ICQ for Windows Phone updated with new Live tile and faster launch

ICQ Windows Phone

It’s hard to keep up with the number of instant messaging services out there. Windows Phone is home to many of the most popular services, but today we’re going to look at one of the oldest and most resilient platforms out there – ICQ. The official ICQ app for Windows Phone has just had an update, let’s check out what’s new for Windows Phone users.

ICQ was first announced for Windows Phone in late 2011. It then launched a handful of months later in spring 2012 for Windows Phone 7.x users. Today we’re looking at version in the Windows Phone Store that adds:

  • Live tile (message notifications)
  • Faster launch

We fired up ICQ on our device and did note a speedy start up for the app. We’re sure fans of the app will notice it too. The Live tile should make keeping a tab on messages easier with its ability to display notifications.

ICQ also allows you to chat with other ICQ users. You can interface with Facebook Chat, Mail.Ru agent, Gtalk and Odnoklassniki within the ICQ app.

Using ICQ on a regular basis? Let us know what you think of the new update below.

Grab ICQ for Windows Phone in the Windows Phone Store for free. 

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marcomura says:

Is there someone here who's still using icq? (this is a serious question)

Abdul9 says:

Thats what i also wanted to ask. I even forgot it existed.

LordGreylock says:

haha, same here. I didn't think anyone still used ICQ. I started using it shortly after it was released.

I Unquello says:

I haven't used ICQ for well over a decade. Didn't know they were still around! Good for them!

Z10YkakPES says:

Funny that I still remember my 9 digits number but yeah nobody does

marcomura says:

I remember, at the olden days, that the smaller the icq# the cooler :P
I have a 8 digit #, I'm cooler than you XD

tstray says:

And I have a 7 digit number -- 1108375 :).  If it had been available for Windows 3.1 I probably would have actually had a 6 digit number... I couldn't use it until I upgraded to Windows 95. 

Sekyal says:

Very close to my 7 digit 1107891 though haven't touched it in years. For awhile there the sound of "uh-oh" was really nice to have as the whole IM thing was new. After awhile you wanted to strangle it though lol. I think the last time ICQ popped into the news, I tried it and none of my friends were on it, not like I expected any different.

raphok says:

bitch, please


Caslav says:


fwaits says:

6-digit # starting with 3.  BOOM!  haha


Yeah haven't used it in like 10 years.  Used to be big in the late 90s/early 00s with gamers.

kurotsuki says:

Wow ... When I see your comment, I try to remember my 9 digit number, and trying to login ... I can even remember my password I used back then. And of course, my friend list are all offline
But yeah ... last time I use it was around 2000 to 2002 before switching to yahoo.

pwrof3 says:

Yeah, I used it in the late 90s. Who knew it was still around?

sicnus says:

182xxx eat it baby!

RawrrSavior says:

ICQ and Napster >.

xzen10 says:

ICQ was the first chat messenger I ever used way back in the late 90s. Nice to see it still around

KQ17 says:


kamikaze80 says:

Does this app reliably connect to FB and Gmail chat? Been looking for an app that does.

pankaj981 says:

I use JiTalk for gtalk, most reliable gtalk client for me

It does. It is actually a great option for them - push notifications work great, startup time is impressive (it was even before this update).

Bnlf says:

i think it still very popular in russia and there only. 

jabtano says:

Yes it as it is in the middle east as well Israel more so. 7 seven diget with me...though the last time I used ICQ Excite chat and all the killer Klans ruled the Avatar world.=) 

I live in Russia and I do not know a single person, who still uses ICQ. Everyone use VK here, much better than ICQ now. But ICQ sure was popular. I still remember my uin. Good, old times...

MrDaedra says:

No it's not. I have no contacts online and none of my friends ever use it. Only some older people who don't know that anything else exists. Though it was popular here for a long time.

rollindadice says:

yeah i made my first pals with icq and still have them as friends on facebook, plan to meet up sometime also and we from different continents

MrDaedra says:

Recently I knew that one of my friends from ICQ is already dead :-(

aafa says:

I had no idea ICQ still exists. Nostalgia just slapped me in the face though.

mdram says:

Your mama's so old her ICQ number is 1! (cue rimshot)

fwaits says:


Well technically I believe the ICQ numbers started at 100000 for the public anyway.  Might have been some lower numbers for Mirabilis employees and such.  (Original creators of ICQ)

blackfire says:

Wow... The times IP Addresses were still visible in the users info page in ICQ. One of the first chat clients I used in the 90s. 7 digit number for me. :-) It was still nice when owned by Mirabilis before they started bundling a bunch of features that made it kind of slower.

Wow! haven't used this in over a decade. Actually longer probably, but still remember my ID - 21442078! BOOM!

Got excited then because I thought it said ICO for Windows Phone

mdram says:

I believe ICQ is owned by AOL.

blackfire says:

ICQ was originally developed by a company named Mirabilis, acquired by AOL in 1998. AOL sold ICQ to another company named Digital Sky Technologies in 2010.

morete908 says:

I don't see the point of these messengers when there is basic text messaging on cell phones.  I realize that these have prettier GUIs and whatnot, but why all the bother.  Now if ICQ would add on non-browser based public chat rooms for mobile and PalTalk would fix theirs, I would be using both.  And as for Yahoo! and their railroading of Jerry Yang....no, just no.

fwaits says:

Text messaging costs money, and in many countries there is no unlimited messaging, but if you have data, you can use tons of IM messages on your data plan without worry of adding cost.

Neo Nuke says:

I remember ICQ fondly. First experience talking to people from other countries. Had a huge crush on an Australian girl and didn't even know her except for pictures. LOL. Dat accent

Mark Cesari says:

That was me and I'm actually a guy.. Haha :)

Actually ICQ is one of the best Facebook chat & gtalk options for wp7 at the moment. Much faster and as reliable as im+

marcuzdjew says:

ICQ, MIRC, YM... classic messaging... the whatsapp, line, viber of the 90's:D

blackfire says:

Oh yes... mIRC... Loved that too! That was actually my first internet chat experience. Lots of fun!!

Does it still go "WAT-OH!" when you get a message?

Caslav says:

I still love that sound.

Tom_Sewell says:

Mine is 195452, first 100k were reserved numbers.

iwanbo says:

My girlfriend has an Android device and doesn't pay for texting, and since I have a 920 I have struggled to find a good app to use for gchat.  I've been using IM+ but it's slow, crashes, and autocorrect doesn't seem to work.  This ICQ app is pretty darn tootin' fast, and autocorrect works great!  Only weird thing is that if you use a small live tile the notifications and lock screen notifications don't work after opening the app for the first time.  Using a normal sized live tile the tile and lock screen notifications work fine.  Weird little bug, but I'll cope with it and just rearrange my start screen a little. :)