iHeartRadio gets much needed 1.1 update to let the music flow again on Windows Phone

If one thing is certain, at the end of 2013 Windows Phone users sure have a lot of choices when it comes to streaming music. Everyone has their preference and for some, it’s iHeartRadio for those unique live broadcasts.

The app was last updated in July with a 1.0 makeover for Windows Phone 8, which was well received. However, the service has had some issues with connections often failing for users, resulting in plenty of negative reviews. Today, version 1.1 is live in the Store and although there is no specific changelog, we’re getting reports from users that the app is finally working again for them.

The 1.x Windows Phone 8 version brings a doublewide Tile, Lockscreen support for now playing and over 1,500 live radio stations. Like other streaming services, users can create their own stations based off of preferences, making this a worthwhile app for many.

Have you had problems in the past with iHeartRadio and a janky connection? Give the 1.1 version a shot and see if it fixes your problems. Head here to the Store to pick up the latest iHeartRadio for Windows Phone 8.

Thanks, Gatlyn T., and Dave R., for the tips!



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DieNadel says:

Happy New Year!

retyler says:

And Merry Christmas.

budney says:

I am not getting the double wide tile after updating, and repining the app.

NIST says:

And it doesn't put itself in the Music+Video apps. Mercy.

Ixia says:

Not available for my device??(1020)

NIST says:

Region maybe, because I have it on my 1020.

Ixia says:

I guess, I'm in the UK.

caliborn says:

I hope they fixed the custom stations.  I usually can't get past the first Run-DMC song!

hacer619 says:

I use this app on wp7 to keep wifi alive :D

Chacness says:

Still waiting for the groove shark app that won't be taken down after a week.

Jamdot says:

Its an illegal service. If you want to pirate your media, go get an Android phone.

blackhawk556 says:

This is one of the reasons why many, many people won't switch away from Android. Lots of people ask if they're able too get free songs when buying a new phone. People don't care if they're ripping the artist off. They want free songs, that's it.

dalydose says:

Doesn't mean that WP should support piracy. I imagine the music industry will clamp down on Android, eventually.

blackhawk556 says:

Hundreds of millions of users and extremely popular but the music industry still hasn't done anything. I doubt it.

ScubaDog says:

And yet another reason why all those people should go to prison, IMHO.

Just use music download it uses Mp3 skull and works for most songs.

drozdpatrick says:

$paid-my money, but it needs update for categorization! Hate deleting songs cause they find themselves in wrong category.

Marco Gomes1 says:

Not available in Portugal (920). Won't be missed.

Jan O says:

Not available in Norway?

CokeZero98 says:

Still going to use Songza

Not available in my lumia 1520 uk..

ryaoni says:

I can finally download it again. It was useless previously. Hopefully it works now.

lesd777 says:

Never had an issue, but it loads and seems much smoother to navigate

I'm not seeing any difference in performance. The app still fails when switching between using the phone's speakers and a Bluetooth device. So so far, this is still a fail.

lucktr says:

Pfffd, I am always excited for a second before I realize the buzz is not about Last.fm again O.O


Not available on 920?

edsal says:

I love this app it works great.

simmomelb says:

Not available in Australia, yet iHeart is available here on other platforms and advertised on billboards? Very odd.

Not available in india 920 tooo :|