I Am Rich nonsense makes its way to WP7 for $499

We'll just leave this foolery here for you to ponder. For those who need context, you're welcome. Does it mean anything that ours goes for half the price as compared to the iPhone? Oh and don't forget tax on top of that $499 too.

More info from the Marketplace here.



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devGOD says:

talk about unoriginal.

1jaxstate1 says:

I wish you guys would remove that link, I'd hate to "pocket" buy this app! #LOL

neoxphuse says:

and tyhis is why m$ needs to password protect each app before purchase, like apple

Honestly, that "feature" that Apple has drives me nuts on my iPad. Really hate it. You have to select "buy" then confirm on another screen in WP7, it's pretty difficult to do by accident. Like really difficult.

devGOD says:

its annoying until someone looking at your phone or zune desktop application purchases something. MS gives no refunds so if someone happens to purchase that $499 app on your phone i'm pretty sure you'd demand a refund and better security

oscar#WP says:

my guess is microsoft wants to show up how many apps its cataloge has so they let crappy and annoying apps like this make it so they can brag about it crappy amount of apps good for nothing

jimski says:

Gonna drive up the average price per app numbers. That won't look good, except to potential developers.

lol, I didn't even think of that. I think it did go up by around $0.20.