and shocked everybody, like HTC. Would be sweet to see the look on faces in people's home reading the news. :-D

Go Get It says:

Then why comment?

DavidinCT says:

I'm buying a phone on release so , if they dont have anything till december, it will miss me even looking at them as an option.

Huawei is stupid.

ricardios says:

Would rather buy a tablet of theirs instead of their phones.

inteller says:

Good thing I had no plans to buy a Sowway er Huawei anytime soon.

snowmutt says:

I guess I am the only one here that thinks they can bring something to the low end, prepaid and pay-as-you go carriers that no one else will. I am fine with them showing up a little later. No rush. WP8 is going to be around for a while.

Glim12808 says:

Already set on the 920 to replace my WP7 primary phone but still looking for a replacement for my secondary phone, an Android. Was hoping to see something from Huawei in the mid to low range WP8 devices to replace my Android. Want something in the low range with front camera.

nimatra says:

I think huawei tweeted about an event on 28th. Not sure though.