I am Box, a Windows Phone game that will drive you crazy

I am Box

I am Box is one of the simplest Windows Phone games out there. But you shouldn't mistake simple with easy because I am Box can kick you to the curb.

I am Box is a fast paced game of survival calling you to catch incoming colored arrows with the side of a box that has the matching color. The longer you survive, the better.

I am Box

The colored arrows enter the screen slowly but as they move closer to the cube, they speed up. You spin the cube clockwise and counter-clockwise by tapping the left or right corner of the screen.  As you can guess, when the first arrow strikes a non-coordinating color the game ends. Your score is your the time you survive before matching the wrong colored arrow.

Graphics are simple, game play is very challenging (either that or I have the coordination of a Bull Moose) and the music intense with I am Box.  The developer recommends wearing headphones to get the full effect of the music.

I can see I am Box being a fun "pass and play" styled game when you're hanging out with friends to see who can last the longest or when you have a few seconds to waste. There is a free trial version available for I am Box with the full version running $.99.

You can find I am Box here at the Windows Phone Store. It is available for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices.

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sounds good. and best thing is, its also available for wp7 :)

This game is impossible. Lol

The ZennyBoy says:

I love this game. It gets nuts at 50 seconds when everything starts shifting.

gerrymad says:

Why did I click on your link? i knew I shouldn't, but I did.

Miksup says:

Me too and now I want to drown myself

Zokudu says:

Well I Am Colorblind making this game impossible to play. :(

Agent-P says:

That's just playing this game on expert mode.

SAYSteez says:

That made me chuckle
Sorry you're colorblind

Zulfigar says:

Thank you for that highly descriptive paragraph about why the game isn't for you, it will defiantly change my perspective on the game as a whole and my life. WHOA! LIFE CHANGING MOMENT IN ALL CAPS!
/done now

DreadVenom says:

Absolutely brilliantly difficult game. Good work

sholokov says:

You are right "not much to it". The purpose of a game should be to entertain the player, not to try to defeat him within 10 seconds of game play.

schlubadub says:

I guess you've never played QWOP then? :P

jason8957 says:

Should I be proud or ashamed that my high score is 8 seconds?

schlubadub says:

Ashamed... I managed 15 on my first try :P

Grrr another game that's totally useless if your colour blind

Appmek says:

It's a video, George! Why use half of the time desperately trying to explain the game? Just show us!

I got to 18 seconds on the trial- tempted to buy. Challenging like Super Hexagon. Where is my windows phone version... :'(

AngryNil says:

Simple concepts shine with good execution. Kudos, developer(s).

DonnaxNL says:

What is the difference between the trial and paid version?

schlubadub says:

A warm fuzzy feeling that you supported the developer...

marianides says:

you won´t get past 30 seconds

marianides says:

well, it seems like it at first, but I managed to get to 4 minutes (it ends there) after a week of heavy playing :D

Vb2012 says:

Nope sorry im in 2013

Zulfigar says:

Shouldn't you rename to Vb2013 then?

Vb2012 says:

Lol really -_-

Crakeur says:

Wow, something that ends faster than sex

I liked the game but... why should I buy it if the whole game is in the trial version ?? 

peterwicklow says:

I got to 38 seconds,trial is over then,took me about 30 times to finish it..

Onerunjunior says:

Great game, pretty difficult. Hats off to the devs, I played like 40 rounds and got a whopping 22 seconds lol!

Quin452 says:

You can so tell that it was developed with a square screen, mainly because the visibility from top/bottom leaves very little reaction time - shame I can't time 33secs correctly :-/

SAYSteez says:

God dammit! It's so hard!

deloa84 says:

That's what she said! Lol.

Rainbow8th says:

My record is 3:14 o.o  ... pretty hard

Looks interesting, but why the clumsy controls?
with touch screen you could turn your box by sliding your finger along the screen?
perhaps version 2? I'd buy that.