Hulu Plus for Windows Phone updated with more bug repellent and performance improvements

Hulu Plus

The official Hulu Plus app for Windows Phone 8 has been bumped to version, introducing some minor, but rather important improvements. Hulu is a popular service for streaming TV shows, movies and "webisodes," coupled with bonus materials such as behind the scenes footage from multiple networks.

So what's new in the latest release? Bug fixes and performance optimisations, according to the store listing. Sure, it's nothing glamorous and won't have you jumping through the streets, but if you've been struggling with some annoying bugs within the app, this will help out tremendously if they're addressed. And everyone loves a performance boost here and there.

You can download Hulu Plus from the Windows Phone store for free (Windows Phone 8 only - requires Hulu subscription and region restricted). Check out more updates over on our forum.

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Rick Smits says:

I forgot we had Hulu. Gamefly sent me a 1 month free code for Hulu. I wonder when a Gamefly app will be released.

Jf.Vigor says:

I forgot too. Thought it was still on the list of apps non windows phone users like to complain we don't have

onysi says:

redbox needs an app so i can get rid of netflix.

tbonenga says:

He's talking about a streaming app. The Red box app is only good for browsing and reserving disc from kiosk.

CX1 says:

Does it have anoyingly loud and constant ads like the desktop version?

MDboyz says:

Hope Amazon Prime Instant app will come to our WP soon .....

Bartdog says:

Yes, would love Amazon video app.
As for Hulu, hopefully they addressed the way it eats battery life and heats up the phone.

kmitchell6 says:

I think the WP8 app works better than the W8 app.